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Friern Barnet Photo Archive

Southaw Girls School, Russell Lane
The Friern Barnet Photo Archive
Southaw Girls School, Russell Lane

An undated postcard from the Andrew Forsyth Collection
Picture added on 08 December 2009 at 12:37
I went to this School from 1969 to 1974
Added by Gill Bailey nee Stammers on 07 May 2012
Oh my goodness! both myself and my sister went to Southaw girls school. I went from 1972- 1979. Ms Hammer was Headmistress at the time! Oh it's just brought back horrible memories!! Glad they knocked it down!
Added by Maxine Payne on 11 May 2012
I went there in the 60's also. Ms Hammer was the Headmistress. Useless school but wished I had kept in touch with some of my friends from there. There used to be girls there from a boarding school.
Added by Bernice (Curtis) on 17 May 2012
Hi Maxine! Yeah happy days there eh?!!! Went there same time as you!
Added by Angela Reid on 13 June 2012
I was sad to know the school was knocked down. I have some good memories of 1967-1972. I live in NZ now, but coming back to the UK in 2013. I was Janet Raven in those days. Did anyone from those years keep in touch? The Ms Hammer & Ms Clark (e) days !!!
Added by Jan Mullings (Raven ) on 08 October 2012
If 'Angela Reid' reads this..would love to get in touch! where have the years gone!? We're all be hitting the big 50 soon! perhaps we should arrange a Southaw Girls School reunion!! Did anyone stay in touch??? If anyone interested..leave a comment!! Maxine Payne 74-79
Added by Maxine Payne on 12 October 2012
I was there until 1981. I don't have fond memories of the school, apart from my dearest friend, Carol Soper.

Added by Carmen Jones on 25 February 2013
Hi To all Ex Southaw Girls,has there ever been a reunion?.I would love to find my old best friend Julia Starkey. Its sad they knocked the old place down, it might not have been the best school, but we had some lovely teachers, Mr Clarke ( English & Drama ) comes to mind , who was a great influence & who could forget Mrs Plumbly !!! ( History ) Mr Hibbard (?) RE & Mr Brooking ( Science ), not such bad memories.........
Added by Jan Mullings (Raven ) on 25 February 2013
I was there in the sixties. Moved to Dorset in 1966. had some marvellously talented friends at Southaw. We had great fun at the (innocent) expense of certain teachers. There were some great mimics and poets amongst my friends!
Added by Lorraine Cheeseman,nee Barrow on 24 March 2013
my sister went to this school in the late 60's and early 70's..
Added by Julie on 16 August 2013
Hi, was there from 74 -79, when wasn't bunking off. Hated the bloody place!! but still sad when going to show my children & it had gone. Great mates Loulla, Niki & Charmaine & Sue Fenn x
Added by Lisa Bearfield on 01 February 2014
to Gill Bailey. Did you live at the top of R/lane with your sister Sandra?
Anonymous comment added on 02 February 2014
Comment to Gill Bailey was by me, Jim. Sorry, forgot to leave name
Added by Jim on 04 February 2014
I remember being terrified of Miss Hamer. Don't think I spoke to her more than once in six years! Yes, Mr Tom Clarke, Jacey Dunn, Merry Lyall (became Mrs Morris) Miss Lloyd (became Mrs Cathy Griffin) who remembers Miss Dunn 's Review: War and Peace and the following year: Never A Tale of More Woe. Scenes from Romeo and Juliet interspersed with relating scenes from West Side Story. I was at Southaw from 1969 through 1974. MRS Gaye Plumley (history teacher) was the most elegant woman I ever met. Apparently an ex-ballroom dancer and model. We wrote to each other for a while, after she moved to Peacehaven.
Added by KIM JONES on 24 February 2014
Hi my name is Annamaria Ruocco i went to school in 1971 to 1975 Monkfrith.
Added by Annamaria on 26 February 2014
Hi, I was there from 64-69, happy happy days. I remember Ms Hamer and Deputy head MsClarke. Miss Plumley was inspirational and History is still my favourite subject. I hung out with Carol Bailey (became Carol Turnbull, Deborah Turner and Lesley Kapur. Havn't seen Deb and Lesley for years but Carol and I remain best friends to this day although she now lives in Australia! Gill Alexander is also a dear friend whom I grew up with from 5 years of age and we now live in the same town. We used to love it when all the boys from Ashmole school would come to the gates at lunchtime. haha. Does anyone remember the bakers van that used to be at the school gates at lunch time when you could buy a donut or cadburys chocolate bar. I remember those days with such fondness,the tamla motown era!!getting the 125 bus to Southgate station and going to the library to open our reports before letting parents see them.Wish they would have had a reunion:(
Added by Carol Rahmer (now Durkin) on 28 March 2014
Does anyone remember the strike we had one summer cos it was too hot to work?.....lo.....was round about 75/76. Hamer and her deputy clarke were horrible women.........i remember her wacking me with a ruler cos i was singing in the loos and flirting with workmen!!!
Added by SONIA RYALL on 06 April 2014
I went here from 67 to 71 my maiden name was Valerie Clark anyone remember me please get in touch
Added by Valerie hazelwood nee clark on 06 April 2014
Hi I went to Southaw from 65 to 69 I was Pauline Cole then ..often ending up in Miss Hamer's office !
Added by Pauline Pratt on 21 April 2014
Hi l remember the strike ..... keep your area on the grass lol .... one of the best days
Do you remember me ?
Added by Janice Hickmott on 13 May 2014
I was there 1955 until 1961. The headmistress was Miss Littlechild
Added by Jennifer Stafford nee Balkham on 05 July 2014
Janice, Hello,It's Sonia. Yes, of course i remember you. How are you?
Anonymous comment added on 19 July 2014
Hi Sonia I am well what about you where has all that time gone?
Added by Janice on 11 August 2014
I was at Southaw from 68 - 73. I have good memories of good friends and teachers, Jackie Dunn never forgotton. Moved away with my family to Bedfordshire in 73 before my CSE exams. Miss Hamer wanted me to stay on, but I didn't, never regretted my decision. Knew when the School was to be demolished, worked for a Building Company in Essex who did consider buying the land for homes, they changed their minds, so I believe Wimpey did the job in the end. Would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Added by Alison Flahey on 14 August 2014
My sister Carmen Jones has sent all this to me and I must say it has woken many memories. Of course I remember Mrs Griffin who insisted I should keep my writing like little soldiers. Students I remember fondly are: Louise Soloway, Louise Bresler, Denise Gramsby, and other faces that I just can´t remember their names at the moment. I live in Spain now and am often in the UK. myfanwy@telefonica.net I think a reunion would be fun.
Added by Myfanwy Jones (Mivi) on 19 August 2014
Hi Sonia!!!!!its Julie Keefe OMG!! I cant believe that you have made contact with Janice who as you know is my sister in law!!!! this is so great!! how are you?? laughed my head off at your comments about our very eventful schools days at Southaw Girls!! Janice and I have such great memories!! especially the workmen!!! and the 'strike'!!!! would love to catch up with you look forward to hearing from you!!
Added by Julie Keefe on 14 September 2014
Julie,:) Never thought I would hear from you or Janice again. It was only a fluke I found this site, never dreaming I would get to contact anyone from our years at Southaw! When I saw Janice's name it brought back a flood of memories. And hearing you had married Janice's brother! Oh Julie, how are you? Email me at anytime......... would love to catch up with you too......
Added by Sonia Ryall on 18 September 2014
I went to the boys school - ASHMOLE - from 1955 to 1958 when we moved up to Burleigh Gardens, Southgate leaving more room for the girls. I was only at Southgate for a few months and found a job.
The headmaster was Mr. Strugnell. The boys occupied the left hand side of the building in the picture. The building at the top was the Gym shared by both schools. The girls were in the right hand building and we could see them across the quadrangle but we never mixed !
Added by Hilary Collett on 08 October 2014
My last year was 71 and it was very memorable. I love Southaw. I moved to the Bahamas then USA. If anyone remembers me please send me an email. I currently live in Switzerland.
Added by Nazarine Ally Koepf on 26 December 2014
Hi, my name is Doulla Hajipoli. I went to Southaw from 1977-1984. I was in Pym. My friends were Julia Cooper, Helen Bolton, Elizabeth Saddington, Gail Williamson.
Added by Doulla Hajipoli on 20 January 2015
I was there 1944-1949. Any one else?
Diana Hartwell
Added by Diana anders (Hartwell) on 09 February 2015
Hi sonia
I have emailed you a few times but dont tnink you have received them I would so love to have contact with you!!!!! School seems a life time away!!!! But great memories!!!! Especially when you dyed your hair!!!! Do u remember that??? Do hope you contact me!!!! X
Added by Julie Hickmott nee Keefe on 14 February 2015
Hi, It is so good to read about everyone's memories of Southaw and the Teachers. I too have fond memories of Miss Dunn. She also reached Scripture as well as Music and Drama, thought she was really trendy! Not so keen on Ms Hammer, she once called me into her office after assembly and I was struck on the head with a large heavy book, made me physically sick. Having said that had some great times too! If Gillian Hall, Carol Abrey, Susan King, Lesley Nash and Susan Gosman are out there it would be nice to hear from you. I am now in contact with Valerie Clark which is great. I was at the school between 68 - 72. Deborah (Giles) and I was in Pymm

Added by Deborah Disbrey (nee Giles) on 24 February 2015
Hi my name is Nafisa Zanzibarwala....my maiden name was Nafisa Mamaji....I attended Southaw High School between 1975-1978...does anyone remember me....
Added by Nafisa Zanzibarwala (Mamaji) on 17 April 2015
Hi my name is Sotera Tryphonas I was at Southaw school from 1971-76, I have many good memories at Southaw. I remember Ms Hamer and Ms Clarke they were pleasant enough to me. Does anyone remember Ms Howell (science teacher) and Ms Parkes ( sports teacher). I am sorry to hear that it was knocked down, what a shame. Ms Howell use to live in Potters Bar I would imagine she is no longer here. The only bad memory is when other girls use to pick on me, as I was small for my age. would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Added by SOTERA TRYPHONAS on 06 May 2015
Hi to Deborah Disbrey nee Giles. I remember you and you may also recall the Bunyan twins Arlette and Yvonne, who I still have contact with. I left in April 73 and moved to Bedfordshire. After years moving around I am back there now. Would be nice if there are any other girls out there who I may know.
Added by Alison Flahey on 08 May 2015
Hi Deborah Sotera here, do you know the names of the different coloured houses we were in;red, yellow, green and blue.

thanks again
Sotera Tryphonas
Added by SOTERA TRYPHONAS on 09 May 2015
Hi Sotera, red was for Pymm, yellow was Veralum, Green was Monkgrith not sure what the blue set was, sorry. Alison Hi, yes I remember Yvonne and Arlette, good to hear you are still I contact with them, please say Hello from me.
Added by Deborah Disbrey (Giles) on 10 May 2015
Hi Deborah, thanks for getting back to me. This has helped me to remember.
thanks again,
Sotera Tryphonas
Added by SOTERA TRYPHONAS on 10 May 2015
Hi Sotera here, does anyone remember Elaine Gibson, Madeleine Tetsell, Helen Louca? Hi Deborah Sotera here, when was Southaw. School closed down? And why did they demolished it, was it that bad? I know it was still there until 2008, that's when I left England and came over to Northern Ireland.
Added by SOTERA TRYPHONAS on 11 May 2015
Hi Carol Durkin, Sotera Tryphonas here yes they did have a reunion back in the late 70's which I attended, Ms Hamer and Ms Clarke was there plus many of the other teachers. Not many of the girls turned up for the reunion, I thought they might have had another reunion in later years but sadly they didn't. I would imagine that all the teachers have now passed on. Does anyone remember Mrs Yerbury (textile & design teacher) and Mrs Sutherland (home economics teacher). Ahhh those were the days, it is sad to think that after leaving Southaw that everyone went there separate ways and wanted to forget their time at Southaw. I choose to study there as my first option so I had an idea that I would learn something to help me in later years.

