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Friern Barnet Photo Archive

All Pictures

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1Cromwell Road School 1920
2Former New Southgate Gas Works1976
3Former New Southgate Gas Works1960
5St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2009
6Arnos Grove Underground Station 1937
9New Southgate (formerly Colney Hatch) in 18671867
10Former New Southgate Gas Works 1951
11Colney Hatch Pauper Lunatic Asylum 1851
14High Road, N111900
15North Circular Road1933
16North Circular Road1932
17Arnos Grove Underground Station 2009
18Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N101920
20Garfield Road School 1883
21Woodhouse Road, N121908
23Horsham Avenue, N121940
25Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N101920
26Former New Southgate Gas Works1977
27Friern Barnet County School 1962
28Friern Barnet County School 1966
29Friern Barnet County School 1966
30The Swan With Two Necks, 1147 High Road, Whetstone1920
32Hand and Flower, 1250 High Road, Whetstone1920
33The Blue Anchor, 1432 High Road, Whetstone1900
35The Black Bull, 1446 High Road, Whetstone2007
36The Blue Anchor, 1432 High Road, Whetstone1920
37Bricklayers Arms1900
38The Bull and Butcher, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2006
39High Road, Whetstone1904
40The Malt and Hops, 921 High Road, North Finchley2008
41The Minstrel Boy, 156 Colney Hatch Lane2007
42The Old Swan1870
44The Rising Sun, 249 Oakleigh Road North1900
46Tally Ho, 749 High Road, N121978
47The Cricketers, 713 High Road, North Finchley1978
48The Duck, 36 Queens Parade, Colney Hatch Lane2002
49The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone1955
50Torrington Hotel, 811 High Road, North Finchley1920
52The Woodman, 416-418 Oakleigh Road North2002
53The York Arms, 310 Oakleigh Road North2003
54Garfield Road School1966
55Garfield Road School1966
56Garfield Road School 1966
57Garfield Road School1939
58Garfield Road School 1943
59Garfield Road School 1966
60Garfield Road School 1966
61Garfield Road School1940
62Garfield Road School 1966
63Holly Park School 1940
64Holly Park School 19151915
65Holly Park School 1990
66Holly Park School 1939
68Woodland House, Woodland Road, New Southgate2008
69High Road, New Southgate 1905
70Woodland Road, N111990
72Friern Barnet County School 1968
73All Saints Infants School 1940
74All Saints Infants School 1935
75All Saints Girls School 1950
76Finchley County Grammar School 1915
77Finchley County Grammar School 1962
78Oakleigh Road School 1937
79Hollickwood School 2006
80Hollickwood School 2006
81Builder Depot, Station Road, N11 2008
82Baptist Church, New Southgate1941
83Station Road, N111970
84Jerome K Jerome1890
85 New Southgate Gas Works 2001
86New Southgate Gas Works2001
87Former New Southgate Gas Works1976
88New Southgate Cemetery 2006
89New Southgate Cemetery 2006
90New Southgate Cemetery2006
91New Southgate Cemetery2006
92New Southgate Cemetery2003
94New Southgate Cemetery2006
95A.Eames Timber Merchants1930
96High Road, New Southgate 1968
97Garfield Road School 1947
99Bennetts Upholsterers1949
100Chappell's 1949
101District School of Motoring1969
104St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1909
105199th North London Scout Troop1953
106Friern Barnet Summer Show2005
107Station Road, New Southgate2008
108New Coronation Cinema, High Road, New Southgate1970
110Robert Paul - film pioneer1920
111Robert Paul1908
112Millennium Green, New Southgate2003
113St. James Church, Friern Barnet Lane 2004
114Friern Hospital 1995
118Clock & Watchmakers Asylum1900
119Clock & Watchmakers Asylum1955
120Post Box 2003
121Post Box 2003
122Post Box 2003
123Post Box 2003
124Post Box 2003
125Post Box 2003
126Post Box 2003
127Post Box 2003
128Post Box 92003
129Post Box 2003
130Post Box 2003
131Post box 2003
132Post box 2003
133Post box 2003
134Post box 2003
135Post box 2003
136Post box 2003
137Post box 2003
138Post box 2003
139Post box 2003
140Post box 2003
141Post box 2003
142Post box 2003
143Post Box no 242009
144Post box 242003
145Post box 252003
146Post box 262003
147Post box 272003
148Post box 2003
149Post Box 252003
150Friern Barnet Road, N112007
151Woodhouse Road, N121968
153Woodhouse Road, N122001
154Gaumont, North Finchley1980
156Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
158Gaumont, North Finchley 1990
159Friern Barnet Library2009
160Woodhouse Road, N121960
161The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2009
162Palace Hotel, Whetstone1920
163High Road, Whetstone2009
164St Johns Buildings, Friern Barnet Road1903
165Woodhouse Road, N122009
166Post Box 2003
167Post box 262003
168Post box 2003
169Post box 2003
170Post box 2003
171Post box 2003
172Post box 2003
173Post box 2003
174Post box 2003
175Post box 2003
176Post box 2003
177Post box 2003
178Post box 2003
179Post box 2003
180Post box 2003
181Post box 2003
182Post box 412003
183Post box 2003
184Post box 2003
185Post box 2003
186Post box 2003
187Post box 2003
188Post box 2003
189Post box 2003
190Post box 2003
191Post box 2003
192Post box 2003
193Post box 2003
194Post box 2003
195Horse drinking trough1960
197Electricity switching cabinet2001
198Friern Barnet Road, N111930
199High Road, Whetstone2001
200South Friern Library (original building)2006
201St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2009
202St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone 2004
203High Road, Whetstone1968
204The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road1993
205The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2009
206Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
207A1 & Dollis Dairies1958
208Academy 4 Kids2008
209Advance Laundries Ltd1958
210H Aggis1956
211C J Hunt & Co Ltd1952
212Alexandra Motor Works1952
213Alexandra Hire1970
215J F Allan1950
216Anne Morris1950
217Apex Glass Co1952
218Arcade Music Shop1953
219Astra Agency1952
220L L G Atkins1952
221A R Barnett 1952
222A R Barnett1949
223Richard Beal1967
224Beauty Boutique1998
225William Beckett1969
228Bernard Strawn1953
229Berry Brothers1960
230J W Blight1956
232K G Booth 1952
235E J & P Bower1932
236Boyce & Parker1949
237British Legion, Friern Barnet1960
238H C Broad1930
241A G Burton1953
243Cable. J A1956
244Car Accessorys1972
245Carpet Selection1969
246Carter, G1969
247L Carter1949
249Church Hall, Friern Barnet1972
250Cigar Box1969
251W Clarke1952
252Clovelly Nursing Home1956
253London Co-operatiive Society1958
254Comrie House School1956
256A C Crick1952
259A M Davis1958
260Dawswell, E1967
261Robert Deards1958
263Direct Dry Cleaners1952
264District School of Motoring1969
265W Dordell1952
269W A & A V Ettles1956
270W A & L V Ettles1956
272Express Motors1950
273Mabel Eyles1960
274E E Farwell1953
275Fielder, G H1956
276H E Finch1970
277Finchley Building Society1958
278Finchley Wool Stores1953
280H E Finch1970
282I Fortuin1952
284Friary Caterers1949
285Friern Barnet Club1956
286Friern Barnet Grammar School1969
287Southgate & District Gas Co1936
289George Grose1958
290H Ginn1949
292Glanfield Lawrence1958
293A & W A Glover1956
294John Goble 1956
295Gordon & Co1949
296Granville Cafe1960
297Grapes Off Licence1952
298Great Northern Motors1937
299H A Saunders1958
300Hall's Car Sales1953
301Halls Finchley Ltd1958
302Harcombe Cuff1952
304Leonard Harris1961
305Leonard Harris1972
306C Harris1953
307Hartland Garage1956
308W R Harvey1958
309D W Hawkins1972
310Hegerty & Merry1956
311Henderson & Weatherley1949
312High Road Fisheries1956
313Highfield Demolition1956
314Hillside Motors1950
315Hobbies & Handicraft Supplies1949
316A W Holliday1932
317Hollybush Radio1949
318Hollybush Radio1960
319A Holtham1930
320Home County Dyers & Cleaners1966
321Home County Dyers & Cleaners1949
322Home County Dyers & Cleaners1952
323R Huggins1952
324A J Hughes1953
325C J Hunt1952
326Incognito Theatre Group1949
328F James1929
329Janes & Adams1958
331Jefferies, W T1949
332G Jenkins1956
334A Jones & Sons1953
335W P Joy1956
336Joyest Furs1949
337Kelly, A J1949
338J H Kenyon1969
339A E Keys1956
341Kirk, T R J1956
342Lambs of Finchley1953
343A K Lander1956
344A K Lander1949
345Lapham Supplies1960
346W R Lawrence & Clarke1953
348Albert Lee1950
349Lilian Finn1953
350Lindsay Brothers1953
351Lindsay McLennan1953
352Lloyd & Co1952
353F R & E Lockwood1960
354David Low1969
355Maison Vally1953
356Manor Farm Dairy1927
357Manton, C1930
359Mary Lamb1953
360M O'Mahoney1958
361McLaren & Cox1958
362Mead Brothers1930
364A G Merritt1960
365A G Merritt1956
367Model Centre1960
368Modern Footwear1960
370Walter Mortlock1958
371R J Mountain1953
372Murrays Press1960
375New Southgate Auction Rooms1956
376New Southgate Conservative Club1960
377H G Nicholson1952
379Northside Transport Services1953
380M O'Mahoney1960
381M O'Mahoney1952
382Oakleigh Park Nursing Home1956
383Oscroft Bros1956
384Odeon Motors1958
385Olde Brown Jug1956
386Oliver Bros1953
387Oscroft Bros1956
388E H Paine1958
389Perry's of Finchley1958
390Perry's of Finchley1958
391Perryman, L E1960
392Perry's of Finchley1961
393Perry's of Finchley1958
394Preston Travel Service1958
397S Pulham & Sons Ltd1958
398Radar Radio & Television1949
399Radar Radio & Television1952
400Radio Renters1953
401Radio Renters1958
402Railway Hotel (The Turrets)1949
403Randall, G F1949
405Martin Razzle1949
406Gilbert Reeves1956
407Regal Shoes1949
408Regent Hire & Service Garage1953
409Regent Hire & Service Garage1958
410Teff & Decker1958
411Repetition Tyre & Accessories1953
412M Richards1929
413Richardson, Printer1930
414Leslie Ricketts & Co1958
416Rising Sun1960
417W Roberts1958
418A Romero1970
419Stan Rosser1969
420S W Rowe1952
421Bussell & Son1956
422Rye Printing1949
423Sadd & Halsey1958
424O H Sanders1958
425A F Sapsford1960
426H A Saunders1950
427H A Saunders1950
429A Seaward & Sons1956
430Shamrock Linens1960
431Silver Ring Cleaners1949
432A L Simpkins1949
433P Smedley1967
434P A Smith1935
435S W Snellgrove1960
436Charles Sparrow & Son1938
437L H Spring1960
438Alice Stantiall1930
440P J Stephens1952
441John Stepney1969
442H Swann1956
443W Arthur Taylor1930
445H Thompson1956
446Triumph pub1956
447Trounson & Knight1950
449Donald H Turner1956
450Walda (Models)1953
451Vision Services1960
452W H Smith1958
453Walters & Son1960
454L C Walter1952
455C & D Want1960
456H Wapshott1949
457Warwick Judd1953
458Waumsley & Son1956
462Whetstone Metal Co1956
463Whetstone Motors1952
464I M White1949
465E G Wilkinson1952
466William A Jackson1956
467Walter Greasby1953
468Williams Bros1958
469S Wilson1952
470Wilton & Burgess1956
471Woodend Nursing Home1935
472Woodhouse Estate Office1969
473Woodhouse Estate Office1949
474Woodhouse Pets & Plants1960
475T Wooding1960
476J R J Young1956
477Millennium Green, New Southgate2003
480New Southgate Cemetery2007
481Betstile Well Pumping Station1871
483High Road, New Southgate1965
484Station Road, N111973
485Station Road, N111971
486High Road, New Southgate1968
487Highview Gardens, New Southgate1960
488The Limes Avenue, N111910
489Spencer Road, New Southgate1950
490Woodland Road, New Southgate1900
491Old Coronation Cinema, High Road1970
492Weld Place, New Southgate2002
493Vernon Terrace, New Southgate1960
494Methodist Church, High Road, New Southgate1974
495Sikh Temple, High Road, New Southgate2003
496Baptist Church, Grove Road, New Southgate1950
497Former New Southgate Gas Works2001
498Former New Southgate Gas Works2007
499Sewer Cleaning2007
500Dust Cart2007
501Election Flyer (Liberal Party)1961
502Election flyer (Conservative Party)1955
503Brownings Garage, Ballards Lane1935
504First Day Cover2007
505Programme (Finchley Operatic Society)1935
507Functions (Arpettes)1944
509Functions (Friern Barnet UDC)1965
518Functions (STC)1957
519STC Open Day Brochure1983
520Invoice (Car Electrical Finchley Ltd)1949
521Invoice (Hartland Garage)1957
522Invoice (R J Hembrow)1961
523Invoice (Knowlmans)1941
524Invoice (London Co-operative Society)1953
525Invoice (Lindsay Bros Ltd)1948
526Invoice (Metamet)1957
527Invoice (Walter Mortlock)1950
528Invoice (J Paterson)1957
529Invoice (L B Sage)1935
530Invoice (Scotch Wool & Hosiery Stores)1941
531Invoice (J Spencer)1962
532Invoice (The Wool Shop)1940
533Invoice (J R J Young)1964
541Rate Demand1958
542Rent Book1929
543Rent Book1940
544Sales Material1940
545Sales Material1966
546Sales Material (H A Saunders Ltd)1960
547Sales Material1950
554The Woodman, 418 Oakleigh Road North2002
555York Arms, 310 Oakleigh Road North2008
556The Rising Sun, 249 Oakleigh Road North1950
557Road sign2003
558Friary Park. Boating lake1954
559Friary Park. Boating lake1956
560Friary Park, Friern Barnet Summer Show2005
561Friary Park. Friary House1912
562Friary Park. The Avenue1913
563Friary Park. Toboganning1963
564Friary Park2009
565Friary Park. Lake and drinking fountain1956
566Friary Park. Torrington Park entrance2009
567Friary Park. House after fire2006
568Friary Park1957
569Friary Park. 2006
570Friary Park2008
571Cemetery Signal Box1972
572Cemetery Signal Box 1972
573New Southgate Station2008
574New Southgate1950
575New Southgate1930
576New Southgate Station1960
577New Southgate Station1978
578New Southgate1923
579Woodland Road, New Southgate1910
580Banker's Draft, 36 Friern Barnet Road2004
581Landers Corner, N111971
582Landers Corner, N111971
583Station Road, N111950
584High Road, New Southgate1910
585Oakleigh Park Station1967
586New Southgate Station2008
587New Southgate Station2007
588East Coast Main Line alongside Bethune Park1967
589Bethune Park1967
590Bethune Park1964
591Bethune Park1965
592Friary Park1968
593Bethune Park, Lily & Ada Villas1968
594Bethune Park1960
595Bethune Park1958
598Trams & Trolleybuses1938
606Trams and Trolleybuses1938
609Christ Church, Friern Barnet Road2007
612Christ Church, Friern Barnet Road2006
613Christ Church, Friern Barnet Road2006
614Christ Church, Friern Barnet Road2006
615Christ Church, Friern Barnet Road2006
616Christ Church, Friern Barnet Road2006
617Friern Barnet Town Hall1937
618Friern Barnet Town Hall2004
619Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
620Friern Barnet Town Hall2000
621Friern Barnet Town Hall2003
622Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
623Friern Barnet Town Hall1939
624Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
625Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
626Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
627Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
628Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
629Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
630Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
631Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
632Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
633Friern Barnet Town Hall2001
634Friern Barnet Town Hall2009
635Friern Barnet Town Hall2001
636Friern Barnet Town Hall2001
637Friern Barnet Town Hall2008
638Friern Barnet Town Hall2007
642Gaumont, North Finchley1937
643Gaumont, North Finchley2007
644Gaumont, North Finchley1939
645Gaumont, North Finchley1980
646Gaumont, North Finchley1938
647Gaumont, North Finchley1939
648Gaumont, North Finchley1987
649Gaumont, North Finchley1987
650Gaumont, North Finchley1987
651Gaumont, North Finchley2000
652High Road, Whetstone1930
653High Road, Whetstone1924
654Hopping Bros1980
655Hand & Flower, 1250 High Road, Whetstone1880
656High Road, Whetstone1994
658High Road, Whetstone1985
659High Road, Whetstone1985
660High Road, Whetstone1997
661High Road, Whetstone2001
662High Road, Whetstone1905
663High Road, Whetstone1925
664High Road, Whetstone2007
665High Road, Whetstone2008
666High Road, Whetstone2000
667High Road, Whetstone1995
668High Road, Whetstone1970
669High Road, Whetstone1970
670i Bar, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2009
671High Road, Whetstone1910
672High Road, Whetstone1930
673High Road, Whetstone2009
674High Road, Whetstone2009
675High Road, Whetstone1953
676High Road, Whetstone1938
677High Road, Whetstone2007
678High Road, Whetstone2005
679High Road, Whetstone1923
680High Road, Whetstone2008
681High Road, Whetstone1913
683High Road, Whetstone2001
684High Road, Whetstone1925
685High Road, Whetstone1900
686High Road, Whetstone1994
687High Road, Whetstone1955
688High Road, Whetstone1890
689Harries Hire & Service Garage2009
690High Road, Whetstone1968
691High Road, Whetstone1904
692High Road, Whetstone1910
693The Three Horseshoes, Friern Barnet Lane1910
694High Road, Whetstone1935
696High Road, Whetstone1906
697High Road, Whetstone1910
698High Road, Whetstone1910
699High Road, Whetstone1910
700High Road, Whetstone1956
702High Road, Whetstone2009
705High Road, Whetstone1958
706High Road, Whetstone1910
707High Road, Whetstone1985
708Swan Lane, N201954
709Swan Lane, N201954
710Sweets Way, N202007
711High Road, Whetstone1994
713High Road, Whetstone1985
714High Road, Whetstone1996
715High Road, Whetstone1968
716High Road, Whetstone1920
717High Road, Whetstone1920
718Whetstone, looking east1920
719Friern Barnet Boys' Club1960
720Friern Barnet Boys' Club1960
721Friern Barnet Boys' Club1960
722Friern Barnet Boys' Club1960
723Friern Barnet Boys' Club1960
724Friern Barnet Boys' Club2009
725Friern Barnet Boys' Club1960
726Friern Barnet Boys' Club1960
727Friern Barnet Boys' Club1960
728Friern Barnet Boys' Club1960
729Friern Barnet Boys' Club1960
730Friern Barnet Road, N112007
731Friern Barnet Road, N112007
732Friern Barnet Road, N111960
733Friern Barnet Road, N112007
734Friern Barnet Road, N112007
735Friern Barnet Road, N111975
736Friern Barnet Road, N111979
737Friern Barnet Road, N111979
738Friern Barnet Road, N112008
739Friern Barnet Road, N112007
740Friern Barnet Road, N112007
741Friern Barnet Road, N112007
742Friern Barnet Road, N111954
743Friern Barnet Road, N111954
744Friern Barnet Road, N111907
745Friern Barnet Road, N111993
746Friern Barnet Road, N111907
747Friern Barnet Grammar School1910
748Friern Barnet Grammar School1900
749Friern Barnet Library, Friern Barnet Road1997
750Friern Barnet Road, N111984
751Friern Barnet Road, N111904
752Friern Barnet Road, N111907
753Friern Barnet Road, N111905
754Friern Barnet Road, N111913
755Friern Barnet Road, N111916
756Landers Corner, N111971
757Landers Corner, N111971
758Friern Barnet Road, N111971
759Friern Barnet Road, N111914
761The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane2007
762Friern Barnet Road, N111930
763Friern Barnet Road, N111930
764Direction sign2009
765Friern Barnet Road, N111935
766Friern Barnet Road, N111913
767The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2005
768High Road, North Finchley1919
769High Road, North Finchley1980
770High Road, North Finchley1980
771High Road, North Finchley1980
772High Road, North Finchley1980
773High Road, North Finchley1980
774Cherry Tree, 713 High Road, North Finchley2001
775Embassy Lounge, 713 High Road, North Finchley2007
776Ballards Lane, North Finchley1939
777High Road, North Finchley1980
778High Road, North Finchley2006
779High Road, North Finchley2009
780High Road, North Finchley2009
781High Road, North Finchley2008
782High Road, North Finchley2008
783High Road, North Finchley2008
784High Road, North Finchley2009
785High Road, North Finchley1908
786High Road, North Finchley1980
787High Road, North Finchley1980
788High Road, North Finchley1980
789High Road, North Finchley1980
790High Road, North Finchley1980
791High Road, North Finchley2009
792High Road, North Finchley1980
793High Road, North Finchley2005
794High Road, North Finchley1980
795High Road, North Finchley1953
796High Road, North Finchley1980
797High Road, North Finchley2008
798High Road, North Finchley1958
799High Road, North Finchley1980
800High Road, North Finchley1980
801High Road, North Finchley1962
803High Road, North Finchley1980
804High Road, North Finchley1980
805High Road, North Finchley2002
806High Road, North Finchley2002
807High Road, North Finchley1980
809North Finchley1949
810High Road, North Finchley2002
811High Road, North Finchley2004
812High Road, North Finchley1910
815High Road, North Finchley1980
816High Road, North Finchley1980
817High Road, North Finchley1907
818High Road, North Finchley1980
819High Road, North Finchl;ey1907
820High Road, North Finchley1900
821High Road, North Finchley1978
822High Road, North Finchley1914
823High Road, North Finchley1900
824High Road, North Finchley1930
825Kingsway, North Finchley1980
826High Road, North Finchley1911
827High Road, North Finchley1909
828High Road, North Finchley1953
829Mayfield Avenue, North Finchley1935
830High Road, North Finchley2009
831High Road, North Finchley1935
832High Road, North Finchley1980
833High Road, North Finchley1908
834Odeon Cinema, North Finchley1935
835Park Road Hotel, 749 High Road, N121910
836Pollution Monitoring Station, North Finchley2007
838Rink Cinema. North Finchley1915
840High Road, North Finchley 1913
841High Road, North Finchley1980
842War Memorial1925
844The Cricketers, 713 High Road, North Finchley1980
845High Road, North Finchley 1980
853A1 STORAGE2009
854Mrs Allen1930
856Arnold & Goodall2009
857E V Atkinson1948
858Baker & Willis1940
859Alfred Baker1869
860A H Barling1930
862K J Briggs1951
863Broadberry Shoes2009
864Buckle & Hughes1930
865R Canham1895
866Parking sign1993
867Central Fruit Stores1956
868Chandos Newsagency1940
869J H Claridge1895
871H Copps1891
872Edward Coulon1929
873S Covill1900
874F Crosby1929
875W H Cullen1922
876Donald Galbraith & Co2009
877Enterprise Shoe Repair Service1951
878Friern Barnet Road, N112003
879Friern Barnet Road, N111980
880S E Gamon & Co1899
881D A Gepp1963
882G L H Radio1951
883S A Goldstone1930
884L F Goodwin1891
885Gordon & Curtis1901
886Gray Brothers 1899
887J Hammersley1930
888Hardwick Hall1935
889E Harper1930
890C Herrin1922
891George R Hey1896
892J Hockham1884
893T Holliday & Son1888
894Holmes & Son1956
895J Hunt1886
896S Jackson1899
897J Jackson1888
898A K Lander1886
899Lindsay McLennan1934
900Lisa Kay2009
901Manor Farm Dairy1900
902W J March1887
903W J March1899
904W Marshall1930
905W Matthews1888
906G C Mattock1891
908J G Noon1888
909Oakleigh & Whetstone Garages1929
910Oakleigh Fisheries1939
911Owen & Co1889
912Penny Kenton2009
913H Pope & Sons1930
914B Prior1884
916F A Prockter1890
917W H Rich1888
918Rogers & Dove1888
919Rosebud Academy1934
921J Salmon & Son1929
922Kenneth B Satchell1945
923Kenneth B Satchell1942
924Henry Saxton1884
925Scarborough Mitchell & Co1930
926John Schlencker1888
927Shorter Rochford2009
928F G Smeeton1895
929M Stannard & Son1946
930Sturt & Tivendale1939
932Taverner Bros Ltd1956
933W Taylor1922
934C R Tubby1888
935F Walker1889
936The Whetstone1922
937Whippel, Wheeler & Wright1922
938D Wilkins1900
939A J Wills & Co1899
940William Young1922
952Frank Rickard1946
976Winifred Attwell1951
977Myddelton Park, N202009
978Myddelton Park, N202009
979Myddelton Park, N202009
980Myddelton Park, N201908
981Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102005
982Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102007
983Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102001
984Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102002
985Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102002
986Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102007
987Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102007
989Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102002
990Pembroke Road, N102002
991Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102002
992Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102002
993Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102002
995Pembroke Road Evangelical Church, N102006
996Friern Barnet Road, N112008
998Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
999Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102008
1000Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1001Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102009
1002Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1003Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1004Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1005Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1006Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102009
1007Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102009
1008Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1009Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1010Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1011Parking sign2009
1012Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1013Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
1014Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
1015Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1017Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1018Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
1019Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102009
1021Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1022Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102005
1023Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102008
1024Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1025Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
1026Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
1027Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
1028Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet2008
1029Ambulance Station in Colney Hatch Lane2007
1030Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet1982
1032Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112001
1033Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
1034Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1035Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1036Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112007
1037Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112007
1039Holly Park School 1941
1040Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111987
1041Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111982
1042Graffiti cleaning2005
1043Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
1044Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102001
1045Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111908
1046Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112006
1048Woodhouse Road, N121981
1049Woodhouse Road, N122008
1050Woodhouse Road, N122007
1051Woodhouse Road, N122007
1052Woodhouse Road, N122008
1053Woodhouse Road, N122001
1054Woodhouse Road, N122002
1055Woodhouse Road, N122001
