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Friern Barnet Photo Archive

Triumph pub
The Friern Barnet Photo Archive
Triumph pub

"Friern Barnet & New Southgate Shopping Guide 1956"
Picture added on 06 November 2009 at 16:06
Hi, I was very interested to see your advert for the Triumph public house in Summers Lane. My grandfather Harold Pope ran the pub and this was in his family for 3 generations until he retired in December 1986. We have many old pictures of the area if you are interested
Added by Jason Morfett on 07 March 2010
Reading previous comment, I was born in the alley 2 doors away from The Triumph. It was called Summers Row. My Great Great Grandad used to be Landlord before the Pope Family, name of Fairchild.
Added by Gary Nicholas on 08 November 2012
Yes I remember some of the Fairchilds, particularly Mick Fairchield. He has two sons Mark and I think it was Steven. You probably know my mother then Susan?
Added by Jason Morfett on 09 November 2012
Yes I remember your Mum and Dad very well. I used to be a frequent visitor to the pub. Mick Fairchild is my cousin, son of Walter Fairchild. My Grandfather used to own a smallholding at the bottom of Summers Row. It was then taken over by my uncle Jack Fairchild. It was then used as a rags and scrapyard. I think it is built on now.
Added by Gary Nicholas on 12 November 2012
Yes I remember Jack Fairchild as I was growing up.
I remember the allotments over the back before the housing development was built. The Triumph now stands as a shell, such a shame.
Added by Jason Morfett on 13 November 2012
Can anyone remember The Triumph pub's previous name? My family used to run this pub, but cannot find any details of the name under which it used to be. I believe it was changed after a War, denoting the name The Triumph when it was rebuilt.

Added by Gary Nicholas on 13 December 2012
I used to live locally & used the Triumph a lot. I remember Harold Pope & went to school with a Gary Fairchild - a relative the Fairchilds you recall?
BTW - can you remember the elegant barmaid - was her name Mary? - Always looked like she was wearing an evening gown!
Added by Steve Navesey on 18 December 2012
Did she have an irish accent? If it was, yes it was Mary. Harold Pope was my grandad. As for the name of the pub previously, I am sure my mum would know. I will ask her and come back to you all. Jason
Added by Jason Morfett on 20 December 2012
Spoke to my mum and dad today and they told me The Triumph was called the Middlesex Arms. My mum remembered the surname Nicholas but doesn't recollect your Christian name. Maybe they knew your parents What are there names? Maybe you should contact my parents They have got lots of information about the old days
Added by Jason morfett on 25 December 2012
Hi there, my first name is Gary. My dad used to go under the name of Nick. We used to be Public bar drinkers. His best mate was Peter Creek, commonly known as Moulder. Can also confirm The Middlesex Arms
Added by Gary Nicholas on 29 December 2012
My mum wants to know if you lived on the right or left hand side of Summers Row ?
Added by Jason morfett on 01 January 2013
Hi there.We used to live in 2nd house down on left no,2a Dunger Villas.My cousin Mick Fairchild used to live or still does live in same house.We used to know your grandad Harold.Mums name Doris Fairchild.We moved in 1956.Leaving my Nan Edith Fairchild living there.I am led to believe She used to own a sweet shop opposite the Triumph.Long gone.Several cottages were owned by my Grandad.Peter creek used to work in the Triumph under your Grandad Harold.
Added by Gary Nicholas on 02 January 2013
I remember Harold pope had 2 lovely. Al. L. Dogs also remember Susan and Bryan used to drink therei. I live in Thailand I was sad to see pub closed. A. N. D.
Added by L. E. Len nicholas N. on 16 August 2013
Myself & 2or 3 mates used the pub during the late 60s. I am afraid I can not remember the Landlord's name.I know he was red hot @ table football & that at the time he owned a Lotus Cotina much to our envy. We spent many sixpences & happy hours in there trying to beat him.
Added by Jon Watson on 15 September 2013
Thanks for your comment Jon. That would of been my grandad Harold Pope, the landlord of the Triumph he did love his cars
Added by Jason Morfett on 17 September 2013
I also lived at 2a Dunger Villas from 1938 to 1952 Mary and Eric Hummerstone were my parents Gary Nicholas is my cousin. Another cousin Pat Fairchild lived at 3 Summers Row. Both Pat and I knew Susan. When we were children we also knew Harold's mother!
