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Friern Barnet Photo Archive

Garfield Road School
The Friern Barnet Photo Archive
Garfield Road School

Main entrance of building to junior side. The high wall on the right surrounds the yard at the back of the police station. on the corner of Garfield Road.
Picture added on 21 September 2009 at 12:02
I am tracing my family tree, and my great grandfather Geoffrey Thompson was born in New Southgate 1882, just wondered if he might have gone to this school. Do you have records?
Added by Mrs Sonia Williams on 22 August 2010
I remember that school so well, going into the school hall in 1945 because of air raid warnings. The siren was mounted on the police station next door so when it went off it was a bit scary for a six year old
Added by Anthony Brooks on 23 November 2012
I also remember that school so well, going into the school in 1960,I had a cane for stepping over the white line,my Grandmother and my mother and my Brother & my Sister went to this school,I was so upset when they pulled it down.
Added by Peter Martin on 07 August 2013
I was probably abouth 5 when I first started my education at this school in the early 1950's
Added by Clifford John South on 13 August 2013
For Clifford South
You lived opposite me and John Lewington in Upper Park Rd up until 1964, and I traced you to living on the coast - Hastings? You are very welcome to join several other Upper Park members of our annual Garfield School Reunion - Terry McCullough, one of your closest neighbours, John Lewington, Mike Burton and Ken Dunham. You lived next door to Alan Dean. Good luck.
Added by Peter Turner on 06 October 2014
Anyone remember the piano teacher in Garfield in the 50s, only I found a postcard with a name of Greene on it from no 12 Garfield Rd and was told she was the teacher. Good luck from Jim
Added by Jim on 08 March 2015
Inremember Alan Dean who lived in Upper Park Road. We went to Arnos Park to play in the summer holidays and he fell in the Brook that still flows through the park It was a hot summers day and we had to walk around the park untill he dried out otherwise we would have all copped it from his mum.
Added by Tony Brooks on 08 March 2015
For Tony Brooks - Alan Dean lived opposite me and Mike Burton in Upper Park Rd from 1948-1964, and there are other close neigbours, Ken Dunham and Terry McCullough, in our mid 1950s Garfield School Reunion group still holding annual reunions at the Conservative Club, so get in touch via this website if you want to contact Alan's friends. Alan went on to be a docker, and his father was a park keeper, I think. Ken had a link to talk to Alan but got no reply. Good luck.
Added by Peter Turner on 09 March 2015
I went to this school from 1958 to 1961. Our teacher was a bit of a monster and a slap with the ruler was quite frequent if you didn't listen.
Added by Lynn Shaw nee Kent on 30 April 2015
Garfield Road school features in a Memories publication on New Southgate by Colin Marr and from this Local History Society, and a new Memories book entirely on the school will be available from the society, or by attending the 6th annual school reunion on May 23 at the local Conservative Social Club, Noon to 4.30
Added by Peter Turner on 02 May 2015
My Grandmother went to this school in the 30's, Joyce Brown
Added by Ally on 07 July 2015
Both my sisters and I attended Garfield Road School. As did our Dad and his siblings. I started there in 1955, attending the nursery. Mrs Philips was the teacher in the nursery and the assistants was named Jean. We all had our own coat pegs, mine was a picture of a kite!
Added by Judith cooper (nee Davies) on 15 November 2015
Lived in the High Street New Southgate in the 60's and went to Garfield school. Good memories. Mr Bone was class master then became Headmaster after Mrs Philips retired, then Mr Morgan took over the class, with his white plimsoll ready to dish out the discipline.
Added by Gordon Cameron on 05 September 2016
I went to this school in 1951, but had a road accident which kept me off for a year. When I went back in 1953 all my friends had made new friends and I can't remember any of their names now. I lived in Arnos Grove Court, The Lymes Avenue.
Added by Sandra Compton on 03 March 2018
Hello Sandra - we have an annual reunion of Garfield scholars from 1935 to about 1974 when it moved to Springfield Road, Next one is 12 May 2018 at the Conservative Social Club on the 1st floor, from Noon to late afternoon, free entry and food, displays, photos, books of memories, street tour, short film, club bar open, about 60 people there from the 40s to 70s. Contact me on 01782 551849 for more information, or email - peter.len.turner@gmail.com.