1056Woodhouse Road, N122008
1057Woodhouse Road, N122008
1058Woodhouse Road, N122005
1059Woodhouse Road, N122006
1060Woodhouse Road, N122009
1061Woodhouse Road, N122008
1062Woodhouse Road, N122008
1063Woodhouse Road, N122008
1064Woodhouse Road, N122008
1065Woodhouse Road, N122008
1066Woodhouse Road, N122008
1067Woodhouse Road, N122008
1068Woodhouse Road, N121997
1069Woodhouse Road, N121997
1070Woodhouse Road, N122008
1071Woodhouse Road, N122008
1072Woodhouse Road, N122008
1073Woodhouse Road, N122008
1074Woodhouse Road, N122008
1075Woodhouse Road, N121992
1076Woodhouse Road, N122008
1077Woodhouse Road, N122008
1078Woodhouse Road, N122008
1079Woodhouse Road, N122008
1080Woodhouse Road, N122008
1081Woodhouse Road, N121983
1082Woodhouse Road, N122008
1083Woodhouse Road, N122007
1084Woodhouse Road, N122008
1085Woodhouse Road, N122008
1086Woodhouse Road, N121981
1087Woodhouse Road, N121960
1088Woodhouse Road, N121939
1089Woodhouse Road, N121980
1090Woodhouse Road, N121960
1091Woodhouse Road, N121994
1092Woodhouse Road, N121997
1093Woodhouse Road, N121981
1094Woodhouse Road, N121992
1095Woodhouse Road, N121921
1096Woodhouse Road, N121987
1097Woodhouse Road, N121987
1098Woodhouse Road, N121987
1099Woodhouse Road, N121987
1100Woodhouse Road, N121987
1101Woodhouse School1988
1102Woodhouse College2007
1103Woodhouse College2007
1104Woodhouse Road, N121900
1105Woodhouse Road, N121907
1106Woodhouse Road, N121906
1107Woodhouse Road, N121980
1108Woodhouse Road, N122007
1109Woodhouse Road, N121980
1111Woodhouse Road, N121910
1112Sikh Temple, High Road, New Southgate2002
1113Sikh Temple, High Road, New Southgate2002
1114St Pauls Church, Woodland Road, New Southgate1900
1115Friern Hospital 1976
1116Russell Lane, N202009
1117Russell Lane, N202009
1118Russell Lane, N202009
1119Russell Lane, N202009
1120Russell Lane, N202009
1121Russell Lane, N202009
1122Russell Lane, N202009
1123Russell Lane, N202009
1124Russell Lane, N202009
1125Russell Lane, N202009
1126Russell Lane, N202009
1127Russell Lane, N202009
1128Russell Lane, N202009
1129Russell Lane2009
1130Russell Lane, N202009
1131Barnet College, Russell Lane2004
1132Barnet College, Russell Lane2004
1133Barnet College, Russell Lane2004
1134Barnet College, Russell Lane2004
1135Barnet College, Russell Lane2004
1136Barnet College, Russell Lane2004
1137Barnet College, Russell Lane2004
1138Barnet College, Russell Lane2004
1139Barnet College, Russell Lane2004
1140The Cavalier, 67 Russell Lane1960
1141Russell Lane, N202004
1142Russell Lane, N202004
1143Russell Lane, N201960
1144Russell Lane, N201930
1145Russell Lane, N201900
1146Russell Lane, N201900
1147Russell Lane, N201900
1148Russell Lane, N201900
1149Russell Lane, N201900
1150Russell Lane, N201900
1151Russell Lane, N202004
1152Russell Lane, N201900
1153Southaw Girls School, Russell Lane1950
1154Brook Farm Open Space2009
1155Brook Farm Open Space2009
1156Brook Farm Open Space2009
1157Brook Farm Open Space2009
1158Arnos Grove Underground Station2009
1160Barfield Avenue, N202009
1161Barfield Avenue, N202009
1162Fire Hydrant2009
1163Fire Hydrant Marker2009
1164Water Cover2009
1165Post Office Telegraphs Cover2009
1166Post Office Telephones Cover2009
1167Road sign2009
1168Direction Sign2009
1169Direction Sign2009
1170Direction Sign2009
1171War Memorial2009
1172Christ Church, Whetstone1921
1173Christ Church, Whetstone1912
1174Christ Church, Whetstone2008
1175Christ Church, Whetstone1920
1176Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2001
1177Copptts Wood Nature Reserve2002
1178Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2004
1179Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1180Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1181Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1182Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1183Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1184Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1185Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1186Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1187Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1188Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1189Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1190Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1191Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1192Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1193Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1194Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1195Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1196Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1197Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
1198Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N102005
1200Ireton Close, N102006
1201Friern Barnet Lane, N111970
1202Friern Barnet Lane, N112005
1203Friern Barnet Lane, N112009
1204Friern Barnet Lane, N112008
1205Friern Barnet Lane, N202008
1206Friern Barnet Lane, N202007
1207Friern Barnet Lane, N202007
1208Friern Barnet Lane, N201945
1209Friern Barnet Lane, N202007
1210Friern Barnet Lane, N202004
1211Friern Barnet Lane, N201976
1212Friern Barnet Lane, N202007
1213Friern Barnet Lane, N201927
1214Lawrence Campe Almshouses, Friern Barnet Lane, N202000
1215Friern Barnet Lane, N111955
1216Friern Barnet Lane, N112003
1217Friern Barnet Lane, N112003
1218Friern Barnet Lane, N202006
1219Friern Barnet Lane, N202008
1220Friern Barnet Lane, N202007
1221St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N201910
1222Friern Barnet Lane, N201920
1223Friern Barnet Lane, N111963
1224Friern Barnet Lane, N202006
1225Friern Barnet Lane, N112007
1226Friern Barnet Lane, N202008
1227Friern Barnet Lane, N202001
1228Friern Barnet Lane, N201985
1229Friern Barnet Lane, N202001
1230Friern Barnet Lane, N202001
1231Friern Barnet Lane1910
1232Friern Barnet Lane1914
1233Friern Barnet Lane1900
1234Friern Barnet Lane1937
1235Friern Barnet Lane1900
1236Friern Barnet Lane1900
1237Friern Barnet Lane1921
1238Friern Barnet Lane1900
1239Friern Barnet Lane1910
1240Friern Barnet Lane1913
1241Friern Barnet Lane1922
1242Friern Barnet Lane1921
1243Friern Barnet Lane1907
1244Friern Barnet Lane1926
1245Friern Barnet Lane, N111953
1246Friern Barnet Lane, N202001
1249Friern Barnet Lane, N201956
1250Friern Barnet Lane, N201900
1251The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111900
1252The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Banet Lane1923
1253The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111908
1254The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N112008
1255Friern Barnet Lane, N111904
1256Friern Barnet Lane, N202007
1257Friern Barnet Lane, N202004
1258Friern Barnet Lane, N202007
1259Marker sign2001
1260Friern Barnet Lane, N202002
1261St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N201956
1262St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N201919
1263St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N201935
1264St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N201955
1265St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N201895
1266St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N201934
1267Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1268Friern Barnet Lane, N201900
1269Friern Barnet Lane, N201900
1270Friern Barnet Lane, N201900
1271Friern Barnet Lane1912
1272Friern Barnet Lane1922
1273Friern Barnet Lane, N201945
1274Friern Barnet Lane, N202007
1275Ballards Lane, N122003
1276Ballards Lane, N121981
1277Ballards Lane, N121981
1278Ballards Lane, N121981
1279Ballards Lane, N121981
1280Ballards Lane, N122008
1281Ballards Lane, N122008
1282Ballards Lane, N122008
1283Ballards Lane, N122007
1284Ballards Lane, N122008
1285Ballards Lane, N121981
1286Ballards Lane, N122008
1287Ballards Lane, N122007
1288Ballards Lane, N121981
1289Ballards Lane, N122008
1290Ballards Lane, N121980
1291Ballards Lane, N122008
1292Ballards Lane, N122008
1293Ballards Lane, N122007
1294Ballards Lane, N121980
1295Ballards Lane, N121980
1296Ballards Lane, N122008
1297Ballards Lane, N122008
1298Ballards Lane, N122007
1299Ballards Lane, N122007
1300Ballards Lane, N122008
1301Ballards Lane, N121981
1302Ballards Lane, N121980
1303Ballards Lane, N122009
1304Ballards Lane, N122008
1305Ballards Lane, N122008
1306Ballards Lane, N121990
1307Ballards Lane, N122008
1308Ballards Lane, N122008
1309Ballards Lane, N122008
1310Ballards Lane, N121981
1311Ballards Lane, N121981
1312Ballards Lane, N121981
1313Ballards Lane, N121981
1314Ballards Lane, N122008
1315Ballards Lane, N121980
1316Ballards Lane, N121914
1317Ballards Lane, N122008
1318Ballards Lane, N121981
1319Ballards Lane, N121981
1320Ballards Lane, N122008
1321Ballards Lane, N122008
1322Manor Farm Dairy1925
1323Moss Hall Tavern, Ballards Lane1981
1324Ballards Lane, N121934
1325Ballards Lane, N122007
1326Ballards Lane, N121917
1328Ballards Lane, N121981
1330Ballards Lane, N121906
1331Ballards Lane, N122008
1332Ballards Lane, N122009
1333Information sign1997
1334St Mary Magdalen Church, Athenaeum Road1955
1335Athenaeum Road, N201910
1336Athenaeum Road, N201925
1337St Mary Magdalen Church, Athenaeum Road2009
1338St Mary Magdalen Church, Athenaeum Road1930
1339St Mary Magdalen Church, Athenaeum Road1950
1340Bawtry Road, N202009
1341Bawtry Road, N201945
1342Bethune Avenue2006
1343Bethune Avenue2006
1344Brunswick Park Road, N112005
1345Brunswick Park Road2007
1349Finchley County Grammar School1920
1350Finchley County Grammar School1962
1351Finchley County Grammar School1962
1352Finchley County Grammar School 1962
1353Finchley County Grammar School1962
1354Finchley High Road1993
1355Finchley High Road1993
1356Finchley High Road1993
1357Finchley High Road1993
1358High Road, Finchley1993
1359High Road, Finchley1992
1360Finchley High Road1994
1361Finchley High Road1960
1362Finchley High Road1994
1363Finchley High Road1988
1364High Road, Finchley1993
1365Finchley High Road1993
1366Finchley High Road2002
1367Ribblesdale Avenue1997
1368Ribblesdale Avenue1997
1369Ribblesdale Avenue1997
1370Ribblesdale Avenue1997
1371Ribblesdale Avenue, N111997
1372Ribblesdale Avenue1997
1373Ribblesdale Avenue1997
1374Ribblesdale Avenue2001
1375Torrington Park2009
1376Torrington Park2005
1377Torrington Park2005
1378Torrington Park2005
1379Torrington Park2005
1380Torrington Park2009
1381Comrie House School, 185 Friern Park1955
1382Gas mains2009
1383Torrington Park1930
1384Torrington Park1910
1385Torrington Park1912
1386Torrington Park1927
1387Friern Bridge Retail Park1997
1388Friern Bridge Retail Park2005
1389North Circular Road1988
1390Friern Bridge Retail Park1999
1391Friern Bridge Retail Park1988
1392North Circular Road1988
1393Friern Bridge Retail Park1996
1394Friern Bridge Retail Park2007
1395Friern Bridge Retail Park2007
1396Friern Bridge Retail Park2005
1397Friern Bridge Retail Park2005
1398Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1399Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1400Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1401Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1402Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1403Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1404Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1405Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1406Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1407Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1408Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1409Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1410Friern Bridge Retail Park2009
1411Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1412Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1413Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
1414Raleigh Drive, N202009
1415High Road, North Finchley2009
1416Advertising drum2009
1417Bus stops2002
1418Oakleigh Road North2001
1419Oakleigh Road North2001
1420Woodhouse Road, N122001
1421Oakleigh Road North2001
1422High Road, Whetstone2001
1423Oakleigh Road North2001
1424Oakleigh Road North2001
1425Friern Barnet Road, N112001
1426Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102002
1427Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102003
1429Woodhouse Road, N122001
1430High Road, North Finchley2001
1431High Road, North Finchley2001
1432High Road, Whetstone2001
1433High Road, Whetstone2001
1434High Road, Whetstone2001
1435High Road, Whetstone2001
1437High Road, Whetstone2001
1438High Road, Whetstone2001
1439High Road, Whetstone2001
1440High Road, Whetstone2001
1441High Road, Whetstone2001
1442High Road, Whetstone2001
1443High Road, Whetstone2001
1444High Road, Whetstone2001
1445High Road, Whetstone2001
1446High Road, Whetstone2001
1447High Road, Whetstone2001
1448High Road, Whetstone2001
1449High Road, Whetstone2001
1450High Road, Whetstone2001
1451High Road, Whetstone2001
1452High Road, Whetstone2001
1453High Road, Whetstone2001
1454High Road, Whetstone2001
1455High Road, Whetstone2001
1456High Road, Whetstone2001
1457High Road, Whetstone2001
1458High Road, Whetstone2001
1459High Road, Whetstone2001
1460High Road, Whetstone2001
1461High Road, Whetstone2001
1462Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N102002
1463Alexandra Road2002
1464Bull & Butcher, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2001
1465The Glebelands2002
1466Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112001
1467Friary Park2002
1468Woodhouse Road, N122002
1469High Road, Whetstone2001
1471North Circular Road2001
1472Hampden Road2002
1473Woodhouse Road, N122001
1474Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112001
1475South Friern Library, Colney Hatch Lane2002
1476South Friern Library, Colney Hatch Lane2002
1477South Friern Library, Colney Hatch Lane2002
1478South Friern Library, Colney Hatch Lane2002
1479South Friern Library, Colney Hatch Lane2002
1480South Friern Library, Colney Hatch Lane2002
1481South Friern Library, Colney Hatch Lane2002
1482South Friern Library, Colney Hatch Lane2002
1483South Friern Library, Colney Hatch Lane2002
1484High Road, Whetstone2001
1485High Road, Whetstone2001
1486High Road, Whetstone2001
1487Stage coach2001
1488Sydney Road, Muswell Hill N102002
1490North Finchley Library, Ravensdale Avenue2007
1491Friern Barnet Road, N112001
1492High Road, North Finchley2008
1493High Road, North Finchley1971
1494High Road, North Finchley2007
1496High Road, North Finchley2007
1497High Road, North Finchley2008
1498High Road, North Finchley2008
1499High Road, North Finchley2008
1501High Road, North Finchley2008
1502High Road, North Fincxhley2009
1503High Road, North Finchley2009
1504High Road, North Finchley2008
1505High Road, North Finchley2008
1506High Road, North Finchley1990
1507High Road, North Finchley1991
1508High Road, North Finchley2008
1509High Road, North Fincxhley2008
1510High Road, North Finchley2008
1511High Road, North Finchley2007
1512High Road, North Finchley2008
1513High Road, North Finchley2008
1514High Road, North Finchley1994
1516High Road, North Finchley1991
1517High Road, North Finchley1994
1518High Road, North Finchley2008
1519High Road, North Finchley2008
1520High Road, North Finchley2008
1521High Road, North Finchley2008
1522High Road, North Finchley2008
1523High Road, North Finchley2008
1524High Road, North Finchley2008
1525High Road, North Finchley1992
1526High Road, North Finchley1992
1527High Road, North Finchley2008
1528High Road, North Finchley2008
1529High Road, North Finchley1994
1530High Road, North Finchley1992
1531High Road, North Finchley1994
1532High Road, North Finchley1992
1533High Road, North Finchley2008
1534High Road, North Finchley1990
1535High Road, North Finchley1990
1536High Road, North Finchley2005
1537High Road, North Finchley1990
1538High Road, North Finchley1990
1539High Road, North Finchley1990
1540High Road, North Finchley1992
1541High Road, North Finchley2008
1542High Road, North Fincxhley1994
1543High Road, North Finchley2003
1544High Road, North Finchley2001
1545High Road, North Finchley1990
1546High Road, North Finchley2007
1547High Road, North Finchley1990
1548High Road, North Finchley1990
1549High Road, North Fincxhley2008
1550High Road, North Finchley2008
1551High Road, North Fincxhley1991
1552High Road, North Finchley2008
1553High Road, North Finchley2008
1554High Road, North Finchley2008
1555High Road, North Finchley1990
1556High Road, North Finchley2008
1557High Road, North Finchley1994
1558High Road, North Finchley2007
1559High Road, North Finchley2008
1560High Road, North Finchley2007
1561Poster site2008
1562High Road, North Finchley2008
1563High Road, North Finchley2008
1564High Road, North Finchley1990
1565High Road, North Finchley1994
1566High Road, North Finchley2008
1567High Road, North Finchley2008
1568High Road, North Finchley1997
1569High Road, North Finchley2008
1570High Road, North Finchley1990
1571High Road, North Finchley2008
1572High Road, North Fincxhley2009
1573High Road, North Finchley2008
1574High Road, North Finchley2005
1575High Road, North Finchley2008
1576High Road, North Finchley1991
1577High Road, North Finchley1992
1578High Road, North Finchley2008
1579High Road, North Finchley2007
1580High Road, North Finchley2007
1583High Road, North Finchley2008
1584High Road, North Finchley1990
1585High Road, North Finchley1994
1586High Road, North Finchley2007
1587High Road, North Finchley2008
1588High Road, North Finchley2008
1589High Road, North Finchley2008
1590High Road, North Finchley2008
1591High Road, North Finchley2008
1592High Road, North Fincxhley2008
1593High Road, North Finchley2008
1594High Road, North Finchley2008
1595High Road, North Finchley2008
1596High Road, North Finchley1994
1597High Road, North Finchley1990
1598High Road, North Finchley2007
1599High Road, North Finchley2008
1600High Road, North Finchley2008
1601High Road, North Finchley1989
1602High Road, North Finchley1994
1603High Road, North Finchley2008
1604High Road, North Finchley2008
1605High Road, North Finchley2007
1606High Road, North Finchley2008
1607High Road, North Finchley2008
1608High Road, North Finchley2008
1609High Road, North Finchley2008
1610High Road, North Finchley1993
1611High Road, North Finchley1994
1612High Road, North Finchley2008
1613High Road, North Finchley1991
1614High Road, North Finchley2007
1615High Road, North Finchley2008
1617High Road, North Finchley 2007
1618High Road, North Finchley 2007
1619High Road, North Finchley 2008
1620High Road, North Finchley 2007
1621High Road, North Finchley 2008
1622High Road, North Finchley 2008
1623High Road, North Finchley 2008
1624High Road, North Finchley 2008
1625High Road, North Finchley 2008
1626High Road, North Finchley 2008
1627Millennium Green, New Southgate2005
1628Millennium Green, New Southgate2005
1629Millennium Green, New Southgate2006
1630Oakleigh Road North2007
1631Oakleigh Road North2007
1632Oakleigh Road North1920
1633Oakleigh Road North2001
1634Oakleigh Road North2007
1635Oakleigh Road North2008
1636Oakleigh Road North, N202008
1637Oakleigh Road North, N202008
1638Oakleigh Road North2008
1639Oakleigh Road North2008
1640Oakleigh Road North2007
1641Oakleigh Road North2004
1642Oakleigh Road North, N201994
1643Oakleigh Road North, N201995
1644Oakleigh Road North, N201985
1645Oakleigh Road North1987
1646Oakleigh Road North, N201985
1647Oakleigh Road North, N201973
1648Oakleigh Road North, N201987
1649Oakleigh Road North, N202004
1650Oakleigh Road North2007
1651Oakleigh Road North2007
1652Oakleigh Road North2007
1653Oakleigh Road North2007
1654Oakleigh Road North2007
1655Oakleigh Road North2007
1656Oakleigh Road North2007
1657Oakleigh Road North2007
1658Oakleigh Road North2008
1659Oakleigh Road North2007
1660Oakleigh Road North2007
1661Oakleigh Road North2007
1662Oakleigh Road North2007
1663Oakleigh Road North2007
1664Oakleigh Road North, N202004
1665Oakleigh Road North, N202004
1666Oakleigh Road North2005
1667Oakleigh Road North2007
1668Oakleigh Road North2007
1669Oakleigh Road North2007
1670Oakleigh Road North2008
1671Oakleigh Road North2007
1672Oakleigh Road North2008
1673Oakleigh Road North2007
1674Oakleigh Road North2008
1675Oakleigh Road North2007
1676Oakleigh Road North2008
1677Oakleigh Road North2008
1678Oakleigh Road North2008
1679Oakleigh Road North2008
1680Oakleigh Road North, N202005
1681Oakleigh Community Church, Oakleigh Road North2007
1682STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1960
1683STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1960
1686STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1945
1687STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1945
1688STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1945
1689STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1960
1690STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1960
1691Oakleigh Road North2008
1692STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1991
1693Baptist Tabernacle, Oakleigh Road North1947
1694Oakleigh Infants School1936
1695Oakleigh Road North, N201916
1696Oakleigh Road North, N201994
1697Oakleigh Road North, N201950
1698Oakleigh Road North1916
1699Oakleigh Road North, N201930
1700Oakleigh Road North, N201908
1701Oakleigh Road North, N201955
1702Raleigh Drive2007
1703Oakleigh Road North2007
1704Oakleigh Road School1940
1705Oakleigh Road South, N111955
1706Oakleigh Road South, N111955
1708Beaconsfield Road, N112007
1709Beaconsfield Road, n111992
1710Bellevue Road, N111985
1711Bellevue Road, N111991
1712Bellevue Road, N111920
1713Bellevue Road, N111965
1714Chandos Avenue, N201920
1715Chandos Avenue, N201913
1716Chandos Avenue, N201928
1717Chandos Avenue, N202005
1718Friary Road, N201960
1719Friary Road2008
1720Friary Road1908
1721Friary Road, N202007
1722Friern Hospital2007
1723Friern Hospital1960
1724Friern Hospital1915
1725Friern Hospital1920
1726Friern Hospital1880
1727Friern Hospital1970
1728Friern Hospital1993
1729Friern Hospital1997
1730Friern Hospital1957
1731Friern Hospital2007
1732Friern Hospital2007
1733Friern Hospital1993
1734Friern Hospital 1903
1735Friern Hospital 2005
1736Friern Hospital1990
1737Friern Hospital1993
1738Friern Hospital2003
1739Friern Hospital1982
1740Friern Hospital2006
1741Friern Hospital1957
1742Friern Hospital1930
1743Friern Hospital1991
1744Friern Hospital1985
1745Friern Hospital1930
1746Friern Hospital 1980
1747Friern Hospital1957
1748Friern Hospital 1998
1749Friern Hospital1990
1750Friern Hospital 1990
1751Friern Hospital1997
1752Friern Hospital2007
1753Friern Hospital 1994
1755Friern Hospital1916
1756Friern Hospital1970
1757Friern Hospital2007
1759Friern Watch Avenue1915
1760Goldsmith Road, N112007
1761Goldsmith Road, N112007
1762Goldsmith Road, N112007
1763Goldsmith Road, N111920
1764Goldsmith Road, N111955
1765Holly Park Road2007
1766Holly Park Road2009
1767Holly Park Road2009
1768Holly Park Road2003
1769Holly Park Road1910
1771Parkhurst Road, N111945
1772Holly Park Road1915
1773Holly Park Road1991
1774Incognito Theatre, Holly Park Road2008
1775Incognito Theatre, Holly Park Road2008
1776Incognito Theatre, Hoilly Park Road2008
1777Incognito Theatre, Holly Park Road2008
1778Incognito Theatre, Holly Park Road1926
1779Manor Drive, N202009
1780Manor Drive Methodist Church2007
1781Manor Drive Methodist Church2007
1782Friern Barnet in 17832009
1783Friern Barnet in 18672009
1784Friern Barnet in 18972009
1785Friern Barnet in 19202009
1786Friern Barnet in 19382009
1787Friern Barnet UDC area2009
1788North Middlesex Golf Club2008
1789North Middlesex Golf Club1923
1790North Middlesex Golf Club2008
1791North Middlesex Golf Club1960
1792North Middlesex Golf Club2007
1793North Middlesex Golf Club2007
1794North Middlesex Golf Club2007
1795North Middlesex Golf Club2007
1796North Middlesex Golf Club1908
1797North Middlesex Golf Club2007
1798North Middlesex Golf Club2009
1799North Middlesex Golf Club2007
1800North Middlesex Golf Club1926
1801North Middlesex Golf Club1900
1802North Middlesex Golf Club1885
1803Oakleigh Park North, N202008
1804Oakleigh Park North, N202008
1805Oakleigh Park North, N202008
1806Oakleigh Park North, N202008
1807Oakleigh Park North, N201910
1808Oakleigh Park North, N201900
1809Oakleigh Park North, N202007
1810Oakleigh Park North, N202007
1811Oakleigh Park North, N202007
1812Oakleigh Park North, N201999
1813Oakleigh Park North, N201999
1814Oakleigh Park North, N201900
1815St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2007
1816St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2007
1817St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2007
1818St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2006
1819St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2005
1820St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2007
1821St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane1900
1822St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2007
1823High Road, New Southgate1910
1824High Road, New Southgate1904
1825Limes Avenue, New Southgate1905
1826Woodland Road, New Southgate1905
1827Waterfall Lane, New Southgate1933
1828Northern Star, New Southgate2003
1830St Paul's Church Hall, High Road, New Southgate1909
1831St Paul's Church, Woodland Road, New Southgate1909
1832St Paul's School, The Avenue2001
1833St Paul's School, The Avenue2001
1834St Paul's School, The Avenue2001
1835New Southgate Social Club2008
1836Friern Barnet Road, N111985
1837Bowes Road, N112003
1838Bowes Road2003
1840Grove Road, New Southgate1905
1841All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North1882
1842All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2008
1843All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2009
1844All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North1900
1845All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North1905
1846All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North1954
1847All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2007
1848All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North1904
1849All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2007
1850All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2005
1851All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North1906
1852All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2005
1853All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2005
1854All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2009
1855All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2009