Sotera Tryphonas
Added by SOTERA TRYPHONAS on 11 May 2015
Hi Deborah Sotera here,do you know why they knocked down Southaw? Was it that bad? Do you know when it was demolished?

thanks again

Sotera Tryphonas
Added by SOTERA TRYPHONAS on 12 May 2015
Hi Sotera, I Don't know when the School was demolished, I only know that the last time I was down Russell Lane, the School is replaced with housing. Best to ask the question to Alison Flahey, sorry. So many memories, some happy and some sad!
Added by Deborah Disbrey (Giles) on 12 May 2015
Hi all. The picture brings back memories for me. Not good ones really. I went to Southaw from 1972-!977. My name then was Rosalind Serebriany. Does anybody remember me? I would love to hear from you.
Added by Rosalind on 14 May 2015
Hi Sotera and Deborah, re School being knocked down, ironically back in the mid 2000's I was working for a house building company Persimmon Homes in Essex and I knew that Southaw had become an extension of Barnet College long before then. It came to my attention that the College had closed ie Southaw and was to be purchased and knocked down for housing which Persimmon applied to do. However, for reason that I do not know Persimmon decided against and eventually I believe that Barret Homes used the land. I have briefly passed by when visiting the area and it was unrecognisable, very sad. Persimmon had a copy of the photo shown above which I had hoped to keep, but sadly was destroyed when they changed there minds. We shall all have memories of our time there, I am fortunate to have a great Class photo taken about 1971 and I have all the names of the girls on the back. Happy days (mostly).

Added by Alison Flahey on 14 May 2015
Hi. My mother was school secretary at this school in the 1960's. I remember her talking about Miss Hamer. My mother's name was Joan Priestley.
Added by Glen Priestley on 26 May 2015
Hi. I was at Southaw from 1970-1975 in Monkfrith (the blue team). I remember taking coffee to Miss Hamer's office from cookery class in the afternoon and eating one of the biscuits on the way there! That was considered very daring then. In my form were Valerie, Francine, Joanne and Annamaria and I was Barbara Fisher then - brilliant memories. Would love to hear from anyone who was at the school in those years.
Added by Barbara Cattini on 04 June 2015
Hi Satora, I was never aware of the reunion in the late 70's, didn't see it advertised anywhere!! Perhaps that's why so few turned up. Would have loved to attend but hey ho.
Added by Carol Durkin on 05 June 2015
Hi Sotera, My name is Lynne Rathbone,(maiden name Baly)and I also went to Southaw from 1971 to 1976. I was in Pymme house.
My best friend was Sheena Gibb and I also knew Gail Harris.
Unfortunately I didnt study as hard as I should have and emerged with only three CSE/ O levels;
would love to get in touch with Sheena if anyone knows her whereabouts?
Added by Lynne Rathbone( Baly) on 17 June 2015
Hi Lynne Rathbone Sotera here I remember Sheena Gibb, I don't know of Sheena's whereabouts I am sorry. I think I remember you Lynne and possibly Gail Harris.
Added by Sotera Tryphonas on 18 June 2015
Hi Lynne Rathbone Sotera here I remember Sheena Gibb, I don't know of Sheena's whereabouts I am sorry. I think I remember you Lynne and possibly Gail Harris.
Added by Sotera Tryphonas on 18 June 2015
Hi, My name is Frances Gaydon (nee Blyth). I was at Southaw until 1961, and left in the 5th year. Mrs MacAdam, she taught history, and Miss Williams, she used to give me singing lessons after school. I remember Sandra & Gail Westbrook and another Sandy used to play tennis after school in the school tennis courts, Miss Edwards was the PE teacher and she said she didn't mind keeping the place open, she had to stay on anyway. We all used to sit on the green at the front, about a dozen of us. There was Linda Taylor? Sheila, Janice (My husband Bert tells me he used to go out with Janice when she was about 17, long before I knew him).
Added by Frances Gaydon (nee Blyth) on 07 July 2015
This picture shows the nursing science block at the top. This was also the form room for the 5th year class. Miss Clark was our form teacher, she was OK when I was there. but not the greatest. Mrs Clarke was our cookery teacher and she was a bit of a tyrant. Is this who everyone is referring to. Does anyone remember Miss Taylor who taught needlework, I think it was a Mrs Green who taught geography. Miss Williams was sweet little old lady, music, she used to wear her hair in a bun which always looked like it had slipped.
I have often wondered is Christine Penwarden who was also in our class the same person, I have often seen in the TV credits listings.
Added by Frances Gaydon (nee Blyth) on 13 July 2015
Hi Sonia
Have heard from Janice that you have been in contact. Have emailed you a few timed but not heard back - Would so love to hear from you & catch up!!! Its been a few years hasn't it??!!!
All the best Julie x
Added by Julie Hickmott nee Keefe on 14 July 2015
Hi this is Sotera here, does anyone know whether Miss Hamer and Miss Clarke are still living? I would imagine they are both dead by now, if anyone knows please email me @ soteratryphonas@ymail.com I am just curious to find out if they are still living.

Added by Sotera Tryphonas on 16 July 2015
Hi, I was at Southaw School from 1969 - 1974 ( I think)it was not a good school but when they demolished it I felt sad. Even though the school wasn't great I have some happy memories of the fun with good friends. I still live in the house I was born in so seen many changes not just to the school but the shops in Hampden Square and Russell Lane. My name is Susyn Northwood, I was in Pymmes and as I am writing this so many names come to mind. Linda Christmas, Jackie and Caroline Goodchild, Linda Mclaren, Susan Mannash, Susan Peck, so many others. If anyone remembers me I am on fb never married so I am easy to find. I think with fb your maiden name should be mandatory otherwise it is difficult to find woman. Anyway bye for now. X
Added by Miss Susyn Northwood on 21 July 2015
Hi I was at Southaw from 1968/1972. I was in Pymme house. I too remember Miss Hamer and Miss Clark. My favourite teacher was without a doubt Mrs Plumley. She made history so interesting and I still have a love of history to this day. I also remember Miss Sherman the PE teacher. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. My name was then Lynn Keal.
Added by Lynn MacDonald.(nee Keal) on 25 July 2015
Hi Lynn. I remember you and I have a class photo with you. I keep in contact with the Bunyan twins Arlette and Yvonne. They both still live off Russell Lane. I am in Bedfordshire.
Added by Alison Flahey on 26 July 2015
Hello, I was at Southaw from 69 - 75. I have good memories of the place and my childhood. I especially remember good friends such as Susyn Northwood, Diane Hardy, Diane Lee, Alison Caines, Diane Stark, and Jackie and Caroline Goodchild. I am still in touch with Susyn, Alison and both Diane's. Does anybody else remember me? My mum worked in the school canteen as a cook also.
Added by Suzanne Pirouet on 02 August 2015
Would love a reunion. There has to be someone out there that remembers me from 1971. My name is Nazarine Koepf. Maiden name Ally.
Added by Nazarine Ally Koepf on 07 August 2015
OMG !!! Can t explain why, just thought of my old secondary school, hey presto, it's all gone, yes I remember most of the teachers ,1969 onwards I was a bit naughty then, lol, Sandra Hill 😀 luv to all the girls in that era x
Added by Sandra Jackson on 20 August 2015
Hi, I went to Southaw Girls from 1971 -1974, having left for Australia. My surmame then was Ross-Gilder. I was friends with Ann Shearly, Susan, Wendy (sorry ladies forgot your surnames!) I returned to UK, with my husband in 2012 and yes, was shocked to see the school no longer there!!!! Does anyone have any photos to share of our school days?
Added by LEANA Kandasamy on 22 September 2015
Well Hi to all who attended Souhaw 74-79 Yes Maxine I remember also Jane and Lisa so that makes me Sue (nee Fenn) now Barrett and have been Barrett for many years and hidding in Cambridgeshire and still not in to technology. Can I apologize to Lisa's daughter who I did get hold of through looking through this and bumbling through face book that I still have not got in contact with her mum. This whole looking back at the old school really has brought good and bad memories well they will always be our memories. I just wish it wasn't so long ago.Hope life is good.
Added by Susan Barret . ( Fenn ) on 13 October 2015
You are mentioning a reunion (some of you have) in the 70s. I actually went back and visited the school in 1983 when my Daughter Tarah was a baby as they wanted a baby to be bathed in front of a specific class to show them what to do, think my health visitor actually did it -gosh, I was so clumsy it may have ended in tears otherwise. Whilst there, I popped in to visit Mrs Ellenby who had been our Business & Secretarial Studies teacher and she, and her classes, were still going strong. I then remember it becoming an annexe of Barnet College but still in the 80s.; maybe 1985 or so, so surely a reunion would have been late eighties!!

By the way I wondered what had occured to Miss HAMER. Mentioned before that I probably had one dealing with her in all my years there but found her quite formidable although attractive, she used to wear lovely dusky cornflower blue sweaters which really suited her with her hair and her blue eyes. Odd the stuff you perceive when you are at school.
By the way, Deborah Gisbey, Green was UNDERNE - it was my colour!