Added by Peter Turner on 06 March 2018
I would love to be there, however I live in Hythe on the South Coast, but have plan as my sons all live in Beckenham and it would be a simple South Eastern Train and the tube to Arnos Grove.
Added by Tony Brooks on 07 March 2018
I was here between 1958 and 1961, still in contact with Linda Lawrence who lived up the road from me in Springfield Road. Another good friend was Jennifer Lane, she also lived in the same road. If anyone is still in contact with Jennifer or her sister Angela please let me know.
Added by Lynn Shaw (nee Kent) on 07 March 2018
Sandra - I will copy your message onto our monthly update to 120 members for publicity. We also sell five books of memories and another one next year all about 60 pages and about £5. This year's is about Events, with about half on World Wars. If you send me your email address, it can go on our mailing list for monthly updates
Peter - peter.len.turner@gmail.com
Added by Peter Turner on 08 March 2018
Someone mentioned the Piano Teacher in the fifties. I think it was Miss Vincent. She ran the top class in the school. Very strict but she encouraged me to join the choir and was actually quite funny. Does anyone know of Colin Smith would have been there in 1947 to 1951 ish . He was a brilliant kid. Good at everything Football, Singing, Art, Maths,writing. But he had a car accident very seriously injured but recovered, I took his job as leading choir boy at St Pauls church.
Added by Tony Brooks on 08 March 2018
Tony - you will be very welcome. We sell books of memories and photos for about £5 - the 5th one due at the May 12th reunion with another one in 2019. To go on our mailing list, send your email address to me at peter.len.turner@gmail.com Hope to see you on May 12th
Added by Peter Turner on 08 March 2018
Hello Lynn, Linda, Jennifer and Angela,
You are all welcome to our reunion or buy our books of memories for about £5, with one just on the school, six in all by 2019. This year it is on Events with 50% on World War 1 and 2. Send al our email addresses if you want to go on our mailing list for updates and newes, the best way to find old friends. Send to - peter.len.turner@gmail.com. Good luck, Peter
Added by Peter Turner on 08 March 2018
The Mmories books are about £5 each plus postage unless purchased at a reunion. One of them is just about the school with emails from pupils, photos and maps of the school layout, teachers and events.
Added by Peter Turner on 08 March 2018
Reunion Day 12th May for all New Southgate Schools,, or former Local Football Teams of the pasts years or Just those that lived or worked locally who would like a get together you are all very welcome. just turn up ,starts at noon ends when ever at the Con club the High Rd N11 01782 832 535 till the 10th then I will be on 0751 625 0550 Bye and have a safe Journey
Added by Jim on 05 May 2018
The name Colin Marr rings faint bells. I seem to think he ran a youth club in the vicarage Woodland Road which we attended, hot jam rolls half way through. Or are the grey cells fooling me? I’m trying to recall the ground plan. Sadly can’t remember any names of my time at the school
1940 circa 46
Added by David Risley on 08 June 2019
Well David,Colin Marr is the man who compiled the first book of New Southgate Memories in 2010 and contributed a lot to the later volumes.y6
Added by Peter Turner on 08 June 2019
My memory recalls Miss Punchard in the corner with the iron stove. China inkwells and real slates. Cutting plasterboard with passé-part out to make table decorations or something’s Miss Nickling music and, of course Miss York, head mistress with the “earphone” style hair do. Lots coming back now. My own mother always said she was head mistress when she went there. I can also recall the nature//curio case. Puffer fish, a few fossils, pine cone and sea shells.
Added by David Risley on 09 June 2019
I went to this school from 63 to 69, such happy memories. I lived in Woodland Road, so sad school is no longer there!
Added by Gary West on 08 November 2019
For Gary West - We have many memories of the school and its building layout in a book published by this local history society - Memories of Garfield Road School. Also, there is an annual reunion at the Conservative Club just a few yards from Garfield Road. You would be very welcome - free to attend and free refreshments - Sat May 16th 2020 from Noon to late afternoon. Good luck, Peter Turner
Added by Peter Turner on 10 November 2019
David Risley you have reminded me of Miss Punchard but for the life of me I can’t remember what she looked like!

Added by Gail Davies on 16 March 2020
I attended Garfield Road during the late 50's with my sister Anne. We lived at 141 High Road (next to Mr Snell? the vet) with my Nan Daisy Lane. Jenny and Angela Lane are my cousins. We migrated to Australia in 1961. Does anyone remember us?