1856All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North1921
1857All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North1884
1858All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2005
1859Parkhurst Road, N112009
1860Parkhurst Road, N111900
1861Parkhurst Road, N112009
1862Parkhurst Road, N112009
1863Parkhurst Road, N112009
1864Parkhurst Road, N112009
1865Parkhurst Road, N112009
1866Parkhurst Road, N112009
1867Parkhurst Road, N112009
1868Parkhurst Road, N112009
1869Parkhurst Road, N112009
1870Parkhurst Road, N112009
1871Parkhurst Road, N112009
1872Parkhurst Road, N112009
1873Parkhurst Road, N112009
1874Parkhurst Road, N112009
1875Parkhurst Road, N112009
1876Parkhurst Road, N112009
1877Parkhurst Road, N112009
1878Parkhurst Road, N112009
1879Parkhurst Road, N112009
1880Parkhurst Road, N112009
1881Parkhurst Road, N112009
1882Parkhurst Road, N112009
1883Parkhurst Road, N112009
1884Parkhurst Road, N112009
1885Parkhurst Road, N112009
1886Parkhurst Road, N112009
1887Parkhurst Road, N112009
1888Parkhurst Road, N112009
1889Parkhurst Road, N112009
1890Parkhurst Road, N112009
1892Parkhurst Road, N112009
1893Parkhurst Road, N112009
1894Parkhurst Road, N112009
1896St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road1910
1897St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2009
1898St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2009
1899St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2009
1900St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2001
1901St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2001
1902St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2007
1903St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2007
1904St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2007
1905St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2008
1906St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2001
1907St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road1900
1908St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2001
1909Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102009
1910Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill, N102006
1911Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102007
1912Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102009
1913High Road, Whetstone2009
1914Church Way, N202009
1915Church Crescent, N202009
1916Rasper Road, N202009
1917Rasper Road2009
1918Christmas decorations2009
1919Oakleigh Road North2009
1920Oakleigh Road North2009
1921Rasper Road, N202009
1922Manor Drive, N202009
1923Chandos Avenue, N202009
1924Chandos Avenue, N202009
1925Manor Drive, N202009
1926Chandos Avenue, N202009
1927Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102009
1928Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1929Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1930Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1931Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1932Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1933Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1934Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102009
1935Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1936Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1937Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1938Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1939Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1940Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1941Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
1942Ballards Lane, N122009
1943High Road, North Finchley 2009
1944High Road, North Finchley 2009
1945High Road, North Finchley 2009
1946High Road, North Finchley 2009
1947High Road, North Finchley 2009
1948High Road, North Finchley 2009
1949High Road, Whetstone2009
1950High Road, Whetstone2009
1951High Road, Whetstone2009
1952High Road, Whetstone2009
1953Gaumont, North Finchley1937
1954Public telephones2005
1955Public telephones2005
1956Public telephones2005
1957Public telephones2005
1958Public telephones2005
1959Public telephones2005
1960Public telephones2008
1961Public telephones2005
1962Public telephones2005
1963Public telephones2005
1964Public telephones2005
1965Public telephones2005
1966Public telephones2005
1967Public telephones2009
1968Public telephones2005
1969Public telephones2006
1970Public telephones2005
1971Public telephones2005
1972Public telephones2005
1973Public telephones2005
1974Nursery Close2004
1975Nursery Close2004
1976Nursery Close2004
1977Nursery Close2004
1978Pert Close2002
1979Pert Close2002
1980St James Avenue2007
1981St James Avenue, N202006
1982St John's Avenue2010
1983Stanford Road1965
1984Builder Depot, Station Road, New Southgate2008
1986Homebase, Station Road, New Southgate2009
1987Station Road, New Southgate2008
1988Station Road, New Southgate1988
1989Strode Close2005
1990Strode Close2005
1991Strode Close2005
1992BEM Electrical Supplies, Summers Lane2006
1993North London Catering Equipment Ltd, Summers Lane2008
1994Summers Lane2008
1995Summers Lane1918
1996Summers Lane1900
1997Summers Lane1912
1998Summers Lane1919
1999Summers Row1994
2001The Triumph, Summers Lane2008
2002The Triumph, Summers Lane2008
2003The Triumph, Summers Lane2004
2004Sutton Road, Museell Hill N102009
2005Oakleigh Park North, N202010
2006Athenaeum Road, N202010
2007Athenaeum Road, N202010
2008Oakleigh Park North, N202010
2009Athenaeum Road, N202010
2010Athenaeum Road, N202010
2011Athenaeum Road, N202010
2012Athenaeum Road, N202010
2013Athenaeum Road, N202010
2014Athenaeum Road, N202010
2015Oakleigh Road North, N202010
2016High Road, Whetstone2010
2017Public toilets2010
2018High Road, Whetstone2010
2019Athenaeum Road, N202010
2020Brunswick Industrial Park2007
2022Christ Church, Whetstone2010
2023Totteridge Lane1951
2024Public telephones2010
2028Sutton Road, Museell Hill N102002
2029Sutton Road, Muswell Hill N102008
2030Sutton Road Garage2007
2031Sutton Road, Muswell Hill N102002
2032The Avenue, New Southgate2007
2033The Avenue, New Southgate1965
2034The Avenue, New Southgate1955
2035The Avenue, New Southgate1945
2036The Avenue, New Southgate1955
2038Totteridge & Whetstone Underground Station1980
2040Totteridge & Whetstone Underground Station1980
2041Wilton Road2008
2043Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
2044Public telephones2010
2045Public telephones2010
2046Public telephones2010
2047High Road, North Finchley2010
2048High Road, Whetstone2010
2054High Road, Whetstone1970
2055Public telephones2010
2057Direction Sign2010
2058Post Box2010
2059Advertising drum2010
2066Electricity switching cabinet2010
2067Street cabinet2010
2068Finchley Memorial Hospital2006
2069Friern Barnet Road, N112004
2070Thurlestone Avenue2004
2071Friern Barnet Town Hall2003
2072Woodhouse Road, N122004
2073Biggs, Wall & Co2010
2074Biggs Wall & Co2010
2076Loring Road, N202010
2077Pollard Road, N202010
2078Loring Road, N202010
2079Loring Road, N202010
2080Pollard Road, N202010
2081Loring Road, N202010
2082Loring Road, N202010
2083Loring Road, N202010
2084Loring Road, N202010
2085Myddelton Park, N202010
2086Pollard Road, N202010
2087Pollard Road, N202010
2088Myddelton Park, N202009
2089Pollard Road, N202010
2090Pollard Road, N202010
2091Oakleigh Road North, N202010
2093New Southgate Gas Works1960
2098Oakleigh Road North, N202010
2099Express Motors1938
2102Programme (Prisoner of War Fund)1944
2103Garfield Road School1911
2104Garfield Road School1938
2105Hardy & Giblett1938
2106Handfbook (Civil Defence)1963
2107Rate Demand (London Borough of Barnet)1982
2108Invoice (Eastern Electricity Boasrd)1960
2109Invoice (Lee Valley Water Company)1961
2110Invoice (Repetition Tyre & Accessories Ltd)1952
2111Invoice (Thomas (Pastrycooks) Ltd)1952
2112Invoice (Three Valleys Water)1997
2114Letter (Eastern Gas Board)1957
2115Letter (Waitrose)2003
2116 New Southgate Gas Works2003
2117Myddelton Park, N202010
2118Ration Book1953
2121Beer mat (STC)1980
2122Beer mat (STC)1980
2123Friern Barnet Lane, N201987
2124Totteridge & Whetstone Underground Station2010
2125Brochure (Wall's)1950
2126Highview Gardens, New Southgate1959
2127Highview Gardens, New Southgate1959
2128Garfield School 1930
2129Garfield School, class 3a in c19331933
2130Garfield Road School1943
2131Garfield School Nursery (remember the beds!)1943
2132Garfield School Nursery1943
2133Garfield School Nursery (exit to playground)1943
2134Garfield School Nursery class1943
2135Garfield Road School1924
2136Garfield Road School1927
2137Garfield Road School1945
2139Garfield Road School1974
2140Palmers Road, New Southgate1950
2141Betstile Well Pumping Station1913
2142Betstile Farm1900
2143Garfield Road Street Party 19451945
2144Garfield Road Street Party 1945 (2nd view)1945
2145Former dairy and piano factory in Springfield Road2009
2146Conservative Club, High Road, New Southgate2008
2147Albert Street, New Southgate1965
2148Albert Street in 1975 and Homebase in 19951975
2149Beehive Pub darts team1935
2150The Limes Avenue, New Southgate1905
2151Woodland House, Woodland Road in 19961996
2153Station Road and Alexandra Road, New Southgate1973
2154High Road, N111973
2155New Southgate (Colney Hatch Park)1867
2156Coronation Cinema, New Southgate1936
2157High Road, New Southgate, N111996
2158High Road, New Southgate, N11 1996
2159High Road, N111940
2160Alexandra Car Hire1970
2161Friars Avenue, N202010
2162Myddelton Park, N202010
2163Raleigh Drive, N202007
2164Raleigh Drive, N202007
2165Ashurst Road, N122010
2166Raleigh Drive, N202007
2167Raleigh Drive, N202007
2168Friern Barnet Lane, N202010
2169High Road, North Finchley2010
2170High Road, Whetstone2010
2171High Road, Whetstone2010
2172Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N101930
2173Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N101937
2174Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N101937
2175Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N101946
2176Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N101950
2177Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N101949
2178Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N101959
2179Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N101946
2180Alexandra Hire1958
2181Alexandra Hire1950
2182S Allen1948
2183Arcade Music Shop1948
2185Friars Avenue, N202010
2186Invoice (Priors)1941
2187A R Barnett1953
2189C Bertrand1948
2190Blue Seas1947
2191Boyce & Barker1947
2192Catalogue (Buckle & Hughes)1939
2193The Cabin1947
2194J A Cable1953
2196Electricity switching cabinet2010
2197Church Crescent, N202010
2198Brochure (Church Farm Estates)1935
2199Brochure (Church Farm Estates)1935
2200Church Way, N202010
2201Cine Restaurant1948
2203R T Cole1947
2204Brochure (Finchley & Friern Barnet Conservatives)1960
2205R D Coppin1926
2207Invoice (Cyril A Cunningham)1965
2208Invoice (A M Davis)1963
2209Derwent Restaurant1947
2210Dickinson & Clarke1947
2211J E Diegan1948
2213Fred A Dudeney1926
2214M Dyer1947
2216G V Fort & Son1958
2217Freehold Senior School1936
2218Friary Park Estate1926
2219Friern Barnet Grammar School1938
2220Friern Barnet Grammar School1958
2221Friern Barnet Grammar School1958
2222Friern Barnet Grammar School1938
2223Friern Barnet Grammar School1938
2224Friern Barnet Road, N111947
2225Letter (Tottenham & District Gas Co)1946
2226Gift Shop of Whetstone1948
2227H Ginn & Sons1953
2228Golfside Close, N202010
2229Invoice (The Grosvenor House Laundry)1947
2230Guy's Garage1947
2231Invoce (Halls of Finchley)1968
2232Harris's Crescent Laundry1947
2233Invoice (W R Harvey)1968
2234High Road, Whetstone2010
2235Highfield Demolition1958
2236Sewer Vent Pipe2010
2237Horsham Avenue, N122010
2238V A Howard1947
2239Invoice (Maxwells Handbags)1970
2241W T Jefferies1947
2243C Kirk & Sons1947
2244Letter (Buckle & Hughes)1926
2245Letter (Borough of Finchley)1945
2246Letter (Solicitors)1946
2248Maunder Taylor1947
2249McManus & Co1947
2251H G Nicholson1953
2252Gordon Osborn1947
2253Palmsville Garage1926
2254Pearl Wallpaper1948
2255Invoice (Perrings)1974
2256Invoice (Priors)1941
2258Invoice (F T Roberts)1978
2259O Robinson1926
2260Sacred Heart1947
2261Sacred Heart1953
2262Invoice (Sadd & Halsey)1945
2264W H Sayer1947
2265Invoice (Seawards)1941
2266Drain Cover2010
2268P J Stephens1947
2269Bernard Strawn1948
2270Tally Ho Bookshop1948
2271Tally Ho Electric1948
2272Tee Fisheries1948
2274Invoice (The Times Furnishing)1944
2275Invoice (The Times Furnishing)1955
2276Tristram & Power1947
2278Brochure (Timothy Whites & Taylors)1938
2280Invoice (W A White)1949
2281Watcombe School1947
2282Invoice (Woodhouse Fur Co)1950
2283Invoice (Woodhouse Fur Co)1952
2285Woodhouse Road, N122010
2286Woodhouse Road, N122010
2287Wren Academy2010
2288Wren Academy2010
2289Magnetic Recording Company1958
2290Invoice (Day & Martin)1939
2291Gaumont, North Finchley 2010
2292Invoice (The Telephone Store)2002
2293Lower Park Road, N111963
2294South Road, New Southgate1965
2295New Southgate Wesleyan Cricket Team 1905
2296New Southgate Wesleyan Cricket Team1905
2297 Millennium Green, New Southgate2007
2298 Millennium Green! New Southgate2007
2299Henry Hawkins1890
2300New Picture2010
2301Palmsville Garage, Colney Hatch Lane1953
2302Palmsville Garage, Colney Hatch Lane1953
2303Palmsville Garage, Colney Hatch Lane1960
2304Palmsville Garage, Colney Hatch Lane1984
2305St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2010
2306St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2010
2307G F Copping1975
2308Curry Royal Restaurant1975
2309Halls 1975
2310Hartland Garage1975
2311John Dale1975
2312Markheath Securities1975
2313Omitron Machines1975
2316Waller Bros1975
2318Oakleigh Road South, N112010
2320Friern Park, N122010
2321Friern Barnet Road, N112010
2322Friern Barnet Road, N112010
2323Friern Barnet Road, N112010
2324Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112010
2325Raleigh Drive, N202010
2326Friern Barnet Lane, N202010
2327Okehampton Close, N122010
2328Okehampton Close, N122010
2329Oakleigh Road South, N112010
2330Road sign2010
2331High Road, Whetstone2010
2332High Road, Whetstone2010
2333High Road, Whetstone2010
2334High Road, Whetstone2010
2335Bethune Park2010
2336Oakleigh Road South, N112010
2337Direction sign2010
2338Friary Road, N122010
2339Direction sign2010
2341New Southgate & Friern Barnet Social Club2010
2342Fire Watching Request1943
2343High Road, North Finchley1972
2344The Cricketers, 713 High Road, North Finchley1972
2345Tally Ho, 749 High Road, N121972
2347Woodhouse Road, N121992
2349Woodhouse Road, N121986
2350Ballards Lane, N121990
2351High Road, North Finchley 1992
2352High Road, North Finchley 1988
2353High Road, North Finchley 1993
2354High Road, North Finchley 1988
2355High Road, North Finchley 1992
2356High Road, North Finchley 1992
2357High Road, North Finchley 1990
2358High Road, North Finchley 1980
2359High Road, Whetstone1987
2360High Road, Whetstone1987
2361Friern Hospital1991
2362Friern Hospital1991
2363Friern Hospital1991
2364Garfield Road, New Southgate1971
2365High Road, New Southgate, N111971
2366High Road, New Southgate, N111971
2367High Road, New Southgate, N111971
2368High Road, New Southgate, N111971
2369Station Road, N111971
2370High Road, New Southgate, N11 1971
2371High Road, New Southgate, N111971
2372Oakleigh Road North, N111974
2373Queenswell Infants Nursery School1978
2374Queenswell Junior School1981
2375Ravens Lawn Tennis Club, Friary Road1980
2376St Paul's School, The Avenue1946
2377St Paul's School, The Avenue1946
2378St Paul's School, The Avenue1946
2379St Paul's School, The Avenue1946
2380St Paul's School, The Avenue1947
2381St Paul's School, The Avenue1950
2382St Paul's School, The Avenue1950
2383St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2010
2384St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2010
2385St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2010
2386Station Road, N111977
2387Station Road, N111973
2388Station Road, N111971
2389Station Road, New Southgate1973
2390New Picture2010
2391STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1973
2392Station Road, New Southgate1973
2393Station Road, New Southgate1973
2394Margaret Thatcher1979
2395Width restriction2010
2396Halliwick Manor1877
2397Halliwick Manor1877
2398Halliwick Manor1877
2399Halliwick Manor1870
2400Halliwick Manor1870
2401Halliwick Manor1870
2402Halliwick Manor1870
2404Halliwick Manor1870
2405Halliwick Manor1870
2406Halliwick Manor1870
2407Halliwick Manor1870
2408Halliwick Manor1870
2410Halliwick Manor1870
2413Halliwick Manor1870
2414Halliwick Manor1870
2415Halliwick Manor1870
2416Halliwick Manor1870
2417Halliwick Manor1870
2418Halliwick Manor1870
2419Acme Car Hire & Self Drive1965
2420Advance Laundry1963
2421Advance Laundry1972
2422Antonio's Antiques1975
2423A Armstrong1963
2425B & S Lawn Mower Co1972
2426Ballards Plant Hire1968
2427Barnet Insurance Brokers1964
2428Alfred Bell Ltd1968
2429Binns & Co1968
2430Binns & Co1970
2431The Blue Anchor1972
2432M T Buddington1970
2433Car Radio Services1975
2434The Cavalier1972
2435D E H Survey Equipment1976
2436N A W Edwards1972
2437Electrician (Finchley) Ltd1968
2439E E Farwell1968
2440Finchley Coaches1968
2441Finchley Coaches1975
2442Finchley Press1972
2443Finchley Staff Bureau1964
2444Gaumont, North Finchley1975
2445Glanfield Lawrence1968
2446D P Graham1972
2447Frame's Tours1972
2448Hall's 1968
2450Leonard Harris1968
2451A Jackson 1968
2453Joyride Ltd1968
2454W R Lawrence & Clarke1968
2455Archd Lewis1968
2456Lindsay Bros Ltd1972
2457London Trustee Savings Bank1970
2458Maison Lighting Ltd1975
2459Motor Company Woodside1972
2460Owen Owen1975
2461Owen Owen1968
2463Pitmans 1972
2464Pooley's of Whetstone1975
2465Pope's of Finchley1968
2466Quality Carpet Co Ltd1968
2467W Redfern1965
2468H A Saunders1963
2469H A Saunders1968
2470Schooledge (Heating) Ltd1972
2471Howard Sharp1968
2472Stephens Studio1975
2473Studio Cole1965
2474Sturt & Tivendale1968
2475Sturt & Tivendale1975
2476Tally-Ho Electric1965
2477Teff & Decker1975
2478Rex Thomas (Insurance) Ltd1972
2479Torrington Car Hire Service Ltd1964
2480Turner & Payne1964
2481Universal Garages (Whetstone) Ltd1965
2482Whetstone Garage1968
2483Woodhouse Road Motor Co Ltd1965
2484Woodhouse Pets & Plants1963
2485Friern Barnet Road, N111991
2490High Road, North Finchley1992
2491Woodhouse Road, N121987
2492High Road, Whetstone1993
2493High Road, Whetstone1986
2494High Road, Whetstone1987
2495High Road, Whetstone1986
2496High Road, North Finchley1992
2497High Road, North Finchley1989
2498High Road, North Finchley1988
2500Woodhouse Road, N121986
2501Woodhouse Road, N121998
2502Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111947
2503Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111947
2504Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111947
2505High Road, North Finchley1992
2507High Road, North Finchley1985
2508Woodhouse Road, N121985
2509Woodhouse Road, N121987
2512Ballards Lane, N121984
2514High Road, N111973
2515Finchley Rink Cinema1912
2517G F Copping1975
2518Curry Royal Restaurant1975
2519High Road, New Southgate N111974
2520High Road, New Southgate N111974
2522The Friary1950
2524Hartland Garage1975
2525High Road, North Finchley1993
2526High Road, North Finchley1988
2527High Road, North Finchley1992
2528High Road, North Finchley1993
2529High Road, North Finchley1993
2530High Road, North Finchley1989
2531High Road, North Finchley1993
2532High Road, North Finchley1993
2533High Road, North Finchley1991
2534High Road, North Finchley1991
2535High Road, Whetstone1986
2536High Road, Whetstone1988
2537High Road, Whetstone2002
2538Beaconsfield Road, N111989
2539High Road, New Southgate N111974
2540C J Hunt & Co Ltf1975
2541Margaret Thatcher1970
2542High Road, New Southgate N111991
2543R Sheppard1950
2544Southgate Coaches1975
2546Station Road, N111974
2547Station Road, N111974
2548Station Road, N111974
2549Station Road, N111974
2550Station Road, N111977
2551Station Road, N111974
2552Station Road, N111974
2553Station Road, N111974
2554P J Stephens1950
2555Station Road, N111974
2557Waller Bros1975
2558Woodhouse Road, N121992
2559Oakleigh Road South, N111933
2560Woodhouse Road, N121989
2561Woodhouse Road, N121989
2562Friern Barnet Road, N111999
2563Friern Barnet Road, N111999
2564Friern Barnet Road, N111987
2565Friern Barnet Road, N111992
2566Friern Barnet Road, N111989
2567Friern Barnet Road, N111985
2568Holly Park Road, N111985
2570Holly Park Road, N111990
2572Woodhouse Road, N121986
2573Ballards Lane, N121989
2574Ballards Lane, N121990
2575Ballards Lane, N121992
2576High Road, North Finchley1992
2577High Road, North Finchley1988
2578London Gold Factory2011
2579High Road, North Finchley1992
2580High Road, North Finchley1989
2581High Road, North Finchley1985
2582High Road, North Finchley1992
2583High Road, North Finchley1983
2584High Road, North Finchley1984
2585High Road, North Finchley1984
2586High Road, Whetstone1983
2587High Road, Whetstone1983
2589Friern Barnet Road, N111990
2590Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111971
2591Friern Barnet Road, N111982
2592Friern Barnet Road, N111987
2593Friern Barnet Road, N111985
2594Garfield Road, N111975
2595Garfiled Road, N111978
2596Gamont Cinema, North Finchley1985
2597Gaumont North Finchley1988
2598Gamont Cinema, North Finchley1988
2599Gaumont, North Finchley1988
2600Gaumont, North Finchley1988
2601Gaumont North Finchley1988
2602Gaumont, North Finchley1988
2603Girl Guides Show1960
2604Friern Barnet Road, N111983
2605Friern Barnet Road, N111983
2606High Road, New Southgate N111973
2607High Road, New Southgate N111971
2609High Road, New Southgate N111977
2610Holly Park Road, N111985
2611Lamp post1990
2612Landers Corner, N111977
2613Landers Corner, N111977
2614Landers Corner, N111977
2615Landers Corner, N111977
2617New Southgate Cemetery1987
2618North London International School2011
2619Oakleigh Recreation Ground1990
2621Friern Barnet Road, N111971
2622Springfield Road, N111992
2623Springfield Road, N111991
2624St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road1990
2625Beer cellar doors1992
2626Station Road, N111977
2627Station Road, N111987
2628Station Road, N111971
2629Summers Lane, N121993
2631The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111985
2632The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road1984
2633The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Rosd1984
2634Whetstone Fire Brigade1901
2635Woodhouse Road, N121992
2636Woodhouse Sixth Form College1989
2637Bawtry Road, N202011
2638Bawtry Road, N202011
2639Rasper Road, N202011
2641Oakleigh Road South, N112011
2642Oakleigh Road North, N202011
2643Oakleigh Road North, N202011
2645Oakleigh Road North, N202011
2646Friern Baret Lane, N202011
2647High Road, North Finchley2011
2648High Road, Whetstone2011
2650High Road, Whetstone2011
2651High Road, Whetstone2011
2652High Road, Whetstone2011
2653High Road, Whetstone2011
2654High Road, Whetstone2011
2655High Road, Whetstone2011
2656New Southgate Recreation Ground2011
2659Oakleigh Road South, N111971
2660St. James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1900
2662Oakleigh Road South, N112011
2664Friary Way, N122011
2666Friary Way, N122011
2667Friary Way, N122011
2668Valley Avenue, N122011
2670Torrington Park, N122011
2671Valley Avenue, N122011
2672Oakleigh Road South, N112011
2673Torrington Park, N122011
2674Torrington Park, N122011
2676Torrington Park, N122011
2677Torrington Park, N122011
2678Torrington Park, N122011
2679Myddelton Park, N202011
2680Church Crescent, N202011
2681Friary Road, N122011
2682Friary Road, N122011
2683Torrington Park, N122011
2685Torrington Park, N122011
2686St James Junior School, Friern Barnet Lane, N202011
2689Ballards Lane, N122011
2690Ballards Lane, N122011
2691High Road, North Finchley2011
2692High Road, North Finchley2011
2693High Road, North Finchley2011
2694High Road, North Finchley2011
2695High Road, North Finchley2011
2696High Road, North Finchley2011
2697High Road, Whetstone2011
2698High Road, Whetstone2011
2699High Road, Whetstone2011
2700High Road, Whetstone2011
2701High Road, Whetstone2011
2705Torrington Park, N122011
2706Torrington Park, N122011
2708Friern Baret Lane, N202011
2709New Southgate Recreation Ground2011
2711Direction sign2011
2712Oakleigh Road South, N112011
2715St John the Apostle, Whetstone2011
2717Church Crescent, N202011
2718Torrington Park, N122011
2722South Friern Library2006
2724Horsham Avenue, N122010
2725St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2010
2726The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111906
2727Totteridge Lane, N201994
2728Totteridge Lane, N202011
2729Totteridge Lane, N202002
2730Totteridge & Whetstone Underground Station2011
2731Totteridge Lane, N202010
2732Baxendale, N202011
2733Totteridge Lane, N202011
2735Myddelton Park, N202011
2736Myddelton Park, N202011
2737Myddelton Park, N202011
2738Myddelton Park, N202011
2739Myddelton Park, N202011
2741Athenaeum Road, N202011
2742Athenaeum Road, N202011
2744Athenaeum Road, N202011
2745Athenaeum Road, N202011
2749Friars Avenue, N202011
2750Friern Barnet Road, N112011
2751Friern Barnet Lane, N202011
2752Friern Barnet Lane, N202011
2753High Road, North Finchley2011
2754High Road, Whetstone2011
2760Friern Barnet Road, N112011
2763Public toilet2011
2765Oakleigh Road North, N202011
2766The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N112011
2777Water Valve2011
2780Friary Park2011
2781High Road, Whetstone1968
2782High Road, Whetstone1968
2783High Road, Whetstone1968
2785Trams & Trolleybuses2011
2786The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone1968
2788High Road, Whetstone1968
2789High Road, Whetstone1968
2791Commemorative Programme1977
2792Russell Lane, N201953
2794High Road, New Southgate 1977
2795Weld Place, New Southgate2011
2797High Road, New Southgate2011
2799Station Road, N112011
2800Station Road, N11980
2801Station Road, N112011
2802Station Road, N111980
2803Station Road, N112011
2804Station Road, N111977
2805Station Road, N112011
2807Station Road N11 2011
2808Station Road, N112011
2809South Road, N111910
2810High Road and South Road, New Southgate1977
2812Pevensey Avenue, New Southgate, after air raid1941
2813New Southgate Station1975
2814North Circular Road1970
2815Halliwick Road, N101987
2816Oakleigh Road North, N202011
2817Friern Barnet Road, N112011
2820Friern Barnet Road, N112011
2821Friern Barnet Road, N112011
2822Friern Barnet Road, N112011
