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Friern Barnet Photo Archive


2023Woodhouse Road, Woodhouse Road, Woodhouse Road
2022High Road, North Finchley, High Road, North Finchey, Oakleigh Road North, N20
2021Wentworth Avenue, Crescent Way, N12, Crescent Way, N12
2020Friern Barnet Lane, N20, Raleigh Drive, N20, High Road, North Finchley
2019Athenaeum Road, N20, Refuse collection, High Road, North Finchley
2018High Road, North Finchley, Church Crescent, N20, High Road, Whetstone
2017Holly Park Road, N11, High Road, Whetstone, High Road, New Southgate, N11
2016Manor Drive, N20, High Road, Whetstone, High Road, Whetstone
2015Oakleigh Road South, N11, Friern Barnet Road, Woodhouse Road, N12
2014Oakleigh Avenue, N20, Oakleigh Road North, N20, Oakleigh Park South
2013Chandos Avenue, N20, Raleigh Drive, N20, Buckingham Avenue, N20
2012Lodge Lane, N12, Woodhouse College, Friern Barnet Library
2011Bawtry Road, N20, Bawtry Road, N20, Rasper Road, N20
2010Friern Barnet Summer Show, Direction sign, Public Toilet
2009St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane, Arnos Grove Underground Station , Post Box no 24
2008St John's Avenue, N11, The Malt and Hops, 921 High Road, North Finchley, Woodland House, Woodland Road, New Southgate
2007The Black Bull, 1446 High Road, Whetstone, The Minstrel Boy, 156 Colney Hatch Lane, Pollution Monitoring Station, North ...
2006The Bull and Butcher, 1277 High Road, Whetstone, Hollickwood School , Hollickwood School
2005Friern Barnet Summer Show, Millennium Green, New Southgate, Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N11
2004St. James Church, Friern Barnet Lane , St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road, Electricity Switching Cabinet
2003Sikh Temple, High Road, New Southgate, The York Arms, 310 Oakleigh Road North, New Southgate Cemetery
2002The Duck, 36 Queens Parade, Colney Hatch Lane, The Woodman, 416-418 Oakleigh Road North, Weld Place, New Southgate
2001 New Southgate Gas Works , New Southgate Gas Works, Woodhouse Road, N12
2000Friern Barnet Town Hall, Buses, Woodhouse Road, N12
1999Friern Bridge Retail Park, Oakleigh Park North, N20, Oakleigh Park North, N20
1998Beauty Boutique, Giuseppe, Friern Hospital
1997High Road, Whetstone, Friern Barnet Library, Friern Barnet Road, Woodhouse Road, N12
1996High Road, Whetstone, Friern Bridge Retail Park, Woodland House, Woodland Road in 1996
1995Friern Hospital , High Road, Whetstone, Oakleigh Road North, N20
1994High Road, Whetstone, High Road, Whetstone, High Road, Whetstone
1993The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road, Friern Barnet Road, N11, Parking sign
1992Woodhouse Road, N12, Woodhouse Road, N12, High Road, Finchley
1991High Road, North Finchley, High Road, North Finchley, High Road, North Fincxhley
1990Holly Park School , Woodland Road, N11, Gaumont, North Finchley
1989High Road, North Finchley, Woodhouse Road, N12, High Road, North Finchley
1988Farnham Close, N20, Woodhouse School, Finchley High Road
1987Gaumont, North Finchley, Gaumont, North Finchley, Gaumont, North Finchley
1986Woodhouse Road, N12, High Road, Whetstone, High Road, Whetstone
1985High Road, Whetstone, High Road, Whetstone, High Road, Whetstone
1984Friern Barnet Road, N11, Palmsville Garage, Colney Hatch Lane, Ballards Lane, N12
1983STC Open Day Brochure, Buses, Buses
1982Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet, Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N11, Friern Hospital
1981Buses, Buses, Woodhouse Road, N12
1980Gaumont, North Finchley, Schools, Gaumont, North Finchley
1979Functions, Functions, Friern Barnet Road, N11
1978Tally Ho, 749 High Road, N12, The Cricketers, 713 High Road, North Finchley, New Southgate Station