Added by Kim Jones on 14 October 2015
Sorry, I called Deborah Disbrey - Gisbey - so sorry about that!
Added by Kim Jones on 14 October 2015
Hi All - Anne Couchman here. I'm an "ex convict" of Southaw from 1964/5 to 1969, and my sister, Mary, a year ahead of that. Haven't read all the comments yet, but sufficient to bring back many memories and names. Left England in 1984, lived in Kenya and the last 25+ years in Sydney, Australia. Would love to make contact with anyone from my era.
Added by Anne Carr (nee Couchman) on 19 October 2015
Hi to anyone who remembers me, Mary Coachman, wiser Anne. I was, I think '63 - '67. Lynne Hall was my best friend her parents had the newsagency up Russell Lane. Patsy and Helen Mason also. I remember Miss. Clarke leaving the room when it came to teaching the reproductive system! I am living in Sydney Australia now so is Anne. Any one out there who remembers - would be great to hear from you.
Added by Mary Lygo on 20 October 2015
Kim, do you have a sister Sally by any chance who was in my form? I was in Pymme from 1971 to 1976. I remember her amazing curls

Added by Lynne Rathbone (nee Baly) on 21 October 2015
Does anyone remember the PE teacher Miss Devere from South Africa.. Doubt Miss Hammer and Miss Clark are still alive they were about 40ish in the sixties (or seemed it).. I was there from 1965 to 1970..Pauline Cole was in Pymme
Anonymous comment added on 21 October 2015
I left in 1976, had some fun times, didn't learn anything about Shakespeare but loads about life....real education started the day I left.
Best teacher was Mrs Field excellent Maths teacher, was in her tutor group. My three sisters also went to Southaw, right up to the day it was closed.
Added by Carolyn on 15 December 2015
I was at Southaw until 1961. Mrs MacAdam (history)and Miss Williams (music) were my favourite teachers. Miss Williams was a sweet litle old lady, she took me for singing lessons after school. The was a Mrs Clarkand and a Miss Clark, one took Domestic Science the other was my form teacher in the fifth year and taught nursing science. They were both rather austere, and I never like either. Other than that good times and the best school in the area at the time.
Added by Francres Gaydon (ne Blyth) on 16 December 2015
Hello there. I was wondering if anyone knew my mother Lisa Robbins. At that time was Lisa Bearfield. Trying to track down old friends of hers.
Added by Lisa Bearfield on 16 December 2015
Hi Lisa, I must apologise to your great daughter. I have been so busy with mad family new job since she contacted me back in Oct. It doesnt seem possible that the last time we were together was at my wedding ( now thats going back some time ). Well Southaw finally did somthing good. Friends made then were made for life. So Southaw you did something right. We must catch up. xxx Sue Barrett ( nee Fenn)
Added by Susan Barrett ( nee Fenn ) on 22 December 2015
Hi, I was there 1969-73 My best friend was Helen Moules, whom I am still in contact with. I now live in Suffolk. My memories were of the cooking classes. I think Miss Prior was the teacher. She always told me my cooking would come to nothing, but now I'm a really good cook and proud of it. I too went back to see the old school, but it had been knocked down. My sister Sherrie Bolden also went to the school from 1971-1976. Does anyone remember us?
Added by Candy Kingsman nee Bolden on 22 December 2015
Hi Candy. I was at Southaw at the same time. Remember Miss Prior well, not my favourite teacher. I went to the Reunion prior to its closure it was strange going back.
Added by Alison Flahey on 23 December 2015
Hi my mum was at the school 1961-1966 her name then was Catherine Davies, (now Hudson) I'd love to hear from anyone who knew her especially Rita Baldwin & Judith Longhurst.
Added by Jen Hudson on 25 December 2015
Hi I was at the school for just over 3 years. From 1975 - 1978. I remember all the girls wearing Bay City Rollers socks. I remember it being a tad scary as well. Bullies were rife in those days. Was very glad to leave half way through year 3. Would love to hear from Carol Taylor.... we both went to Queenswell Primary School.
Added by Aleca Nicolaides on 07 January 2016
Hello I was at Southaw from 1971 but left in 1975 to live in South Africa! I also remember Miss Hamer being very scary her office was just to the right if you came in through the top gate entrance. I used to run past, I have nice memories but not sure if I learnt a lot except in home economics! Think I was in Monkfrith!
Added by Abbe Lourenco nee Kaplan on 04 February 2016
I was at Southaw back in the 1970's when Miss Hamer & Miss Clarke were Headmistress & Deputy Headmistress. I was in Underne House. My favourite teacher was Mrs. Arthur the music teacher.I was in the school choir & can remember a couple of the songs from The Rooster Rag if anyone else remembers it. Even my mum continues to ask me to sing Every Time I Lay An Egg. Do you remember Miss Stacey, Miss White & Miss Parkes the PE teachers? I remember the school going on strike I think it might have been 1976
& the whole school was put into detention. I had one friend called Lorraine Bringau but I don't know what happened to her. I now
Live in Muswell Hill near to Tesco off Colney Hatch Lane & am married but don't have children. I work at Fenwick Brent Cross in the catering Department.

Added by Jane Shaer on 29 March 2016
I was Jane Lubel when I went to Southaw. I can't remember the year I left but I do distinctly remember the school going on
strike back in 1976 when there was a drought and kept back in detention. My favourite teacher was Mrs Arthur who taught Music. Who can forget her flared trousers. I also remember being in the school choir singing along to The Rooster Rag. My mum still asks me to sing Every Time I Lay An Egg. I was always teased and very shy due to having learning difficulties and being epileptic. I still have epilepsy though it's more controlled.
Added by Jane Shaer on 30 March 2016
Jane if your Mum is called Hazel then I remember you. Our Mums are still friends.
Added by Abbe on 30 March 2016
Just remembered I was in Undern! Anyone remember me I was very small!
Abbe Lourenco was Kaplan
Added by Abbe on 31 March 2016
Hi Abbe. It has been very hard trying to locate people I was at school with. I checked
with my mum & she occasionally sees your mum in

Added by Jane Shaer on 02 April 2016
Can anyone tell me if any of the Teachers are still alive?
Added by Jane Shaer on 04 April 2016
I went to Southaw 1957-63. Great friends with Ann and identical twins Janice & Wendy Alexander. The twins went on to train as nurses. Still in touch wit Ann but love to make contact with twins as we are all 70 this year!
Added by Margaret Francombe (Bulpitt) on 06 April 2016
Hi, I went to Southaw and left in the 5th year in 1961. I am 71 in July. Does anyoe remember me, or Gail & Sandra Westbrook? Miss Edwards taught PE, she used to open the tennis courts and let Gail, Sandra, another girl called Ann (can't remember her surname) and I play after school on our own. Mrs MacAdam (history), Miss Williams(music), Miss Moody (science). Miss Littlechild was the headmistress. Was the Miss Clarke who others mentioned as the head, the same person who taught nursing science and was my form teacher in the 5th year? She was a bit strict, but on the whole OK. She must have changed later with more authority. I always used to be either skiving off and reading a book or singing anywhere, even in the school corridors, when I thought no one was listening, anyway no one ever said anything. Miss Williams used to get me to sing in lessons and even did so in front of the whole school after assembly on my own, that was embarrassing. On the whole the teachers were pretty lenient. I enjoyed my time there. Comparing it to Holly Park School, later Friern Barnet County School, it was a doddle. Holly Park was a dump, although I was very small so used to get bullied a lot at Holly Park. I was only there for the first year and part of the second. Got out as soon as I could. At 14 I weighed 4st 10lb and that was normal, never ill or dyslexic. By comparison Southaw was great. Until about 1958 the boys occupied one half of the school (where the pottery room was), but moved to a new school at Southgate. We were given the option of keeping our present building or getting the new school. Miss Littlechild opted to stay where we were.
Added by Frances Gaydon(nee Blyth) on 07 April 2016
Goodness, Frances! Great long term memory - how's your short term? I was at Southaw from 1964 to 1969, but not having any success with contacting any of my co-compatriots. Now living in Australia.
Added by Anne Carr (nee Couchman) on 07 April 2016
Hi Anne,
Sorry I left Southaw in 1961, so would have been 3 years in advance of your year.I lived at the top of Russell Lane in Russell Gardens and have heard of your name Couchman, but how I do not know, my mum may have mentioned it from years ago. To elaborate ,Miss Taylor taught needlework and Mrs Clark cookery, in the room above the stage in the assembly hall (the Green Room) it was very awkward getting up those stairs. Do you remember the huts next to the tennis courts.
Added by Frances Gaydon(nee Blyth) on 09 April 2016
i was at Southaw from 1956 to 1960 and remember Miss Littlechild and Miss Williams. Mrs Eckhart (?) geography, used to throw the chalk around a bit to get pupils' attention! My friend was Marilyn Richards who I am still in contact with. She lives in Oz. I left in 1960 to go to Pitmans College, Palmers Green. Wish I could remember more names of fellow pupils in my class but it's all a long time ago. No career advice in those days, but secretarial qualifications meant I could always get work
Added by Susan Aldridge. (Now Taverner) on 21 April 2016
Hi Susan, I think remember you. Did you have long fair hair, and leave in the 4th year in 1960 whereas I went on to the 5th year hence leaving in 1961. I can't remember Marylin though. Do you remember Gail & Sandra Westbrook, Christine Penwarden. My husband, Bert tells me he used to go out with Janice (long before I knew him) who was one of the group, we all used to sit on the grass at the botton of the playing fields. The smell from the sewage works in Osidge Lane was horrendous.
Added by Frances Gaydon(nee Blyth) on 21 April 2016
I went to Southaw School and remember Jane Hunter, Susan Peck and Annette Loom, Debbie Toms & Karen Coddrington who were all in my year. I still remember the 1st domestic science lesson and still cook grilled tomatoes the way I was taught - it is a shame the school is no longer there. I did not enjoy sewing and Deliah Govey finished off a skirt for me. I always regret leaving there and going to East Barnet School just before I was due to take my CSE/O Levels - I should have stayed at Southaw but no good looking back.
Added by Gillian Butrimas on 31 May 2016
Hello? I was at the school (not happy memories of the place) around 1971. Only there a short while before moving. Does anyone remember me?? My name was then Charlotte East and I lived in Totteridge. Used to bus in on red bus.
Added by Cha Hamilton on 15 July 2016
Hello - was there from 1966 to 1969 when we moved to Kent - was Jackie Heathfield then and in Underne - remember Nazarine Ally from Osidge Primary, am still in contact with Hilary Sable, Deborah Nagioff, Susan Hall and Stella Bloomfield, would love to hear from other - Jill Prior, Wendy Gibson etc! Remember being a beanie in Jack and The Beanstalk and Timorous i Pilgrims Progress - good times!

Added by Jackie Sceats on 27 July 2016
I went to Southaw School from 1973-1978. The school was awful, the first day there two girls were ripping each others bra's off in the dinner queue, I remember thinking what has my mother sent me too, just because she came here. Absolute nightmare teachers especially Mrs Ellenby who seemed to have it in for me because I wore nail varnish, and wouldnt' let me enter the business studies exam, what a bitch. They were enlarging the school when i was there, the whole of my school years there was drilling and banging constantly, how you were expected to work through that was a joke, then when its built it closes down as it's too big and used as a college. Never mind that they have given you a migraine for 5 year.s The only good thing was memories of good friends especially Laurette Stevenson, Jita, Desbo, Maxine Richings, Sandra Bevans, Laura Cripps - we did have some laughs. I'd love to hear from any of you, my only happy memories from secondry school.
Added by Sheila Marquand on 23 August 2016
Very glad to read the cheerful comments about a number of the teachers there - Mr Clarke - absolutely brilliant - Mrs Veronica Bays - an excellent teacher - Miss Hamer - she was alright - Mr Henry - a really good art teacher - Mr Brooking - science - also Mrs Halliwell. Mrs Duffy - cheerful - Mrs Griffin also cheery. Does anyone remember Miss Parks, a PE teacher? Mrs Oaks was history - I was in the same class as her son in primary school. Anyone remember Miss Jones - not sure what her subject was. I was there from 1970 - 77. I have good memories of a good bunch of girls - we did ok at Southaw. Happy to see the aerial view of the old place. The only real horror in the place was the toilet block!!!!! Awful!!!!
Added by Karen Turner on 25 August 2016
Jan Mullins nee Raven i don't remember you but I was there It the same time and Julia Starkey was also my friend, also Valerie Clark (Hazlewood). I remember you, Miss Hamer, Miss Clarke. I hated school, sad to see it gone though
Added by Eileen Taylor Nee Boyce on 30 August 2016
Hi anyone out there who was at Southaw from 1971 - 1976 who remembers me.