2830Southgate & Finchley Coaches2011
2831Water Valve marker2011
2834Russell Lane, N202011
2835Russell Lane, N202011
2836Friern Barnet Road, N112011
2843The Avenue, N112011
2844STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)2011
2845W H Smith1955
2850Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N102011
2852High Road, North Finchley2011
2853High Road, North Finchley2011
2854High Road, North Finchley2011
2855High Road, North Finchley2011
2856High Road, Whetstone2011
2857High Road, Whetstone2011
2858High Road, Whetstone2011
2860High Road, North Finchley2011
2861High Road, North Finchley2011
2862High Road, North Finchley2011
2863High Road, North Finchley2011
2864High Road, North Finchley2011
2865High Road, North Finchley2011
2866High Road, North Finchley2011
2867High Road, North Finchley2011
2868High Road, North Finchley2011
2869Ballards Lane, N122011
2870Ballards Lane, N122011
2872Ballards Lane, N122011
2873Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102011
2875Oakleigh Park2011
2876London Water Company2011
2877Northway Tyres2011
2878Giselle Flower2011
2879Lantern Restaurant2011
2880North Circular Road2011
2882C G Removals2011
2884Friern Barnet Library2011
2885Friern Barnet Library2011
2889Woodhouse Fur Co1955
2891Sevill's Bakery2011
2892William Greasby1955
2893Friern Barnet Library2011
2898Clark's College1955
2900Carphone Warehouse2011
2902D 'N' A Tackle2011
2909Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102011
2910Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112011
2912Jas Woodhouse1955
2913H A Saunders1955
2914Rosalie Owen2011
2915Owen Owen1993
2916Northway Tyres2011
2917North London Catering Equipment2011
2919Lantern Restaurant2011
2921Friendly Thai2011
2923Ferrier Tomlin2011
2924D R Peel2011
2925Austin Chambers2011
2926Lodge Lane, N122011
2927High Road, New Southgate1965
2929Woodhouse Road, N121994
2930Oakleigh Road North, N201997
2931Oakleigh Road North, N202011
2932Oakleigh Road North, N202011
2933High Road, North Finchley1992
2934High Road, Whetstone2011
2935High Road, Whetstone2011
2936High Road, Whetstone2011
2937Barnes Shoe Stores1939
2938H C Broad1939
2939Devonshire Dairy1939
2941Finchley Building Society1940
2942Garfield Road School1942
2943Garfield Road School1943
2944Garfield Road School1943
2945High Road, New Southgate2011
2946A Holtham1939
2947H Norvall1939
2948The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N112011
2949The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N112011
2950Palmsville Garage1939
2951High Road, N111950
2956St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2011
2957H Stagles1939
2960F Treasure1939
2961Walton's Domestic Stores1939
2962White Rose Motors2011
2963The Cavalier, 67 Russell Lane2010
2964St James Junior School, Friern Barnet Lane, N201955
2965Invoice (Stan Rosser)1962
2967Invoice (F Walker & Son)1903
2968Beaconsfield Road, N112003
2969Newhaven House, Colney Hatch Lane2003
2971Friern Barnet Town Hall 2003
2972Letter re new bus route 3822003
2973Friern Barnet Road, N111890
2974Pope's of Finchley1955
2975Nether Street, N122012
2977St John the Apostle, Whetstone2012
2978Pollard Road, N202012
2980Friern Barnet Road, N112012
2981Friern Barnet Road, N112012
2982Friern Barnet Road, N112012
2984Oakleigh Road North, N202012
2985High Road, North Finchley2012
2987High Road, North Finchley2012
2988High Road, North Finchley2012
2989High Road, North Finchley2012
2990High Road, North Finchley2012
2991High Road, North Finchley2012
2992High Road, North Finchley2012
2993High Road, North Finchley2012
2994High Road, North Finchley2012
2995High Road, Whetstone2012
2996High Road, Whetstone2012
2997Al Fresco2012
2998Bairstow Eves2011
3002Carpet Gallery2011
3003Citroen Peugeot Specialists2011
3004Fireplace Studio2011
3006Green Man Garage2011
3007Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N102011
3008Haven Bistro & Bar2011
3009Holly Park School1959
3011i Bar2011
3012Friern Barnet Library2012
3013Irvine Close, N202012
3014Richard Kerber2011
3015Moi 22011
3016St Michael's Church Hall, N201952
3017Friary Park2011
3018Oak Caffe2011
3019Oakleigh Funerals Ltd2011
3020The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N112012
3021The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N112011
3022Friern Barnet Lane, N112011
3023Richard Peters2011
3024Petty Things2011
3025R S Locksmiths2011
3026Spice Bollywood2011
3027Stewart's Jewellers2011
3028Edward Trevor2011
3029York Arms2011
3031Street Cleaner2012
3033High Road, North Finchley 2012
3034Friern Barnet Lane, N202012
3036Oakleigh Road North, N202012
3037High Road, Whetstone2011
3038Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N102012
3039Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N102012
3041Friary Park1919
3043High Road, North Finchley1905
3044High Road, North Finchley1905
3045High Road, North Finchley1963
3046High Road, North Finchley1939
3047Friern Hospital1907
3049St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2012
3050Margaret Thatcher1980
3052Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
3053Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
3056Church Farm Estate1935
3057Clark's College1935
3058Grand Hall, North Finchley1935
3059Invoice (C J Hunt & Co)1963
3060Southgate & District Gas Company1935
3063Charles Sparrow1935
3064Oakleigh Park Preparatory School1935
3065Oakleigh Park Preparatory School1935
3066Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill. N102012
3067Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3068Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3069Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3070Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3071Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112012
3072Melhuish & Henson1935
3075Invoice (Barnet Press)1954
3077Friary Park2012
3078Friary Park2012
3079Friern Barnet Library2012
3080Friern Barnet Library2012
3081Friern Barnet Library2012
3082Friern Barnet Library2012
3083Friern Barnet Library2012
3084High Road, Whetstone1960
3085High Road, Whetstone1910
3086The Turrets, 43,Friern Barnet Road2012
3087Raleigh Drive, N202012
3088Raleigh Drive, N202012
3090Raleigh Drive, N202012
3091High Road, North Finchley1904
3092Friern Barnet Library2012
3093High Road, Whetstone1964
3094Ballards Lane, N121965
3095Christ Church, Whetstone1968
3096Friern Barnet Summer Show1964
3097Friary Park1967
3098Friary Park1966
3100Friary Park1966
3101Friary Park1962
3102Friary Road, N121968
3103Friern Barnet Lane, N201968
3105High Road, Whetstone1972
3106High Road, Whetstone1968
3107High Road, Whetstone1968
3108High Road, North Finchley1971
3109High Road, Whetstone1935
3110High Road, Whetstone1968
3111High Road, Whetstone1966
3112Holly Terrace, N201966
3114Kingsway, N121965
3116Oakleigh Park North, N201968
3117Oakleigh Park South, N201971
3118Oakleigh Road North, N201968
3119Friary Park1968
3120Ballards Lane, N121972
3121Friern Barnet Lane, N201967
3122Friern Barnet Lane, N201967
3123High Road, Whetstone1968
3124Brook Farm Open Space1968
3126Woodhouse Road, N122002
3127Friern Barnet Road, N112004
3128Friern Barnet Road, N112005
3129Raleigh Drive, N202012
3131Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3132Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3134Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3135Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102012
3137Woodhouse Road, N122001
3138Oakleigh Road North, N202003
3139Oakleigh Road North, N202003
3140Oakleigh Road North, N202003
3141High Road, North Finchley2001
3142High Road, Whetstone2001
3143High Road, Whetstone2001
3145Domino's 1993
3146High Road, Finchley2012
3147Friern Barnet Library2012
3148Oakleigh Park North, N202012
3149The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111955
3150The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111955
3151The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111900
3152The Rising Sun, 249 Oakleigh Road North2002
3153Tally Ho Corner Library2012
3154Tally Ho Corner Library2012
3155The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road1955
3156Nether Street, N122012
3157Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3158Raleigh Drive, N202012
3159Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3161Barnet Furniture Centre2012
3162Cafe Mona Lisa2012
3164Arnos Grove Underground Station1997
3165Arnos Grove Underground Station1997
3166Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3172Friern Barnet British Legion1966
3174Building & Decorating Supply Co1966
3175Bussell & Son1962
3176Citizens Advice Bureau1962
3177J A Cable & Co Ltd1966
3178Carpet Selection1966
3179The Cavalier1966
3180D Clark1966
3181A M Davis1964
3182Direct Dry Cleaners1962
3183District School of Motoring1966
3184Percy Elliott1961
3185Enterprise Minicabs1966
3187W A & L V Ettles1962
3188Euston Carpets1961
3189Euston Carpets 1966
3190Express Tyre Service1961
3191Mabel Eyles1966
3192Menu (Friern Barnet UDC)1965
3194W Fox1962
3195Frames' Tours1961
3198Glovers Glass Works1966
3199John Goble1962
3200Granville Cafe1962
3201The Grosvenor1966
3202Leonard Harris1962
3203W R Harvey1962
3204Heath & Brookes1966
3205R J Hembrow1966
3206R J Hembrow1962
3207Highfield Demolition1966
3208Lewis Howe1966
3209C J Hunt & Co Ltd1966
3212A & E Jones1962
3213A J Kelly1966
3214La Fontana1966
3215A K Lander1966
3216Lapham Supplies1966
3218F R & E Lockwood1962
3219W E Matchan1962
3221Mirco Cameras1959
3222Mirco Cameras 1964
3223Model Centre1966
3224Cafe Mona Lisa2012
3226Nash TV1966
3227M O'Mahoney1966
3228Oscroft Bros1962
3229L E Perryman 1966
3232E J Roberts1966
3233H E Roberts & Son1966
3234Stan Rosser1966
3235G F Salton1961
3236H A Saunders1961
3237Graham K Scott1966
3240Sealy Jones1966
3241Seaward, A & Sons1966
3242Shamrock Linens1966
3243Shamrock Linens1962
3244Smith, P & S1966
3245P & S Smith1966
3247Council of Social Service1966
3248L H Spring1966
3249Jack Stewart1966
3250Studio Cole1966
3251Tally Ho Electric1962
3252The Triumph pub1966
3254Walters & Son1966
3258Wilton & Burgess1966
3259Woodhouse Pets & Plants1966
3260Woodhouse Pets & Plants1961
3261Woodhouse Estate Office1966
3262Woodhouse Service Station1966
3263Princess Park Manor (former Friern Hospital)2012
3264Princess Park Manor (former Friern Hospital)2012
3265Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3267C & D Want1966
3268Friary Park1970
3269Friary Park1970
3270Friary Park1970
3271Friary Park1985
3272Friary Park1986
3273Friary Park1986
3274Friern Barnet Lane, N201983
3275Friern Barnet Lane, N201983
3276St James Close, N201982
3277St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1983
3278Friern Hospital1983
3279Friern Hospital1983
3280Friern Hospital1983
3281Friern Hospital1983
3282Friern Hospital1983
3283Friern Hospital1983
3284Friern Hospital1983
3285Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
3286Friern Hospital2000
3289High Road, N111960
3290Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N101932
3291Sylhet Tandoori Restaurant2006
3292Studio Two One One1972
3293Finchley/Southgate Coaches Ltd1982
3294Risoli Reproductions2002
3295Oregano Cafe Bistro2005
3296Safari Club2005
3297David Low1982
3298New Picture2012
3301Greek Grill2012
3302Geeks on Wheels2012
3304Estate Wines2006
3305Chix Chox2005
3306Bensons for Beds2002
3307Adams World2002
3308Horsham Avenue, N122012
3309Woodhouse College2012
3310Kingsway, N122012
3311Woodhouse Road, N122012
3312Horsham Avenue, N122012
3313Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3314Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3315Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3316Cyprus Paradise2012
3317High Road, North Finchley2012
3318Ballards Lane, N122012
3319High Road, North Finchley2012
3320High Road, North Finchley2012
3321High Road, North Finchley2012
3322High Road, North Finchley2012
3323High Road, North Finchley2012
3324High Road, North Finchley2012
3325High Road, Whetstone2012
3326High Road, Whetstone2012
3328Carlisle Place, N112012
3329Friern Barnet Lane, N202012
3330Friern Barnet Lane, N202012
3331Friern Barnet Lane, N202012
3332Friern Barnet Lane, N202012
3333Friern Barnet Library2012
3334Comrie House School, 185 Friern Park1946
3335Friern Barnet FC1960
3336Friern Barnet Football Club 1950
3337Friern Barnet Football Club 1962
3339Oakleigh Funerals2012
3340Woodhouse Road, N122012
3342Woodhouse Road, N122012
3343Woodhouse Road, N122012
3345Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3346Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3347Woodhouse Road, N122012
3348Woodhouse Road, N122012
3351High Road, North Finchley2012
3352High Road, North Finchley2012
3353High Road, North Finchley2012
3354High Road, North Finchley2012
3356High Road, Whetstone2012
3357Ashurst Road, N122012
3359Woodside Home2012
3365Friern Hospital2012
3367High Road, North Finchley2012
3368Dwight School London, Friern Barnet Lane, N.112012
3369The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3370Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
3371Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
3372Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
3374Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
3375Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
3376Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
3377Station Road, N112012
3378Station Road, N112012
3379The Railway Hotel, 43 Friern Barnet Road1859
3380The Railway Hotel, 43 Friern Barnet Road1859
3384High Road, New Southgate2012
3385Station Road, N112012
3386Friern Barnet Library2012
3387Friern Barnet Library2012
3389High Road, North Finchley2012
3390High Road, North Finchley2012
3391High Road, North Finchley2012
3392High Road, North Finchley2012
3393High Road, North Finchley2012
3394Ballards Lane, N122012
3395Ballards Lane, N122012
3396Nishadi Motors, Oakleigh Road North, N202012
3397High Road, New Southgate2012
3398All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2012
3400Kingsway, N122012
3401Bus shelter2012
3402Bus shelter2012
3403Oakleigh Road North, N202012
3404High Road, North Finchley2012
3405Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3407Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3408High Road, North Finchley2012
3409Athenaeum Road, N202012
3410Nether Street, N122012
3411Friern Barnet Lane, N202012
3412Pillar Box2012
3413Pillar Box2012
3415Friern Barnet Road, N112005
3416Friern Barnet Road, N111999
3417Friern Barnet Road, N112008
3418Friern Barnet Road, N111991
3421Friern Barnet Road, N112012
3422Friern Barnet Road, N111991
3423Friern Barnet Road, N111991
3424Friern Barnet Road, N111991
3425Friern Barnet Road! N111971
3426Woodhouse Road, N122012
3427Woodhouse Road, N122012
3428Woodhouse Road, N122012
3429High Road, Whetstone2012
3430Woodhouse Road, N122012
3431Raleigh Drive, N202012
3432Raleigh Drive, N202012
3433Woodhouse Piano & Removal Services1984
3434Woodhouse Kitchens1984
3438Owen Owen1984
3439Mann Egerton1984
3441Lyon Furnishings Ltd1984
3442Lindsay Bros1985
3443Lantern Restaurant1985
3446Stephen James1984
3447Homecare Carpet Warehouse1984
3448Green Man Garage1984
3450Friern Barnet Grammar School1984
3451Finchley Market1984
3452Finchley Heating1985
3454Stephen Carson1984
3455Arnos Grove Underground Ststion2012
3458Brook Farm Open Space2009
3462Hollickwood School2006
3463Hollickwood School2006
3466Holly Park Road, N111991
3468Myddelton Park, N202011
3469Station Road, N111977
3473Sydney Road, Muswell Hill N102007
3475Sydney Road, Muswell Hill N102007
3478Myddelton Park, N202007
3479Bellevue Road, N111991
3480Myddelton Park, N202010
3481High Road, Whetstone2008
3482High Road, Whetstone2011
3484Cambridge Gardens, N101984
3485Beaconsfield Road, N111991
3486Brunswick Park Road, N112007
3488St Mary Magdalene Chrch, Athenaeum Road2011
3492Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102000
3493Athenaeum Road, N202010
3494Athenaeum Road, N202010
3495Athenaeum Road, N202010
3496Athenaeum Road, N202010
3497Athenaeum Road, N202010
3498Athenaeum Road, N202010
3499Athenaeum Road, N202010
3500Torrington Car Hire Service1962
3501Tapestry Box1984
3502Standard Tyre1984
3505Himalaya Restaurant1984
3506Hillside Bakeries1984
3507Hillside Agency1962
3508Greek Grill2013
3509Invoice (Cubs Computer Warehouse)2009
3510Comrie House School1962
3511Athenaeum Road, N202010
3512Alfred Bell1962
3513Election flyer (Liberal/SDP)1982
3514Oakwood Coachworks2007
3515Queenswell School1978
3516Queenswell Infant School1979
3517Queenswell School1981
3518Queenswell School1981
3519Queenswell School1981
3520Ravens Lawn Tennis Club1983
3521Ballards Lane, N121906
3525Ballards Lane, N122003
3526Ballards Lane, N121981
3527Ballards Lane, N121981
3528Ballards Lane, N121981
3529Ballards Lane, N122008
3530Ballards Lane, N122008
3531Ballards Lane, N122007
3532Ballards Lane, N121981
3533Ballards Lane, N122008
3534Ballards Lane, N122007
3535Ballards Lane, N122007
3536Ballards Lane, N121984
3537Ballards Lane, N121989
3538Ballards Lane, N122007
3539Ballards Lane, N122008
3540Ballards Lane, N121980
3541Ballards Lane, N122013
3542Ballards Lane, N122011
3543Ballards Lane, N121981
3544Ballards Lane, N122011
3545Ballards Lane, N122012
3546Ballards Lane, N122011
3547Ballards Lane, N121988
3548Ballards Lane, N121981
3549Ballards Lane, N122009
3550Ballards Lane, N122011
3551Ballards Lane, N122011
3552Friern Barnet Road, N112005
3553Alexandra Road, N102002
3554Alexandra Road, N102002
3555Athenaeum Road, N202009
3557Athenaeum Road, N201920
3558Athenaeum Road, N201910
3559Athenaeum Road, N201925
3560Athenaeum Road, N202006
3561Ballards Lane, N121981
3562Ballards Lane, N121981
3563Ballards Lane, N121981
3564Ballards Lane, N121981
3565Ballards Lane, N121981
3566Balllards Lane2008
3567Ballards Lane, N121980
3568Ballards Lane, N122008
3569Philip H Sander1962
3570St Mary Magdalene Chrch, Athenaeum Road1950
3574Perry's of Finchley1981
3575Perry's of Finchley1981
3576Friern Barnet County School1986
3578Frames Tours1984
3579Maunder Taylor1952
3580Athenaeum Road, N202011
3581Athenaeum Road, N202011
3582Finchley/Southgate Coaches Ltd1962
3583Finchley Carnival1977
3584Finchley Rotary Club1975
3585Finchley Staff Bureau1962
3586Freehold Community Centre 2007
3587Moss Hall Tavern1981
3588Frien Barnet Lane, N201910
3590Ravens Lawn Tennis Club1983
3592Ravens Lawn Tennis Club1983
3593Ballards Lane, N122008
3594Ballards Lane, N122009
3595Ballards Lane, N122009
3596Ballards Lane, N122008
3597Raleigh Drive, N201962
3598Friern Barnet Sewage Works1970
3600Maunder Taylor1939
3602William Beckett1937
3603Barfield Avenue Reserve2012
3604Barfield Avenue Reserve2012
3605High Road, Whetstone2013
3606Ballards Lane, N122013
3607Ballards Lane, N122013
3608High Road, North Finchley2013
3609High Road, North Finchley2013
3610High Road, North Finchley2013
3611High Road, North Finchley2013
3612High Road, North Finchley2013
3613High Road, North Finchley2013
3617Percy Road, N122013
3618Chelwood House, Oakleigh Park1888
3619Brook Farm Open Space2009
3620Brook Farm Open Space2009
3621Bethune Park1964
3625East Road, N111958
3626East Road, N111958
3628East Road, N111958
3629East Road, N111958
3630East Road, N111958
3631East Road, N111957
3632East Road, N111958
3633East Road, N111958
3638Bawtry Road, N201945
3639Bethune Park1957
3642Beaconsfield Road, N111910
3643Bellevue Road, N111985
3645Bellevue Road, N111910
3647Bellevue Road, N111910
3648Bellevue Road, N111910
3649East Road, N111957
3650East Road, N111957
3651East Road, N111957
3652East Road, N111957
3653East Road, N111957
3654East Road, N111957
3655Bethune Park1957
3656Bethune Park2010
3657Bethune Park2010
3658Brunswick Avenue, N112003
3659Bawtry Road, N201967
3660Bellevue Road, N111967
3661Beaconsfioed Road, N111992
3662Bethune Avenue, N112007
3663East Road, N111957
3664Christ Church, Friern Barnet2007
3666Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3667Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3668Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3669Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3670Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3671Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3672Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3673Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3674Christ Church, Friern Barnet1955
3675Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3676Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3679Christ Church, Friern Barnet2009
3680Christ Church, Friern Barnet2003
3681Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3682Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3683Christ Church, Friern Barnet2007
3684Christ Church, Friern Barnet2008
3685Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3686Christ Church, Friern Barnet2003
3687Christ Church, Friern Barnet2006
3688Direction sign1969
3692Chandos Avenue, N202009
3693Chandos Avenue, N202009
3694Chandos Avenue, N202009
3695Christ Church, Friern Barnet2009
3696Chandos Avenue, N202009
3697Chandos Avenue, N201913
3698Chandos Avenue, N201913
3699Brunswick Crescent, N111991
3700Brunswick Park Road, N112005
3701Lamp posts2009
3703Church Way, N202009
3704Church Crescent, N202009
3705Church Way, N202007
3706Church Crescent, N202008
3707Church Way, N202008
3708Church Crescent, N202011
3709Christ Church, Whetstone1930
3710Christ Church, Whetstone1921
3711Christ Church, Whetstone1921
3712Christ Church, Whetstone1912
3713Christ Church, Whetstone1927
3714Christ Church, Whetstone2010
3716Church Crescent, N202011
3717Church Way, N202010
3718Church Crescent, N202010
3719Electricity Switching Cabinet2006
3720Church Way, N202005
3721Christ Church, Whetstone2008
3723Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
3724Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
3725Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
3726Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3727Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3728Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102008
3729Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3730Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3731Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3732Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102005
3733Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
3735Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
3736Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3737Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102007
3738Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3739Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3740Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3741Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3742Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3743Keenans Pub, Colney Hatch Lane N102008
3744Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3745Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3746Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
3748Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
3749Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3750Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3752Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3753Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3754Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
3755Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
3756Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102009
3757Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102002
3758Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102007
3759Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102002
3760Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102008
3761Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
3762Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102011
3763Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
3764Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
3765Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3766Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102008
3767Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
3768Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3769Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3770Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102005
3771Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102012
3772The Minstrel Boy, 156 Colney Hatch Lane2008
3774Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102009
3775Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3776Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102008
3777Phoenix Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2005
3778Phoenix Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2005
3780Phoenix Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2005
3781Chris Stevens, Colney Hatch Lane, N102011
3782Phoenix Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2008
3783Phoenix Garage, Colney Hatch Lane, N102008
3784Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102011
3785Desira Garage, Colney Hatch Lane, N102011
3786Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102007
3789Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112007
3790Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N102011
3791Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112008
3792Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N112010
3793North Circular Road1982
3794Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112006
3796Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112001
3797Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
3799Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112007
3800Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112011
3802Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111971
3803Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111972
3804Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111985
3805Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N111987
3806Colney Hatch Lane, Museell Hill N101910
3807Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111987
3808Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111987
3809Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102005
3810Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111971
3811Finchley & Totteridge Cars, Colney Hatch Lane2007