1977Former New Southgate Gas Works, Functions, Letter
1976Former New Southgate Gas Works, Former New Southgate Gas Works, Trains
1975Lawsons, Friern Barnet Road, N11, Albert Street in 1975 and Homebase in 1995
1974Methodist Church, High Road, New Southgate, Functions, Garfield Road School
1973Station Road, N11, Oakleigh Road North, N20, Station Road and Alexandra Road, New Southgate
1972Car Accessorys, Church Hall, Friern Barnet, Leonard Harris
1971Station Road, N11, Functions, Landers Corner, N11
1970Station Road, N11, New Coronation Cinema, High Road, New Southgate, Alexandra Hire
1969District School of Motoring, William Beckett, Carpet Selection
1968Friern Barnet County School , High Road, New Southgate , Woodhouse Road, N12
1967Richard Beal, Dawswell, E, P Smedley
1966Friern Barnet County School , Friern Barnet County School , Garfield Road School
1965High Road, New Southgate, Functions (Friern Barnet UDC), Functions
1964Invoice (J R J Young), Bethune Park, Buses
1963Friary Park. Toboganning, D A Gepp, Friern Barnet Lane, N11
1962Friern Barnet County School , Finchley County Grammar School , Invoice (J Spencer)
1961Leonard Harris, Perry's of Finchley, Prior's
1960Former New Southgate Gas Works, Woodhouse Road, N12, Friern Barnet Boys' Club
1959Highview Gardens, New Southgate, Highview Gardens, New Southgate, Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N10
1958A1 & Dollis Dairies, Advance Laundries Ltd, London Co-operatiive Society
1957Functions (STC), Invoice (Hartland Garage), Invoice (Metamet)
1956H Aggis, Bennetts, J W Blight
1955The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone, Clock & Watchmakers Asylum, Election flyer (Conservative Party)
1954Friary Park. Boating lake, Swan Lane, N20, Swan Lane, N20
1953199th North London Scout Troop, Arcade Music Shop, Bernard Strawn
1952C J Hunt & Co Ltd, Alexandra Motor Works, Apex Glass Co
1951Former New Southgate Gas Works , K J Briggs, Enterprise Shoe Repair Service
1950Baptist Church, Grove Road, New Southgate, All Saints Girls School , J F Allan
1949Bennetts Upholsterers, Chappell's , A R Barnett
1948Invoice (Lindsay Bros Ltd), E V Atkinson, S Allen
1947Garfield Road School , Baptist Tabernacle, Oakleigh Road North, Friern Watch Avenue
1946Alexandra Motor Works, M Stannard & Son, Frank Rickard
1945Letter, Kenneth B Satchell, Friern Barnet Lane, N20
1944Functions (Arpettes), Programme (Prisoner of War Fund), Receipt
1943Garfield Road School , Alexandra Motor Works, Functions
1942Kenneth B Satchell, Garfield Road School, Garfield Road School
1941Baptist Church, New Southgate, Invoice (Knowlmans), Invoice (Scotch Wool & Hosiery Stores)
1940Horsham Avenue, N12, Holly Park School , All Saints Infants School
1939Holly Park School , Garfield Road School, Friern Barnet Town Hall
1938Boustreds, Charles Sparrow & Son, Trams & Trolleybuses
1937Arnos Grove Underground Station , Oakleigh Road School , Gaumont, North Finchley
1936Boustreds, Southgate & District Gas Co, Letter
1935All Saints Infants School , P A Smith, Woodend Nursing Home
1934Boustreds, Lindsay McLennan, Rosebud Academy
1933North Circular Road, Buses, Buses
1932North Circular Road, E J & P Bower, A W Holliday
1931Priors, Hoppings of Whetstone, Buses
1930A.Eames Timber Merchants, Friern Barnet Road, N11, H C Broad
1929F James, M Richards, Rent Book
1928Trams, Chandos Avenue, N20, Trams
1927Kings, Manor Farm Dairy, Friern Barnet Lane, N20
1926Friern Barnet Lane, Incognito Theatre, Holly Park Road, North Middlesex Golf Club
1925High Road, Whetstone, High Road, Whetstone, War Memorial
1924High Road, Whetstone, Garfield Road School, Sydney Simmons