Added by Mary Mortimer on 17 January 2014
My great-great-grandparents were the Fairchilds too. Their daughter Mary Jane (born 1864) married my great-grandfather Charles Thomas Fensome in 1884. Their son William (born 1894) was my grandfather.
Added by Maureen Murphree on 04 June 2014
I didn't know the Fensomes, but I know they were connected to the Fairchild family.
Added by Mary Mortimer on 04 June 2014
Hello Sis(Mary Mortimer),
Sitting here in LA with my dad,(John Fairchild)another product of the infamous 'Alley', who is the son of the late Jack and Lil Fairchild. Regarding the Triumph pub, my dad would like to contribute some other interesting facts... Prior to the present structure of the Triumph, a Whitbread Tavern had been there since the mid 19th century,(a photo exist's in the Finchley Press archives circa 1890.) I will attach a photo of a pewter tankard that my grandad(Jack) found in a garden in Summers Lane. After cleaning, he amazingly discovered it had the inscription 'M. Fairchild, The Triumph, Colney Hatch with the weights and measures stamp for Middlesex, circa 1850-1875. Mary Fairchild, my granddads grandmother was the publican at the Triumph until it was demolished in the 1900's, It was then rebuilt by the Whitbread brewery and run by the Pope family for the next three generations. My dad remembers Susan(Pope) who attended Comery House Private School, a bit up-market for us alley lot,(my dads dictating this...I think I'll let him take over from here since he is the one who lived all this).We used to swing on a old rubber tire at the top of the alley. After world war II Jack and Lil (my mum and dad) ran the sweetshop opposite the Triumph, after a few years Scotts sweetshop opened adjacent to the Triumphs saloon bar crowd serving expensive, high end chocolate while Lil and Jack catered to the alley. Mary, I am sure you remember the penny for the guy days with your brothers Dink and Brian outside the Triumph, and also those massive bonfires which nearly consumed the alley. A little known fact is that there was a massive underground cellar next to your house below the'now' Eastern Electric building, which spread across the center of the alley, and was built by the road's namesake, a Mr. Dunger. He was a major land owner and rented this cellar to Whitbreads from the 1850's until the 1920's. The house where you were born, which was somewhat overcrowded was the last resting place of our grandad Walter Fairchild(aka. King Fairo),and died in Gracy Fields bed. Somehow, so many Fairchild's returned back to the Alley, it truly was an amazing piece of local history. Do you remember when your dad Eric, had the tree felling contract over the NUT HOUSE(Colney Hatch) a generation later, Nadia and I returned to 332 and 317 Princess Park in the exact location where your dad Eric removed and planted trees. So many memories...
Hi Mary. this is your cousin John Fairchild from LA...Mary Fairchild and John Fairchild,our greatgreat grandparents...Mary and John Fairchild who run The Sun Hoddesdon circa 1870,The Half Moon and Seven Stars,Brentwood,circa 1874,The Bee Hive Tottenham 1884 and moved to the Triumph from 1881 until 1911,when the present structure was built I have a 1800s pewter tankard engraved M FAIRCHILD THE TRIUMPH COLNEY HATCH with VR 1884 Middlesex weights and measure stamp,3 generates of Popes managed from 1912....A Mr Dungar bult 2 cottages in the 1850s where 2a Dunger Villas stands today,a beer cellar is below the old sub power station EDF and ran under the alley until 1923..The Alley was a great part of Friern Barnet history,our grandfather...Walter Fairchild aka King Fairo ruled,and apart from farming and building ran amazing card /poker schools back in the 20s which attracted professional gamblers heaven help cheaters,our uncle Reg and brother Wally were look outs in the trees for Police raids,in the end we moved away,but still have found memories.
Hi John.This is your cousin Gary Nicholas.I was helping your Dad when he used to run the rags and scrap metal at bottom of the alley,when one of the dustmen came in with several pewter mugs with the inscription of M.Fairchild written on them,and the Middlesex Arms I believe.I was there and saw with my own eyes,so I do not understand one was found in a garden,perhaps somebody passed them on somehow.Brother Len is in Thailand now,and Glynn is on I.O.W.I was in contact with Susan Pope beforehand and we passed a bit of info.Are you in America now?I used to love going to Pet shops with you and Dinky.Looking at tropical fish etc.I used to remember going to Jack and Lils bungalow,I guess you used to be still living there.You certainly Know a lot of info that I was trying to dig up myself about the family.All the best Gary.