Added by Joan Reynolds Nee Kirby on 11 April 2020
Lynn shaw nee Kent. My name is Jennifer Holland nee Lane and my sister is Angela Ryder nee Lane. Also we have a brother Glynn. My sister and I remember Linda Lawrence. She had a brother named David if u remember. We used to live at 82 Springfield Road. We moved in 1965. Please if you remember us. Get in contact. I now live in Harlow Essex.
Added by Jennifer Holland nee Lane on 11 April 2020
I attended Garfield from 1952 to 1958. My name was Anne Kirby. I now live in Australia.
Added by Anne Hamilton on 01 June 2020
I remember the piano teacher, she was related to me by my grandmother Daisy Smith I think. Anne Hamilton nee Kirby
Added by Anne Hamilton on 01 June 2020
Hi. Jim. My name is Jenny Holland, nee Lane. I Remember Mrs Green. She lived opposite Garfield School. She was a piano teacher. She had a daughter called Elizabeth if I remember. Mrs Green was a short lady with glasses propped on the end of her nose, and her hair was always in a bun.
Added by Jenny Holland on 01 June 2020
thanks for getting back re Mrs Green. Sorry we did not have the reunions this year but roll on next year we can have a right old get together. Garfield School and all the local football teams of the past years Keep well and safe. Bye, Jim
Added by Jim on 02 June 2020
Mrs Green's daughter or daughter-in-law was Peggy. Mrs Green's grand daughter was Victoria (Vicki)
Added by Anne Hamilton on 03 June 2020
I remember Mrs Green although I was never allowed to have piano lessons. I would have loved that.
Added by Gail Davies (nee Jenkins) on 04 June 2020
My mum Betty Barke attended this school, she was born in 1935 so I think she would have been there in the early 1940's. She had a younger brother John.
Added by Caroline Elkerton on 09 July 2020
i went to school with Anne Kirby and remember the family emigrating
Added by PATRICIA POWELL nee sindall on 26 July 2020
Hi Patricia, l remember you too
Added by Anne Hamilton nee Kirby on 26 July 2020
were you related to Jack Kirby (RIP)? He used to drink in the Star and the Beehive years ago.
Added by Jim on 27 July 2020
Hi Jim, not that I know off. Big family though.
Added by Anne Hamilton nee Kirby on 28 July 2020
I think I may have gone to this school around 69. We moved to Arnos Grove to a council house but I don't think we were there very long. I recall the look of the school and had always thought it was called Highfield but later in life, I remember moving to a house in Garfield Road and having a weird recollection of the name Garfield so maybe I did go to that school. I remember being really scared as I didn't know anyone and when it got to playtime, I hung around in the teacher's classroom. She tried to get me to go out to play, but I was just too scared. I can remember it being a really old building and as soon as I saw this photo, I was pretty sure it was this school.
Added by Maxine Correya on 07 September 2020
Hi when you went in the main gates there was a big imposing arch with a door either side the one on the left was infants and the one on the right for juniors. Toilets right at the back of the playground which not the cleanest and always froze in winter so flushing was impossible some days.

Added by Jennifer Holland nee Lane on 07 September 2020
I went there 50s-60s. I remember Gorden Cameron, you was in my class, Old misery Morgan .
Added by David Deering on 23 October 2020
I was at Garfield circa 1944-49. There were several Anthony's at this time. Tony Wilmore, Tony Hembrow, Tony Barnes, Tony Brooks and me Tony Merryweather.
Added by Anthony Merryweather on 07 December 2020
Yes, I remember Tony Wilmore and Tony Barnes and I think Tony Merryweather, weren't you into Animals and knew lots about nature? You invented a way of triggering a cat scarer to stop them chasing the bird life.

Anonymous comment added on 07 December 2020
I remember the Hembrow family, I went to school with Susan Hembrow. I was Gail Jenkins then
Added by Gail Davies on 07 December 2020
I remember Miss Vincent and Miss Punchard. 2 extremes. Alan Davis and Ernie Merryweather and Jimmy Blyth were my best friends. My sister Joan was friends with Sylvia Talbot
Added by RON THORNE on 05 January 2021
Hi Gail Jenkins are you related to the Smith family? Daisy Lane nee Smith was my grandmother
Added by Anne Hamilton nee Kirby on 05 January 2021
Ernie was my eldest brother, passed away just before Christmas. (COVID).