3812Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111987
3814Chandos Avenue, N201927
3816Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111908
3817Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111908
3818Robert Deards, Colney Hatch Lane, N101982
3819Robert Deards, Colney Hatch Lane1982
3820Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102006
3822Dudrich Close, N102006
3823Poplar Grove, N111982
3824Poplar Grove, N111982
3825South Friern Libray2007
3826South Friern Library2007
3827South Friern Library 2008
3828South Friern Library2009
3830South Friern Library2007
3831South Friern Library2007
3832South Friern Library2008
3833South Friern Library2008
3836South Friern Library2008
3837South Friern Library2006
3838South Friern Library2006
3840Poplar Grove, N111982
3841Poplar Grove, N111982
3842South Friern Library2007
3843Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112007
3844Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N112005
3845Desira Garage, Colney Hatch Lane 2007
3846Desira Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2007
3847Finchley & Totteridge Cars, Colney Hatch Lane2007
3848Finchley & Totteridge Cars, Colney Hatch Lane2007
3849Finchley & Totteridge Cars, Colney Hatch Lane2006
3850South Friern Library2006
3851Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet N111982
3852Poplar Grove, N111982
3853South Friern Library2008
3854Dudrich Close, N102006
3855Dudrich Close, N102006
3856Dudrich Close, N102006
3857Direction Sign2012
3858Perry's, Colney Hatch Lane2001
3859Perry's, Colney Hatch Lane2001
3860Perry's, Colney Hatch Lane2001
3862Finchley & Totteridge Cars, Colney Hatch Lane2011
3863Poplar Grove, N111987
3864Finchley & Southgate Coaches2006
3866Palmsville Garage, Colney Hatch Lane1953
3867Palmsville Garage, Colney Hatch Lane1994
3869Palmsville Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2001
3870Palmsville Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2001
3874Palmsville Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2007
3875Phoenix Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2007
3876Phoenix Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2007
3877Phoenix Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2006
3878Phoenix Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2006
3879Oakleigh Road North, N201934
3880Desira Garage, Colney Hatch Lane2006
3881South Friern Library2006
3883The Minstrel Boy, 156 Colney Hatch Lane2007
3884Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2001
3885Coppetts Road, N102006
3886Coppetts Road, N102007
3887Coppetts Road, N101908
3888Coppetts Road, N102008
3889Coppetts Road, N102009
3890Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2002
3891Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2004
3895Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
3897Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
3898Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
3905Coppetts Wood Hospital2000
3909Coppetts Wood School1955
3910Coppetts Wood School1955
3911Coppetts Wood Hospital1913
3912Coppetts Road, N101919
3913Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2000
3914Coppetts Road, N102006
3916Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102006
3917Cromwell Road, N102006
3918Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102006
3919Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N101970
3923Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102005
3924Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102005
3925Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102005
3926Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102005
3927Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102005
3928Fenstanton Avenue, N122007
3929Fenstanton Avenue, N122007
3930Ireton Close, N102006
3931Elm Way, N112011
3932Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102013
3933Dudrich Close, N102005
3936New Picture2013
3937Friern Barnet Lane, N202012
3938Friern Barnet Lane, N202011
3939Friern Park, N122011
3940Christ Church, Friern Barnet2011
3941Friern Park, N121910
3943Friern Park, N121910
3944Friern Barnet Library2007
3945Friern Barnet Library2011
3946Friern Barnet Library2011
3947Friern Barnet Library2011
3948Friern Barnet Library1934
3949Friern Barnet Library2011
3950Friern Park, N121915
3951Friern Park, N121910
3952Golfside Close, N202010
3953Friern Barnet Lane, N201953
3954Friern Barnet Library1934
3955The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111920
3956The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111955
3959The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N112008
3960The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111933
3962The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111930
3964Queenswell Avenue, N202008
3965Friern Barnet Lane, N202010
3966Lawrence Campe Almshouses, Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
3967Friern Barnet Lane, N202007
3968St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N201934
3969Friern Barnet Library1933
3970Friern Barnet Road, N111900
3972Friern Barnet Library1934
3974Friern Park, N122004
3975Friern Barnet Lane, N201922
3976Friern Barnet Lane, N201945
3977Friern Barnet Library2011
3978Friern Barnet Lane, N201963
3979199 North London Scout Group1949
3981Friern Barnet Lane, N201996
3982Lawrence Campe Almshouses, Friern Barnet Lane, N202009
3984Lawrence Campe Almshouses, Friern Barnet Lane, N202000
3985Lawrence Campe Almshouses, Friern Barnet Lane, N202010
3986Friern Barnet Lane, N201994
3988Friern Barnet Lane, N111994
3989Friern Barnet Road, N112007
3990Friern Barnet Road, N112007
3991Friern Barnet Road, N112007
3993Friern Barnet Road, N111907
3994Friern Barnet Road, N111955
3995Friern Barnet Road, N112009
3996Friern Barnet Road, N112008
3997Friern Barnet Road, N112011
3998Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4000Friern Barnet Road, N111965
4001Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4002Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4003Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4004Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4005Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4006Friern Barnet Road, N112010
4007Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4008Friern Barnet Road, N112001
4009Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4010Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4011Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4012Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4013Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4015Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4016Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4017Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4018Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4019Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4020Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4021Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4022Friern Barnet Road, N112006
4023Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4024Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4025Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4026Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4027Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4028Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4029Friern Barnet Road, N112004
4030Friern Barnet Road, N111932
4031Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4032Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4033Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4034Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4035Friern Barnet Road, N112012
4036Friern Barnet Road, N111995
4037Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4039Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4040Friern Barnet Road, N111975
4041Friern Barnet Road, N111974
4042Friern Barnet Road, N111993
4043Friern Barnet Road, N111993
4044Friern Barnet Road, N111995
4045Friern Barnet Road, N111930
4046Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4050The Railway Hotel, 43 Friern Barnet Road1859
4051The Railway Hotel, 43 Friern Barnet Road1900
4052The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2012
4053The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2004
4055The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road1984
4056The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road1984
4057The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road1993
4058The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2007
4059The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2009
4060The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2005
4061The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2011
4062The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2008
4063The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2011
4064The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road1984
4065The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Rosd1987
4066The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road1987
4067Friern Barnet Road, N111907
4068Friern Barnet Road, N111991
4069The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2007
4070Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4071Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4072Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4074Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4075Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4076Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4077Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4078Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4079Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4080Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4081Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4082Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4083Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4084Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4085Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4087Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4088Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4091Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4093Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4094Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4096Friern Barnet Road, N111927
4097Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4098Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4099Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4100Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4101Friern Barnet Road, N112012
4102Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4103Friern Barnet Road, N112012
4104Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4105Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4106Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4107Friern Barnet Road, N112008
4109Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4111Friern Barnet Road, N112001
4113Friern Barnet Road, N111954
4114Friern Barnet Road, N111900
4115Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4116Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4117The Railway Hotel, 43 Friern Barnet Road1857
4119Betstyle Circus, N111971
4122Friern Barnet Road, N111985
4123Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4124Friern Barnet Road, N112009
4125Friern Barnet Road, N112003
4126Friern Barnet Road, N111980
4129Friern Barnet Road, N111911
4130Friern Barnet Road, N111911
4131Friern Barnet Road, N111905
4133Friern Barnet Road, N111984
4134Friern Barnet Road, N111954
4135Friern Barnet Road, N111900
4136Friern Barnet Road, N111905
4137Friern Barnet Road, N111991
4138Friern Barnet Road, N112005
4140Friern Barnet Road, N111991
4141A K Lander, Betstyle Circus1971
4142A K Lander, Betstyle Circus1971
4145The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N112007
4146Friern Barnet Road, N111940
4147Friern Barnet Road, N111971
4148Friern Barnet Road, N111908
4151Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4153St John's School1955
4154Friern Barnet Road, N111927
4156Friern Barnet Town Hall1920
4158Friern Barnet Town Hall1910
4159Friern Barnet Town Hall1956
4161Friern Barnet Road, N112011
4162Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
4163Friern Bridge Retail Park2000
4165Friern Bridge Retail Park2011
4166Friern Bridge Retail Park1988
4167Friern Bridge Retail Park1998
4168Friern Bridge Retail Park1998
4169Friern Bridge Retail Park2007
4171Friern Bridge Retail Park2010
4172Friern Bridge Retail Park2007
4173Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
4174Friern Bridge Retail Park2005
4175Friern Bridge Retail Park2005
4176Friern Bridge Retail Park2000
4177Friern Bridge Retail Park2000
4178Friern Bridge Retail Park2000
4179Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
4180Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
4181Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
4182Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
4183Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
4184Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
4185Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
4186Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
4187Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
4188Friern Bridge Retail Park2009
4189Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
4190Friern Bridge Retail Park2008
4191Friern Bridge Retail Park2000
4192Friern Bridge Retail Park2012
4193Friern Bridge Retail Park2000
4194Friern Bridge Retail Park2000
4195Friern Bridge Retail Park2011
4198Friern Bridge Retail Park1993
4199Friern Watch Avenue1947
4200Friern Watch1947
4201Friern Watch Avenue1935
4202Garfield Road School1942
4203Garfield Road School1966
4204Garfield Road School1906
4205Garfield Road School1939
4206Garfield Road School1939
4207Garfield Road School1943
4208Goldsmith Road, N111920
4210Halliwick Manor1877
4211Halliwick Manor1877
4212Halliwick Manor1877
4213Halliwick Manor1877
4214Halliwick Manor1877
4215Halliwick Manor1877
4216Halliwick Manor1877
4217Halliwick Manor1877
4218Halliwick Manor1877
4219Halliwick Manor1877
4220Halliwick Manor1904
4221Halliwick Manor1877
4222Hampden Road, N102008
4223Hampden Road, N102008
4224Hampden Road, N102008
4225Hampden Road, N102006
4226Hampden Road, N102007
4228Hampden Road, N102007
4229Hampden Road, N102007
4230Freehold Senior School1936
4231Hampden Road, N102002
4232Hampden Road, N102008
4234Hampden Road, N102008
4236Hampden Road, N102002
4237Hampden Road, N102006
4238Hampden Road, N102009
4239Hampden Road, N102002
4240Hampden Road, N102002
4241Halliwick Recreation Ground1965
4242Hillside School1960
4243Holly Park Road, N112000
4244Holly Park Road, N111985
4245Holly Park Road, N111985
4247Holly Park Road, N111945
4248Incognito Theatre, Holly Park Road2008
4250Incognito Theatre1926
4251Holly Park School2006
4252Holly Park School1990
4253Holly Park School1990
4254Holly Park School1990
4256Holly Park School1960
4257Holly Park School1960
4259Holly Park School1970
4260Holly Park School1961
4261Horsham Avenue, N122012
4262Horsham Avenue, N122012
4263Horsham Avenue, N122010
4264Horsham Avenue, N122012
4265Horsham Avenue, N122012
4266Horsham Avenue, N122012
4267Horsham Avenue, N122012
4270Horsham Avenue, N122012
4271Horsham Avenue, N122012
4274Kennard Road2007
4275Loring Road, N202008
4276Loring Road, N202010
4277Lyndhurst Avenue2008
4278Lyndhurst Avenue2008
4279Macdonald Road1912
4280Manor Drive, N202012
4281Miles Way, N202009
4282Nether Street, N122012
4283Nether Street, N122009
4284High Road, New Southgate1973
4285High Road, New Southgate2012
4286Bowes Road, N112003
4287Albert Street, New Southagte1973
4288Albert Street, New Southagte1965
4289Albert Street, New Southagte1965
4290Baptist Church, New Southgate1942
4291Boundary Marker1871
4292Bowes Road, N111900
4293Carlisle Place, N112012
4295New Southgate Cemetery2007
4296Church Lads Brigade, New Southgate1925
4297Clock & Watchmakers Asylum1920
4298High Road, New Southgate1904
4299Coronation Cinema, New Southgate1960
4300Friern Barnet Road, N111985
4301High Road, New Southgate1973
4302High Road, New Southgate1977
4303Station Road, N111977
4304Coronation Cinema, New Southgate1960
4306Coronation Cinema, New Southgate2011
4307Coronation Cinema! New Southgate1969
4308Garfield Road, N111975
4310Garfield Road, N111978
4311New Southgate Gas Works2000
4312Horse trough1968
4313High Road, New Southgate1971
4314High Road, New Southgate1971
4315High Road, New Southgate1971
4316High Road, New Southgate1971
4317High Road, New Southgate1971
4318High Road, New Southgate1971
4319High Road, New Southgate1973
4320High Road, New Southgate1973
4321High Road, New Southgate1970
4322High Road, New Southgate1971
4323High Road, New Southgate1977
4324High Road, New Southgate2001
4325High Road, New Southgate2001
4326High Road, New Southgate1900
4328High Road, New Southgate1971
4329High Road, New Southgate1971
4330High Road, New Southgate2011
4332High Road, New Southgate1960
4333High Road, New Southgate1960
4337Station Road, N112012
4338Station Road, N112007
4339John Dale1960
4340John Dale1970
4341Limes Avenue, N111996
4343New Southgate1867
4344Carlisle Place, N112007
4345New Southgate High School1904
4346Station Road, N111980
4347New Southgate2013
4348New Southgate1900
4349Springfield Road, N111973
4350Builder Depot, Station Road, N112006
4351Sikh Temple, New Southagte2012
4352Sikh Temple, New Southagte2003
4354Sir John Lawrence, 22 High Road, New Southgate1970
4355Sir John Lawrence, 22 High Road, New Southgate1960
4356Primitive Methodist Church2000
4357Springfield Road, N111965
4358Springfield Road, N111992
4359Springfield Road, N111991
4360Springfield Road, N111970
4361Springfield Road, N111914
4362St Paul's Church, New Southgate2011
4365Station Road, N111974
4366Station Road, N111977
4367Station Road, N111974
4368Station Road, N111973
4369Station Road, N111974
4370Station Road, N111906
4371Station Road, N111909
4374Station Road, N111973
4375Station Road, N111974
4376Station Road, N111974
4379Station Road, N111973
4380Station Road, N112007
4382Wesleyan Methodist Church, New Southgate1974
4383Direction sign1970
4384Upper Park Road, N111900
4385Lodge Lane, N122012
4386High Road, North Finchley2012
4387High Road, North Finchley2008
4388High Road, North Finchley2008
4389Woodhouse Road, N121992
4390High Road, North Finchley2008
4392High Road, North Finchley1991
4393High Road, North Finchley1919
4394Ballards Lane, N122013
4395Ballards Lane, N121990
4396Ballards Lane, N122007
4397High Road, North Finchley2007
4398High Road, North Finchley2009
4399High Road, North Finchley1980
4400High Road, North Finchley2008
4401High Road, North Finchley2008
4403High Road, North Finchley2010
4408High Road, North Finchley2008
4410The Cherry Tree, 713 High Road, North FInchley2001
4411The Cricketers, 713 High Road, North Finchley1980
4412Embassy Lounge, 713 High Road, North Finchley2007
4413Embassy Lounge, 713 High Road, North Finchley2007
4414The Cricketers, 713 High Road, North Finchley1978
4415High Road, North Finchley2008
4418High Road, North Finchley2008
4420High Road, North Finchley2012
4421High Road, North Finchley1987
4422High Road, North Finchley1997
4423High Road, North Finchley2012
4426High Road, North Finchley1992
4427High Road, North Finchley1980
4428Belgrave Arms, 744 High Road, North Finchley1980
4429High Road, North Finchley2001
4433High Road, North Finchley2007
4434High Road, North Finchley2008
4435The Cherry Tree, 713 High Road, North Finchley2001
4436High Road, North Finchley2008
4437High Road, North Finchley2008
4438High Road, North Finchley1981
4440High Road, North Finchley2009
4441High Road, North Finchley2008
4442High Road, North Finchley1998
4443High Road, North Finchley1980
4444High Road, North Finchley1990
4445High Road, North Finchley2011
4447High Road, North Finchley1980
4448High Road, North Finchley1980
4449High Road, North Finchley1994
4451High Road, North Finchley2011
4452High Road, North Finchley2008
4453High Road, North Finchley2008
4454High Road, North Finchley1990
4455High Road, North Finchley2008
4456High Road, North Finchley2011
4457High Road, North Finchley1980
4460High Road, North Finchley1991
4461High Road, North Finchley1980
4462High Road, North Finchley1981
4463High Road, North Finchley1990
4464High Road, North Finchley1989
4465High Road, North Finchley2009
4466High Road, North Finchley1989
4467High Road, North Finchley1990
4469High Road, North Finchley2007
4470High Road, North Finchley1993
4471High Road, North Finchley2012
4472High Road, North Finchley2007
4473High Road, North Finchley2009
4474High Road, North Finchley2008
4475High Road, North Finchley1994
4476High Road, North Finchley2007
4478High Road, North Finchley1981
4479High Road, North Finchley2011
4480High Road, North Finchley2008
4481High Road, North Finchley2008
4483High Road, North Finchley1993
4484High Road, North Finchley2008
4485High Road, North Finchley2008
4486High Road, North Finchley2007
4487High Road, North Finchley2007
4489High Road, North Finchley2007
4490High Road, North Finchley2008
4491High Road, North Finchley2008
4492High Road, North Finchley2010
4496High Road, North Finchley2002
4497High Road, North Finchley2010
4498High Road, North Finchley2002
4499High Road, North Finchley2007
4501High Road, North Finchley2011
4502High Road, North Finchley2007
4503High Road, North Finchley2009
4505High Road, North Finchley2009
4507High Road, North Finchley2007
4508High Road, North Finchley2008
4509High Road, North Finchley2007
4510High Road, North Finchley2007
4511High Road, North Finchley2007
4526Road name2008
4528Tally Ho, 749 High Road, N122006
4529Ballards Lane, N122007
4530Ballards Lane, N121985
4531High Road, North Finchley1980
4532High Road, North Finchley2000
4533North Finchley Bus Station2005
4535Carrimore Six Wheelers1920
4539Gaumont North Finchley1960
4541High Road, North Finchley2007
4543High Road, North Finchley2008
4544Lodge Lane, N122008
4545Lodge Lane, N122008
4546High Road, North Finchley2000
4547High Road, North Finchley2000
4548The Torrington, 811 High Road, Norgh Finchley2005
4549High Road, North Finchley2008
4550High Road, North Finchley2008
4551High Road, North Finchley2008
4552High Road, North Finchley2008
4555High Road, North Finchley1992
4556High Road, North Finchley1992
4557Grand Hall Cinema1935
4558High Road, North Finchley1907
4559Ballards Lane, N122010
4560High Road, North Finchley2005
4561High Road, North Finchley1980
4562High Road, North Finchley2009
4563High Road, North Finchley1971
4564High Road, North Finchley1910
4565High Road, North Finchley1960
4566High Road, North Finchley1991
4567High Road, North Finchley1990
4568High Road, North Finchley1902
4569High Road, North Finchley1930
4570Telephone Boxes2013
4573High Road, North Finchley1920
4574High Road, North Finchley1907
4575High Road, North Finchley1930
4576High Road, North Finchley2005
4578High Road, North Finchley2005
4579High Road, North Finchley1992
4580High Road, North Finchley1971
4581High Road, North Finchley1905
4582The Torrington, 811 High Road, North Finchley1910
4583Tally Ho, 749 High Road, N121978
4584High Road, North Finchley2001
4585High Road, North Finchley1920
4586High Road, North Finchley1910
4587High Road, North Finchley1920
4588High Road, North Finchley1906
4589High Road, North Finchley1900
4590High Road, North Finchley2008
4591Kingsway, N121981
4592Kingsway, N121980
4593Kingsway, N121934
4594Kingsway, N121971
4595Kingsway, N122005
4596North Finchley Library1980
4597North Finchley Library1980
4598High Road, North Finchley2008
4599Mayfield Avenue1935
4600Nether Street, N121910
4601Street name2008
4602Nether Street, N121900
4603New Picture2013
4604High Road, North Finchley2009
4605High Road, North Finchley2005
4607High Road, North Finchley1965
4610High Road, North Finchley1900
4612High Road, North Finchley1910
4613Ballards Lane, N122005
4614High Road, Whetstone1985
4615High Road, Whetstone1986
4619Telephone Boxes2007
4620Park Road Hotel, 749 High Road, North Finchley1900
4621Park Road Hotel, 749 High Roaad, N121905
4624Pollution Testing Station2007
4627High Road, North Finchley1936
4631Finchley Skating Rink1910
4632Finchley Skating Rink1912
4633Malt & Hops, 921 High Road, North Finchley2008
4634High Road, North Finchley2005
4636Tally Ho, 749 High Road, N121980
4637Tally Ho, 749 High Road, N121980
4638Tally Ho, 749 High Road, N121980
4639Tally Ho, 749 High Road, N122007
4640Tally Ho, 749 High Road,N121995
4641Tally Ho, 749 High Road, N121991
4642High Road, North Finchley1960
4643High Road, North Finchley1980
4644High Road, North Finchley1980
4645Kingsway, N122006
4646High Road, North Finchley2000
4647Park Road Hotel, North Finchley1890
4648High Road, North Finchley1991
4651High Road, North Finchley1930
4653The Cricketers, 713 High Road, North Finchley1920
4654The Cricketers, 713 High Road, North Finchley1978
4656The Rink Cinema, North Finchley1920
4657Ballards Lane, N122007
4658Ballards Lane, N121985
4659High Road, North Finchley1949
4660High Road, North Finchley1978
4661High Road, North Finchley1907
4663New Southgate Station1977
4667New Southgate Station1976
4669New Southgate Station2012
4672New Southgate Station1985
4677New Southgate Station1978
4678Station Studios, Station Road, New Southgate2004
4679New Southgate Station2007
4680New Southgate Station1971
4686New Southgate Station1960
4687New Southgate Station2012
4690New Southgate Station2012
4691New Southgate Station1930
4692New Southgate Station1930
4697New Southgate Station1978
4698New Southgate Station1914
4700New Southgate Station2008
4701New Southgate Station2008
4705Oakleigh Park Station1967
4707New Southgate Station2007
4717Gaumont, North Finchley1988
4719Gaumont, North Finchley1980
4720Gaumont, North Finchley1987
4721Gaumont, North Finchley1987
4722Gaumont, North Finchley1987
4723Gaumont, North Finchley1987
4724Gaumont, North Finchley1960
4725Gaumont, North Finchley1984
4726Grand Hall Cinema1920
4727Gaumont, North Finchley1970
4728Odeon, North Finchley1937
4729Gaumont, North Finchley1987
4730North Middlesex Golf Club2008
4731North Middlesex Golf Club2007
4732North Middlesex Golf Club1923
4733North Middlesex Golf Club1965
4734North Middlesex Golf Club2008
4735North Middlesex Golf Club2007