Added by Sotera Tryphonas on 09 September 2016
I was there 58 to 65 Elaine Bickerstaff (Paige) was in my class with Angela Gossiping does any remember. Ann Hill was our music teacher! Christine White
Added by Christine Ferris on 15 September 2016
I was there 77-84. Last intake to go through all seven years. It was sad seeing school get smaller and smaller as no new entries after 79. I went to the reunion in the eighties and hoped for another. Really miss the friends I had.
Added by Susan leveridge on 11 October 2016
Funny isn't it the things you remember about the school. I was there 59-65. From Miss Littlechild, brilliant lady, I remember her stories of being up on the roof doing 'air raid watch' and her visits (with photos) to the Passion Play at Oberamagau and geysers in New Zealand. We were part of the 'try to push the piano off the stage' bunch! Miss Clarke was okay, she did tell my dad I'd make a good nurse. I probably would have. Can't really remember anything really good about Miss Hamer to relate though. I'm sorry to say that. She ran the school but I don't think she liked any of us much. Unlike brilliant Mrs Plumley who was inspirational. She used to perch on the edge of our desks and make history worth learning about. So elegant too, but very relaxed with it. Learned a lot from her on many levels. Miss Allen went to the US and we were very lucky and had Mr Campbell who was a great teacher. Brought things like genetics to us. It was the year JFK went, so remember that very clearly. Real nice memories of Mrs Beasley, Miss Prior and who was our really nice pottery teacher? Can't remember her name, she used to take us on great outings, like to the Thames to find clay pipes etc. Really enjoyed pottery, still do. I was the year after Elaine Bickerstaff but I remember her and her friends well. It was a nice time to be there, sorry you more recent girls seem to have had a more mixed time. My sister Pam, was seven years younger than me, I think mostly happy there.
I wasn't sad to leave but I had enjoyed most of it with really happy memories. Flats on that patch of land seems odd. Really at that time, I think on the whole, the school, from the staff to the facilities to the buildings to the school plays, bazaars everything (including the solid fuel stoves in the huts that the caretaker, Mr Brown? used to keep stoked up) the school was a good one. Most of us left with confidence and did the best we could. Here's cheers for all of us, Brenda. xxxx
Added by Brenda Mills on 30 October 2016
Hi Karen It was lovely hearing from you and how well you and your family are doing. I am sorry I have not yet responded, I do intend to for sure.
Added by Gillian Butrimas on 31 October 2016
Hi Brenda, Miss Clarke was my form teacher in the fifth year in 1961, the nursing science block. I remember the parents evening one year and a dead rat being stuck to the table with darts and a pigs eye on its own in a saucer, talk about turning my stomcah over. From memory our headmistress was Miss Littlechild and she looked like Ann in The Chase.She always wore green or brown check tweed skirts.I think I'm rather glad I never knew Miss Hammer, she must have started after I left.I enjoyed school, I was a proper bookworm always sneaking off and reading especially when there was netball, hated it(every time I played I seemed to sprain my ankles so gave up I was so thin, at 14 I weighed 4st 10lbs so that probably says something) no one ever said anything. My favourite teacher was Mrs MacAdam who taught history, and Miss Williams- music, sweet little old lady with grey hair, always had it scraped back with a bun at the back which looked like it had slipped.Never knew Ann Hill, probably started just after I left. On the whole very happy days
Regards to all.

Added by Frances Gaydon (nee Blyth) on 31 October 2016
Does anyone remember Louise Johnson and where she is now?
Added by Steve Richards on 26 November 2016
Hi, Alison Flahey. I was friends with the twins at Churchill School and it would be great to hear from them,my name is Keith and I sure Arlett would remember me but it was a mighty long time ago. I wonder if I could give them my phone number though you to say hello?
Added by Keith Gardener on 30 November 2016
I went to Southaw from 1976 - 83. Karen Spore then. I loved all my friends, it's a shame you lose touch, unfortunately I moved. Janice Gaul , Cathy Cooper & Rosanno Mario to name a few.
Added by Karen Layton on 04 December 2016
I was at southaw 71-76 (Suzanne Pirouet), I have good memories and still in contact with a few friends. My mum worked in the school canteen as a cook. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Anonymous comment added on 29 December 2016
Hi Suzanne , I wax also there 71-75 as I left in the 4th year to go and live in Cape Town. I was Abbe Kaplan then, now just moved to Norfolk.
Added by Abbe Kaplan on 29 December 2016
Hello Suzanne, I was there 59 or 60 to 65. I remember a Patricia Pirouet. Maybe you are related? Not a name you see often, but I recently had a customer with the same name. I am now in Berkshire. Happy New Year to all. I hope 2017 will be a safe, happy and healthy one. Regards Brenda xx
Added by Brenda Mills (Uwins) on 30 December 2016
I attended the school from 1955 to 1959 and remember Susan Aldridge, Marilyn Richards when we were in Mrs Clifthills class? I still hear from/see, Pat Jones, Daphne Langridge, Barbara Bates, Pauline Keen. I lived in Potters Bar for 47 years, but have since moved to North Mymms. I was widowed 21 years ago. Have 2 lovely daughters and one granddaughter.
Added by Susan Loader nee Batho on 20 February 2017
I went to this school from 1969 to 1972. I was friends with Jackie and Caroline Goodchild and also Louisa Richardson. I remember Annette Loom and Delilah Govi were in my Class and also Linda Christmas. I remember Linda had really beautiful handwriting. I was the only black girl in the whole school for a while until my sister joined 2 years later and also Rowena Anderson who was a little older than me.
Added by Janet on 27 March 2017
hi janet what was your surname? you were in my year. Gillian Butrimas
Anonymous comment added on 29 March 2017
I was there 69-72 was Jayne Left then I remember the place well and I was in Monkfrith was my bestie was Elaine Heady the. I also remember a group of us getting caught smoking around the side of the huts by Hawkeye I think her real name was Mrs Hawkes we all had to go and see Miss Hamer. She told me that she smoke a packet a year and to this day I wonder which months she had 2 in lol. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers our days together.
Added by Jayne Byford on 30 March 2017
Hi Jayne I was there at the same time and remember Elaine, I was and still am friends with the twins Arlette and Yvonne Bunyan. Did you also attend the East Barnet Methodist Church? I am sure we were both in the Youth section together. Would be good to hear from you.
Added by Alison Flahey on 02 April 2017
Hi GillIan, my surname was Bogle.
Added by Janet on 07 April 2017
hello Alison,did you see my post from November 30th?would be great if you would send my best wishes to the twins,i wonder if they remember me?
Added by Keith Gardener on 08 April 2017
Hi Abbe and all you 'Southaw Girls'. My name is Leni and I remember you very well. I was also in Underne (Mr Henry tutor form) I wasn't very studious but we did have a good time!!! Would love to hear from you all especially Vivien Waller.
Added by Leni on 16 April 2017
Hello my name is Maryam (nee Haidari). I was at Southaw from 1974 to 1979. I can only remember a few names. Karen Baccuss, Susan Bailey, Athena Panni, Lorraine Western, Zoe, Sarah, Susan Forbes, Debbie Collingwood, these names come to me. Mrs Arthur was my music teacher, Miss Julien, French teacher, Miss Parkes and Mrs White PE teachers, Miss Hammer and Miss Clarke head and deputy. My sister Shirin was a few years below me. I remember all the classes striking. I was in a science lesson and was not outside so I was unaware of what was going on. I had to go to the detention all the same! I have some fond memories but I left to go to Teatherdown college in Muswell Hill to re-sit O levels and study A levels. I often wonder what happened to the teachers and pupils from that school. I was in Verulum. There was a teacher called Mrs Elemby, she kept complaining about everything. Maxine Paine and Angela Reid sound familiar. Do you remember me? It was a gem finding this.
Added by Maryam Hulme on 05 May 2017
Hi Leni, I remember you very well! I did have some some memories of Southaw. Just moved to Norfolk but would love to keep in touch.
Added by Abbe Lourenco on 06 May 2017
Hi Abbe, amazing to hear from you. A few of us girls (old Ladies) LOL have just got in touch and are having a mini reunion. Shame you are not local now. Do you have any London connections. Would love to meet up.
Added by Leni on 08 May 2017
Hi Leni, Mum still lives in New Barnet do yes I do come down its not far! Who have you managed to contact and when are you all meeting up?
Added by Abbe Lourenco on 09 May 2017
O are there any girls from 1962 To 1965? Christine White !! Same class as Elaine Bickerstaff?
Love to hear from you !!
Added by Christine Ferris on 09 May 2017
Hello Abbe Sorry time has elapsed. Email me when you are next coming down we can arrange to meet if you like.
Added by Leni on 09 July 2017
if you know Sue [eck pass this on very good friend of hers
Added by Richard Nicholas-Bird on 29 July 2017
I was in the same class as the Bunyan twins, happy times and even though the teacher was a pycho I still liked him, thank goodness he was a lousy shot with the chalk when he had sent me to the back of the class lol
Added by Keith Gardener on 03 August 2017
What was your female name Keith Gardener when you went to Southaw all girls school?
Anonymous comment added on 12 August 2017
Well had you taken the time Mr. or Mrs nobody to look at my earlier posts you would have seen I was talking about Churchill school
Added by Keith Gardener on 13 August 2017
so many names I recognise but cannot put faces to (must be an age thing). Keith I remember the twins by name but again faces?? I was there from 67-71 in Underne but no one seems to remember me lolhotel
Added by Eileen Taylor nee Boyce on 21 August 2017
That's a terrible thing Eileen lol, the thing is there is still an eleven year boy inside this sixty year old man that's been wanting to tell Arlette the truth of what happened on my very last day at Churchill school way back in 1967, wont somebody help me please?
Added by Keith Gardener on 22 August 2017
Hang in there Keith. I'm still trying to make contact with school friends. I went to Littlegrove School before Southaw, being a 1964 to 1969 Southaw girl. Names I remember are Sharon House and Vivienne House (not related, and may have misspelt one of the names). Linda Bithrey had been my best friend from infant school in Ridgeway Avenue, East Barnet, then Littlegrove School, followed by Southaw - although we were in different forms at Southaw. Lyn Glover. Would like to get in touch with her. Sonja Packer, Madeline Higgs, Jean LeRoy, Gillian Chipp, Ann Bunwin. I've travelled quite a lot since those days, living in Kenya, and for the last 30 years in Australia. Who knows if these little missives reach any of those you want to contact, but worth a try.
Added by Anne Carr (nee Couchman) on 27 August 2017
Hi Anne. I was a Littlegrove pupil going to Southaw 1968 to 73. I actually lived in Windsor Drive just down from the School. Visited the area last year Littlegrove now Danegrove still looks pretty much the same. Southaw was a bit of a walk but you just had to get on with it. Can't say I remember your name I was in Veralanium can't spell either!! Some good memories some not so good. Alison
Added by Alison Flahey on 28 August 2017
Thanks Anne, it is worth a try for sure
Added by Keith Gardener on 28 August 2017
Hello Alison, its a mystery to me why you have ignored my heartfelt post about Arlette when you say you are still friends with twins. Any reason?
Added by Keith Gardener on 28 August 2017
Hi Alison and Keith. Lovely to hear from you both. Alison, I knew Margaret Landel and her elder sister (Sue?) who used to live in Windsor Drive. Margaret was my age - 64 - so probably a few years older than you, but you may have known them. So much fun hearing familiar road names. I lived in Ridgeway Avenue. The other names I mentioned: Gillian Chipp lived in Bohun Grove just down from Windsor Drive, Jean LeRoy lived in Eton Avenue directly opposite Bohun Grove, and Madeline Higgs two doors down from Jean in Eton Ave. All so close to you! Yes, it was a long walk through the woods and across Oak Hill Park to Southaw - sadly, not something young girls could do today. Kind regards, Anne
Added by Anne Carr (nee Couchman) on 29 August 2017
Hi Keith I last visited April 16 and have not spoken to the twins lately. Would need to talk to them and pass on your name not even sure if they are on this site ! Watch this space.
Added by Alison Flahey on 29 August 2017
much appreciated alison
Added by Keith Gardener on 01 September 2017
anytime you like Alison lol
Added by Keith Gardener on 29 September 2017
Please leave me alone Keith Gardener. I shall not be looking in on this site anymore.
Added by Alison Flahey on 30 September 2017
Trust me to ask someone clearly not right in the head. What I wanted to tell Arlette was after I left school that last day, I went back to find her to tell her I loved her but there was no sign of her,so if there is someone out there who really knows her please tell her, I would have liked to do that myself but its not to be x
Added by Keith Gardener on 04 October 2017
I wait 50years and get that ! give it up keith.
Added by Keith Gardener on 06 October 2017
I'm on this site can't believe that I'm the only person that has been in the same class as Elaine Bickerstaff Paige!! Christine White nee Ferris

