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Friern Barnet Photo Archive

Friern Barnet County School
The Friern Barnet Photo Archive
Friern Barnet County School

Photo of staff taken in October 1962. From the Phyllis Kind Collection.
Picture added on 20 September 2009 at 16:30
I can remember 4 teachers in the photograph. I left in 1955, it was then Holly Park Secondary Modern School. Many memories of happy school days. Miss Kind was a great teacher.
Added by Maureen Sadler {was Cahill} on 13 June 2015
I remember Miss Kind, Mr Beaston, the Head we called Holy Moses by the pupils. Mr Skeepers, sorry can't remember correct spelling. I remember him because he was such a lovely teacher and taught me a lot about South Africa and segregation.
Added by Enid Crawley on 15 June 2015
I go to fbs at the moment what was it like back in the day?
Added by Nathaniel on 13 October 2015
I went to fbcs in 1963.Not long after it was opened.I thought it was quite a tough school .However some of the teachers were very good,the headmaster holy moses was Mr.Grieves. Deputy head Mr.Barnum. Woodwork teacher.
I remember Don Scheepers,from South Afric. He did a lot on the Sports side ,mainly football .I did think he was great. He was also our form teacher. I remember to this day when one of my classmates did something wrong, and because nobody wanted to turn him in, we all got hit by a gym shoe, what we called being slippered. The Music teacher Dr.Pobjoy, was a small man, and he used to give you the cane ,but he used to jump from a chair and whack you, very painful I can assure you. Mr. Fox the Sports teacher would get the boys that wanted to fight, to go in the gymn after school and put boxing gloves on to fight it out. These sort of things were quite common. There used to be inition to the school for 1st formers which included pushing you down the hill or ducking in toilets. I do not think any of these things would be tolerated these days, but it did me no harm in fact it maybe toughened me up a bit.
Added by Gary Nicholas on 15 October 2015
I went there the year it opened as a 5th former, I did shorthand and typing. Mr Beeston taught these subjects. I was always disappointed that we never did another language although the only RSA I got were for above subjects. I never thought it was a tough or rough school and was sad the day I left but I think that was more because of all the friends. I remember Dr. Pobjoy the music teacher telling me that if I knew as much about classical music as I did about pop he would have been really pleased. Only this week someone I was at school with popped up on my facebook page. Still in touch with some of them. Nathaniel hope you enjoy your time at fbs and learn as much as you can while you are there. Wish I had paid more attention.
Added by Enid Crawley nee Fursland. on 16 October 2015
I recognise Miss Kind. She was quite strict but nice and lived in my road. It is lovely to see this picture. I remember Mr Beeston, he was my favourite teacher. Also Owen Berry who gave us speech training. I also remember Mr Crisp who was maths teacher and Mr Goundry who taught geometry. I didn't mind school but didn't do very well. Failed my 11 plus. It is a long time ago. I am now 78 and don't know where the years have gone.
Added by Shirley Cullen (nee Snook) on 07 April 2016
I started at the Holly Park Infants School in approx 1941-42 and then moved on up to the senior school where I stayed until 1947. Mr Berry and I used to do scenery work in the Incognito Theatre on odd occasions. Happy Days...
Added by Peter Snook on 09 April 2016
I remember Mr Lovegrove, Mrs Marnock, Mrs Eastwood, Miss Finch, Mr Fox, Miss Payne, Mrs Wightson, Mr Neal, Mr Beeston, Miss Kind, Mrs Vice (secetary) Mrs Amos, Mr Scheepers, Mr Barnham, I was there from 1962 until 1966.
Added by Jill Reynolds (freeman) on 29 April 2016
My father attended Holly Park School. Do you remember Chris Woody Woodness ? lLved @ 7 holly park road DOB 24/12/1945.
Added by Tracey Nish. Nee Woodness on 20 September 2016
I remember all these teachers, I was there when we moved from the old Holly Park and left in 1963 following school trip to Switzerland where I learnt to smoke! Loved (and still use) shorthand (thanks Billy Beeston) and remember typing to Glen Miller music on Monday afternoons. Still in touch and meet up regularly with Rita Bull (nee Davies), Christine Bex (nee Franklin), Jane Bex(need Taylor) Jill Watson (nee Harris) and Kate Rose (nee Ryan)
Added by Josie Kinchin (nee Stone) on 08 September 2017
I remember you Josie as I was there the same time and remember these teachers. Also remember Christine and Jane give them my regards.