4736North Middlesex Golf Club2007
4737North Middlesex Golf Club1900
4738North Middlesex Golf Club2007
4739North Middlesex Golf Club1885
4740North Middlesex Golf Club1926
4741North Middlesex Golf Club2007
4742North Middlesex Golf Club1908
4743North Middlesex Golf Club1921
4745Oakleigh Crescent, N202013
4746Oakleigh Park North, N202007
4747Oakleigh Park North, N202008
4748Oakleigh Park North, N202008
4749Oakleigh Park North, N202010
4750Oakleigh Park North, N202010
4751Oakleigh Park North, N202010
4752Oakleigh Park North, N202010
4753Oakleigh Park North, N201910
4754Oakleigh Park North, N201910
4755Oakleigh Park North, N202007
4756Oakleigh Park North, N202007
4757Oakleigh Park North, N202007
4759Oakleigh Park North, N201999
4760Oakleigh Park North, N201999
4762Oakleigh Park South, N202009
4765Oakleigh Park Station1980
4766Oakleigh Park Station1920
4767Oakleigh Park Station2009
4768Oakleigh Park Station2009
4772Oakleigh Park Station2009
4773Oakleigh Park Station2009
4774Oakleigh Park Station2009
4776Oakleigh Park Station1905
4779Oakleigh Road North, N202008
4780Oakleigh Road North, N201910
4781Oakleigh Road North, N201920
4782Oakleigh Road North, N201920
4783Oakleigh Road North, N201986
4784Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4786Oakleigh Road North, N202007
4787Oakleigh Road North, N202007
4788Oakleigh Road North, N202008
4789Carlisle Place, N112011
4792Oakleigh Road North, N201987
4794Oakleigh Road North, N201987
4795Oakleigh Road North, N201985
4796Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4797Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4800Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4801The Rising Sun, 249 Oakleigh Road North2010
4802The Rising Sun, 249 Oakleigh Road North2010
4805Oakleigh Road North, N202012
4806Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4807Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4811Oakleigh Road North, N202011
4812Oakleigh Road North, N202011
4813Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4815Oakleigh Road North, N202011
4816Oakleigh Road North, N202011
4817Oakleigh Road North, N202011
4818Oakleigh Road North, N202007
4819Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4820Oakleigh Road North, N202008
4821Oakleigh Road North, N202007
4822Oakleigh Road North, N202011
4823Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4824Oakleigh Road North, N202007
4825Oakleigh Road North, N202008
4827Oakleigh Road North, N202011
4828Oakleigh Road North, N202008
4829Oakleigh Road North, N202005
4831Northway Tyres 2008
4832Oakleigh Road North, N202009
4833Oakleigh Road North, N202004
4834Christ Church, Whetstone2007
4835STC (Standard Telephones & Cables) 1935
4836STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1935
4837STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1935
4838Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4839Oakleigh Road North, N202010
4840Raleigh Drive, N202007
4841Oakleigh Road North, N202012
4842The Rising Sun, 248 Oakleigh Road North2009
4843Oakleigh Park Infants School1936
4844Street furniture1936
4845Oakleigh Road North, N202009
4846Oakleigh Road North, N202012
4848Oakleigh Road North, N202011
4849Oakleigh Road North, N201908
4850Oakleigh Road North, N201955
4851Oakleigh Road North, N202007
4852Oakleigh Road School1937
4853Oakleigh Road School1940
4854Oakleigh Road South, N111955
4855Oakleigh Road North, N201932
4856Oakleigh Road North, N201962
4857Oakleigh Road North, N201970
4859The Rising Sun, 248 Oakleigh Road North2009
4861Oakleigh Road North, N202011
4862Oakleigh Road North, N202011
4864The Rising Sun, 248 Oakleigh Road North1900
4865The Rising Sun, 248 Oakleigh Road North1955
4866STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1940
4867STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1940
4868STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1940
4869STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1940
4870STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1940
4871STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1940
4872STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1940
4873STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1940
4874STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1950
4875STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1940
4876Oakleigh Road North, N202007
4877Electricity Switching Cabinet2004
4878Oakleigh Road North, N111991
4879The Woodman, 418 Oakleigh Road North2002
4883The Woodman, 418 Oakleigh Road North2002
4884The York Arms, 310 Oakleigh Road North2011
4887The York Arms, 310 Oakleigh Road North2003
4888The York Arms, 310 Oakleigh Road North2003
4890Oakleigh Road South, N111927
4891Oakleigh Road South, N112008
4892Oakleigh Road South, N112004
4893Oakleigh Road South, N112007
4894Oakleigh Road South, N111991
4895Oakleigh Road South, N112007
4896Oakleigh Road South, N112008
4897Oakleigh Road South, N112007
4898Oakleigh Road South, N112011
4900Oakleigh Road South, N112011
4901Oakleigh Road South, N112008
4902Oakleigh Road South, N111910
4903Oakleigh Road South, N111965
4904Oakleigh Road South, N112011
4905Friern Barnet Road, N112007
4906Oakleigh Road South, N112007
4907Oakleigh Road South, N112004
4908Deben Buildbase2008
4909Fitzgerald & Burke2008
4910New Southgate & Friern Barnet Social Club2011
4911New Southgate & Friern Barnet Social Club2011
4914New Southgate Recreation Ground1990
4916Oakleigh Road South, N112011
4917Oakleigh Road South, N112011
4918Oakleigh Road South, N112011
4919Oakleigh Road South, N111971
4920Oakleigh Road South, N111900
4923Oakleigh Road South, N112008
4925Oakleigh Road South, N111961
4926Oakleigh Road South, N111987
4928Oakleigh Road South, N112008
4929New Southgate Recreation Ground1905
4930Okehampton Close, N122010
4931Okehampton Close, N122010
4932Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N101990
4933Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N101990
4934Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102005
4936Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102002
4937Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102005
4938Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102005
4939Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102005
4940Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill N102001
4941Pollard Road, N202011
4942Queenswell School1981
4943Queenswell School1978
4944Queenswell School1981
4945Queenswell School2010
4947Queenswell School1988
4950Raleigh Drive, N202010
4951Raleigh Drive, N202010
4954Raleigh Drive, N202007
4955Raleigh Drive, N201934
4956Raleigh Drive, N201934
4957Raleigh Drive, N202000
4958Raleigh Drive, N202011
4959Raleigh Drive, N202009
4960Raleigh Drive, N202009
4961Raleigh Drive, N202008
4962Raleigh Drive, N202012
4963Raleigh Drive, N202008
4964Raleigh Drive, N202010
4965Raleigh Drive, N202010
4966Raleigh Drive, N202007
4969Raleigh Drive, N202011
4970Raleigh Drive, N202012
4971Raleigh Drive, N202012
4972Raleigh Drive, N202012
4974Raleigh Drive, N202011
4976Raleigh Drive, N202006
4977Raleigh Drive, N202009
4979Raleigh Drive, N202011
4980Raleigh Drive, N201935
4981Rasper Road, N202004
4982Rasper Road, N201879
4983Rasper Road, N202004
4984Regal Drive, N112010
4985Ribblesdale Avenue, N111997
4986Ribblesdale Avenue, N111996
4987Ribblesdale Avenue, N112000
4988Ribblesdale Avenue, N112000
4990Ribblesdale Avenue, N112000
4992Ribblesdale Avenue, N112001
4993Ribblesdale Avenue, N112000
4994Ribblesdale Avenue, N112000
4995Ribblesdale Avenue, N112001
4996Ribblesdale Avenue, N112011
4997Russell Lane, N202011
4998Russell Lane, N202009
4999Russell Lane, N202011
5000Barnet College2004
5001Russell Lane, N202004
5002Murco Garage, Russell Lane, N202010
5003Murco Garage, Russell Lane, N202009
5004Russell Lane, N202009
5005The Cavalier, Russell Lane2009
5006Russell Lane, N201953
5007Russell Lane, N201910
5008Russell Lane, N201950
5010Russell Lane, N202004
5011St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1950
5012St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1930
5013St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1907
5014St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1905
5015St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1910
5017St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1915
5018St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2000
5019Scout Troop 199th North London 1950
5020Scout Troop 199th North London 1948
5021St John's Avenue, N112008
5023St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2004
5024St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road1914
5027St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road1910
5028St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet Road2007
5029St John's School1930
5030St John's School1930
5032St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone1920
5033St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone1997
5034St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone1997
5035St John's School1918
5036St John's School1914
5037St John's School1914
5038St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2004
5039St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2004
5040St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2004
5041St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2004
5042St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2004
5043St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2004
5044St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2004
5045St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2004
5046St Paul's School, The Avenue, New Southgate2007
5047St Paul's School, The Avenue, New Southgate1960
5048St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2007
5049St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane1910
5050St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2007
5051St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2007
5052St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2007
5053St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2010
5054St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2010
5055St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2006
5056St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane1910
5057St Peter-le-Poer Church, Colney Hatch Lane2010
5058Stanhope Road, N122005
5059Stanhope Road, N122005
5060Station Road, N112013
5062Station Road, N112012
5063Station Road, N112008
5064Station Road, N112008
5065Station Road, N112013
5066Standard Telephones & Cables (STC)1989
5067Standard Telephones & Cables (STC)1983
5068Standard Telephones & Cables (STC)1930
5069Standard Telephones & Cables (STC)1983
5070Standard Telephones & Cables (STC)1989
5071Chandos Avenue, N202013
5072Raleigh Drive, N202013
5073Oakleigh Road North, N202013
5074Oakleigh Road North, N202013
5075Oakleigh Road North, N202013
5076Oakleigh Road North, N202013
5077Oakleigh Road North, N202013
5078Ballards Lane, N122013
5079Ballards Lane, N122013
5081High Road, North Finchley2013
5082High Road, North Finchley2013
5084High Road, North Finchley2013
5085High Road, North Finchley2013
5086High Road, North Finchley2013
5087High Road, North Finchley2013
5088High Road, North Finchley2013
5089High Road, North Finchley2013
5090High Road, Whetstone2013
5091High Road, Whetstone2013
5093High Road, Whetstone2013
5094High Road, Whetstone2013
5099Friern Barnet Library2013
5103Comrie House School1965
5105Cycle Store2013
5106D 'n' A2013
5107Lower Park Road, N112013
5108Finchley Coaches1965
5109High Road, Whetstone2013
5110Friern Barnet Grammar School2013
5111High Road, North Finchley2013
5112High Road, North Finchley2013
5113A E Geary1949
5114Michael Gerson1988
5115Greek Grill2013
5116Friern Barnet Library2013
5117A W Holliday1939
5118Station Road, N112013
5119Incognito Theatre2013
5120Incognito Theatre2013
5121A J Kelly1965
5122J H Kenyon1965
5123Lawsons, High Road Whetstone2013
5124London Beauty Care2013
5125David Low1965
5126Lower Park Road, N112013
5127Mac Signs1949
5128Maunder Taylor1939
5129New Southgate Industrial Estate2013
5130New Southgate Industrial Estate2013
5131New Southgate Industrial Estate2013
5132Ballards Lane, N122013
5133North Finchley1881
5134Percy Road, N122013
5138P Smedley1965
5140St John's School2013
5141The Swan & Pyramids, High Road North Finchley1934
5142Friern Barnet Library2013
5144Topps Tiles, Station Road, New Southgate2013
5145Ward Aerials2013
5147Weld Road, N112013
5148Woodhouse Estates2013
5150Friern Barnet Road, N112013
5151Telephone Boxes2010
5152Telephone Boxes2010
5153Telephone Boxes2010
5155Electricity Switching Cabinet1993
5156Electricity Switching Cabinet2003
5159Electricity Switching Cabinet2003
5160Electricity Switching Cabinet2005
5161Drain cover2005
5162Electricity Switching Cabinet2012
5163Electricity Switching Cabinet2005
5164Electricity Switching Cabinet2005
5166Electricity Switching Cabinet2009
5168Direction sign2010
5169Electricity Switching Cabinet2004
5170Public Toilet2010
5171Telephone Boxes2010
5173Sewer vent pipe2010
5175Fire Hydrant cover2009
5176Electricity Switching Cabinet2003
5177Lamp posts1990
5178Water cover2009
5179Lamp posts2009
5183Direction Sign2011
5187Road sign2009
5188Lamp posts2010
5189Lamp posts2010
5190Electricity Switching Cabinet2003
5192Direction Sign2009
5193Direction Sign2009
5194Direction Sign2009
5195Drain cover2010
5196Sewer vent pipe2009
5197Sewer vent pipe2007
5198Direction Sign2009
5199Cellar doors1992
5200Street cleaner2012
5201Electricity Switching Cabinet2003
5202Public Toilet2011
5203Width restriction2010
5205Water mains2009
5206Water mains2011
5207Water mains2009
5211Coppetts Wood Nursery2004
5212Coppetts Wood Nursery2004
5213Coppetts Wood Nursery2004
5214Coppetts Wood Nursery2004
5215Davies Envelopes2006
5216Civic Amenity & Waster Recycling Centre2008
5217Fallowfields Drive, N121993
5218Direction Sign2008
5219Summers Row, N121994
5220Summers Row, N121994
5221The Triumph, Summers Lane1902
5222The Triumph, Summers Lane2008
5223The Triumph, Summers Lane2008
5224The Triumph, Summers Lane2004
5226Sydney Road, Muswell Hill N102007
5227Sydney Road, Muswell Hill N102006
5228Sydney Road, Muswell Hill N102007
5229Sydney Road, Musell Hill N102002
5230Hollickwood School, Sydney Road, N102005
5232Hollickwood School, Sydney Road, N102006
5233Hollickwood School, Sydney Road, N102006
5234Hollickwood School, Sydney Road, N102006
5239Colney Hatch Lane, N101987
5240Colney Hatch Lane, N101987
5241Colney Hatch Lane, N102007
5242Colney Hatch Lane, N102001
5243Colney Hatch Lane, N102007
5244Colney Hatch Lane, N102007
5245Colney Hatch Lane, N102007
5246Colney Hatch Lane, N102008
5247Colney Hatch Lane, N102006
5248Colney Hatch Lane, N102008
5249Colney Hatch Lane, N102008
5250Colney Hatch Lane, N102008
5253Colney Hatch Lane, N102007
5254Colney Hatch Lane, N102008
5255Colney Hatch Lane, N102011
5256Colney Hatch Lane, N102008
5258Colney Hatch Lane, N102008
5260Colney Hatch Lane, N102008
5261Colney Hatch Lane, N102008
5262Colney Hatch Lane, N102007
5266Colney Hatch Lane, N102007
5268Colney Hatch Lane, N102002
5269Colney Hatch Lane, N102006
5270Adams Steam Cleaning2007
5271The Avenue, N112007
5273The Avenue, N111955
5274Adams Steam Cleaning2007
5275Thurlestone Avenue, N122004
5276Thurlestone Avenue, N122004
5277Thurlestone Avenue, N122004
5278Thurlestone Avenue, N122003
5279Thurlestone Avenue, N122003
5280Thurlestone Avenue, N122003
5281Torrington Park, N122011
5282Torrington Park, N122009
5283Torrington Park, N122011
5285Torrington Park, N122008
5286Torrington Park, N122005
5287Torrington Park, N122005
5288Torrington Park, N122011
5289Torrington Park, N122004
5290Torrington Park, N121900
5291Torrington Park, N122009
5293Torrington Park, N121900
5294Torrington Park, N121900
5295Pillar Box2011
5296Totteridge & Whetstone Station2010
5297Totteridge & Whetstone Underground Station2010
5298Totteridge & Whetstone Station2004
5300Friern Barnet Town Hall1936
5301Public meeting1938
5302Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5303Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5304Friern Barnet Town Hall2004
5305Friern Barnet Town Hall2004
5307Friern Barnet Town Hall2001
5308Friern Barnet Town Hall2001
5310Friern Barnet Town Hall1964
5311Friern Barnet Town Hall1980
5313Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5314Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5315Friern Barnet Lane, N112005
5316Friern Barnet Town Hall2000
5317Friern Barnet Town Hall2000
5318Friern Barnet Town Hall2000
5319Friern Barnet Town Hall2000
5321Friern Barnet town Hall2003
5322Friern Barnet Town Hall2001
5323Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5324Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5325Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5327Frierrn Barnet Town Hall2005
5328Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5329Friern Barnet Town Hall1938
5330Friern Barnet Town Hall1964
5332Friern Barnet Town Hall1964
5333Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5335Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5336Friern Barnet Town Hall2004
5337Friern Barnet Town Hall2004
5338Friern Barnet Town Hall2001
5339Friern Barnet Town Hall2001
5340Friern Barnet Town Hall1910
5341Friern Barnet Town Hall1936
5342Friern Barnet Town Hall1900
5343Friern Barnet Town Hall2007
5344Friern Barnet Town Hall2008
5345Friern Barnet Town Hall2008
5346Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
5348Friern Barnet Town Hall2000
5350Friern Barnet Town Hall1945
5351Friern Barnet Town Hall1972
5352Friern Barnet Town Hall1940
5354Friern Barnet Town Hall2004
5358Friern Barnet Town Hall1947
5359Friern Barnet Town Hall2007
5360Friern Barnet Town Hall2007
5362Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
5365Friern Barnet Town Hall1955
5367Friern Barnet Town Hall1944
5369Friern Barnet Town Hall2004
5370Friern Barnet Town Hall2004
5371High Road, Whetstone2011
5372High Road, Whetstone1986
5373Henry Beach1910
5374Oakleigh Road North, N202009
5375Oakleigh Road North, N202009
5376BEM Electrical2008
5377High Road, North Finchley2013
5378High Road, North Finchley2011
5380High Road, North Finchley2011
5381EMC Advertising Gifts2011
5383High Road, Whetstone1947
5384High Road, Whetstone1985
5385High Road, Whetstone1985
5387High Road, Whetstone1986
5388The Swan With Two Necks, 1147 High Road, Whetstone1910
5390The Swan With Two Necks, 1147 High Road, Whetstone1920
5391High Road, Whetstone2008
5392High Road, Whetstone2008
5394High Road, Whetstone2009
5395High Road, Whetstone1906
5396Hand & Flower, 1250 High Road, Whetstone1984
5397High Road, Whetstone1900
5398High Road, Whetstone1990
5399High Road, Whetstone1990
5400High Road, Whetstone1955
5401High Road, Whetstone2009
5402High Road, Whetstone2008
5403High Road, Whetstone1985
5404High Road, Whetstone1990
5405High Road, Whetstone1994
5407The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone1995
5408High Road, Whetstone1960
5409High Road, Whetstone1997
5410St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2013
5411High Road, Whetstone1987
5412High Road, Whetstone1990
5413High Road, Whetstone2001
5414High Road, Whetstone2001
5415High Road, Whetstone2001
5416High Road, Whetstone1991
5417High Road, Whetstone2001
5418High Road, Whetstone2008
5419High Road, Whetstone2008
5420High Road, Whetstone2008
5421High Road, Whetstone2013
5423High Road, Whetstone2008
5424High Road, Whetstone1990
5425Bull & Butcher, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2008
5426Bull & Butcher, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2008
5427Bull & Butcher, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2008
5428Bull & Butcher, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2007
5429High Road, Whetstone2001
5430i bar, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2009
5431High Road, Whetstone2001
5432Bull & Butcher, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2000
5433Bull & Butcher, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2001
5434High Road, Whetstone2001
5435High Road, Whetstone1923
5436Bull & Butcher, 1277 High Road, Whetstone1910
5437The Stone Marquee, 1277 High Road Whetstone2012
5439High Road, Whetstone1987
5441High Road, Whetstone2008
5442High Road, Whetstone2013
5443High Road, Whetstone2008
5444High Road, Whetstone2008
5445High Road, Whetstone2004
5446High Road, Whetstone2008
5448High Road, Whetstone2008
5449High Road, Whetstone2008
5450High Road, Whetstone2001
5451High Road, Whetstone2008
5452High Road, Whetstone2008
5453High Road, Whetstone2009
5454High Road, Whetstone2008
5455High Road, Whetstone1990
5456High Road, Whetstone2009
5457The Green Man, 1308 High Road, Whetstone1936
5458High Road, Whetstone2007
5459High Road, Whetstone2008
5460High Road, Whetstone2008
5461High Road, Whetstone2009
5462High Road, Whetstone2009
5463High Road, Whetstone2008
5464High Road, Whetstone2008
5465High Road, Whetstone2009
5466High Road, Whetstone1910
5468High Road, Whetstone2008
5469High Road, Whetstone2008
5470High Road, Whetstone2013
5471High Road, Whetstone2011
5472High Road, Whetstone2008
5473High Road, Whetstone2011
5475High Road, Whetstone2008
5476High Road, Whetstone2009
5477High Road, Whetstone2007
5478High Road, Whetstone2008
5479High Road, Whetstone2011
5480High Road, Whetstone2008
5481High Road, Whetstone2008
5482High Road, Whetstone2011
5483High Road, Whetstone1994
5484High Road, Whetstone1994
5485High Road, Whetstone2007
5486High Road, Whetstone2008
5487High Road, Whetstone2007
5488High Road, Whetstone2008
5489High Road, Whetstone2008
5490High Road, Whetstone2008
5491High Road, Whetstone2007
5492High Road, Whetstone2001
5494High Road, Whetstone2008
5496High Road, Whetstone2007
5497High Road, Whetstone2001
5499High Road, Whetstone2002
5500High Road, Whetstone2008
5501High Road, Whetstone2001
5502High Road, Whetstone2013
5503High Road, Whetstone2008
5504High Road, Whetstone2001
5505High Road, Whetstone2009
5506High Road, Whetstone2011
5507High Road, Whetstone2008
5508High Road, Whetstone2001
5509High Road, Whetstone2009
5510High Road, Whetstone2008
5511High Road, Whetstone2007
5512High Road, Whetstone2007
5513A1 Storage, 1381 High Road Whetstone2008
5515Michael Gerson, 1381 High Road, Whetstone2007
5516High Road, Whetstone2008
5517High Road, Whetstone2008
5518High Road, Whetstone2008
5519High Road, Whetstone1968
5520High Road, Whetstone1999
5521High Road, Whetstone2007
5522High Road, Whetstone2007
5523High Road, Whetstone1990
5524High Road, Whetstone2010
5526High Road, Whetstone2011
5527High Road, Whetstone2008
5528High Road, Whetstone2007
5529High Road, Whetstone2008
5530High Road, Whetstone1987
5531High Road, Whetstone1988
5536The Black Bull, 1446 High Road, Whetstone1920
5537The Black Bull, 1446 High Road, Whetstone2008
5538The Black Bull, 1446 High Road, Whetstone2008
5539The Black Bull, 1446 High Road, Whetstone1900
5540High Road, Whetstone1923
5541High Road, Whetstone2006
5542High Road, Whetstone2008
5543High Road, Whetstone2001
5545The Blue Anchor, 1416 High Road, Whetstone1900
5546The Blue Anchor, 1416 High Road, Whetstone1900
5547The Blue Anchor, 1416 High Road, Whetstone1900
5551High Road, Whetstone1949
5552High Road, Whetstone1910
5554High Road, Whetstone1949
5555High Road, Whetstone1985
5556High Road, Whetstone1951
5557High Road, Whetstone1949
5559Express Dairies, 1431 High Road, Whetstone1970
5560High Road, Whetstone2002
5561High Road, Whetstone1920
5562Finchley Carnival1910
5563Finchley Carnival1910
5564Finchley Carnival1910
5565High Road, Whetstone2008
5567High Road, Whetstone1996
5568High Road, Whetstone2009
5571High Road, Whetstone1863
5572High Road, Whetstone1904
5573High Road, Whetstone1907
5574High Road, Whetstone1989
5575High Road, Whetstone1920
5576High Road, Whetstone1920
5577High Road, Whetstone1920
5578High Road, Whetstone1920
5579High Road, Whetstone1915
5581High Road, Whetstone1900
5582High Road, Whetstone1916
5583High Road, Whetstone1917
5584High Road, Whetstone1909
5585High Road, Whetstone1905
5586High Road, Whetstone1906
5587High Road, Whetstone1913
5589High Road, Whetstone1910
5590High Road, Whetstone2001
5591High Road, Whetstone1989
5592Three Horseshoes, 1168 High Road, Whetstone1900
5593The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone1900
5594The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone1961
5595The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone1960
5596High Road, Whetstone1939
5597Palace Hotel, 1450 High Road, Whetstone1925
5598Palace Hotel, 1450 High Road, Whetstone1930
5599High Road, Whetstone1861
5600High Road, Whetstone1980
5601High Road, Whetstone1969
5602High Road, Whetstone1985
5603High Road, Whetstone1910
5605Sweets Way, N202007
5606Sweets Way, N201942
5608High Road, Whetstone1950
5609High Road, Whetstone2010
5610High Road, Whetstone1900
5611High Road, Whetstone1935
5612High Road, Whetstone1910
5613High Road, Whetstone1910
5614Harries Hire1930
5615Harries Hire1930
5616The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone1870
5617High Road, Whetstone2000
5618High Road, Whetstone1920
5620High Road, Whetstone1990
5622High Road, Whetstone2007
5623High Road, Whetstone1920
5624High Road, Whetstone1920
5627High Road, Whetstone1910
5628High Road, Whetstone2005
5629High Road, Whetstone1987
5632High Road, Whetstone2001
5634Lawsons, High Road Whetstone2001
5635Lawsons, High Road Whetstone2009
5636Lawsons, High Road Whetstone2009
5637Lawsons, High Road Whetstone1936
5638Lawsons, High Road Whetstone1930
5639Lawsons, High Road Whetstone1920
5640Manor Farm Dairy, High Road, Whetstone1920
5641Manor Farm Dairy, High Road, Whetstone1906
5642Manor Farm Dairy, High Road, Whetstone1906
5643Manor Farm Dairy, High Road, Whetstone1906
5644Merit Cycle and Motor Works, High Road, Whetstone1910
5645Mills Shopfitting, High Road, Whetstone2001
5646High Road, Whetstone1905
5647High Road, Whetstone2001
5648High Road, Whetstone1910
5649High Road, Whetstone1968
5650High Road, Whetstone1950
5651High Road, Whetstone1950
5652High Road, Whetstone1950
5653High Road, Whetstone1950
5654Road name2005
5655Oakleigh Road North, N201955
5656High Road, Whetstone1900
5657High Road, Whetstone1910
5658High Road, Whetstone1910
5659High Road, Whetstone1949
5660High Road, Whetstone1950
5662High Road, Whetstone1994
5663Swan Lane, N201920
5665The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone1968
