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Hillside School
The Friern Barnet Photo Archive
Hillside School

Postcard of Hillside Secondary Modern School in Summers Lane, N12, taken around 1968.
The school still exists but is now called Compton School but has lost some of its original surrounding playing fields
Picture added on 26 August 2013 at 22:29
It was such a lovely School
Added by Corinne Davis nee Selig on 11 May 2014
This picture brings back so many memories
Added by David Tyler on 30 March 2016
Great school, great mates and good teachers though we did not always appreciate them at the time. 1958 to 1963
Added by Lou Knapman on 05 July 2016
Attended 1954-59
Wonderful memories. Won the 80yds hurdles running along a track on the grass in front of the school building. I remember Jeff Travis was second.
Added by MR D C STYMAN on 07 October 2016
I attended this school from Sep 1961 to Dec 1965 and have a copy of this postcard dated 1958 which l belive was when it first opened.
Added by Catherine on 26 May 2017
Hillside opened its doors in 1956, and I was there from from 1960 - 1964. If you walk past the school now, you will see that the playing fields have gone and have been built on either by a housing estate or extra school buildings.
Added by Helen Hooper on 13 June 2017
Looking back this was the worst school that you could ever attend and a testament to all that was wrong and still wrong with our educational system. I remember being knocked out by a PT teacher and having blackboard rubbers thrown by a Maths teacher breaking children's noses. The lower streams were consigned to the dust bin. I also remember mass fights at the gate with other local schools, this all happened without any intervention from teachers, who had no training whatsoever, many recruited from the armed services after the war. The career teachers advice to all the boys in our class was to get a job at the local wood yard.
Added by David furness on 07 February 2018
I attended Hillside 1960 to 65 still live local and vist the council tip adjacent to the school, although I left with 2 RSAs due to me, not the school. Looking back it was a good school which gave me a good basic education, went on the be a chartered engineer.
Added by Peter coles on 26 May 2018
Attended from 58-62, was in Frobeshire house. Mr Stack was evil Maths teacher. Mr Moore the PE teacher. I was good at sport. Mr Branker was the music teacher. Mr Woolley was head teacher.
Added by Keith Beadle on 17 December 2018
It was Mr Moore who was an abuser and Stack who broke children's noses - what a good school that was

Added by David furness on 18 December 2018
Remember Stack but that was balanced out by Sanders English, Pierce PE and Evans Chemistry, Guy Science yes remember the bundles well interesting trying to get the full length of Summers Lane at times
Added by David Tyler on 20 December 2018
I totally disagree with David Furness comments, yes Mr Moore did give us the slipper for bad behaved but don't forget that the deputy head Mr Weeded also used the cane. But that was normal in the early 60’s. Nobody ever got their nose broken. There were some bad children including those who were in real trouble with the police and were often away on remand. If you took the opertunity that was offered then it was a good school, perhaps Mr Furness did not take this opertunity. A number of people did. One from my class became head of the Royall Mail for south west England, I became a chartered civil engineer
Added by Peter coles on 20 December 2018
Hi just seen this post. I was at Hillside and remember those teachers, especially Mr Branker who we referred to as Acka Branker and his Paramount W***ers. It was good fun and enjoyable we went from Pat Boone to the Rolling Stones within a few years. Remember Mr Green Chemistry Miss/Mrs Mould Biology and then Miss Komodromou also Biology. Yes it was rough but you soon learnt how to get by. I went from 1959 to 1966 and I remember Peter Coles and also Martin Turner the head post master

Added by Bruce Rosengarten on 12 January 2019
I attended from Sept 61 to Dec 1965 and hated every day. It was a total waste of time, the teachers were disinterested and unable to maintain control in the classroom. The curriculum was designed to fit us for the jobs they expected us to do e.g menial, unskilled and dead-end. As a girl in the B stream it was double domestic science, double needlework, double games, P.E and Art. A woman came in with a baby doll to teach the C stream girls how to bath it and change a nappy. There was no career advice, no opportunity to sit exams unless you were in the A stream, l only remember 2 girls being in the A class they were expected to go on to teacher training or nursing the rest of us were expected to mark time until we married and became housewives and mothers.