Added by Peter Hagger on 03 October 2017
I attended FBC in 1961 and 1962. I remember Mr Fox and Don Skeepers well. I remember being slippered twice by both of them but I probably deserved it and they were really nice people. I remember Ron Ludgrove the teacher on the far left who was taunted unmercifully by the pupils. Also I think in the first row second from the left was Mrs East? She was a history teacher or possibly English
I loved the sport at the school and had some good friends but otherwise was glad to move on
Added by Michael Rees on 17 November 2017
I remember all teachers. Mr Skeepers was my form teacher, Mr Fox was the best sports teacher. Michael Rees rings a bell. Does anyone know Richard Berry -a great boxer
Added by David Robinson on 09 January 2018
I attended FBCS from 1962 to 1968. I remember the great school plays with Miss Wrightson. I went on a fun skiing trip and a one to Holland with Mr and Mrs Barnham - she was Dutch. I was taught to type - little did I know how useful it was to be in the age of the laptop! I recall with fondness JC Grieves, the Head. I persuaded him that I needed further education and he got me into Barnet College. It was there that I actually passed exams! Some great and not so great memories
Added by Ed Beaber on 26 April 2018
I was at FBCS in 1961-62 and remember a few of those teachers. Mrs Eastwood (English) was lovely but Donald Scheepers bordered on the sadistic at times! Out came the slipper at the slightest provocation. few of us passed entrance exams in 1962 to attend Willesden Engineering and Technical Schools. Classmates at the time - Trevor Clarke, Lester Ward, Donald Turner, Philip Bull etc. Girls remembered - Susan Hill (ex Queenswell Primary) and Patricia Coutts, although more came to my 13th birthday party!Good memories in what was a modern and progressive school at the time.
Added by Michael White on 20 July 2018
I was at Holly Park from 1949 - 1953 I remember a lot of the teachers names when I was there but I cannot find anything about the school when I was there any one remember those years please write in these pages and we might get in contact
Added by Ken Baxter on 03 October 2018
I left in 1958. Can't find any school pictures. I have photos of the boys in my year but none of the girls. My memory not too good these days, but I do remember some of the teachers' names. Would love to get in touch with some of the girls from my class. I'm now 77 years young. My name is JOYCE SMITH ( nee ALLAN) I was the girl who was born in Egypt. Dad was in the British army.
Anonymous comment added on 09 January 2019
I remember that us girls in our last year who did shorthand and typing (approx 1961/62) with Mr Beeston had a say in the type of uniform to be worn at the new FBC school !! Does anyone else remember that ? I remember Miss Kind / Mr Scheepers/ Mr Grieves and a Mr Kavanagh (I think?).
Added by JANICE DURELL (Nee Blight) on 11 February 2019
I was at Holly Park Primary where I failed the 11 plus in 1954 so crossed the road to Holly Park Secondary School where I stayed until I was 15 and went to do O and A levels at Tottenham Technical school. I rember Mr Scheepers from South Africa, a good chap. Mr Coundary (sorry about the spelling) was our maths teacher who really laid the ground work for me to advance later at Tech and GCE's. Dr. Popjoy was the music teacher who never got cross when the boys in the class re-acted the last Goon Show radio programme.
A lovely fella. Then Mr Bailey the metal worker teacher who we use to spy on and Mr Barham the woodwork teacher who use to despair at my joints. The headmaster was Mr Grieve was raised me to prefect whilst I was in the third year had to cane me soon after for telling a young exchange teacher that she did not know anything about the battle of Waterloo and should give. Mr Grieves was a kindly soul who was nearly in tears when he gave me 6 of the best on the right or was it the left hand. Clearly he was in pain more the I and I recall a class mate Ronnie Pratt whose dad was a policeman but he a hooligan who was canes so often he got to like it. Mr Colchester who had, like most of the male teachers done time fighting inn the war, in his case with the British Indian Army, was our games sports teacher. Once a week: Friday we would trudge the 3 or more miles up to the sports ground for football. In the winter when we finally got there it was too dark to play. Of the lady teacher I remember Miss Kind she was head of girls .< then last but not lease Mr Beeston who take us for shorthand and typing. I say us : 20 plus girl and me. Even at 14 I realised the use of both would be good after I joined the cops. Which I did in 1962 in the NRP followed by the RHKP and the 30 years as a criminal law advocate in Hong Kong. Good bless all you dear ladies and gents.
Added by David Tolliday-Wright on 29 April 2019
Does anyone remember Martín Gould the maths teacher? And the wonderful assemblies with classical music played and the name of the piece on a board.