Anonymous comment added on 08 October 2017
Never too late, Keith. Ignore the naysayers. Hope you manage to make contact with Arlette. Anyone out there from Churchill School who can help? (See messages above for more detail.)
Added by Anne Carr on 08 October 2017
thank you anne,youve restored my faith in human beings
Added by Keith Gardener on 11 October 2017
Hi Christine, I was in the year below, I remember Elaine quite well. I was a bit in awe of her group of friends. I think it was one of those years. Everyone seemed very dynamic. Last time I saw Elaine her car had broken and she came into Mann Egerton where I was on reception at the time. I didn't let on I recognised her and don't think she recognised me. Do you remember Miss Littlechild's amazing war time stories? Can't remember Miss Hamer telling us anything nice? Regards to all, B
Added by Brenda on 15 October 2017
Thanks Brenda. I was one of the girls from the boarding school!! Do you remember miss Honeyborn we called her miss Honeybun!! Happy day!! Would like hear from more girls but it's an odd sight to find!

Added by Christine Ferris nee White on 22 October 2017
mann egerton - that is a blast from the past
Added by Gillian Butrimas on 23 October 2017
Hi Christine,
I remember Miss Honeybun very well, she used to have me singing in class on my own in lessons. Do you remember Mrs MacAdam she was also one of my favourites, she used to teach history. No one seems to have replied who was in the 5th year till 1961. Miss Clark was myh form teacher in the 5th year. we had the nursing science block, next to Miss Littlechilds office.
Added by Frances Gaydon (nee Blyth) on 24 October 2017
Hi Chistine,
I remember Miss Honeybun very well (I called her that because she always had her hair tied in a bun which looked like it had slipped, she had grey hair) she was very sweet, she always had me singing on my own before the end the lesson finished. Another of my favourites was Mrs Macadam, she taught history.No one seems to have replied from the people who were in the 4th/5th year 1960/61. We had the nursing science block next to Miss Littlechild's office, Miss Clark was my form teacher, she was Ok, but not the greatest.
Added by Frances Gaydon (nee Blyth) on 24 October 2017
Hello Christine, I remember, Bedwell Park. I think luxury apartments or similar now. I do remember Miss 'Honeybun'. I've since Googled her. We should have been bowing in respect. Poor lady though, desperately unprepared for a roomful of sixties girlies. She was younger then than I imagined. Mrs Plumley though. Always been my attempted role model. I remember a few Bedwell girls. Are you in touch with anyone from school at all?
Added by Brenda on 26 October 2017
Hi does anyone remember or keep in contact with Jackie Crease, Michelle Emmerton, Donna Kemp, Rachel Busch, Blanka May, Sandra Haydon?? Looking up for my mum.
Added by The infamous P! on 08 November 2017
Went to Ashmole school in Southgate from 1958 to 1961 when I left at 16. Was one of the 'louts' who used to ogle & chat up the girls at lunchtimes & after school. Eventually married Sheila Sims who was at Southaw (divorced after 10 years..) but the memories from those times although dimmed somewhat were all happy. Did go to a 'reunion' at the Ashmole Southgate a few years ago but everyone there was from a much later time than mine.. Thanks to everyone for sharing their memories as being conveyed back briefly to that time has left a lingering warm glow..
Frank Guest
Added by Frank Guest on 17 November 2017
Dangerous at your age Frank lol
Anonymous comment added on 21 November 2017
See that I wrote 1961 but it was actually 1962 so am not quite as old as you thought I was... lol
Added by Frank Guest on 23 November 2017
Yes I remember Miss Hamer and Clarke, Hamer would ring my Father at work if I had done the slightest thing she disliked and when I got home heaven help me. I was there from 1967 - 72. Denise Westhorpe. Jackie Dunn was my form teacher and my Drama teacher, we did West Side Story with modern dance, I played Riff's girl in the show. Mrs Plumley was exquisite, a figure to die for, wore her hair in a French bun, always wore white blouse, black pencil skirt and stiletto's, such a Lady and she drove one of those big old Citroen's, I think from the 50's that had hydraulics that raised and lowered the car. Who remembers the Science Mistress, who on memory looked like a female Ken Dodd? My music teacher who I think was Miss Clark and by the way was Elaine Page's music teacher as she went to our school too.
I remember Jane Barrett in my class and Karen who was, I'm sure was a twin, who had an awful operation and was off for ages. And I remember getting caught around the smoking hut by the Geography teacher, whose name also is lost.
And I remember those awful outside toilets and the showers.
Added by Denise Aghjayan (nee) Westhorpe on 30 January 2018
Is it possible to add a school group photo to this site? My name when at Southaw was Janice Farley I left in 1962

Added by Janice Seymour on 04 February 2018
Were you in the same class as my sister Dianne White?
Added by Christine Ferris nee White on 07 February 2018
What house were you in Denise, I was there from 67-71 and was in Underne
Added by Eileen Taylor Nee Boyce on 07 February 2018
Definitely, what a splendid blog and illuminating posts, I surely will bookmark your website .All the Best!
Added by Cialis generic on 24 March 2018
Any of you ladies remember Lyn Pilkington? The last time I spoke with her we were talking about the Small Faces "new" singles "Lazy Sunday Afternoon" she loved it, she was a huge fan, crickey this was back in 1968!!
Added by Keith Gardener on 26 March 2018
Lyn Pilkington is ringing a bell with me. I was at Southaw from 1964 to 1968/9 in Pymme House. If I have the right person, didn't she have a lovely singing voice?
Added by Anne (nee Couchman) on 31 March 2018
Hi Anne, I don't remember the singing, but 1968 she would be 11 or 12 so does that fit in with you?
Added by Keith Gardener on 02 April 2018
Hi Keith. Not sure about the age, but close. In 1968, I was 13. Mentioned the name to my sister, Mary, who was also at Southaw, and she also remembered Lyn's name, but Mary would have been 15 in 1968. Actually, I've just made contact through this site with my best friend from infant school, through primary and into senior (Southaw) school. She now lives in Norfolk, and I live in Sydney Australia. We lost touch around 1969 - so hope you find Lyn.
Added by Anne (nee Couchman) on 05 April 2018
O that's lovely Anne so there is always a chance I guess. Thinking about it, the Bunyan twins would have been a year younger than Lyn, it's hard to remember what was what it was such a long time ago. Sydney! does look lovely.
Added by Keith Gardener on 05 April 2018
Hi Keith. I know this is out of school, but visit some time. Australia is the world's best kept secret. I've been lucky enough to live in many places (Algeria, Kenya, India, etc), but this is the best!
Added by Anne (nee Couchman) on 06 April 2018
lol Anne see you tomorrow then
Added by Keith Gardener on 08 April 2018
Hi Keith. Would love to hear all about East Barnet, etc. Perhaps you can send it to my email: annecarr9@gmail.com Thanks!
Added by Anne (nee Couchman) on 17 April 2018
I will Anne, let's go down memory lane
Added by Keith Gardener on 18 April 2018
Hi. I’m looking for Rosalyn Serebriany who posted about attending this school. I live on Woodfield Drive, EN4 and when clearing my loft I have found a photo album which may belong to her. If you are there Rosalyn please email me at emma@professionalresidential.co.uk.
Added by Emma on 21 April 2018
Hi Anne, hope you are will, just to let you know that I have tried to e-mail without success,oddly enough this happened a few years ago with somebody in Melbourne!
Anonymous comment added on 30 June 2018
Hi Keith. Thanks for getting back, and sorry you are having trouble with my email. Just to confirm, there is no "au" extension, just annecarr9@gmail.com Would love you to try again. Best regards, Anne
Added by Anne (nee Couchman) on 03 July 2018
Hi all is anyone there from the group of girls that went roller skating regularly at Ally Pally in the early 70s
Anonymous comment added on 04 July 2018
YES! I used to skate there for a long time, particularly late '60s and early '70s. Racing and dancing. It used to have a wooden floor, and the sound of wooden wheels, together with the music, was wonderful. After a while, we had to change our wheels to plastic so they could change the flooring - which they didn't do - so our wheel change was pointless. Kept my skates well into my late twenties until a neighbouring boy badgered me to give them to him. Your note came through as "Anonymous". Please add your name as we may have skated together. I used to race with Madeline Higgs. Wasn't it just terrific?! I now live in Australia, and think I heard that Alexandra Palace burnt down sometime in the late '80s after I'd left England. Is that correct?
Added by Anne (nee Couchman) on 05 July 2018
I went regularly and some music I hear takes me back there.