5666High Road, Whetstone1991
5667High Road, Whetstone2008
5668High Road, Whetstone1996
5669High Road, Whetstone1996
5672Totteridge Lane1955
5673High Road, Whetstone1955
5674The Blue Anchor, 1416 High Road, Whetstone1949
5676High Road, Whetstone1970
5677High Road, Whetstone2003
5678High Road, Whetstone2006
5679High Road, Whetstone1901
5680High Road, Whetstone1900
5685High Road, Whetstone1914
5691High Road, North Finchley2008
5692High Road, Whetstone2011
5693High Road, Whetstone2011
5695High Road, Whetstone2008
5696High Road, Whetstone1914
5698High Road, Whetstone1920
5700High Road, Whetstone1880
5702High Road, Whetstone2011
5703High Road, Whetstone1997
5707Whetstone Weasels1933
5710Woodhouse College2012
5711Woodhouse College2012
5712Woodhouse College2012
5713Woodhouse College2012
5714Woodhouse College1987
5715Woodhouse College1987
5716Woodhouse Road, N121987
5717Woodhouse Road, N122007
5718Woodhouse Road, N122012
5719Woodhouse Road, N122012
5720Woodhouse Road, N122007
5722Woodhouse Road, N122013
5723Woodhouse Road, N122012
5724Woodhouse Road, N122001
5725Woodhouse Road, N121994
5726Woodhouse Road, N122008
5727Woodhouse Road, N121989
5728Woodhouse Road, N122008
5729Woodhouse Road, N122012
5730Woodhouse Road, N122005
5731Woodhouse Road, N122006
5732Woodhouse Road, N122012
5733Woodhouse Road, N122008
5734Woodhouse Road, N122009
5735Woodhouse Road, N122008
5736Woodhouse Road, N122009
5737Woodhouse Road, N121968
5738Woodhouse Road, N122004
5739Woodhouse Road, N122000
5740Woodhouse Road, N122007
5741Woodhouse Road, N122003
5742Woodhouse Road, N122008
5743Woodhouse Road, N122007
5744Woodhouse Road, N122008
5745Woodhouse Road, N122004
5746Woodhouse Road, N122008
5747Woodhouse Road, N121985
5748Woodhouse Road, N122008
5749Woodhouse Road, N122008
5750Woodhouse Road, N122008
5751Woodhouse Road, N121992
5752Woodhouse Road, N122008
5753Woodhouse Road, N122010
5754Woodhouse Road, N122005
5755Woodhouse Road, N122005
5756The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2013
5760Woodhouse Road, N122005
5761Woodhouse Road, N122005
5762The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2013
5763Woodhouse Road, N122005
5764Woodhouse Road, N122008
5765Woodhouse Road, N122008
5766Woodhouse Road, N122008
5767Woodhouse Road, N122008
5768The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2013
5769Woodhouse Road, N121993
5771Woodhouse Road, N122008
5772Woodhouse Road, N121998
5773Ballards Lane, N122008
5774Short Way, N121994
5775Woodhouse Road, N121928
5776Woodhouse Road, N121992
5777Woodhouse Road, N122008
5778Woodhouse Road, N121989
5779Woodhouse Road, N121987
5780The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2013
5781The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2013
5782Woodhouse Road, N121923
5783Woodhouse Road, N121990
5784Woodhouse Road, N122002
5785The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2013
5786Woodhouse Road, N121960
5787The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2013
5788Woodhouse Road, N121994
5789The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2013
5790Woodhouse Road, N122001
5791Woodhouse Road, N121987
5793The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111985
5794Woodhouse School1956
5795Woodhouse School1988
5796Woodhouse School1988
5798Woodhouse School1988
5800Woodhouse Road, N122011
5802Woodhouse Road, N122003
5803Woodhouse Road, N122007
5804Woodhouse Road, N121907
5805Woodhouse Road, N121980
5806Woodhouse Road, N121900
5807Woodhouse Road, N121900
5808Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102004
5809Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102003
5810Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102003
5812Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102004
5815ColneyHatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102004
5817Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102003
5818Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102002
5819Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102002
5820Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102002
5821Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102002
5822Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102002
5823Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102000
5824Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102000
5825Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102000
5826Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet2000
5827High Road, North Finchley2003
5828High Road, North Finchley2000
5829High Road, North Finchley2002
5831High Road, North Finchley2002
5832Autumn House, 742 High Road, North Finchley2002
5834High Road, North Finchley2001
5835High Road, North Finchley2001
5836High Road, North Finchley2001
5837High Road, North Finchley2001
5838High Road, North Finchley2003
5839High Road, North Finchley2003
5840High Road, North Finchley2002
5841The Torrington, 811 High Road, North Finchley2004
5842The Torrington, 811 High Road, North Finchley2002
5843High Road, North Finchley2004
5844High Road, North Finchley2002
5845High Road, North Finchley2002
5846High Road, North Finchley2002
5847High Road, North Finchley2002
5848High Road, North Finchley2002
5849High Road, North Finchley2002
5852High Road, North Finchley2002
5853High Road, North Finchley2002
5855High Road, North Finchley2002
5856High Road, North Finchley2002
5857High Road, North Finchley2002
5858High Road, North Finchley2002
5859High Road, North Finchley2002
5860High Road, North Finchley2002
5861High Road, North Finchley2002
5875High Road, North Finchley2000
5876Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102004
5877Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102004
5878Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102004
5879Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102000
5880Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102000
5881Direction Sign2000
5882Bus shelter2000
5883Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102005
5885High Road, North Finchley2003
5886Ballards Lane, N122003
5887High Road, North Finchley2000
5889High Road, North Finchley2002
5891Finchley County School2003
5893Porch Way, N202006
5894York Road, N 202006
5895York Way, N202006
5896Porch Way, N202006
5897Porch Way, N202006
5898York Way, N202006
5899York Way, N202006
5900York Way, N202006
5901York Way, N202006
5902York Way, N202006
5903York Way, N202006
5904York Way, N202006
5906York Way, N202010
5908Friern Barnet Lane, N112003
5909Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5910Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5911Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5912Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5913Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5914Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5915Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5916Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5917Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5918Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5920Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5921Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5922Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
5923Friern Barnet Road, N112000
5924Friern Barnet Road, N112000
5925Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5926Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5927Friern Barnet Road, N112003
5929Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5930Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5931The Turrets, 43 Friern Barnet Road2004
5932Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5933Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5934Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5935Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5936Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5937Friern Barnet Road, N112001
5938Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5939Friern Barnet Lane, N112003
5940Friern Barnet Road, N112000
5941Friern Barnet Lane, N202002
5942Friern Barnet Lane, N202002
5943Thorne Printers2003
5944The Rising Sun, 248 Oakleigh Road North2003
5945Oakleigh Road North, N202013
5946Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102000
5947Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102000
5948Oakleigh Road North, N202003
5949Oakleigh Road North, N202003
5950Oakleigh Road North, N202003
5951Oakleigh Road North, N202003
5952Finchley County School2003
5953High Road, North Finchley2002
5954High Road, North Finchley2003
5955High Road, North Finchley2002
5956High Road, North Finchley2002
5957High Road, North Finchley2002
5958High Road, Whetstone2000
5959High Road, Whetstone2001
5960High Road, Whetstone2002
5961A1 Dairies, 1411 High Road, Whetstone1968
5962A1 Dairies, 1411 High Road, Whetstone1968
5963A1 Dairies, 1411 High Road, Whetstone1968
5964Block Cleansing2000
5965Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102002
5966The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane2002
5968Friern Barnet Lane, N202002
5969Friern Barnet Road, N112002
5970High Road, North Finchley2001
5971St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone2003
5972Three Horseshoes, 1168 High Road, Whetstone2000
5973Friern Barnet Road, N112004
5974Woodhouse School1955
5975Woodhouse School1955
5976Telephone Boxes2003
5979High Road, Whetstone1909
5980Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102004
5981Hopkins Close, Muswell Hill N101999
5982Totteridge Lane1953
5983Hand & Flower, 1250 High Road, Whetstone1900
5984High Road, Whetstone2001
5985The Griffin, 1262 High Road, Whetstone2003
5986High Road, Whetstone2001
5987High Road, Whetstone2001
5988High Road, Whetstone2001
5989High Road, Whetstone2001
5990High Road, Whetstone2001
5991High Road, Whetstone2001
5992High Road, Whetstone2001
5993High Road, Whetstone2001
5994High Road, Whetstone2001
5995High Road, Whetstone2001
5996High Road, Whetstone2001
5997High Road, Whetstone2002
5998High Road, Whetstone2004
5999High Road, Whetstone2004
6000Invoice (da Lillo)2013
6001Invoice (Hodgkinson's)2004
6003Woodside Park International School2004
6005High Road, North Finchley2013
6006Lodge Lane, N122013
6007Lodge Lane, N122013
6012Oakleigh Road North, N202013
6013Car Parking2013
6015Oakleigh Road North, N202013
6018Oakleigh Road North, N202001
6019Oakleigh Road North, N202003
6020Oakleigh Road North, N202003
6021Oakleigh Road North, N202003
6022Oakleigh Road North, N202013
6023Oakleigh Road North, N202003
6024Oakleigh Road North, N202003
6025The Rising Sun, 248 Oakleigh Road North2002
6026The Woodman, 418 Oakleigh Road North2002
6027The Woodman, 418 Oakleigh Road North2002
6028The Woodman, 418 Oakleigh Road North2002
6029Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102000
6030Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102003
6031Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102000
6032Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102000
6033High Road, North Finchley1991
6034Numbers 729-733 photographed on 2 March 20132013
6035Lodge Lane, N122013
6036Lodge Lane, N122013
6037High Road, North Finchley1991
6042Ballards Lane, N122003
6043High Road, North Finchley2000
6044Ballards Lane, N122003
6045Ballards Lane, N122003
6047South Friern Library2003
6049Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2004
6053Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102000
6054Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102000
6055Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102000
6057Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2004
6058Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2004
6059Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2004
6060Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2004
6061Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve2004
6062High Road, Whetstone2003
6063Friern Barnet Sewage Works1975
6065High Road, Whetstone2003
6066High Road, Whetstone2003
6067South Friern Library2004
6069Buckingham Avenue, N202013
6070Buckingham Avenue, N202013
6071Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102013
6072Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill N102013
6073Church Crescent, N202013
6074Church Crescent, N202013
6075Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102013
6076High Road, Whetstone2013
6077Raleigh Drive, N202013
6078Arnos Grove Underground Station2013
6080Friern Barnet Summer Show2005
6082Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6083Friern Barnet Summer Show2010
6084Friern Barnet Summer Show2010
6085Friern Barnet Summer Show2010
6086Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6087Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6088Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6089Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6090Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6091Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6092Friern Barnet Summer Show2003
6094Friern Barnet Summer Show2003
6095Friern Barnet Summer Show1999
6097Friern Barnet Summer Show2007
6098Friern Barnet Summer Show2010
6099Friern Barnet Summer Show2005
6101Friern Barnet Summer Show2005
6102Friern Barnet Summer Show2005
6104Friern Barnet Summer Show2005
6105Friern Barnet Summer Show2005
6106Friern Barnet Summer Show2005
6107Friern Barnet Summer Show2010
6108Friern Barnet Summer Show2010
6109Friern Barnet Summer Show2010
6110Friern Barnet Summer Show2010
6111Friern Barnet Summer Show2007
6112Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6113Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6114Friern Barnet Summer Show2008
6115Friern Barnet Summer Show2007
6117Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6118Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6119Friern Barnet Summer Show2003
6120Friern Barnet Summer Show2009
6122Friern Barnet Summer Show2008
6123Friern Barnet Summer Show2008
6124Sydney Simmons1910
6126Friern Barnet Summer Show2008
6127Friern Barnet Summer Show2007
6128Friary Park1910
6129Friary Park1910
6131Friary Park1910
6132Friary Park1910
6133Friary Park1910
6134Friary Park1910
6135Friary Park1910
6136Sydney Simmons1910
6137Friary Park1910
6138Friary Park1910
6139Sydney Simmons1910
6140Friary Park1910
6141Friary Park1910
6142Friary Park1919
6143Friary Park1919
6144Friary Park1919
6145Friary Park1910
6146Sydney Simmons1906
6147Sydney Simmons1910
6148Sydney Simmons1907
6149Sydney Simmons1913
6152Sydney Simmons1907
6153Sydney Simmons1907
6154Sydney Simmons1907
6155Sydney Simmons1924
6156Sydney Simmons1907
6157Sydney Simmons2007
6158Sydney Simmons2007
6159Sydney Simmons1907
6160Friary Park2007
6161Friary Park1961
6163Friary Park1957
6164Friary Park1957
6165Friary Park1957
6166Friary Park1954
6167Friary Park1954
6168Friary Park1954
6169Friary Park1954
6172Friary Park1999
6173Friary Park2006
6174Friary Park2006
6175Friary Park2009
6180Friary Park2010
6181Friary Park2010
6182Friary Park2010
6183Friary Park2010
6184Friary Park1910
6186Friary Park2010
6190Friary Park1963
6191Friary Park1963
6193Friary Park2005
6194Friary Park1943
6196Friary Park2006
6197Friary Park2006
6200Friary Park2010
6203Church Close, N202010
6204Lodge Lane, N122013
6205Lodge Lane, N122013
6206Lodge Lane, N122013
6207Lodge Lane, N122013
6208Pembroke Road, N102000
6209Pembroke Road, N102000
6210Pembroke Road, N102000
6211Pembroke Road, N102000
6213Pembroke Road, N102000
6214Pembroke Road, N102000
6215Pembroke Road, N102000
6216Pembroke Road, N102000
6217Pembroke Road, N102000
6218Pembroke Road, N102000
6219Pembroke Road, N102000
6220Pembroke Mews, N102002
6222Pembroke Road, N102000
6223Friary Road2005
6224High Road, North Finchley2004
6225Oakleigh Road South, N112001
6226Oakleigh Road South, N112001
6227Oakleigh Road South, N112001
6228Oakleigh Road South, N112003
6230Oakleigh Road South, N112003
6231Buxted Road, N122000
6234Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102001
6235Alma Road, Musell Hill N102002
6236Oakleigh Avenue, N202001
6237Manor Drive, N202011
6238Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102000
6239Ballards Lane, N122013
6240Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road N102000
6241Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road N102001
6242Street name2003
6243Bellevue Mews, N112003
6245Bellevue Mews, N112003
6246Carlton Road, N112002
6247Carlton Road, N112001
6250Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102004
6251Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102004
6252Street name2003
6253Friern Park, N122004
6254Lodge Lane, N122013
6255Millennium Green, New Southgate2002
6256Friern Barnet & District Local History Society2001
6259Ravens Lawn Tennis Club2005
6260Summers Row, N122001
6262Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102000
6264Epcot Kitchens2013
6271The Avenue, N111965
6272The Avenue, N111965
6273The Avenue, N111965
6274Woodhouse Road, N122013
6275Buckingham Avenue, N202013
6276Friern Barnet Road, N112013
6278Torrington Park Health Clinic2013
6280Raleigh Drive, N202013
6281White Rose Motors2013
6283Ashurst Road, N122013
6287High Road, North Finchley2013
6289Friern Barnet Summer Show2007
6290Friary Park2008
6291Friary Park2007
6292Friern Barnet Summer Show2008
6294Invoice (Amy's)2013
6295Invoice (Ari Food Centre)2013
6298Friary Park2007
6300Friern Hospital1851
6301Friern Hospital1857
6302Friern Hospital1908
6303Friern Park, N122013
6304Friern Park, N122013
6306Friern Park, N122013
6307Friern Barnet Lane, N112013
6308Friern Park, N122013
6309Friern Park, N122013
6310Friern Park, N122013
6313Friern Park, N122013
6314Friern Park, N122013
6316Friern Park, N122013
6317High Road, North Finchley2013
6319St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1976
6320St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1976
6321Friern Barnet Grammar School1916
6322English & American Dentistry1916
6323Election Flyer (Liberal Party)1974
6324Election flyer (Liberal Party)1978
6326Election flyer (Liberal Party)1979
6327High Road, North Finchley2013
6328Colney Hatch Lane, N102013
6330Colney Hatch Lane, N102013
6332Friern Barnet Lane, N202013
6333Chris Stevens Ltd2013
6334Friern Barnet Road, N111970
6335All Saints'Church, Oakleigh Road North2013
6337All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2013
6339Station Road, N111970
6340Ballards Lane, N122013
6341Queenswell School2013
6343New Southgate Station1970
6345New Southgate Station1970
6346New Southgate Station1970
6347New Southgate Station1970
6348New Southgate Station1970
6349New Southgate Station1970
6350Ballards Lane, N122013
6354Albert Street, N111970
6355Percy's of Finchley2013
6356Percy's of Finchley2013
6357Percy's of Finchley2013
6365New Picture1958
6366Friern Barnet Boys' Club1959
6367Friern Barnet Boys' Club1959
6368Woodhouse Road, N122013
6369Southgate & Finchley Coaches2013
6370Friern Barnet Road, N112013
6371Friern Barnet Road, N112013
6372Friern Barnet Road, N112013
6373Colney Hatch Lane, N102013
6375Ballards Lane, N122013
6376High Road, North Finchley2013
6377High Road, North Finchley2013
6378Odeon, North Finchley1935
6379High Road, Whetstone2013
6380High Road, Whetstone2013
6381High Road, Whetstone2013
6382High Road, Whetstone2013
6386Friern Barnet Road, N112013
6387High Road, North Finchley1907
6389Oakleigh Road North, N202013
6390Oakleigh Road North, N202013
6391Oakleigh Road North, N202013
6392Finchley Memorial Hospital2013
6393Alexandra Hire1971
6396William Beckett1971
6399City Flooring1999
6401Friern Barnet Grammar School1971
6402A J Kelly1971
6403J H Kenyon1971
6404David Low1971
6409RS Locksmiths2013
6410R H Smith1935
6414Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102013
6416Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N102013
6418Russell Lane, N202013
6419Ballards Lane, N122013
6420Ballads Lane2013
6421High Road, North Finchley2013
6422High Road, North Finchley2013
6423High Road, North Finchley2013
6425W Harold Perry1938
6426Pet Supplies1971
6427Stan Rosser1971
6428John Stepney1971
6429Studio Two One One1971
6430High Road, North Finchley2013
6431High Road, North Finchley2013
6432High Road, North Finchley2013
6433High Road, North Finchley2013
6434High Road, North Finchley2013
6435Raleigh Drive, N202013
6444New Southgate Station2004
6445New Southgate Station2004
6446New Southgate Station2004
6447New Southgate Station2004
6448Regal Drive, N112013
6449Friern Hospital2004
6450Friern Hospital2005
6451Balmoral Avenue, N112004
6452New Southgate Station2004
6453Hillside School1968
6454Aerial photo of New Southgate in 20072007
6455Princess Park Manor 2004
6456Water pump building at former Friern Hospital 20042004
6457Dwight School, Friern Barnet Road2013
6458Lyndhurst Avenue2013
6459Lyndhurst Avenue2013
6460Carpet Selection1971
6461B & H Motors1958
6465Office Interiors2013
6469Friern Barnet Road, N112013
6470Finchley Ladies' Circle1976
6471Finchley Ladies' Circle1976
6472Finchley Ladies' Circle1965
6473Menu (Finchley Ladies' Circle)1960
6474Invitation (Finchley Round Table)1978
6475Finchley Ladies' Circle1978
6476Finchley Ladies' Circle1969
6478Menu (Finchley Ladies' Circle)1959
6479Menu (Finchley Ladies' Circle)1967
6480Menu (Finchley Ladies' Circle)1958
6481Finchley Ladies' Circle1965
6482Menu (Finchley Round Table)1972
6483Menu (Finchley Round Table)1975
6484Menu (Finchley Round Table)1952
6485Finchley Round Table1968
6486W R Harvey1965
6487Menu (Finchley Ladies' Circle)1962
6488Finchley Ladies' Circle1971
6489Menu (Finchley Round Table)1967
6490Seaton Jewellers1977
6491W H Smith1965
6494A1 Dairies1965
6510R Hall1935
6514Manor Farm House1885
6515Manor Farm House1885
6516Manor Farm House1885
6532Gordon Thomas2013
6536Oakleigh Road North, N202013
6538Letter (London Borough of Barnet)1977
6540W Roberts1965
6541W R Harvey1965
6542Leonard Harris1965
6543Finchley Coaches1965
6550Southgate & Colney Hatch Gas Light & Coke Co1858
6552Whetstone Police Station2013
6553Friern Barnet Lane, N201874
6554W S Andrews1902
6555R C Braybrooks1902
6556R C Braybrooks1902
6557Lawrence Campe Almshouses, Friern Barnet Lane, N202013
6558Lawrence Campe Almshouses, Friern Barnet Lane, N202013
6560Whetstone Police Station2013
6561Friern Barnet Road, N112013
6562Summers Lane, N121902
6563St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N202013
6564St John the Apostle2013
6565Manor Farm House1902
6566St John the Apostle, High Road Whetstone2013
6567Woodhouse Road, N122013
6568Woodland Road, N111902
6569Woodhouse Road, N122013
6570Friern Park2013
6572Friern Barnet Lane, N202013
6573Friern Barnet Lane2013
6574Friern Barnet Lane2013
6575Ballards Lane, N121988
6576Ballards Lane, N122013
6577High Road, North Finchley2013
6578High Road, North Finchley1988
6579High Road1988
6580High Road, North Finchley1988
6581Hoppings of Whetstone1980
6582High Road, Whetstone1980
6583High Road, Whetstone1980
6584High Road, Whetstone1988
6585High Road, Whetstone1988
6587Friern Bridge Retail Park2013
6589St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2013
6590St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2013
6591St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2013
6592Gaumont, North Finchley1987
6593Friern Barnet Lane, N112013
6594St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2013
6595St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2013
6596St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2013
6597St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2013
6599St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2013
6600St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2013
6601St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane2013
6602Friary Park2013
6603Finchley Park Motors2013
6604Queenswell School2013
6605Queenswell School2013
6606Ballards Lane, N121979
6607Ballards Lane, N121986
6608Friern Barnet Lane1980
6609High Road, Whetstone1987
6610High Road, Whetstone1987
6611High Road, Whetstone1979
6612Russell Lane, N201987
6613Russell Lane, N201980
6614High Road, North Finchley1986
6615High Road, Whetstone1987
6616High Road, Whetstone1987
6617Waterfall Lane, N111900
6618New Southgate Cemetery1900
6619New Southgate Cemetery1900
6620High Road, Whetstone1988
6621Gaumont, North Finchley1980
6622Hoppings of Whetstone1925
6623Hoppings of Whetstone1929
6624Hoppings of Whetstone1929
6625Hoppings of Whetstone1930
6626Hoppings of Whetstone1931
6627Hoppings of Whetstone2013
6628Hoppings of Whetstone1955
6629Hoppings of Whetstone1947
6630Hoppings of Whetstone1955
6631Hoppings of Whetstone1935
6632Hoppings of Whetstone1955
6633Hoppings of Whetstone1960
6635Perry's of Finchley1953
6636Friary Park Jan. 20142014
6637Friary Park2014
6638Friary Park Jan. 2014 on a cold winter's morning2014
6639Whetstone Snooker Club2014
6640Friern Hospital1996
6641Conley Hatch Lane, N102014
6651Friern Hospital1996
6652Friern Hospital1996
6653Friern Hospital1996
6654Friern Hospital1996
6655Friern Hospital1996
6656Friern Hospital1996
6657Friern Hospital1996
6659Friern Hospital1996
6660Friern Hospital1996
6661Friern Hospital1996
6662Friern Hospital1996
6666Barnet District Gas & Water Co1930
6667Barnet District Gas & Water Co1930
6668Friern Barnet Road, N112002
6669Friern Barnet Road, N112002
6670Friern Barnet Road, N112002
6671Grand Hall1930
6678High Road, North Finchley2000
6679The Woodman, 418 Oakleigh Road North2002
6680The Woodman, 418 Oakleigh Road North2003
6696High Road, North Finchley1930
6698High Road, Whetstone1955
6699Oakleigh Road North, N201955
6700Oakleigh Road North, N201955
6701Whetstone Congregational Church1966
6702The Woodman, 418 Oakleigh Road North2002
6703Ballards Lane, N121994
6712Election flyer (Conservative Party)1978
6714Sports Programme1952
6715Motor Fuel Ration Books1950
6716Invoice (Car Electrical (Finchley) Ltd)1949
6717Car Insurance1950
6718Invoice (Repetition Tyre & Accessories Ltd)1960
6719Car Hire Tariff1955
6720Invoice (Post Office Telephones)1961
6721Television Licence1963
6722Invoice (J H Spencer)1962
6723Invoice (J R J Young)1964
6724Letter (Margaret Thatcher)1977
6725Invitation (Finchley Memorial Hospital)1979
6727Rates Notice (Friern Barnet UDC)1961
6729Rates Notice (Friern Barnet UDC)1962
6730Identity Card (ARP)1940
6731Friern Hospital1952
6733Invitation (Finchley Ladies' Circle)1983
6734Flyer (Finchley Ladies' Circle)1974
6735Friern Hospital1996