1923New Southgate, High Road, Whetstone, The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Banet Lane
1922W H Cullen, C Herrin, W Taylor
1921Woodhouse Road, N12, Christ Church, Whetstone, Friern Barnet Lane
1920Cromwell Road School , Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N10, Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N10
1919High Road, North Finchley, St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N20, Summers Lane
1918Summers Lane, St John's School, Russell Lane
1917Ballards Lane, N12, High Road, Whetstone, S Spittle letter
1916Friern Barnet Road, N11, Oakleigh Road North, N20, Oakleigh Road North
1915Holly Park School 1915, Finchley County Grammar School , Schools
1914Charabancs, Friern Barnet Road, N11, High Road, North Finchley
1913Friary Park. The Avenue, High Road, Whetstone, Friern Barnet Road, N11
1912Friary Park. Friary House, Christ Church, Whetstone, Friern Barnet Lane
1911High Road, North Finchley, Garfield Road School, Friern Barnet Road, N11
1910High Road, New Southgate, The Limes Avenue, N11, Woodland Road, New Southgate
1909St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane, High Road, North Finchley, St Paul's Church Hall, High Road, New Southgate
1908Woodhouse Road, N12, Robert Paul, High Road, North Finchley
1907Trams, Trams, Friern Barnet Road, N11
1906High Road, Whetstone, Woodhouse Road, N12, Ballards Lane, N12
1905High Road, New Southgate , Trams, High Road, Whetstone
1904High Road, Whetstone, High Road, Whetstone, Friern Barnet Road, N11
1903St Johns Buildings, Friern Barnet Road, Friern Hospital , Invoice (F Walker & Son)
1902High Road, North Finchley, The Triumph, Summers Lane, W S Andrews
1901Gordon & Curtis, Whetstone Fire Brigade, High Road, Whetstone
1900High Road, N11, The Blue Anchor, 1432 High Road, Whetstone, Bricklayers Arms
1899S E Gamon & Co, Gray Brothers , S Jackson
1897High Road, North Finchley, High Road, North Finchley, High Road, North Finchley
1896George R Hey
1895R Canham, J H Claridge, F G Smeeton
1893Friern Hospital
1892High Road, Whetstone
1891H Copps, L F Goodwin, G C Mattock
1890Jerome K Jerome, High Road, Whetstone, F A Prockter
1889Owen & Co, F Walker, Trains
1888T Holliday & Son, J Jackson, W Matthews
1887W J March
1886J Hunt, A K Lander
1885North Middlesex Golf Club, North Middlesex Golf Club, Manor Farm House
1884J Hockham, B Prior, Henry Saxton
1883Garfield Road School
1882All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North, All Saints' Church, All Saints' Church
1881North Finchley, Oakleigh Road North, N20
1880Hand & Flower, 1250 High Road, Whetstone, Friern Hospital, High Road, Whetstone
1879Rasper Road, N20
1877Halliwick Manor, Halliwick Manor, Halliwick Manor
1875Clock & Watchmakers Asylum
1874Friern Barnet Lane, N20
1871Betstile Well Pumping Station, Boundary Marker, Baxendale
1870The Old Swan, Halliwick Manor, Halliwick Manor
1869Alfred Baker
1867New Southgate (formerly Colney Hatch) in 1867, New Southgate (Colney Hatch Park), New Southgate
1865T Boome, Chas Childs, S Gamon
1863High Road, Whetstone, Brook Farm
1861High Road, Whetstone
1859The Railway Hotel, 43 Friern Barnet Road, The Railway Hotel, 43 Friern Barnet Road, The Railway Hotel, 43 Friern Barnet ...
1858Lobb, Buses, Buses
1857The Railway Hotel, 43 Friern Barnet Road, Friern Hospital
1853Friern Hospital, St James's School, St James's Church, Friern Barnet Lane
1851Colney Hatch Pauper Lunatic Asylum , Friern Hospital
1850The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone
1779St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane
1750St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane
1736Act of Parliament

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