Added by Gillian on 07 July 2018
Hi Gillian - Are you Gillian Chipp? So much better if you give more details. That way we can connect.
Added by Anne (nee Couchman) on 11 July 2018
no Butrimad
Added by Gillian on 13 July 2018
Hi Gillian Butrimad.
I don't think we know each other, but hope you enjoyed "Ally Pally" as much as I did. Anne
Added by Anne (nee Couchman) on 17 July 2018
Anyone from Mr Campbell's class would love to contact Helen Greem
Anonymous comment added on 22 July 2018
Hi, I remember Helen, how are you? I remember how lucky we were to have Mr Campbell too. Do you remember Roseann?
She's been in New Jersey, where Mr Campbell came from, for a long time. We did try to locate him several times over the years but were not able to find him. Sad, would have loved to see him again. Would love to hear what you've been up to Helen.
Bye for now. Brenda
Added by Brenda Mills on 26 July 2018
I was in love with John Turner, he went to Ashmole about 1967 - 71 who did you fancy
Added by Janet on 05 August 2018
Hi Carol, you mentioned Deborah Turner I remember her well but remember her brother John Turner better, God he was gorgeous
Added by ??? The Shy one ??? on 06 August 2018
Janet what a good idea, I was 16 in 1970 and remember an Ashmole lad called Nick Prescott. Very
good looking skinhead with his scooter.
Added by Sally L on 09 August 2018
Well hello Janet, So you finally got to tell the world you loved John Turner - remember I went out with his best friend Gary Thurgood, John was a skinhead but Gary wasn't allowed to have a crop, I heard Gary died in a car accident a long time ago, so sad. I fancied Gary Thurgood...
Added by Jane 68/73 on 10 August 2018
Carol Rahmer
I remember you, Deborah, Lesley & Carol. We called you 4 the "it" girls as you seemed to have it all, I don't mean in a horrible way, I mean in a nice jealous way, I remember thinking how beautiful you & Deborah were and remember all 4 of you being fun, nice & a bit naughty ..
Janet ..
Great blog got me thinking, who did I fancy and came up with .. Paul Wilcox
Added by Sue Hopkins on 10 August 2018
hi there,one of my buddies was John Turner,a buskin head he was in 1968, if
it's the same John he went on to work at a garage in Landsdown Road close to the bridge, I was the gorgeous one surely lol
Added by Keith Gardener on 16 August 2018
Remember me ?
Added by Susan Lack on 18 August 2018
buskin head? I actually said skinhead, good friend of ours was Pete Laycock, any young lady remember him?
Added by Keith Gardener on 19 August 2018
Hello Keith Gardener.There was only one John Turner lol
It was Longmore Ave next to the bridge. I know he lived in Greece about 1978 to 1980 and came back and made his millions in photography. I heard he retired very early (lucky him) and moved to Cyprus around 2000 - 2001 that's the last I heard,
Keith have you info about him, I do remember Pete Laycock and most of his mates but so sorry not you.
John was very good looking and great fun to be around, he could be a bit naughty as well I remember...
Did you go to school with him ?

Added by Janet on 20 August 2018
Janet.. great question I fancied Pete Marks. Gillian
Added by Gillian on 20 August 2018
Attention Keith Gardener. You were friends with John Turner so you must have known Gary Thurgood ..
Was the sad news regarding true ? Thank you, Jane
Added by Jane on 20 August 2018
Hello Janet and Jane, sorry Jane, although I know the name I can't place who Gary was, now John was a bit of a lad,na bit of a tuff nut who really I only knew for a few years before he left school early, which sounded like a good move as he seems to have done well. They were good times, carefree days. The last time I saw John was 1982 when I bumped into him at the garage and we had a long chat and said we would go out for a drink, but by the time I returned he had gone off aboard to make his fortune. Janet, I never had him down as a bird bandit though but what do I know! Now my question is to you two is, do you know anything about the Bunyan twins? I had a crush on Arlette when we were at Churchill
Added by Keith Gardener on 21 August 2018
I loved my school days, went there from 1966 to 1972 recognised a few names from the past, agree great question Janet and I fancied Tim Hollis from Ashmole..
Jean ..
Added by Jean on 21 August 2018
I have replied ladies but the mods are very sensitive here it would seem
Added by Keith Gardener on 24 August 2018
F.A.O Jane
I knew Gary Thurgood and John Turner, although I went to Southaw I knew them through The Cha in Barnet, sadly Gary was killed in a car accident on the M25 I think about 1985.mSorry to tell you this sad news x
Susan Simpson
Added by Susan Simpson on 24 August 2018
Good God still nothing, here goes again, Jane I remember the name but recall him at all, I'm sorry I cant help,mand Janet, yes all true about John, glad he made good, so do you remember the Bunyan twins and Lyn Pilkington? Maybe you still do?
Added by Keith Gardener on 28 August 2018
Keith Gardener
I do recall the Bunyan's and have been trying to place them but I just can't (old age). I'm still in touch with friends from then and will ask for you .. John may have been a bit of a rough or tuf nut lol but he was a nice one..

Added by Janet on 28 August 2018
Hi Keith. I remember Lyn Pilkington and the Bunyan twins, but didn't stay in touch. I married Michael Trayler from Ashmole. We were far too young, and it didn't work out. We met up later in life here in Australia, and planned on remarrying. Unfortunately he died from leukaemia about ten years ago.
Added by Anne Carr (nee Couchman) on 29 August 2018
Hi Keith, quick question did Lynn Pilkington have a sister called Gill ?
also trying to find out about the twins for you..

Added by Janet on 29 August 2018
Thank you Susan Simpson, I had heard that he died,so sad Gary was a lovely lad, I remember you from school you were in the year above us, hope all is good for you and thank you again..
Added by Jane on 30 August 2018
Gillian Butrimass, I do remember you (Very pretty) but I knew your sister Janice & Janet Featherstone Well,we used to go to the con club in Finchley together, great days .. also for people mentioning John Turner, me Janice & Janet used to walk back with him from the Con. Well until half way down Russell lane, he was a very loveable rogue & broke my young heart along with many other girls from that time
Added by Theresa Byee on 02 September 2018
Hi Janet,yes you have thanks,so tell me,when did you first John and can you remember any other friends of his? Outside of school I didn't really see much of him except when he broke into my parents home in Cedar Ave lol.
Added by Keith Gardener on 03 September 2018
Keith, not sure what's happening, I replied saying I would ask around for you but it has not been posted?
Regarding John's friends from the era we are talking about, I remember Gary Thurgood, Pete Laycock, Mick George, Keith Oakley, Graham and Chris Barnet,I didn't see him for a few years when he was riding his motorbike with big handle bars, after that his friends were Dave Berkoff, Trevor Conner, Steve Simmons, Duncan can't remember last name but I know he died in the 90s,
You should know some of them if you all went to Ashmole
Added by Janet on 03 September 2018
Hi janet, Duncan Gregory proberly, God that rotten news!! Chris Barnett had a fantasic talent for football and im sure he could have gone far but he didn't want to know, I remember Dave and trevor,good guys!
Added by Keith Gardener on 04 September 2018
Hi Gillian Butrimass, did you work at Friern social club,'if so knew your Dad John, and your sister Janice. My mate was Danny who passed away 2 years ago. I used to frequent the hospital club.
Added by Gary Nicholas on 04 September 2018
Keith.. yes Duncan Gregory sadly was killed in car accident, sure it was in Wales, Dave and John were like brothers always together ..
Added by Janet on 04 September 2018
Keith, Jane also replied from my phone but it has not been put up? She asked if Lynn had a sister called Gill?
Added by Janet on 04 September 2018
Sad news Janet, I knew David from Churchill infact I remember his first day there looking a little lost, well you do when you are 7 ! I don't rember them being such good friends, must of been after leaving school mid 70s?
Added by Keith Gardener on 05 September 2018
Keith.. are you sure the Bunyan twins went to Southaw School, some think they remember name but not them, which we find strange as they are twins, I will keep asking for you ..
Added by Janet on 07 September 2018
Hi Linda, they do get mentioned in earlier posts on here so think they must of, that would have been in "68, don't forget Lyn Pilkington and thanks very much for asking
Added by Keith Gardener on 09 September 2018
Does anyone remember Louise Johnson from Southaw School and what happened to her? She used to live in Gloucester Road, New Barnet.
Added by Mr S Richards on 10 September 2018
Keith Gardener ... Linda? Did you mean Me, I have asked you a few times if Lyn had a sister called Gill but none of them has been posted ?
Janet (Linda)
Added by Janet on 10 September 2018
Hi the Bunyan twins did go to Southaw they were in my year. I left aged 15 in 1972.
Added by Candy Bolden on 10 September 2018
the twins did go to Southaw I remember them. They lived near Russell lane. I drove around there the other day and could not believe the size of the housing estate that was built on the school site. Gary on the odd ocassion I helped my dad behind the bar and also the cloakroom when they held the discos. Also worked in the hospital during my school holidays in the cafeteria. site also a housing estate. We lived in Alverstone Avenue. I also visited Oakhill Park, very pleasant.. when I visit Barnet I feel at hone
Anonymous comment added on 10 September 2018
Keith, I'm 59 and wondering if the twins were older and that's why we can't place them, but we won't give up you seem like a nice guy lol
Added by Janet on 11 September 2018
Does anyone remember me Maria one of the 4 Bonnebaigt sister's. Janine,Camille & Alida from 73/74 to 78/79 be great to hear from Nicky Harris, Julie Yvowell ? Lorette Stevenson, Carolyne Daily, Gita Luka, Joanne Pye .. i hope someone does as John Turner (who I've known for a very long time )get so many mentions and me HELLO.. remember Southaw girls school, so how is John Turner in the mix, HOPE to hear from any LOL before I read more about John Turner
Maria Bonnebaigt
Added by Maria Bonnebaigt on 12 September 2018
Maxine Payne I remember u and Amanda u were good friends with alida of u want I could ask her 2 contact u or u her wow 50 soon party love Maria Bonnebaigt xx😆
Added by Maria Bonnebaigt on 12 September 2018
Keith Gardener.. Hi IT might be worth while speaking to Gillian Butrimass from here as she seems to know more about the twins than any of us, hopefully she could help you, we will keep asking as well. Janet
Added by Janet on 13 September 2018
Great memories of Southaw!! Sonia Ryall if your reading this Get in touch with me I would love to hear from you! I didn’t realise you had answered me back in 2014 really sorry I didnt see the comment - I know Janice would love to get together perhaps we can arrange it? We have so many things to look back on! We were a bit of a handful class weren’t we??!! I do actually remember one teacher leaving to join the airforce after having us for a year!!! Lol!!! 🤣 the people I remeber were Michelle burns - Cathy Flanagan- Lucy Glennie Nadine Berrycloth -Sandra Lauchlan- Nina Patel - Sharon Sibley, Frances Hoskins - I met up with Gerry Williamson a few years back she actually ended up with Nick her boyfriend from when she was 14! He used to meet her at the school gates evey day!! Sweet!! Her daughter Gemma was my hairdresser and I didnt realise who her mum was for ages!!! Small world eh??!! I also still see Katie last she lives near me in Hatfield I also am stil great friends with Andrea Stapleton her friends were Anne Morris Michelle Crowhurst - Natalie Dallan - Cathy Friend