Added by Judith Palmer on 12 March 2020
I remember the music at one time I was the one that put the record on. I left in 1963.
Added by Peter Hagger on 12 March 2020
Happy days, now at 77 a retired Barrister-at-law living in Hong Kong.
Bit before my time this photo but firmly rooted foundations are unavoidably recognisable in your comments. So there I was abruptly reflecting, with a fist full of redundancy dollars post skirmishes in banking, publishing, manufacturing, logistics and broadcasting. Reflecting on who I respected most as a teacher for a coveted post for a year long vacation at Kings College teacher training college while I 'picked myself up'. After exhausting all my favourite teachers, I revisited the question. Who did I most respect as a teacher? 'Weepers creepers it's Mr. Scheepers' rang over and over like a school bell calling the start of day in my mind. Funny, I have seen Mr. Scheepers mentioned most frequently in these posts. It's no wonder and no coincidence that he was held in such high reverence as a teacher. Attitudes realigned, socks pulled up and fully committed to a teaching vocation I still aspire to be half the teacher Mr. Scheepers was 25 years now into a one year holiday.

Friern Barnet County 'Old school' - All was good!
Added by Andreas on 21 June 2020
Andreas I fully understand what you are saying with regard to Mr. Scheepers where did you get those peepers. He was a wonderful teacher and because of him I always remember how hard it was for non white people in South Africa. I remember him so well
Added by Enid Crawley nee Fursland on 22 June 2020
Enid Fursland, Gary Nicholas, Jill Freeman (good athlete), Josie Stone, Peter Hagger , Michael Rees, David Robinson, Edward Beaber and Janice Blight, remember you all very clearly and can still see you now. Thanks for all the flattering comments and you weren’t such a bad bunch yourselves. Only kept in touch with Mr Barnham, too busy dealing with you guys over the years. I am on Facebook and Messenger if you want to get in touch and I will respond
Added by Don Scheepers on 07 July 2020
I was at Queenswell from 1951 to 1957. I then went to Holly Park Senior School until 1961. The last 6 months I attended the new FBCS. I recognise most of the teachers in the photo. I have got fond memories of Mr. Barnham he was a very traditional teacher. Mr Skeepers was a very good sports teacher, who I remember when refereeing a football match, he picked the ball up, tucked it under his arm and ran for the goal, he must have thought he was in his rugby team.
Added by Graham Kelly on 22 July 2020
i remember Mr Skeepers from Queenswell - great bloke. I left Holly Par /Friern Barnet County before he arrived. Favouritr teacher mr Barnham woodwork. Least favourite mr Goundry miserable old sod I must admit I hated school didn't learn much at this school I went from being quite bright to pretty dumb in one year & never caught up. Hey ho, that's life i suppose
Added by Roy Smith on 15 September 2020
Does anyone remember the school going for a camping holiday to Holliwell Bay, Cornwall? I went on the trip but can't remember the year.
Added by Allen Ansell on 19 September 2020
went to HPSM from 1954 to 1959 lived in Lancaster Court round the corner from Triumph pub Friern Barnet. Mr Scheepers worked behind the bar, went in with my dad and Mr Scheepers said (GOODCHILD WHAT AR YOU DOING IN HEAR). I'm with my dad only drinking lemonade, I remember Miss P Evans form teacher Mr Bailey metalwork teacher Headmarster who said GOOD FUD instead of GOOD FOOD, at school with Peter Toms Tony Deleto (sorry about spelling ) ? Hughes
Added by Gary Goodchild on 05 November 2020
Well I was there when you were. I went out with Peter Toms and still in touch with him on facebook. I am also in touch with Mr. Scheepers we talked to. The phone during the first lock down.
Added by Enid Crawley nee Fursland on 05 November 2020
One of my favourite memories of FBCS was when a man asked Vera Gladding, my school friend, what the FBCS on our badges stood for. She said, "Fred Blogg's Cow Sheds." Yes, I remember all those teachers. Miss Wrightson, who taught English, was brilliant.
Added by Keith Jackman on 09 November 2020
Hi Keith Jackman - I remember you and I remember Vera too - think she was the year above us but not sure. Anyway, we all thought it was Farmer Brown's Cow Sheds!
Added by Josie Kinchin (nee Stone) on 10 November 2020
Vera was a year below. We still keep in touch. It’s nice to see this page I chatted with Mr Skeepers in the first lock down.

