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Friern Barnet Photo Archive

The Avenue, New Southgate
The Friern Barnet Photo Archive
The Avenue, New Southgate

Friern Barnet Road runs along the top of this picture taken in the mid-1950s. An off licence, The Brown Jug, can be seen on the left - where the hanging sign is. St Paul's School is up a short road just beyond the parked car on the right
Picture added on 06 January 2010 at 14:46
The corner shop on right (corner of Holmesdale Rd) was my home from birth in 1943 to 1948. The shop name was Phillpots and we lived upstairs. My gran lived at 5 Holmesdale Rd. When we moved to 20 Upper Park Rd in 1948, my gran, Annie Newby, soon came to live with us until her death in 1964.
Within weeks we were re-located to 16 Ivy Road, Southgate, N14. In 1966 we moved to Whetstone.
Added by Peter Turner on 30 July 2011
My nan lived in Holmesdale Road, not sure which number, and also my great nan lived there, my great gran was Mrs. Ellen Bean and my nan was Mrs. Marjorie Joyes, my mum was Betty Joyes, my mum also lived in the street as a child along with her 6 siblings, my grandfather was William Joyes. My nan also moved to Whetstone, she lived at 51, Russell Road until her death in 1978.
Added by Janet Morgan on 19 January 2014
I was born in The Avenue in 1938. We moved to miles away in 1939. My gran lived in The Avenue until it was pulled down. She was known as Mrs Marshall. Mrs Conway, my aunt, also lived there with her family.
Added by brian lee on 31 January 2014
Was your uncle Pat Conway as I worked with a Pat Conway when we worked on the Northmet. He moved from The Avenue to live near Russell Lane
Added by Jim on 11 February 2014
My dad Phillip Wick lived on The Avenue back in 1945 for a few years before the family moved to Muswell Hill. I know he attended St Pauls for a few years.
Added by Vince Wick on 27 February 2015
My Dad's family lived in number 9 The Avenue. Brett family. Howard, Ernie, Bill, Wally (my Dad), Winnie, Ivy, Blanche, Dolly. The Avenue was a toughly place, the police would only patrol it in pairs. As recounted by Mr Collier in local history lessons at Arnos County secondary modern in the 1950's
Added by Walter Brett on 04 June 2016
As in the comment above, I lived at number 9 until it was demolished, my Father was Ernie Brett. As Walter mentions above, it was a very rough area, tramps lived in the half demolished houses which were our playground when I was young. I remember the Brown Jug off licence, the owner used to throw eggs at us through the doorway to 'see us off' as we were always hanging around! I went to St Paul's School, Miss Pightling was my headmistress.
Added by Angie Marshall (ne Brett) on 07 February 2017
I lived next door the Brown Jug in Carlisle Place number 12, home of the Hanscomb family. My sister Gillian went to St Pauls school till 1964 - we were rehoused at Link Road Friern Barnet
Added by Trevor Hall on 16 February 2017
Hello Trevor, bet you don't remember me when we played football at Arnos you gave me a lift on your motor bike sometimes most of us played for Palmers. I am in touch with those that are left now and we have a New Southgate reunon each year. Next one is on 17 june at the Con club. I lived at 58 The Avenue. My no is 01782 832 535. Jim
Added by Jim on 21 February 2017
Sad to say that Johnnie Collier has passed away funeral on 23rd at New Southgate cem 2.30pm
Added by Jim on 08 March 2017
My grandparents the Heathmans lived in The Avenue, and were certainly still there in 1955. Does anyone remember them? My mum Jean Heathman went to St Pauls School x

Added by Julie ansell on 15 March 2017
My dad was born at 58 The Avenue in October 1913. His name was George Herbage. His father's name was Henry and his mother was called Ellen. It seems Henry and Ellen split up quite early on and my dad ended up in Walthamstow. That is where our family were rooted. It’s lovely to see this picture. My dad died in 1967 when I was 8 and I never got to ask him about his family stuff.
Added by Mike Herbage on 16 August 2018
My parents lived in no 58 from about 1950 till it was pulled down the people that come to the reunions we have, parents lived next door at 59 the Zinzans maybe you could come to the next one in May or June next year

