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Friern Barnet Photo Archive

Finchley County Grammar School
The Friern Barnet Photo Archive
Finchley County Grammar School

Photograph taken in April 1962
Picture added on 23 September 2009 at 11:22
I am in the above picture, as is my friend Hilary Parnell (nee Perkins). I would be interested to hear from any others who recognise themselves!
Added by Roger Ellen on 03 November 2009
I am directly behind Mr Povah and Mr McNelly, Beside me to the right is Barry Dannenberg then Richard Beale. I am Robert Shade. I recognize several others. The photo is only a third of the actual width. I remember Mr Povah checking the composition of his school from the photographer's position. In his haste to get to his seat his gown which had become entangled with one of the camera tripod legs very nearly upended the panoramic scan camera and caused a partial sensation. Pure pantomime! I have an original copy here in New Zealand although the rats got to it one time and several of the teachers met an untimely demise.
Added by Robert Shade on 16 March 2010
I think I must have been in the original somewhere. I'm afraid my copy is now lost. I remember Roger Ellen very well.
Added by Chris Shelley on 26 January 2011
Having had another look I think I recognise Richard Wrigley, 4th from the left in the back row. His sister married my brother which doesn't make him my brother-in-law!
Added by Chris Shelley on 26 January 2011
I would love to see the original.
I was in Year 5 in 1962, but cannot see me in the picture.
ROBERT SHADE if you have a copy of the original could you please send it to me.
Thank you
Added by Marilyn Goldman on 20 March 2011
To who it may concern, I have a mint condition silver and enamel watch fob with FINCHLEY COUNTY SCHOOL on the front. It is hall marked. I also have an identical one which is of a silver coloured metal. I believe they were from the year the school was founded in 1903. Please contact if you are interested.
Added by Cy Vowls. on 21 May 2012
I was present in 1962 as a fourth year (Helen Bell) when this photograph was taken but I was in the missing left hand section (which is in this archive as picture no 1350). In the back row of this middle section of the picture, I recognise Richard Wigley (4th from left), John Gregory (8th from right); Robert White (who was to become Head Boy) - 11th from right; next to hime is Roy Bentley (11th from left). It may possibly be David Eckett at 9th from the left. This must have been the last school photo including Mr Eldridge, our inspirational Geography master, who passed away just before our class took our Geography O Levels in 1963. I have an original copy of this photograph as well as the 1965 version where we were all Prefects in the same row as the teaching staff.
Added by Helen Burrage on 22 July 2012
There is a full copy on the FCS website. Remember all of you! Long time ago now!
Added by Roger Ellen on 23 July 2012
Well, what do you know... there I am slap bang in the middle, second row down just to the right of the fold in the photo! Jennifer Musk is on my right, Judith Dowse on my left. I still have my copy of the original.
Added by Maureen Murphree (nee Cullen) on 08 November 2013
When I first looked at this picture I thought that it was the same one that I have (all 88cm of it!), but then I realised that my photo is dated ""1953, Coronation year"" But of course I did recognise Mr. Povah and several other teachers. I would love to hear any others from my time at FCS
Added by Graham Rowe on 09 November 2013
Mr Povah must have been there since Adam was in short pants!
Added by Maureen Murphree (nee Cullen) on 14 November 2013
I was at this school from 1955 until 1959. I'd love to hear from anyone who was at school, especially Carole Franklin and Gail Purnell.
Added by Christine Welsh (nee Welsher) on 27 May 2014
Yes, I am in this photo too, the second row back behind Mrs Gabe and Mr Eldridge. Just returned home from attending a brilliant Re-Union, even though there were only six from my year there. Will make a really big effort to contact more from our year to attend the next one. Thank you Ian Smith for organising today.
Added by Joy Grahame (nee Blair) on 13 September 2014
That should read Ian Thomas and not Ian Smith - bad 'Senior Moment'!!
Added by Joy Grahame (nee Blair) on 15 September 2014
does anyone know the whereabouts of Gail Fromson who was a pupil at the school from 1957 until 1962/3?
Added by Roger Vyvyan on 14 April 2016
Gail was in my class Roger (I remember you too), she started in 1958 and left in 1963. I also went to primary school with her. I did see her once, when I was visiting UK in the early 70's but haven't heard anything about her since.