Added by Enid Crawley nee Fursland on 10 November 2020
Vera was a year below. We still keep in touch. It’s nice to see this page. I chatted with Mr Skeepers in the first lockdown.

Added by Enid Crawley nee Fursland on 12 November 2020
Well I was there when you were. I went out with Peter Toms and am still in touch with him on facebook. I am also in touch with Mr. Scheepers we talked on the phone during the first lockdown.
Added by Enid Crawley nee Fursland on 12 November 2020
I was at farmer Brown's from 1970 to 1975, quite a few of the teachers from this photo were still there 10 years later. When I was there you never really heard of people going from our school to university, but in our group about 10 kids made it to university, including me! Say what you like about FBCS, it was certainly character-building in a way I'm sure Woodhouse never was. Woodhouse hated the idea of becoming a comp school with us; we frightened them)))
Added by Tim McAlpin on 27 December 2020
Tim good for you, back in 1963 I was the first person to pass GCSE Maths, before that it was only RSAs
Added by Peter Hagger on 28 December 2020
Cheers Peter and a well done to you for being a maths o level pioneer for the school. It was a notoriously tough exam in those days. About a dozen FBCS kids took O level maths in my year, it was probably quite a bit easier by then. We followed your lead.
Added by Tim McAlpin on 29 December 2020
See my post July 2018 - a few of us passed entrance exams in 1962 to gain a better chance of O levels elsewhere. That said I remember my time at FBCS as one with much affection and fulfilment, and that includes Don Scheepers!
Added by Michael White on 29 December 2020
Remember Tim McAlpin, Michael White and Peter Hagger very fondly and proudly as you have done so well. Lovely to be in contact again with so many of, it has brightened a frightful year so may I wish you a very happy 2021 and may the gods smile 😊 on you - Take Care.
Added by Don Scheepers on 31 December 2020
Hope you are still well and I enjoyed my time at FBCS, I moved away when I got married in 1969 but do keep in touch with the area through family living in Barnet. All the best for 2021.
Added by Peter Hagger on 31 December 2020
Ref Peter Hagger's comment - it wasn't GCSE then - it was GCE and I was the first to pass English GCE, also in 1963 and I think one of the boys did too. However, the school made me pay for it as they didn't think I'd pass. I retired in 2014 from teaching English!
Added by Josie Kinchin on 31 December 2020
Well done Josie, I went into an apprenticeship with BT and was an Engineering Manager by 22 and made steady progress but left in 1995 with a nice package then run my own bossiness in Telecoms
Added by Peter Hagger on 01 January 2021