Added by Gary Nicholas on 21 July 2015
Oh John lovely to catch up on so many memories of the Alley. You have got so much more info. of the Triumph that I did not know about. But remember Pat and I were there during the war so we had memories before you were born. We used to collect sticky prickle buds for Harold Pope's mother, and she used to use them for Xmas decorations , I think we got a packet of crisps for it, big deal!! I didn't know grandad ran a poker school - how did you find that out? Are you now living in LA? I keep in touch with your girls via Facebook and am pleased to see them all doing so well.
Added by Mary mortimer on 21 July 2015
Hi Gary.the last time we met was when you helped with my phones in Hadley Woods I believe around 1970..a lot of water under the bridge...I spoke to both Len and your mum in Australia, just prior to my dad's passing. You are correct ref the tankard, found in a backgarden in Summers Lane, and sold as scrap by dustmen,the Middlesex Arms rings a bell. Mary's uncle..N..... Hummerstone not PC a dustman, sold my dad all the pewter mugs from the Cromwell Arms...about the same time, can you believe they went in the scrap...Back to The Triumph, my great grandfather, on my mum's side, was a landscape artist, and his work was sold locally, and he exchanged his art for beer at The first Triumph,our grandfather Fairo hung his paintings in his living room,,The pubs most famous regular was Alex James,the David Beckham of the 30s earning eight pounds a week,his wife was a longtime barmaid there..Alex lived across the street,Alex and another footballer..Joe Hume were friends with our granddad,and with Hector Macdonald.bookmaker and old...Sportsman together, who ran the infamous poker school,The poker was spread across the land now Hillside school,my dad showed me an oak tree on the edge of Deafy Sharmans stable,an old rusty iron garden fork was visible in the trunk,which was his lookout platform..am sure its still there.we are talking mid.1920s,my dad was very young....Hector told me,that there was one story of a cheater be caught,and they nearly hung him. before a police raid..that's fact, also told by uncle Reg...also...I remember the story when Fairo hid your dad Nicky from the MPs during WW2..Len will remember when we taped Edee.nan..what a pity it is lost,,told us about having her first sex at Barnet Fair with Granddad... we had a hidden mic.....that's enough for now......all the best
Hi Mary..what a family.....Uncle George running off to Canada, Nell and Molly being a Turner or a Fairchild etc etc....I covered the poker school with Gary. Is Pete still with us? remember....buckles for meatmaster Scotch beef am living in LA, am now a third generation artist....some said con. such as colourful life..., sold my flat in Nut house, another Fairchild folly, windmills etc....am close to my grandchildren,,,Julie and nadia......do you remember the little meat pies at the Triumph ...amazing when you look back to a time when you could leave your doors open ALL THE BEST ...,
Hello Auntie Mary,
I loved your dad (my uncle Eric), he was my favorite uncle, always taking us out with the pony and trap, and us kids burying my cousin John in the horse shit, we had so much fun... I didn't like it when he had his teeth in though... It scared me. We always had such a laugh. I remember uncle Wal (my grandads brother), I think he had a pony and trap as well, I recall being with my grandad in uncle Wal's back garden and feeding a pretty white mare (bit spirited) some carrots or something... He was lovely, uncle Wal, so many characters in our family.
Send my love to Amanda and David, I do hope they're well...You know I'll never forget what a big crush l had on your David when l was little, always chasing him around the swimming pool trying to kiss him. For some odd reason, I have this memory of eating sweets at your old house that looked like little stones or pebbles, also, dinner at yours with my mum and dad, and some amazing mushroom soup... Funny the things you remember!
Mary, why did nan and grandad always call you Sis... My dad still does. xx
Added by Nadia Fairchild on 23 July 2015
Hello all my name was Fiona Graham at the time I worked as a part time barmaid at The Triumph (in my 20s then, long blonde hair) I worked alongside Mary though I can't remember her name; it might come to me! I usually worked in the lounge bar while Brian would be in the public. Was always pleased to get the occasional lift home in Harold's low slung American car - also can't remember what type. My first experience of using a microwave, for jacket potatoes. Also LOVED the beef dripping on French bread we used to put out Sunday mornings! Sad to hear it's now a shell of a building.