Added by Anthony Merryweather on 06 January 2021
I lived in Alexandra Rd. Dennis and Rita Green lived next door. Alan Davis lived opposite and Eric Stark up the road. Jean Clark and Joan Newman lived opposite
Added by RON THORNE on 06 January 2021
Anne Hamilton no relation
Added by Gail Davies on 06 January 2021
Ron Thorne I remember Miss Punchard, still trying to recall Miss Vincent
Added by Gail Davies on 06 January 2021
Gail Davies. Miss Vincent was the music teacher. Tall lady. Black hair pulled back. I was in her class with Carol Philips, Elsie Toll, Denis Cripps, Teddy Taverner, Janet Wilson
Added by RON THORNE on 06 January 2021
Tony Merryweather. Sorry to hear of Earnie's passing. Alan and Jimmy passed in 2004 and 2009. My sister Joan says she remembers being in your class
Added by RON THORNE on 06 January 2021
Very interesting reading! I was at Garfield Road from 1947 to 1952. My class teachers were - in order from Jan 1948 to July 1952- Miss Gentry, Miss Punchard, Mr Haywood, Miss Vincent (these last 2..I have fond memories of their lessons, including the Radio in Miss Vincent's classroom) and Miss Etheridge; the headteacher was Miss York. There was an exceptionally smooth drain lid in the playground where we used to have competions with "dabbers" regularly. The hot water in the cloakrooms was so hot it had an individual smell! I recall a few classmates: twins John and Jean Mapleston, Edwin Quelch who lived on Bowes Road, Rosalind Brown, Kemal. Living on Ryhope Road, after 11+ I was the only one from my class to go to East Barnet Grammar. My family moved to North Wales in January 1954 so all my contacts then ceased.
I still have my Grey Report Book from 1948-1950.
Added by Colin Rowlands on 20 January 2021
All these names coming back to me now, Miss Etheridge I remember the name clearly with a vague image in my head
Added by Gail Davies on 22 January 2021
My great great grand parents lived at No 1 Garfield Road I have just been looking at the Census. I never knew about the school. I will have to have a look at the Census to see what it said about the school. Their children probably went to this school. The family name was Millwood. Not sure if anyone knew them.

Added by Paula McNamara on 22 January 2021
I remember Miss Punchard, Miss Etheridge, Mrs Magee? Miss York, Mr Slipper, Miss Phillips I think she became head after Miss York.
Some of the names of class mates, Neil Johnson, Michael Rolls, Dianne Travis, Margaret Jones, Susan Hammersly, Kaniz Ghafur.
Added by Anne Hamilton on 24 January 2021
I remember Mrs Green the piano teacher and although I was tone deaf she had to put up with me and charged 1 shilling and threepence for a lesson. I remember Mr Philips as my teacher in 1951. He was lovely! I lived at 413 Bowes Road.
Added by Ann Symonds nee Wreford on 19 February 2021
Further memories! I went to Garfield from 1951 to 1953. I have lived in Burgess Hill since the sixties but ventured back about three years ago. It was so familiar even then to come up the stairs at Arnos Grove. Then up Bowes Road and see my Victorian house just as I remembered it. Down Cross Road to see Garfield which sadly was no more. The High Street was unfamiliar totally. Long gone the dear old Coop where our Mothers shopped. There was a bric a brac shop I used to press my nose against the window and of course long gone.During my time there our beloved King George died and I remember being very sad at this. On the coronation day we were all presented with a mug commemorating our Queen, Garfield as strong on singing and All on a April Evening was sung and sticks in my mind still. They were hot on learning your times tables and you had to know whatever one they said to learn over a weekend. The children I remember were Angela from The Limes, Janet Dickinson, Jean, Pauline Downer, John Clare, Richard Yeomans. I wonder how their lives worked out. I love being in Sussex which is my home now but remain at heart a North London girl!
Added by Ann Symonds nee Wreford on 22 February 2021
It must have been 1957 to 1960 when I was at Garfield Road school. I remember being picked to play the prince in a school play, but that meant kissing the Princess!! I was too shy and ended up being the narrator! I think I’d be 5! Can’t remember my class or teacher though. Can anyone help me out?.
Added by Peter Willmott on 22 September 2021
I can remember a member of the royal family, I think, drove down the High Road. I remember us school kids standing on the High Road waving flags. Can anyone else remember?
Added by Peter Willmott on 24 September 2021
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