6736Friern Hospital1996
6737Friern Hospital1988
6738National Identity Card1944
6739Invitation (Finchley Ladies Circle)1979
6740Invitation (Inner Wheel Club)1974
6741Flyer (Finchley Ladies' Circle)1972
6742Invitation (Finchley Round Table)1976
6743Invitation (Finchley Ladies' Circle)1975
6744Flyer (Finchley Ladies' Circle)1979
6745Invitation (Finchley Round Table)1974
6748Invoice (Green Man Garage)2003
6749Invoice (Palmsville Garage)1998
6750Letter (London Borough of Barnet)1966
6754National Service card1950
6755Election card (Liberal Party)1954
6756Rent Card (London Borough of Barnet)1966
6757Friern Barnet Ratepayers' Association1966
6760Institution and Introduction2013
6761Booking form (Friern Barnet UDC)1952
6762Identity Card (ARP)1941
6763Compliments Slip (STC)1990
6764STC Comliments slip1990
6765Donations envelope (All Saints' Church)2013
6766All Saints Chrch Donations envelope 2013
6767Driving Licence1964
6768Election flyer (Liberal Party)1971
6769Advertiesement (Friern Barnet Boys Club)1956
6770Flyer (Friern Barnet Club)2013
6771Invoice (W Clarke)1941
6772Invoice (Lisa Kay)1999
6774Letter (WVS)1941
6775Letter (Friern Barnet UDC)1945
6776Letter (Friern Barnet UDC)1931
6777Invoice (NUTG)1942
6778Letter (WVS)1941
6779Letter (WVS)1941
6780Letter (WVS)1942
6781Menu (Black Bull, Whetstone)2008
6782The Black Bull, 1446 High Road, Whetstone2008
6783Muswell Hill Garage News1972
6784Muswell Hill Garage News1972
6785Muswell Hill Garage News1972
6786Muswell Hill Garage News1973
6789Programme (Church Way & Church Crescent)1977
6790Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1945
6791Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1946
6792Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1947
6793Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1948
6794Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1949
6795Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1950
6796Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1953
6797Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1955
6798Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1956
6799Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1957
6800Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1958
6801Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1959
6802Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1960
6803Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1961
6804Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1962
6805Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1963
6806Rent Card (Friern Barnet UDC)1964
6807School certificate (Woodhouse Grammar School)1957
6810Friern Park2013
6812Friern Barnet Road, N112014
6813Ballards Lane, N122014
6814Ballards Lane, N122014
6816Ballards Lane, N122014
6817High Road, North Finchley2014
6818High Road, North Finchley2014
6819High Road, North Finchley2014
6820High Road, North Finchley2014
6821High Road, North Finchley2014
6822Oakleigh Road North2014
6823Friern Barnet Lane, N112013
6824Sequoia, 1277 High Road, Whetstone2014
6825High Road, Whetstone2014
6826High Road, Whetstone2014
6827Finchley County School2014
6828Queenswell School2013
6829Queenswell School2014
6830Gordon Thomas2013
6832High Road, Whetstone2014
6833High Road, New Southgate2014
6834High Road, Whetstone2014
6835The Triumph, Summers Lane1905
6836Function (Finchley Amateur Operatic Society)1935
6837Function (Finchley Amateur Operatic Society)1935
6838Election flyer (Conservative Party)2014
6840Letter (London Borough of Barnet)1970
6841Letter (London Borough of Barnet)1969
6842High Road, North Finchley2014
6843High Road, North Finchley2014
6844Local road gang working during WW11914
6845Oakleigh Road North, N202014
6846Oakleigh Road North, N202014
6848Rent Card1933
6849Rent Card (London Borough of Barnet)1965
6850Rent Card (London Borough of Barnet)1966
6851Rent Card (London Borough of Barnet)1967
6852Inland Revenue1949
6853Inland Revenue1949
6854Inland Revenue1945
6855National Service card1947
6856Post Offrice Savings Book1950
6857Ballards Lane, N122014
6858National Health1947
6859Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6860Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6861Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6862Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6863Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6864Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6865Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6867Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6868Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6870Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6871Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6872High Road, New Southgate2014
6873Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
6874Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
6875Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
6876Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
6877Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
6878Ballards Lane, N122014
6879Ballards Lane, N122014
6880High Road, North Finchley2014
6882Ravens Tennis Club1962
6883B & H Motors1962
6884Perry's of Finchley1962
6886Oakleigh Road North, N202014
6887Oakleigh Road North, N202014
6888The Cavalier1962
6889Christ Church, Whetstone2014
6890Christ Church, Whetstone2014
6892High Road, New Southgate2014
6893Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6894Post box2014
6895Friary Road2014
6897High Road, New Southgate2014
6898High Road, New Southgate2014
6899High Road, New Southgate2014
6903Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6904Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6905Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6906Myddelton Park, N202014
6907Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6908Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6909Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6910Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6911St James Avenue, N202014
6912Church Way, N202014
6913Church Way, N202014
6914Stanford Road2014
6916Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6917Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6918Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6919Oakleigh Avenue, N202014
6920Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6921Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6922Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6923Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6924Oakleigh Park North, N202014
6925Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6926Oakleigh Avenue, N202014
6927Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6928Oakleigh Park South, N202014
6929High Road, New Southgate2014
6930High Road, North Finchley2014
6931Raleigh Drive, N202014
6933Oakleigh Avenue, N202014
6934Athenaeum Road, N202014
6935Athenaeum Road, N202014
6936Church Way, N202014
6937Athenaeum Road, N202014
6938Athenaeum Road, N202014
6939Oakleigh Road North, N202014
6940High Road, Whetstone2014
6948High Road, Whetstone2014
6949All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North1953
6950All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North1953
6951Charles Sampson1986
6953Mayfair Flowers1986
6954Raleigh Drive, N202014
6955Chandos Avenue, N202014
6956Chandos Avenue, N202014
6958Chandos Avenue, N202014
6959Chandos Avenue, N202014
6960Chandos Avenue, N202014
6962Chandos Avenue, N202014
6963Chandos Avenue, N202014
6965Oakleigh Road North2014
6966Oakleigh Road North, N202014
6967High Road,, Whetstone2014
6968All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2014
6969All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2014
6970All Saints' Church' Oakleigh Road North2014
6971All Saints' School2014
6972High Road,, Whetstone2014
6973High Road,, Whetstone1988
6974Chandos Avenue, N202014
6976Chandos Avenue, N202014
6978High Road, North Finchley2014
6979High School for Girls, New Southgate in 1927, left1927
6980High School for Girls, New Southgate, 1927, right1927
6981Friern Barnet Road, N111880
6982Friern Barnet Lane1880
6983Friern Barnet Lane1880
6984Friern Barnet Lane1880
6985Friern Barnet Lane1880
6986Friern Barnet Lane1880
6987Friern Barnet Lane1880
6988St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1880
6989St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1880
6990St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1880
6991St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1880
6992Friern Barnet Lane1880
6993The Triumph, Summers Lane1880
6994Friary Park1880
6996St James's School, Friern Barnet Lane, N201880
6997High Road, Whetstone2007
6998Lawrence Campe Almshouses, Friern Barnet Lane, N201880
6999Friern Lane 1880s1880
7001St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1880
7002St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1880
7003The Orange Tree, 1 Friern Barnet Lane, N111880
7006Waterfall Lane1880
7007Brook Farm Open Space2007
7008Oakleigh Park South2014
7009Oakleigh Park South2014
7010Oakleigh Park South2014
7011Oakleigh Park South2014
7012Oakleigh Park South2014
7013Oakleigh Park South2014
7014Oakleigh Park South2014
7015Friern Barnet Road, N111994
7016Raleigh Drive, N202014
7017Friern Barnet Road, N111996
7018Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7019Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7020Oakleigh Road North2014
7021Oakleigh Road North2014
7022Oakleigh Road North2014
7023Oakleigh Road North2014
7024Oakleigh Road North2014
7025Oakleigh School2014
7026Oakleigh Road North2014
7027York Arms, 310 Oakleigh Road North2014
7028Oakleigh Road North2014
7029Oakleigh Road North2014
7030Oakleigh Road North2014
7031Oakleigh Road North2014
7032C E F Electrical2014
7033Direction sign2014
7034Oakleigh Road North2014
7035Ballards Lane, N122014
7036Ballards Lane, N122014
7037Chandos Avenue, N202014
7038New Southgate High School1915
7039Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - Cover1950
7040Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 back cover1950
7041Friern Hospital Cent Mag 1950 inside back cover1950
7042Friern Hospital Cent Mag 1950 - inside back cover1950
7043Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 11950
7044Friern Hospital Cenenary Magazine 1950 - page 21950
7045Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 31950
7046Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 41950
7047Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 51950
7048Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 61950
7049Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 71950
7050Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 81950
7051Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 91950
7052Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 101950
7053Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 111950
7054Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 121950
7055Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 131950
7056Friern Hospital Centenary Magazine 1950 - page 141950
7058Waterfall Parade, Bowes Road1935
7059Pymmes Brook in Arnos Park1960
7060Beaconsfield Road, N111905
7061Summers Lane in c19101910
7062Horsham Avenue2014
7063Horsham Avenue2014
7064Horsham Avenue2014
7065Horsham Avenue2014
7066Horsham Avenue2014
7068Horsham Avenue2014
7069Horsham Avenue2014
7070Horsham Avenue2014
7071Horsham Avenue2014
7072Horsham Avenue2014
7073Horsham Avenue2014
7074Woodhouse Road, N122014
7075Woodhouse Road, N122014
7076Ballards Lane, N122014
7077Oakleigh Road North2014
7078Street Furniture2014
7080Street Furniture2002
7081High Road, North Finchley2014
7082High Road, North Finchley2014
7083High Road, North Finchley2014
7084High Road, North Finchley2014
7085High Road, North Finchley2014
7086High Road, North Finchley2014
7087High Road, North Finchley2014
7088High Road, North Finchley2014
7089High Road,, Whetstone2014
7090High Road,, Whetstone2014
7091High Road,, Whetstone2014
7092High Road,, Whetstone2014
7093High Road,, Whetstone1988
7094High Road,, Whetstone1978
7095High Road,, Whetstone1978
7096High Road,, Whetstone2014
7097High Road,, Whetstone2014
7098High Road,, Whetstone2014
7101High Road,, Whetstone2014
7102Baxendale, N202014
7103Baxendale, N202014
7105Ballards Lane, N122014
7106High Road, North Finchley2014
7107High Road, North Finchley2014
7108High Road, North Finchley2014
7109High Road, North Finchley2014
7110Friern Barnet Road, N111997
7111Finchley & Friern Barnet Operatic Society2014
7112Leaving work at Standard Telephones1930
7113Brunswick Recreation Ground1930
7114The Crescent, N111930
7115Brunswick Parade and Avenue1930
7116The Priory, Friern Barnet Council Offices1930
7117Vine Cottages, Colney Hatch Lane1900
7118Sir John Lawrence, New Southgate1960
7119Palmers Road, New Southgate1925
7120High Road, North Finchley1930
7122Rose Garden, Friary Park1960
7123Rustic Bridge in Friary Park1910
7124Stanford Road, Friern Barnet1907
7125High Road, Whetstone 1900
7126High Road, Whetstone1900
7127Bowling Green Friary Park in 1960s1965
7128Brook in Friary Park in c19101910
7129Carlton Road, Friern Barnet c19001900
7130Finchley open-air swimming pool c19601960
7131The Crescent, N111915
7132Station Road, N111906
7133High Road, Whetstone1930
7135Friary Park1955
7136Parkhurst Road, N111920
7137Totteridge Lane, N201960
7139High Road, Whetstone1925
7140High Road, North Finchley2014
7141Friern Barnet Road, N112014
7142Friern Barnet Road, N112014
7143Friern Barnet Road, N112014
7144Raleigh Drive, N202014
7145Friern Barnet Road, N112014
7146Friern Barnet Road, N112014
7147High Road,, Whetstone2014
7148High Road,, Whetstone2014
7149High Road,, Whetstone2014
7150High Road,, Whetstone2014
7151Friern Barnet Road, N112014
7152Oakleigh Park South2014
7153Oakleigh Park North2014
7154Oaklleigh Avenue2014
7155Oakleigh Park North2014
7156Raleigh Drive, N202014
7157Raleigh Drive, N202014
7158Friern Barnet Road, N112014
7159Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7160Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7161Colney Hatch Lane2014
7162Colney Hatch Lane2014
7163Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7164Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7165High Road, North Finchley2014
7166High Road, Whetstone2014
7167High Road, Whetstone2014
7168emc advertising gifts2014
7169High Road, Whetstone2014
7170High Road, Whetstone2014
7171Friern Barnet Grammar School1900
7172Friary Park1910
7173Unknown group1950
7174Lyndhurst Avenue, N122014
7175Oakleigh Road North2014
7176Manor Drive, N202014
7177Oakleigh Road North2014
7179Manor Drive, N202014
7180Manor Drive, N202014
7181Manor Drive, N202014
7182Baxendale, N202014
7183Church Farme Estate1932
7184Church Farm Estate1932
7185Church Farm Estate1932
7187Warwick Judd1927
7188Swan Lane Open Space2014
7189Swan Lane Open Space2014
7190Swan Lane Open Space2014
7191Swan Lane Open Space2014
7192Woodhouse Road, N122014
7193High Road, North Finchley2014
7194Cricket team2014
7195New Picture2014
7196Lodge LNE2014
7197Lodge Lane, N122014
7199Lodge Lane, N122014
7200Lodge Lane, N122014
7201Lodge Lane, N122014
7202City Electrical Factors2014
7203Woodhouse Road, N122014
7204Co-operative Food2014
7205High Road, North Finchley2014
7206Street Furniture2014
7207High Road,, Whetstone2014
7208Street Furniture2014
7210Oakleigh Road North2014
7211Friary Park2014
7212Manor Drive, N202014
7213Manor Drive, N202014
7214Manor Drive, N202014
7215Athanaeum Road, N202014
7217New Hall Cinema1910
7218The Triumph, Summers Lane2014
7219The Triumph, Summers Lane2014
7220Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School2014
7221Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7222Church Farm Estate1932
7223Lodge Lane, N122014
7224Lodge Lane, N122014
7225Lodge Lane, N122014
7226North Middlesex Golf Club2014
7227Pollard Road, N202014
7228Pollard Road, N202014
7229Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
7230Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
7231Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
7232Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
7233High Road, North Finchley2014
7234Election flyer (Liberal Party)1977
7235Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
7236Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
7237Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
7239Friern Barnet Town Hall2002
7240Friern Barnet Town Hall2005
7241O H Sanders1952
7242Charles Orchard1952
7243Northside Transport1952
7244London Mattress Remaking Service1952
7246Lindsay Bros 1952
7247Lindsay McLennan1952
7248Hillside Motors1952
7249Cummins Library1952
7250Clovelly Nursing Home1952
7251Cine Restaurant1952
7252A G Burton1952
7253Ajax Cafe1952
7254Acme Car Hire1952
7255Pollard Road, N202014
7256Pollard Road, N202014
7257Pollard Road, N202014
7258Pollard Road, N202014
7259Pollard Road, N202014
7261Loring Road, N202014
7262Loring Road, N202014
7263Loring Road, N202014
7264Loring Road, N202014
7265Loring Road, N202014
7266Loring Road, N202014
7267Loring Road, N202014
7268Loring Road, N202014
7269Cromwell Road, Muswelll Hill, N102003
7270Colney Hatch Lane2004
7272Palmsville Garage2001
7273Palmsville Garage2000
7274The Rising Sun, 280 Oakleigh Road North2002
7275Colney Hatch Lane2000
7276Colney Hatch Lane2003
7278Colney Hatch Lane2000
7279High Road,, Whetstone2014
7280Colney Hatch Lane2000
7281Colney Hatch Lane2000
7282Colney Hatch Lane2000
7283Colney Hatch Lane2000
7284Oakleigh Road North2014
7285Friary Park2010
7286Kendal Close, N202014
7287Loring Road, N202014
7288Colney Hatch Lane2002
7289Colney Hatch Lane2002
7290Colney Hatch Lane2002
7291Oakleigh Mews, N202004
7292Oakleigh Mews2004
7293Oakleigh Park South2014
7294Oakleigh Park South2014
7295Pembroke Mews, N102005
7296Pembroke Mews, N102005
7297South Friern Library, Colney Hatch Lane2001
7298Cyril Wilds1952
7299Trounson & Knight1952
7301Totteridge & Whetstone Station2014
7302The Grange, N202001
7304Colney Hatch Lane2002
7306Summers Lane2014
7307Myddelton Park, N202014
7308Myddelton Park, N202014
7309Myddelton Park, N202014
7310Myddelton Park, N202014
7311Myddelton Park2014
7312Myddelton Park2014
7314Myddelton Park2014
7315Summers Lane2014
7317Lee Street, New Southgate 1965
7318Lee Street, New Southgate 1973
7319Woodhouse Road, N122000
7320Woodhouse Road, N122000
7321Queens Avenue, N202014
7322Colney Hatch Lane2002
7323Friern Barnet Road2014
7324Athanaeum Road, N202001
7325Rasper Road, N202002
7326Park Way, N202002
7327Church Way, N202001
7328Myddelton Park2014
7329Friern Barnet Lane, N112014
7330Friern Barnet Lane, N112014
7331Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7332Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7333Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7334Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7335Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7336Colney Hatch Lane2005
7337Colney Hatch Lane2014
7338Manor Drive, N202014
7339Manor Drive, N202000
7340Colney Hatch Lane2014
7341Colney Hatch Lane2000
7342The Royal Oak, 143 Sydney Road N102000
7343Friern Barnet Boys Club football team1949
7344Friern Barnet Boys Club camping at Winborne1949
7345Friern Barnet Boys Club camping at Winborne1949
7346Holly Park Senior School football team 1948/491949
7347Woodhouse Road, N121991
7348Buckingham Avenue, N202014
7349Buckingham Avenue, N202014
7350Temple Avenue, N202014
7352Woodhouse Road, N121993
7354Woodhouse Road, N121993
7355Woodhouse Road, N122014
7356Oakleigh Road North2014
7357Oakleigh Road North2014
7358Oakleigh Road North2003
7359Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7360Ballards Lane1991
7361Ballards Lane1991
7362High Road, North Finchley2014
7363High Road, North Finchley1992
7364High Road, North Finchley1992
7365High Road, North Finchley1992
7366High Road, North Finchley1991
7367High Road, North Finchley2014
7368B & Q, Whetstone2014
7369High Road, Whetstone1991
7370High Road, Whetstone1968
7371High Road, Whetstone2001
7372High Road, Whetstone2002
7373Buckingham Avenue, N202014
7374Colney Hatch Lane2001
7375Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill, N101984
7376Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N101984
7377Cromwell Road,Muswell Hill N101984
7378Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102003
7379Cromwell Road, Muswell Hill N102004
7381Finchley Memorial Hospital1983
7382Alexandra Road, N102000
7383Friern Barnet Lane, N202014
7384Friern Barnet Road2014
7385Friern Watch Dairy Farm1920
7387Wm Goodyear1920
7389McLaren & Cox1920
7390Oakleigh Recreation Ground1990
7391Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road N102000
7392All Saints' School1996
7393Hampden Road, N101984
7395Friern Watch Avenue2014
7396Hopkins Close, N102006
7397Hopkins Close, N102000
7398Horsham Avenue2000
7399Ireton Close, N102000
7400Colney Hatch Lane2003
7402Colney Hatch Lane2004
7403Nether Street2014
7405Oakleigh Road South2014
7406Pond Close, N122002
7407Pond Close, N122002
7408Pond Close, N122002
7409St James Close2014
7410Raleigh Drive, N202014
7412Rasper Road, N202004
7413Rasper Road, N202004
7414Rasper Road, N202004
7416Temple Avenue, N202014
7417Temple Avenue, N202014
7418Colney Hatch Lane1988
7419The Triumph, Summers Lane2004
7420The Triumph, Summers Lane2004
7421Wilton Road, N102002
7423Alexandra Road1988
7425North Middlesex Golf Club2014
7426High Road, Whetstone2014
7427127 Holden Road, Woodside Park2014
7428Brook Meadow, Woodside Park2014
7429Claire Court, Woodside Park2014
7430Finchley Catholic High School, Woodside Park2014
7431Guild own Avenue, Woodside Park2014
7432Holden Road, Woodside Park2014
7433Holden Road, Woodside Park2014
7434Holden Road, Woodside Park2014
7435Woodside Lane, Woodside Park2014
7436Woodside Grange/Woodside Park2014
7437Laurel View, Woodside Park2014
7438North Londoon Hospice, Woodside Avenue2014
7439Woodside Grove, Woodside Park2014
7440Woodside Grange, Whetstone2014
7441St James Church, Friern Barnet Lane1930
7442Friars Avenue, N202014
7443Friars Avenue, N202014
7444Woodhouse Road, N122014
7445Oakleigh Road North2014
7446Oakleigh Road North2014
7447Ballards Lane2014
7448High Road, North Finchley2014
7449High Road, North Finchley2014
7450High Road, North Finchley2014
7451High Road, North Finchley2014
7452High Road, North Finchley2014
7453High Road, North Finchley2014
7454Alexanda Arms, Cromwell Road, N102001
7455Alexanda Arms, Cromwell Road, N102000
7457Alexandra Road, N102000
7458Alexandra Road, N102002
7459Alexandra Road, N102000
7460Nether Street2014
7461Raleigh Drive, N202014
7462High Road, North Finchley2015
7463High Road, North Finchley2014
7465High Road, North Finchley2014
7466High Road,, Whetstone2014
7467High Road,, Whetstone2014
7468All Saints' Church, Oakleigh Road North2014
7471Bawtry Road, N202014
7472Church Crescent, N202014
7474Friern Bridge Retail Park2014
7475Denham Road, N202014
7477Denham Road, N202014
7478Holly Park school1940
7480Whetstone Close, N202014
7481The Triumph2014
7482High Road, North Finchley1974
7483High Road, North Finchley1910
7484Russell Road, N202014
7485Miles Way, N202014
7486Manor Drive, N202014
7487Raleigh Drive, N202014
7488Irvine Close, N202014
7489Holly Park school1941
7490Sweets Way, N201990
7491Sweets Way, N201990
7492Invoice (Perry's)1986
7493Invoice (Perry's)1983
7495Invoice (Perry's)1989
7496Invoice (Henlys)1992
7499Invoice (Halls of Finchley)1979
7500Invoice (Lindasy Brothers)1973
7501Invoice (Venture Cars)1965
7502Nether Street2014
7503High Road, North Finchley2015
7504Friars Avenue, N202014
7505Oakleigh Road North2015
7506High Road, North Finchley2015
7507High Road, North Finchley2015
7508High Road, North Finchley2015
7510Bethune Park2015
7511Denham Road, N202014
7512Oakleigh Road North2014
7513High Road, North Finchley1914
7515Holly Park School1944
7516Holly Park School1944
7520High Road, North Finchley1907
7521Alexandra Palace Centenary poster1975
7522Sweets Way in 19901990
7523Sweets Way, N201990
7524Ramsden Road1953
7525Ramsden Road1953
7526Ramsden Road1953
7532Charles Sparrow1926
7533Harry Norris1926
7534Maclaret Close, N202015
7535Maclaret Close, N201968
7538M B Gandy1926
7539C Fairey 1926
7540Dell & Giles1926
7541York Arms, 310 Oakleigh Road North2015
7543Well Grove, N202015
7544Well Grove, N202015
7548Well Grove, N202015
7549York Way, N202015
7550Woodhouse Road, N122011
7551Oakleigh Road North1996
7552Friern Barnet Road2001
7553Friern Barnet Road, N112001
7555STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1930
7556STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)1944
7557High Road,, Whetstone2015
7558Whetstone Audi2015
7560High Road,, Whetstone2015
7561High Road,, Whetstone2001
7562High Road,, Whetstone2015
7563High Road,, Whetstone2015
7564High Road,, Whetstone2015
7565High Road,, Whetstone2015
7567Wortham Blake1955
7569Myddelton Park2013
7570Loring Road, N202013
7571Well Grove, N202015
7572Oakleigh Road South2015
7573Oakleigh Road South2015
7574Russell Lane, N202015
7575A1 Storage2000
7576Allied Irish Bank2000
7579K G Bowman1979
7580Brian Plen1988
7581Bridge Nursery2000
7583Capital Cleaners1988
7584Capital Glass & Glazing2000
7585Car Radio Services1979
7586Chix Chox1988
7589Curry Royal1979
7590Curry Royal1988
7591Cyprus Popular Bank2000
7594Finchley Coaches1979
7597J J Motors2000
7598Kall Kwik1988
7600W E & G Lawrence2000
7601Lindsay Brothers1979
7602MacIntyre Hudson1988
7604Mayfair Flowers1988
7607Murray & Co2000
7608North London Hospice2000
7609Owen Owen1979
7611A Proto1979
7612Robin Edwards Travel1979
7613Rosalind Denise1979
7614Seaton Jewellers1979
7615Seaton Jewellers1988
7616C K Shah2000
7617Shop & Office Systems2000
7618Stewart K Riddick1988
7619Sturt & Tivendale1988
7620Sturt & Tivendale1979
7621Sue Starr2000
7622Tally Ho Pets1979
7623Thorne Printing2000
7624Three Horseshoes2000
7625Teff & Decker1979
7626Loring Road, N201988
7627Loring Road, N202010
7629Friern Barnet Road, N111935
7630Friern Barnet Town Hall1944
7631Incognito Theatre2015
7632High Road, Whetstone2015
7633Highview Gardens, New Southgate1960
7634High Road, North Finchley2015
7635High Road, North Finchley2015
7639Well Grove, N202015
7641Maclaret Close, N202015
7643Lower Park Road, New Southgate2015
7644Lower Park Road, New Southgate2015
7647Friern Barnet Road2015
7648Friern Barnet Lane, N112015
7651Friern Barnet Lane, N112015
7652Friern Barnet Lane, N11