Added by Jim Keogh on 27 August 2018
A bit late Jim but my uncle was Pat Conway but we knew him as Uncle Jim .Only 4 years late,
Added by Brian Lee on 30 August 2018
My mums family also lived in the Avenue, I remember going there as a child, don’t know what number, my mum was Betty Joyes, she had twin brother and sister Joan and John, then Jim, then Leslie, and Irene, older brother bill stayed with my grandma mrs beanin holmesdale rd,just wondered if anyone remembers the family, I believe it was pretty rough and money was scarce for most families. I never met my mums dad he died before I was born in 1954, but his name was also Bill, apparently he was blind,
Added by Janet morgan on 05 September 2018
My Mums family lived down the Av. I remember it well always down there when I was a kid, my Mum was Barbara Millwood Grandad was Fred Millwood Nan Elizabeth .
Added by David Deering daviddeering on 01 December 2018
to M Herbage picture no 2033, is no 58 where your parents and mine lived next door to K Zinzan it's the last of the level topped fronts got a white wall Mrs Walker lived at no 57
Added by Jim Keogh on 03 December 2018
My Nan and Grandad were the owners of the Brown Jug Off Licence (Dorothy & William Strange). That would have been sometime around 1948/56. For a while I lived in the Off Licence too, with my parents (Rita and Frederick Ansell). My Aunt was at one time the owner of the hardware shop shown in that photo (Marjory Blundell) but it was a general store then. She also had a shop further down The Avenue on the same side at the Brown Jug. At the bottom of The Avenue was some open ground we kids used to call "The Bank" where we would play from morning till night! Good memories. :)
Added by Allen Ansell on 14 December 2018
Yes I remember Mr Strange and the Elephant in the window. The hardware shop became Mrs Lovats later on Caroll was the daughter. Peter Turner was born above the shop he does the reunions. Also the shop down the Ave was run by the Bennets then Mrs Elphick, it was on the corner of the allyway yes the bank swinging on the ropes. Chris Cox, the Tidimans Fisks, Colliers lots have gone now. If you ever want a chat to see who is still with us give me a call 01782 832 535. Have a good Christmas. Jim 58 the Ave
Added by Jim Keogh on 16 December 2018
message for Janet Morgan spoke to my sister said she remembers your family her name was Sue her friend was Elaine Shaw and Mary Ward Johnny Davies (gert) have a good Christmas,,,,, Jim
Added by Jim Keogh on 16 December 2018
My dad's family lived down The Avenue. Satchell family - does anybody remember them? I was born in Lee Street.
Added by Deborah satchell on 14 January 2019
hello Deborah yes I remember the Satchell family worked with Ronnie and played football with Eddie

Added by Jim on 02 February 2019
Thank You Jim, unfortunately the whole family has passed away now except the youngest boy my uncle Les, he now lives in Bletchley Milton Keynes. My dad passed away 15th Nov this year, he was Tony Hetherington, from Muswell Hill.
Anonymous comment added on 29 December 2019
I remember Tony Hetherington, but I am not sure if it was from my cycle speedway days or when I was a member of Hampstead harriers, I think that it was the later.
Added by Brian Lee on 01 January 2020
My great grand mother lived in Holmesdale Road, her name was Ellen Bean, her husband was killed in the 1st world war, his name was Edward Bean, my great gran died in 1976, she was in mourning for the rest of her life after her husband's death, always wore black. She used to have albino English bull terriers, they were a rare breed. I remember being terrified of them. My mum and her siblings never had the best life as money was very short, and the lived in squalor as my Nan Marjorie Joyes didn’t keep the house very clean. The Avenue was pretty rough.
Added by Janet morgan on 01 January 2020
The Avenue was the avenue. It was a good place to live. I remember some of the people that lived in Holmesdale, also a Joyes family from the Avenue, they used to go to the Club on the end of Carlisle Place. Did you have very long black hair? You can not leave your doors or windows open now but you could in the Avenue. Good luck for 2020
Added by Jim on 02 January 2020
I remember the Hetherington boys and the Dad. I was sorry to hear about Tony. RIP. The whole family were a good lot and proud to known them. Good luck for 2020