Added by Fiona Walker on 19 October 2015
Hi John and Nadia,great to hear the news, you seem to know so much about the Fairchild family then you always was a curious little blighter! How did I get the name Sis? Well apparently Brian couldn't say Mary so he called me Sis and it stuck it took me an awful long time to getting use to being called Mary. Peter died a few years ago but Amanda and David are well David still has the big West mirror in his house. I don't remember the meat pies John. That must have been when you were quite young. So pleased you are close to your kids and grandkids it makes all the difference to be close to family
David's 3 boys are a delight but growing up too fast 14 13 and 10 years old keep in touch xx
Added by Mary Mortimer on 21 October 2015
My mum Mabel smiled hearing this, spending nearly all her life in the alley at no.12
Added by Dave Scanlon on 27 October 2015
Hi Dave, Mabel is my cousin, although when we visited I used to call her Auntie Mabel. My Mum was called Doris. I knew your Dad very well, Pat. He used to like his Stout. Think he used to go to the Triumph. Grandmother and Grandfather were lovely, Albert and Clem. Where is Your Mum now? I cannot remember you, sorry. Your Brother Kevin, I think his name was, an electrician maybe, was a good lad. I had lots of good memories of the alley.
Added by Gary Nicholas on 29 October 2015
Mabel left there about 12 years. Lives up by Sainsbury now. I remember your my mum Doris well. You won't remember as I was the baby ...Kevin was the eldest. He's your age, in his 50's.
Added by Dave Scanlon on 09 November 2015
I have a lovely photo of Kevin aged about 2 or 3 kissing my daughter Amanda on her first birthday. Love to your Mum Mabel. She took me to my very first dance hall (The Lyceum) when I was sixteen xx
Added by Mary Mortimer on 09 November 2015
In the early 1960's, I lived in Hampden Road, off Colney Hatch Lane and knew Harold and Hazel Pope, the licensee, well. I was born in the Parrs Head in Camden Town, so we had a lot to talk about. He and his family had been there for many many years. He had a very fast Lotus Cortina, that was parked over heating elements in his garage at the back of the pub, so the car was always up to temperature when he wanted to use it. It was the first time I had been in a car doing 120 MPH along the North Circular........as it was then. He loved motor racing and I occasionally went racing with him to Brands Hatch. I believe he retired in the 1980's. Good times.
Added by John Carnaby on 12 December 2015
Hi John
Harold and Hazel were my grandparents. I know exactly what you mean about the heater element under his car (I still have the same one at home). Do you remember his Trans Ams and his turbo charged Capri. I still have his Capri. Jason
Anonymous comment added on 14 December 2015
I suspect the Trans Am was what I got a lift home in a couple of times! It had a noise memorable to this day ;)

Added by Fiona Graham Walker on 14 December 2015
Hi Jason, I was introduced to Harold and Hazel by Don Avery (an electrician) and his wife Phyllis who lived in the flat above me in Hampden Road. Phyllis worked in an estate agents next to the traffic lights on the junction of Woodhouse Road and Colney Hatch Lane. They had been friends for a long time. I very vaguely remember the Trans Ams, but didn't go in it. It was a very long time ago. These must be good memories for you and your family. Have a look at pubshistory.com/Middlesex/Finchley/Triumph.shtml John
Added by John Carnaby on 14 December 2015
Hi John Yes I do remember Don and Phyllis, I take it you must know my mum and dad Susan and Brian then ?
Anonymous comment added on 17 December 2015
Hi Jason, I do not recall knowing Susan and Brian. I moved there in 1960 and left the area in 1963. The last contact I had with people who were there at that time was when Phyliss's daughter made contact with me many years ago to let me know her mother had passed away. I did (briefly) go to her funeral in Brunswick Park Crematorium, but could not stay as I had a previous important appointment at that time. I just left a donation as requested.
Added by John Carnaby on 18 December 2015
Hi Jon my Mum Susan is Harold and Hazels Popes Daughter. She grew up in the Triumph so I guess she must of been around at the same time.