Added by Maureen Murphree (nee Cullen) on 14 April 2016
Thank you, Maureen for your feedback. Gail and I remained friends up until 1975/6 but since then we have lost touch and I have been trying to locate her for a number of years now. If anyone else has any information, do please contact me
Added by Roger Vyvyan on 14 April 2016
hello Christine, we were in the same form at school and I certainly remember both Carole (I met her in 1968 at Sadlers Wells) and Gail. If my memory Serves me right Gail emigrated to either Australia or New Zealand. Where are you living now,? I am now in Kent ROGER
Added by Roger Vyvyan on 14 April 2016
Hello, Roger. I remember your name but I can't place your face. I don't know if Gail emigrated but I do know that Gillian Collins did. She was one of the £10 poms who went to Australia. I now live in Aylesbury, Bucks. Good to hear from you!
Added by Christine Welsh (nee Welsher) on 17 April 2016
Hi, I'm in the photo top row, 4th in from the right.
Added by Brian Messenger on 01 July 2018
Hello Brian
Did you used to live in Court House Road, near the dip in the road. I lived nearly opposite, but was about 5 years behind you.

Added by Mike steed on 13 December 2018
hi Mike, I did indeed, at number 38,
rgds Brian
Added by Brian Messenger on 15 December 2018
I am looking to reconnect with Barry Danneberg
Added by Anita Stark - Shkedi on 02 November 2020
I am looking to reconnect with Richard Cassese or anyone else who knew me
Added by Brian Messenger on 23 December 2020
For Maureen Murphree (nee Cullen) although I went Woodhouse GS we might have been in the same year at Northside PS along with Gail Fromson. 1957/58 Can you get in touch please?
Added by David Field on 10 February 2021
I have a copy of the original photo. There is much missing from this "Cropped" version. Including me! and most of the sixth form on the far left of the original. New Robert Shade well we played Jazz music together. He was very versatile on bass, flute and others I was on guitar and occasionally clarinet
Added by JIm Bennett on 08 September 2021
I played clarinet as well Jim. Performed Mozart's Clarinet Concerto at some school function in the hall. My Dad accompanied me.
Added by Chris Shelley on 29 June 2022
Hey Brian, How're you doing? Remember, we used to play soccer in the playground with a tennis ball. You used to run everybody ragged. When lessons recommenced we would return totally shattered and dripping with sweat and seriously overheating. Must have been shocking for the girls and the teachers. And Jim, you made lovely music, were way beyond me musically and loved Chet Atkins I believe. Remember once playing at a Hampstead Saturday night party...we played our hearts out and all the drinks and food went down other peoples throats, nobody offered they just wanted more music. Such is life.
And Anita I will forward your email to Barry except that your email is incomplete. Please forward it to me and I shall let Barry know.
cheers to all
Added by Robert Rudolf Thomas Shade on 01 July 2022
hi Bob, great to hear from you. we also used to play snooker at lunchtimes I seem to remember. I'm good except for my knees. how are you doing these days?
Added by Brian Messenger on 14 July 2022
Richard Wrigley, who was in my year, died recently. Sadly he had been badly affected with dementia and been in care for some years. He was a clever chap at school and a fine runner....very athletic. He spent many years in Japan where he married and had children.
Added by Chris Shelley on 15 July 2022
Hi Bob (Shade). Good to her from you. I remember the party in Hampstead it was in Bishops Avenue in one of the millionaires' mansions. I stil have some old recordings of us all playing. Transferred from Reel to Reel tape recorder to CD. You on Flute and double bass. If you are at all intersted I could try to send you a copy somehow. You are right about Chet Atkins. Current favourite
Guitarist is Martin Taylor.
Added by James Bennett on 15 July 2022
Hi Bob, I'm doing ok except for my knees thanks. How are you these days..I remember you and I enjoying playing snooker some lunchtimes as well as kicking the tennis ball around the playground!m
Added by Brian Messenger on 15 July 2022
Sorry to hear about the knees, Brian. I guess with the vigorous soccer treatment they got when you were young it was perhaps to be expected in increasing age. Cycling and tennis are my present activities. Nelson, New Zealand, where I live, has a brilliant climate ideal for outdoor activities. Are you still in Finchley? And Jim, just listened to Martin Taylor and very good he is. Will follow him on You tube. Sounds like a North Londoner.
Added by Robert (Bob) Shade on 16 July 2022
Hi Bob, yes sport and Kamikaze driver years ago. Tennis was an enjoyable activity when I lived in Atlanta for 5 years and then when we moved back to UK. I live in Norfolk now. I was lucky enough to travel to NZ on business in the 90's based in Auckland but drove down to Rotarua and saw some great scenery on the way. Better not mention the rugby just now! :-) But have always been a great fan of NZ.
Added by Brian Messenger on 17 July 2022
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