Added by Jim on 02 January 2020
Hi Brian, yes my dad did cycle speedway, I think Finchley pirates, also the eagles? He always talked about the old days, he would have loved to know people remembered him, his younger brother Colin lives in Walton on the Naze now and Richard lives in Clacton on Sea. Aunt Jean the oldest passed away last year she was 92yrs my dad 88yrs.
Added by Janet morgan on 07 January 2020
Jim my Nan was Marjorie Joyes, my mum was Betty Joyes she had dark hair and was very attractive, she was married to my dad Tony Hetherington but divorced in 1980, all the Joyes family have passed away except uncle Les who lives in Bletchley. My mums dad was blind and had TB and passed away 1954 just before I was born. My great gran lived in Holmesdale Road her name was Ellen Bean, all the Joyes family lived there until they got the house in The Avenue. Good old days, my Nan was a funny woman and the her house wasn’t the cleanest but I loved her to bits, she died when she was only 68yrs, they all passed away in their 60s except my mum she was in her 70s. I wish I could have told her about this site.
Added by Janet morgan on 07 January 2020
Thank you Janet on May 16th we have a reunion day The Avenue, Garfield School, the football teams from around the area all get together to swap old memories from the past. Do you remember the Hall family from Carsile Place and the Runayns from Holmesdale, The Wade family from up top of The Avenue. Dave married the Kelly girl. Keep in touch email me if you wish
Added by Jim on 19 January 2020
Hi Janet, it was the Russel Eagles that I remember Tony from, did he also at one time live in Crown Road Muswell hill? this would have been in the early 1960s. I had a lot of relations living in The Avenue. My Gran Mrs Marshall lived at number 26, and my Aunt Hilda lived in the same house with her husband Jim Conway and sons Michael, David, John and daughter. Pat, sadly only John Conway is alive now.
Added by Brian Lee on 24 January 2020
Hi everyone, my Grandad lived on The Avenue at number 3. James P Toms and his brother Bill, between the 1935 - 1960. His father, my great grandfather, owned the shop W. TOMS on the avenue, a grocery shop. I was wondering if anyone happened to remember them? Or had any photos that might have the shop in?
Added by Leigh Toms on 03 February 2020
Hi Jim yes my dad lived at 25 Crown Road Muswell Hill I did too as a child
Added by Janet morgan on 04 February 2020
Hi Janet it was myself that asked you if your Dad lived in Crown Road, in fact I believed that I called on him in the early 1960s, as at that time I use to work for the Britannic assurance company. As an eleven year old I went to Holly Park School and remember many pupils from The Avenue and the roads around there. Lillian Webb, Shelia Jenkins and John Collier plus others that I cannot put names to, Lillian Webb was alovely quiet small blonde girl, I often wonder what happen to these people
Added by Brian Lee on 06 February 2020
Hi Brian, my dad was born at 25 Crown Road, I did too until I was about 2 yrs. My grandad was Edward Victor, everyone knew him as Vic, and my dad was called Young Vic as he looked just like his dad. My dad had 2 brothers Colin and Richard or known as Dickie. They had a sister also called Jean, she died last year at 93 yrs. my dad died November 15th - he was 88yrs. I have pictures of my dad doing the speedway, he often talked about how they all built their bikes themselves, not like these days. My dad often mentioned a girl whose surname was Sargent, I’ve forgotten her 1st name, I think he was quite sweet on her
Added by Janet morgan on 07 February 2020
Hi Brian, I am wondering if you are the Brian Lee from Brittanic who used to collect from Halliwick Road I lived at 26 at that time with my late Mum and Dad....Ann (Whitaker) nee Smith
Added by Ann Whitaker on 20 February 2020
to Janet Morgan re the Hetherington family I shall be at the con club on Friday 26th to show my respect to Robert who has sadly passed away may he R I P, Jim ex Avenue ex Sydney Rd, now Stoke on Trent, my email is keojimvla@talktalk.net
Added by Jim on 21 February 2020
re Janet Morgan correction to date it should read Friday 28th and not the 26th for Roberts memorial service at the con club
Added by Jim on 21 February 2020
Hi Ann yes l am the Brian Lee that called on your family at Halliwick Road, l often wonder what had become of the many families that l called on. I am sorry to hear that your Mum and Dad have passed away. I take it that you did not stay in the Muswell Hill area, but wherever you may be I wish you well.
Added by Brian Lee on 21 February 2020
Hi I lived in The Avenue number 21 my mum was Doreen and dad was Charlie Weston moved in 1965 from there
Added by Pauline taylor on 04 March 2020
re Pauline you must have lived near Johnny Davis and Elaine Shaw. We lived on other side at 58
Added by Jim on 06 March 2020
Hi we had a babysitter called Susan Davis we moved when I was 7
Added by Pauline taylor on 07 March 2020
I went to St Paul’s School from about aged 6 1957. I remember the Little Brown Jug. They used to sell arrowroot biscuits. I lived in Oakleigh Road with my Nan Grace Skinner and my mother Irene Harrington
Added by Frank Harrington on 19 June 2020
in reply to Brian's message I used to work in Keystone Employment Agency in Muswell Hill at one time Brian about 1974. Widowed a couple of times once in 1974 and then in 2007 and am now retired from London Met University in Holloway. Ann
Added by Ann Whitaker on 20 June 2020
Hi Ann, sorry to hear about you being widowed twice, but hope that you have a lovely family around you. I took early retirement in 1998 but worked part time with the Britannic for about 4 years until our grandchildren started to arrive, we have 3 grandchildren 2 girls and 1 boy, and a real joy to be with.
Added by Brian Lee on 21 June 2020
My great grandfather, Herbert Henry Field (killed at Passchendaele 1917), lived at 34 The Avenue in 1911 with a boarder Edith Helena Beer (my great grandmother) and their 1-year-old child Dorothy/Dolly Field. They married in June 1911 after having their 2nd child, Winifred Field (my grandmother) in April 1911. On the Old Ordnance Survey Map of 1898 for Friern Barnet and New Southgate, The Avenue is called Avenue Road. Does anyone know anything more about this name change?
Added by Jo Kelly on 03 July 2020
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