I went to evening glasses to get GCSEs and "A" levels before going to university as a mature student. However If only l had had a decent basic education l could have got there a lot sooner and taken my career to a higher level.
Added by Carole on 13 January 2019
Hello Peter, I like Carole were offered very little in the way of opportunities. My career advice was to work at the local wood yard. I had to attend evening classes and went on in later life to gain a degree and a very successful career in the police force and the Home Office. My regret is that this school did not attempt to help the majority of pupils reach their potential and that is a terrible indictment
Added by David furness on 14 January 2019
Remember times were different, discipline was the order of the day. I too obtained a degree as a mature student and went on to a very successful career in Engineering and Senior management. Did Hillside give me standards? Yes I believe it did
Added by David Tyler on 14 January 2019
I will not go any further on this debate other than to say it would appear that many of us went on and made a success of our lives. We were lucky, the majority did not. I cannot recall any student in my year that went directly to university. There was such a lack of ambition and motivation at this school. It failed so many and left scars on others lives. Times may be different but it does not make them right.
Added by David furness on 14 January 2019
My last comments on this subject, looks like we all have different memories of Hillside. This was a secondary school for those that failed the 11 plus and therefore assessed as not academically bright. During my time 1960 to 1965 out of 6 classes in my year, I took O levels, one took RSa's and the other 4 classes did not take any exams at all. We all left at either 15 or 16years. a small number from the top class did transfer to Woodhouse to do A levels so nobody could go to university direct. At most people left school at 16, including those that went to a grammar school, only about 10 percent went to university. With regard to the comment that the majority did not make a success of our lives, who knows that?. I am still in touch with 2 of my class mates, they did not proceed with any further education after Hillside but made very successful lives. Further education does not necessary equate to a successful life. My Last contribution. Over and out
Added by Peter Coles, Class 5exr 1965 on 16 January 2019
Hillside was great for the lovely girls Linda Bronze, Vicky Irrington and the gorgeous Tine Pearce...,, where are they now ? 1968 was a great year ..., Mr Saxton Art teacher really great guy and influenced me a lot... fond memories
Added by Joe Wallace on 15 February 2019
Does anyone remember me Joe Wallace, fastest 100 yards sprinter in every year from 1965 to 1969 and the first ‘hippie’ at Hillside..., fond memories indeed
Added by Joe Wallace on 15 February 2019
I was in Hillside early 60's we had classes with no space 35 to a class every Wednesday we had to make our way to another school which was empty as there was no room at Hillside we were never offered the opportunity to take any exams just heaved out at 16
Added by John M Edwards on 17 February 2019
The other school was Northside. I remember Empire day when we hoisted Swastika flag on flagpole. There was uproar. Purchased from a junk shop near Whetstone I think. We weren’t snowflakes then.
Added by Lou knapman on 18 February 2019
I remember you Joe and your athletic triumphs. Cannot remember the girls you mentioned tho. I was in Mr Wrights class and later in.
Ms Frobishers.
Added by David Hutchings on 09 April 2019
I agree with the comments about B streamers and the careers info was useless, mainly consisted of outdated leaflets. i was there 67 to 72 and was glad to leave
Added by Terry Gauld on 20 April 2019
I have to agree with David Tyler. The education and discipline gave us a firm start into our careers and future life. Loved all the teachers he mentioned. Also Mrs.Croyle and Mr Jobson and of course the headmaster and Mrs Theodosin.
Added by Wendy Marshall on 14 May 2019
1961-65 1B1. I have positive memories of Mr ("use voice projection laddie") Saunders, Mr basketball (being in the school team was great) Jobson, the gorgeous Mrs Cox pottery I think, not so of Mr (beating a boy with a slipper till he screamed & cried in pain) Pierce, the so boring ("Be quiet") welsh history master, Mr Dagle music & RI, Mr (mortar board & gown head) Wooley. Ah yes it's all flooding back. Was it really 54 years ago?
Added by Geoffrey Clark on 16 September 2019
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