People remember Mrs. Eastwood fondly, but my brother had the very rare distinction of being caned by her! As you can imagine, he still bears the scars, and as a memento of this merciless assault he stole her cane! I can't remember anyone stealing, or even touching, Mr. Scheepers'slipper, he kept it safely locked up in the lost property room. You were very wise Mr. Scheepers, otherwise we would certainly have burnt it to a cinder! I hope you a good year too sir.
Added by Tim McAlpin on 01 January 2021
Remember most teachers
Added by Alan Wright on 28 January 2021
My father, Joseph Witriol, started teaching at FBCS in 1964. I'm slowly uploading his Journal online [philipwitriol.wordpress.com/category/joseph-witriol-1912-2002/joseph-witriols-writings/journal/] which includes comments on his time at the school.
Added by Philip Witriol on 14 February 2021
I remember Mr.Witriol. He was our French Teacher I believe. He was a good man and I can still picture Him now. I don't think he was at F.B.C.S. very long, because another treacherous took over, a lady, cannot remember her name
Added by Gary Nicholas on 14 February 2021
Hi, I went to Holly Park/Friern Barnet County from 1959 to 1963. I can recognise a number of the teachers - Mr Greeves when I was there Mr Goundry was deputy head, Mr Neil I had for maths, Mr Fox for PE, Mr Colchester I believe was ordained. Dr Popjoy, Mr Barnham I had for woodwork. Mr Scheepers who smoked a lot
Added by Alan Burnage on 24 February 2021
Pauline Zeberdee, Sandra Hill, Katie Ryan, Richmael Clark, Rae Laing, Leslie Mitchener, David Cook, Nigel Freeman, Andrew Gratton were all in my class
Added by Alan Burnage on 24 February 2021
I'm in regular contact with Katy Ryan (now Katy Rose)
Added by Josie Kinchin ( nee Stone) on 24 February 2021
Wow! That is a long friendship. Please let her know I am alive and kicking, give her my regards. Thanks Alan
Added by Alan Burnage on 25 February 2021
Wow! A long friendship. Perhaps let Katie know I am alive and kicking down here in Exeter please pass on my regards to her
Added by Alan Burnage on 25 February 2021
I was there from 1952-56. Other teachers were Miss Green Biology. Miss Purdue Girls' PE. Miss Hodge I think English or Needlework. Mr Goundry lived next to my parents when they moved to Winchmore Hill. Mr Colchester Boys' PE we all thought he was going with him. Who was the science teacher? I cannot remember the Geography teacher or the Religious teacher.
Added by Angela Scott Nee Clift on 07 July 2021
Goodness there are a few names I recognise here, such a long time ago. Enid Crawley, I think, knew my brother, John Ryan. Poor John died way back in 1983. Such a waste. Anyway it feels strange to think about schooldays. I guess it wasn’t all bad.
Added by Kate Rose nee Ryan on 08 July 2021
I did enjoy school but I cannot find to much that came good out of it for me if that makes sense. I achieved a lot more after school, maybe I was immature at school (like dopey):)
Added by Alan Burnage on 09 July 2021
Kate Rose I am not sure that I knew your brother. Sorry to hear he died. How old was he when he died?