Added by Julie Hickmott nee Keefe on 14 September 2018
Janet, I am a wonderful thing lol so thanks again,fine work x, I cant remember a Gill,and not that much about Lyn but the fact like me she was a Small Faces fan. The twins would be 61 now--good grief what happened!!
Added by Keith Gardener on 14 September 2018
Here are some names you ladies may remember who were friends of mine at Ashmole, Simon Lama ,Paul Abery, John Baly ,Richard Holman, Gary Hughes, Steve Parsons, Steve Smith for starters lol
Added by Keith Gardener on 14 September 2018
Sorry Janet I did mean you, old age and all that
Added by Keith Gardener on 14 September 2018
Iwent to Ashmole school betweem 1947 to 1952. Miss Littlechild was headmistress, amyone there durimg those years.
Added by Was Pat Simmons on 15 September 2018
The twins were in the guides at Southaw around 1969

Anonymous comment added on 16 September 2018
I was at Southaw between 1947 and 1952 Miss Littlechild was headmistress. I wonder if there is anyone who was there at the same time. I married Derek Miller who was at Ashnole
Added by Pat Simmons on 16 September 2018
Keith I have not heard of any of them, were they also friend's of John?
Added by Janet on 17 September 2018
I remember the Bunyan twins they were in my year too. My maiden name was Jayne Legg. I have so many memories from Southaw. It would be lovely to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Added by Jayne Byford on 17 September 2018
Maria Bonnebaight & Keith Gardener ... I don't know either of you but must say hello to Maria first as you know who I'm going to mention in a minute lol and Keith as you would have known my brother and I am not using our last name..
When I was 11 and my brother Joseph was 13 he was an easy target for bullies as he had to wear NHS round spectacles, we were play by the brook and being picked on by the local bullies, then over came this "skinhead" said hi Joe, 1st time I ever heard my brother called Joe, he asked the bullies if they had a problem with him or his family, they said no and he told them we were his cousin's, he also told them where to go lol
He then just walked off, my brother said they were in the same class at school and his name was John Turner,
So thank you John Turner for being my knight in shining armour and making my brothers life easier in those days...
Added by Susan F on 17 September 2018
Keith Gardener.. I recognise one name, Simon Lamar I'm sure that's who you ment, lived in Park road, didn't know John Turner knew him, my older sister knew Simon's sister Sally.. do you still live in Barnet?
Added by Janet on 24 September 2018
Keith .. in last text it ment to say .. I did know John knew Simon and we both spelt his name wrong .. I'm sure it's.. LeMar ..
Added by Janet on 24 September 2018
Hi, Keith, Jane, Janet and just about everyone else lol lol lol ... regarding John Turner as said earlier I knew him from the Cha in Barnet, his use to go there with Gary Thurgood, Richard Hampstead & Pete Thomas, the 4 of them were as bad as each other or as good, depending on your view, mine was Good, as someone said earlier they were fun to be with
Added by Susan Simpson on 26 September 2018
I meant to say I was at Southaw Girls School from 1975-1981 I was in Monkfrith House would love to hear from any one who remembers me!
Added by Julie Hickmott nee Keefe on 26 September 2018
I can remember the twins as I was there from 1967-1971 in Underne a lot of the names ring a bell but cannot put faces to them (the joys of getting old), I am a bit confused as to all the boys names and comments as it was all girls when I was there, please let me know if any of you remember me
Added by Eileen Taylor Nee Boyce on 27 September 2018
Hi Susan F, great story about John and I think I might of been there that afternoon as its possibly I was walking home from school with him. See if this makes sense,it happened in east/west walk close to Osidge Ln on a sunny day,and I pretty sure I remember jJohn saying about "cousins". Along time ago and it might of been something else, I cant remember Joe,i know you don't want to give a surname but it would help.Anyway you are right,John did save the day!
Added by Keith Gardener on 28 September 2018
Hello Janet, yes Simon did live Park Road but I haven't a clue where he is now as I left the Barnet area in 1980,nice house I remember,and Susan I used to know Richard and tall Peter,a couple of lads those two lol
Added by Keith Gardener on 28 September 2018
Keith Gardener.. that's exactly where it was. East Walk and there was someone with him but they didn't come over and a nice sunny day.. it must be same occasion.. otherwise John Turner would of had hundreds of cousins lol I should thank you as well
Added by Susan F on 28 September 2018
Keith.. you put tall before Pete Thomas, but Gary was the tallest, with John, Richard and Pete about the same height. Pete was a bit chubby lol..
Susan Simpson
Added by Susan Simpson on 29 September 2018
Hello Theresa Byee & Susan F. Susan lovely story about You, your brother and John Turner, always nice to hear about standing up to bullies whether for yourself or in this case for someone else, Theresa Byee .. I know we fell out over John Turner when he finished with me to go out with you but that was 49yrs ago, reading Susan F story about John, it reminded me of the time we were all down the monkfrith club in Osidge Lane, a car was on fire in East or West Walk as we got there John was coming out of the back of the burning car holding a baby, remember the thanks he got for saving that baby's life, the mother slapped him round the face, put down to shock, I think John was the one shocked lol lol
I still live in Southgate would be great to catch up if possible ?
Lynn Brett 😊
Added by Lynn Brett on 30 September 2018
Hi there, lol, the reason is put tall Peter was there were two Peter Glynn Thomas in the same class, I just picked the wrong one of course, Susan F, I hopefully gave some support but I was only a 7 stone 4ft nothing ginger Herbert so I would have been John the hero but thanks for bringing back a memory I has totally forgotten about and hope you and Joe are thriving x
Added by Keith Gardener on 30 September 2018
Geez my spelling lol, very much doubt anyone will remember this but at Churchill the girls thought I looked like Illya Kurvakin the good looking(blush) Russian agent from Man from Uncle. Now don't all send a comment at once
Added by Keith Gardener on 02 October 2018
Lynn Brett & Theresa Byee, Hello hope life has been good to you both, I remember you two falling out over John Turner, let's face it he had us all where he wanted, 3 times he "chucked" me,I was also there regarding the car on fire incident, it really was on fire, flames & smoke pouring out of it, credit to John he did go diving in and saved the baby, but I'd like to think the slap he got that day was from us lol..
Added by Janet on 03 October 2018
The trail goes blank after 1974, maybe the family moved away? Anyway thanks for your help and I will look in from time to time just in case.
Added by Keith Gardener on 08 October 2018
Keith, you're being modest, if you had not been there that day, John might never have come over ? So thank you Keith, like a lot of girls at that time, I had a crush on him but don't think he ever noticed Me ☹
Added by Susan. F on 08 October 2018
Susan F, I'm sure he did, but I don't remember him and all these girls,I should of hung around more lol
Added by Keith Gardener on 09 October 2018
Keith, it sounds like you knew John from school, all boy's school 😊 not the Cha or Con clubs or out of school?
Just an observation lol
Susan Simpson
Added by Susan Simpson on 10 October 2018
You are right Susan, he got into motorbikes aged about 14 and he was off with a different crowd, it's like that at that age of course, looks like I missed out lol.
Anonymous comment added on 12 October 2018
would love to hear from Louise Johnson after so many years.
Added by Pam Bradshaw on 18 October 2018
So would I Pam Bradshaw. She seems to have vanished! I would really like to know what happened to her because I really liked her and she was a very sweet girl.
Added by Steve Richards on 19 October 2018
Steve Richards,would you be about 63? Went to the Cha and knew lackland Rovers & John Turner??