Anonymous comment added on 19 December 2015
John tried to see you a couple of years ago at Friern Hospital I think you were in Spain are you back in la would not give phone number last time I was in London hope to see you sometime
Added by Len nicholas on 28 April 2016
Hi Len. Am living in LA but maybe visting Anan Tara Mao Khah in October, have art exhibitions in Australia and NZ have my grandchildren here, and love life at 70....contact me. johnfairchild2015@gmail.com
Added by John Fairchild on 29 June 2016
I lived in Hollickood in 60s, remember Scott's and lovely fish chip shop on parade. Pub is now trophy shop!!
Added by John on 10 August 2016
I remember Harold with great affection. He was a close friend of my sister Lynda Rolfe in the early 70's. I recall his Firebird and subsequently the Transam and the boat. He was generous to a fault and just happened to be in our area just after I got engaged. He did no more than open the boot of that Firebird where he had a stash of Lanson black label champagne and presented us with a celebration bottle. He also introduced us to his favourite drink at the Triumph - Rye and dry with ice and of course orange. A great guy.
Added by Doug Leighton on 15 February 2018
Hi I became a very close friend of both Harold & Hazel Pope back in the 70's. I was social secretary of the "Licensed Trade Automobile Club", having many good memories of their friendship during numerous functions and activities. I married Pat in 1973 and Harold was very kind to chauffer us to and from "Langtons" registry office in Hornchurch where we were married. It was probably the influence of Harold's love of American musle cars that has made me purchase a new Ford Mustang V8 GT in 2017. So many fond memories of them both when the licensed trade was very different to now with very close friendships when I was a sales rep for Allied Breweries & Showerings [babaycham Britvic]. Sadly my wife has developed altzheimers but she still fondly remembers Harold and Hazel at the Triumph. So very nostalgic to read some of the comments and see The Triumph.
Added by Tony Thomson on 17 March 2019
Mary so happy that you all met up in Normandy this summer - a real family get together my kids and yours and a visit to my dad's JACK FAIRCHILDs JUNO BEACH where he landed on June 6th 1944 I understand the wine flowed and Julie and Todd cannot wait until their return Keep in touch John Fairchild instagram fairchildonfairfax and www westfairestate.com
Added by John Fairchild on 24 October 2019
Hi John ,yes it was great seeing Jules and Todd this year, we had a great time. Amanda’s hoping they will visit again. Now I’m on my own I spend a lot of time in France. I’m going to visit Pat this Friday, haven’t seen her for ages but we keep in touch regularly by phone. Hope you are all well. Love Sis. X

Added by Mary Mortimer on 27 October 2019
Hi Sis,hope you are ok.What happened with Alf? Interesting info about our childhood. I would love to see you again. Does Pat still live in Suffolk? We are in Felixstowe Suffolk.
Added by Gary Nicholas on 20 November 2019
Oh Gary lovely to hear from you. Hope you are all well. Alf died 2 years ago ,and I’m now living in a flat 2 doors away from David and loving it. I’m in Bournemouth at the moment for the weekend, so maybe I can catch up with you when I get home xx
Added by Mary Mortimer on 22 November 2019
Gary Nicholas I was told that brother Len had a stoke. Please send my best wishes John Fairchild
Added by John Fairchild on 23 November 2019
John didn't you have a Palomino and your mum worked so hard sorting the rags, buttons, zips and Mary the beautiful horse and the big black beauty of a horse. We, my friend Pam and I, would sometimes muck out the horses and feed them then sink in the pig farm but you were then young John. Loved your mum and dad Nack. Lovely people. Yes my mum and her family lived in The Avenue and Hector McDonald had one shop and my grandad had his horse and cart. Many stories to tell. Love to see some of your artwork Nohn ..
Anonymous comment added on 11 November 2020
I remember Pam, so many years ago, the alley was a very special place to grow up, just like The Avenue so many old familes. The Mocks, Jenkins always fighting in the Railway Hotel, the old Liberal club was a after hours drinking club I was one of the last rag and bone men, until my horse went lame. The alley was a great part of my life from pig keeping, Christmas turkey plucking. My dad sold rabbits from the back of his truck. Mary, do you remember when we had that massive Coronation party? So many stories. My art is on instagram fairchildonfairfax. Season's greetings from California
Added by John Fairchild on 17 November 2020
Does anyone remember a family called Norris in the ally, i'm going back a bit here, between 1900 and 1910! The head of the family was Ada Norris. Many thanks. Steve Norris
Added by Stephen Norris on 11 February 2021
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