Added by Enid Crawley nee Fursland on 11 July 2021
Kate Rose I am not sure that I knew your brother. Sorry to hear he died. How old was he when he died?

Added by Enid Crawley nee Fursland on 21 July 2021
I was at "Holly Park Secondary Modern" 1950-1954. Recall Head, Mr Greaves, Dr Pobjoy, Miss Kind, Mr Beeston, Mr W D Berry (taught English and was an actor), Mrs Green (who married while there) and Mr Barnham who led the camping trips to Brixham. I have couple of photos somewhere. One was dancing round a maypole. I left with no qualifications and earned 2 guineas per week in a shop for a while. Interesting working life, gained different qualifications along the way, including degree at age 49. Would love to know if anyone else from that long ago reads this
Added by Maureen Shram, lived in Whetstone then on 23 October 2021
Update to my reference to English teacher. He was Owen D W Berry. Does anyone remember being taught to swim at little pool at Arnos Grove?
Added by Maureen Shram on 24 October 2021
I went to FBCS from 1968 - 69. I remember many of the teachers' names as mentioned. Mr Freaves taking us for RI, a great teacher. Mr Scheepers in maths, actually told me not to waste my time as I was useless. Miss Wrightson for English. I also remember either Me Barnham or Beeston who used to watch through binoculars whether there was anyone smoking behind the bike sheds. I know I was always in trouble but really did have some fun times
Added by Frances Smith nee Butler on 31 October 2021
I moved from Holly Park to FBCS. Had a great time, didn't’t do too well when it came to passing exams though. It’s great to see teachers' pix. Metal Work master Mr Barker was a tough nut, Mr Fox developed the sports side. Remember getting into basket ball. Class mates Gary Nicholas, Christine Franklin, Jane Taylor, Josie Stone, Peter Hagger, Rita Davies bring back good fun memories. Hope you’re all well x
Added by Stewart Harris on 15 November 2021
Hello Stewart - Josie Stone here (now Josie Kinchin). Think I have a brilliant picture of you with Jane and Christine and myself in HMS Pinafore! Don't think I can add it here but if you're on Facebook or can send email, I'll send it to you. I meet up with them, and Rita and Jill Harris and Katy Ryan (from the year below us) on a regular basis. Our next meet is December 1st.
Added by Josie Stone (Kinchin) on 17 November 2021
Hi Stewart and Josie remember both of you in HMS Pinafore, when I was the bosun. Good to hear from you guys on this site and remember all the rest of the names you have mentioned and can still picture you now. Let me know about Dec on Messenger and maybe I can pop in if possible.
Added by Don Scheepers on 18 November 2021
HMS Pinifore Wow! I can still remember some of the songs. A definite positive from school. Not been back to Friern Barnet for 50 plus years but still remember lots of the people mentioned in the previous posts. I cannot see the physics teacher in the photo above Mr Pollard I think? Great to read you all keep in touch x
Added by Alan Burnage on 18 November 2021
Hi Stewart good to hear from you. I occasionally swap email with Mick Dilly and am in touch with a number of the old Scouts, who I am sure you would remember. Message me via Facebook or email.
Added by Peter Hagger on 18 November 2021
Hi Josie - I'd love to see the Pinafore picture. Don't do Facebook but my email is sharristuesdays@gmail.com Be good to catch as well we probably have lots to share. I'm amazed you still in contact with the girls. Look forward to hearing from you x
Added by Stewart Harris on 18 November 2021
Hi Mr Scheepers just seen this archive page and was amazed to see my name on it. Jill Freeman I always remember what you put in my book that every one signed you said don't waste my time sitting in an office! Well I did a bit but I continued to do my athletes until I found ladies football witch I played for Borhamwood Ladies and then Spurs Ladies, not quite like it is now think I was born a bit too early. Anyway I see my sister in law was also mentioned Vera Glading she married my brother on Saturday in July 1966 at 3 o'clock yes World Cup Final. I like horse racing now and am a member at Newmarket but I got chatting to a lady there her name was Margaret Cox and she was in your class could not believe it we had so much to talk about. I leave it attest and see what pops up
Added by Jill Reynolds was Freeman on 26 January 2022
I was at HPSM from 1952-1956. Cannot find any names I remember, does anyone remember Carole Townend? She passed to go to Tottenham Technical College, I am still in touch with her. Her grandmother was a great friend of Miss Kind. My first boyfriend was Kenneth Horne, then Anthony Rothenburgh, I liked one of the boys from the boys home that backed onto our garden, I lived in Bellevue Road in a lovely Victorian house.
Added by Angela Scott (Nee Clift) on 27 January 2022
Anyone who remembers being in HMS Pinafore in 1963, I've finally unearthed the two photos I had hidden away! Posting on FB and will tag Don Scheepers as he is in one of them. Stewart Harris - will email them to you
Added by Josie Kinchin on 27 January 2022
Lovely to read all. Already real all. Holly Polly 54 to 58.
Added by David Tolliday-Wright on 28 January 2022
Could I please have the HMS Pinafore photos e mailed to me
Added by Alan Burnage on 28 January 2022
Jill Freeman I was at your brothers wedding. I was friends with Vera and Colin. We still share Christmas Cards. I remember when Jane was born. She was a beautiful baby.

Added by Enid Crawley nee Fursland. on 28 January 2022
Jill Freeman I was at your brother's wedding. I was friends with Vera and Colin. We still share Christmas Cards. I remember when Jane was born. She was a beautiful baby.

Added by Enid Crawley nee Fursland. on 28 January 2022
Does anyone remember Raymond Horne or Carole Townend?
Added by Angela Scott (Nee Clift) on 27 March 2022
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