Added by Susan Simpson on 21 October 2018
I'm 64 now and knew her well. I didn't go to the Cha. I went to The Bowl because I had a motorbike not a scooter.
Added by Steve Richards on 22 October 2018
Susan Simpson. Did you ever to to Elizabeth Allen School or Cromer Road School?
Added by Steve Richards on 22 October 2018
Steve.. I think I remember you, you had a Clint Eastwood sort of hair cut? Did you go to the youth club at the church in East Barnet village?
Added by Susan Simpson on 23 October 2018
Steve ... lackland Rovers was ment to say Lackland Roberts he lived in St Wilfred road ?
Added by Susan Simpson on 23 October 2018
Hello Janet, I do like your take on the slap John got lol lol ..
Added by Lynn Brett on 23 October 2018
Steve, I remember The Bowl (salad bowl) cafe, New Barnet near the bridge, went there with John once and the pub in Cockfosters called "The Cock" full of motorbikes and bikers, I found it a bit rough and intimidating being a good Catholic girl lol
Susan Simpson
Added by Susan Simpson on 24 October 2018
Hi Susan Simpson. I had fair hair and a haircut that was similar to the one Clint Eastwood had at one time - i.e. a wave at the front and fairly long at the back. I also spent a lot of time in East Barnet (one of my nan's lived in Welbeck Road etc) and I lived in Longmore Avenue some years later...and New Barnet. The Bowl was run by a big bloke called 'Big Al' who was also a chauffeur. I also remember the Cock Pub in Cockfosters!
Added by Steve Richards on 26 October 2018
Steve, I'm sitting here with an old friend Tina O'Neill, reminiscing, oh yer her elder sister (Joanne) had a crush on you back in those days, you might remember her, very pretty with short blond hair, any way Tina and I was down the church club in the village, we were all beneath in the car park, you John Turner and some other lads were playing football when we were told the church hall was on fire, Now this is where we need your help, we were all told to stand by the war memorial, Tina remembers you and John going into the smoke filled hall, looking for a girl or lady that was still in there ?
Please put us out of our frustration and tell us exactly what did happen,
Thanks ...
Susan Simpson
Added by Susan Simpson on 29 October 2018
Hello Susan, Talking about John playing football, he loved kicking the ball with his "bovver" boots, totally unfair of course to the rest of us of course lol.
Anonymous comment added on 31 October 2018
Is that you Keith? His Dr Martin's boots
Added by Susan Simpson on 01 November 2018
Yes Susan, John's "bovver"boots, ah! the memories lol. Good days with a great bunch of kids.
Added by Keith Gardener on 03 November 2018
Susan Simpson, you mentioned Lackland Roberts one of John Turner's friends John called him Scott, I never knew why? Out of all the lads John knew in those days Lackland was my favourite, I just remember him and John always smiling and enjoying life, they were great fun to be around with, where are they now ???
Lynn Brett
Added by Lynn Brett on 08 November 2018
How old was JT when you guys knew him? I lived down the road from a certain Miss Day who was certainly a free spirit!
Added by Keith Gardener on 10 November 2018
Lynn Brett and Keith Gardener ...
Lynn, yes John did call lackland "Scott" I also don't know why? I also have to agree with you, Lackland was really nice ..
Keith, your right we were just kids and great memories
Added by Susan Simpson on 10 November 2018
Keith Gardener.. knowing some of the other girls on here, I would say from 1969-1972
Added by Janet on 11 November 2018
Hi Keith, I first met John in 1969 at the Cha, we were both 13yrs old
Added by Susan Simpson on 11 November 2018
Keith, I remember Valerie Day, very free spirit lol... I think her parents were teachers ?
Added by Susan Simpson on 14 November 2018
Keith Gardener, I first met John in 1970 same as Susan Simpson both being 13yrs old, I know Susan said 1969 but you have to remember John's birthday was in June, I remember as mine is one day before his, so he would have been 13 in 69 and 70,
You seemed to have been a good school friend of his, he must have been one of the youngest in your year and as you know he left school very early (not his choice). Are you still in contact with anyone who might know of his whereabouts and how he is doing ?
Added by Lynn Brett on 15 November 2018
Keith Gardener
I only knew John from 1969 - 1972, my family then moved to Potters Bar which seemed miles away in those days, I lost contact with a lot of friends. I didn't see a lot of John in 72 as he was moving from scooters to motorbikes and moving with a different crowd.
I wonder what he would make of all this about him? What was he like at school? as out of school he was up for most things but didn't take much seriously...
Added by Theresa Byee on 17 November 2018
Hi Susan, where did John live back there? For the life of me I can't remember. But I do remember as kids, as much as he tried he could never pull me down to the ground,a wily little thing I was lol
Added by Keith Gardener on 18 November 2018
Keith Gardener, I knew John for 2yrs that he drank at "The Cock" from 1973 to 1975, he belonged to at bike club called "The Black Shadows" he was also very close friends with "The Hells Angels".
I went out with him for about 4 months in 1974 what you may not know is "The Cock" wasn't just known for being a big bikers pub,it also had one of the best "table football" teams in England and John was by far thier best player, while I was seeing him, he represented "The Cock" in the all England singles championship, he made the finals in Manchester,about 20 of us went with him and he won the whole thing, so John was the best player in England, something you may not have known,shortly after that he finished with me and left the team, started playing for ",The blue anchor" in whestone, he was into cars now and I know got into racing, that all I can add.
Added by Sharon Woodrow on 18 November 2018
John lived in Hampden way and earlier you said you were small and skinny..Could he really no get you over lol lol Only joking x
Added by Susan Simpson on 19 November 2018
Hello Sharon, no I don't know that ,thanks for telling me and well done John. I used to work in the bookies in Cockfosters (best job ever due to best boss ever) and we sometimes popped into the Cock after racing, this was circa 1978, never John there but I remember a very young Jimmy White taking on anyone at pool ,a tenner to play him, and if you beat him he would pay out £100, needless to say nobody could. Anyway thanks for the story Sharon.
Added by Keith Gardener on 20 November 2018
Hello Susan,Hampden Way of course, no he really couldn't, I must of had odd bones lol x
Added by Keith Gardener on 20 November 2018
F.A.O Keith Gardener and others, I don't know any of you, I went to Southaw but I'm about 4yrs younger than you. I do remember the name Bonnebaight, had to check spelling, as there were a lot of sisters
Anyway Keith, I knew John Turner when he was 13 as he used to box for the same club as my brother Bobby in Finchley, John lived in Hampden Way and we lived in Whitehouse Way, John used to walk round the corner to us and come in as my Dad took them both there and back ,think it was about a year and a half or two yrs John just lost interest in boxing and packed it up, both Bobby and John were very good, my brother carried on and had a very successful aperture carrier, John was also very good friends with Michael George who also lived in Whitehouse way..
Hope this helps for you book on John's teenage years lol
Think it would sell lol
Added by Carol Smith on 20 November 2018
Hello my name is Jim, I arrange for School and local football, reunions at the Con club New Southgate,if you do want to use the club for a reunion next year please get in touch on this phone no 01782 832 535 I will be at the club on 29th and 30th of this month and until 2pm on the 1st of December if you want to look around. Colin who runs this site would be at the reunion with his photos etc photos, books etc, bye from Jim
Added by Jim on 20 November 2018
Keith Gardener and Carol Smith. Carol, I remember your brother Bobby, a good looking lad with long dark hair and liked comment regarding book about John lol. Keith, you were the only one on here who knew John from school, come on tell us what he was like at school as someone said earlier, out of school he was in to doing most things but definitely didn't take anything serious and if being honest he did have a bit of a reputation but i don't think he deserved it, come on Keith..
Added by Susan Simpson on 23 November 2018
Hi Susan, leader of the gang I guess, wasn't very good at subjects but more than made up for that with quick wit, talking about the Days, Mr.Day was woodwork and his wife Science asst. I remember during Science looking at the window (as per normal) and watching John and Chris Barnett playing around with a couple of mopes circa 1971, you said he had to leave school at an early age,'would you like to add some more Susan?
Added by Keith Gardener on 26 November 2018
Keith.. I also wanted to thank you for being back some great memories of singing in front of the mirror, holding a hair brush, mainly to The Small Faces, I was in love with the lead singer Steve Marriott, you mentioned how much you liked them and my memories came flooding back
Added by Susan Simpson on 26 November 2018
Keith, I don't think I should add to John leaving school, not the right think to do,I know he regretted leaving so early, I think he just lost interest in things, very short attention span and yes you're right, he was very quick with the wit, and leader of the gang, bit like outside school,
What was your favourite Small Faces song, mine was called "My minds eye" it was "B" side of I think,
Sha la la la le ..John always said it was written about him lol
Added by Susan Simpson on 27 November 2018
Keith and Susan
I remember Chris Barnett saying if you had a problem see John, he had a back of finding an answer, your totally right about him losing interest in things quickly ... especially his girlfriend's lol lol
Susan, I used to do the same singing into a hair brush, my love in those days was Mark Bolan from T-Rex
Great memories guys x
Added by Janet on 27 November 2018
My pleasure Susan Lol, I remember the big whoo har when "new" local band " The Love Affair" were caught not playing on their number one single, and listening to Kenny Everitt playing "Hey Jude" for the first play, you cant't beat that sort of stuff can you! We used to play cricket near John's house behind Steve Parsons dad's home, probably all gone now but a nice playing field
Added by Keith Gardener on 29 November 2018
Keith, I didn't know Valerie Day's mum or dad just remembered them being teachers, Valerie was tall for her age with blond hair, we knew each other but not well
Added by Susan Simpson on 30 November 2018
And glasses Susan, my mum said Mr. Day made a pass at her when walking the dogs in Oakhill Park both passed away now so I can let the news out without fear lol
Added by Keith Gardener on 01 December 2018
My minds eye was an "A" side, but a great "B" side was I'm only dreaming, it's on youtube with Steve miming, also all or nothing and my fave tin soldier with the lovely PP Arnold xx
Added by Keith Gardener on 01 December 2018
Is there anybody out there who went to Southaw Girls School in late 70’s to 80’s??? I dont know anyone in the above conversations!!! Sorry!!!! 😂
Added by Julie Hickmott /Keefe on 01 December 2018
I remember the fuss about the band Love Affair the song was called Ever Lasting Love
Added by Susan Simpson on 01 December 2018
Keith Gardener. I remember Steve Parsons mainly because I was there when he nearly ripped his finger off,
We all climbed over a wire fence when he slipped and his finger caught on the fence, there was blood everywhere,John wrapped it with I think a handkerchief, John knew of a doctor's house at the top of Osidge lane, he was taken to hospital from there, I know it never went back correctly, it sat in from the rest
Added by Theresa Byee on 01 December 2018
Janet,Bolan was a superstar x
Added by Keith Gardener on 02 December 2018
Because I used to go to the Cha and Con clubs on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
I was into Motown mostly but with John I was introduced to just about every sort, John absolutely loved music and very varied, I remember him liking "Supertramp" years before anyone heard of them with Dreamer,
From that song I got into them and Pink Floyd
I think we were lucky to have grown up with our music era, from The Beatles to Bowie etc etc
Added by Susan Simpson on 02 December 2018
Mark Bolan was gorgeous, Sadly taken to early x
I remember bumping into John when he was 17 he had grown his hair and must admit, bit like Bolan, would you agree?
Keith was music was you into?
Added by Susan Simpson on 02 December 2018
Susan Simpson
Yes I did see John with his long cork screw hair and yes Very Mark Bolan'ish. Thinking back John was my favourite boyfriend (husband excluded) he was just such fun to be with, only have good memories of him, well except when he finished with me lol but I know I wasn't alone with that one
Added by Janet on 03 December 2018
What year was that? Rotten news, I was told recently that Steve had passed away not so long ago, hope of course that's wrong! Susan, I like pop then moved along to glam but felt I needed more, then punk came along and I felt at home, then second generation skinhead with the ska music which I also loved, after that it's just certain songs over the years that have hit the mark for me,
not a great fan of anyone and today's modern stuff is the worst ever lol
Added by Keith Gardener on 06 December 2018
Keith, I would say 1970 surely you must have noticed it at school ? I'm afraid we are getting to that age where we hear of old friends passing
Added by Theresa Byee on 08 December 2018
You would have thought so Theresa lol, it's probably because Steve wasn't the sort to make a fuss, I couldn't have been there that day, surely I would have remembered that!!?? Anyway still all quiet on the Bunyan trail!
Added by Keith Gardener on 10 December 2018
Sharon Woodrow. Hi I don't think we knew each other and I didn't know about John being the English champion at Table Football but it doesn't surprise me, I can add he was very successful at racing "cars" I don't know what sort or class, just remember hearing he was winning a lot
Added by Janet on 12 December 2018
Keith have you tried looking on Facebook etc for the twins ?
Added by Janet on 13 December 2018
Keith, so you were a punk rocker, I wasn't but I did go to a lot of gigs, one being the Sex Pistols at Brunel University, I liked bands like The Clash,The Members, Eddie and The Hotrods but through everything I always did and still do love David Bowie
Added by Susan Simpson on 14 December 2018
Hi Janet, no I don't do Facebook, just be nice to hear that they are alive and well and better still my message got though. Dear Susan, great stuff, loved all that punk, very exciting at the time lol, but Bowie was a Icon, loved him too x
Added by Keith Gardener on 15 December 2018
Keith, I have looked on Facebook and Twitter for the twins but came up blank, I hope someone has info soon to help you 😊
Added by Susan Simpson on 17 December 2018
Keith and everyone else,Merry Christmas...and especially John Turner wherever you are x
Added by Janet on 19 December 2018
Hi Southaw past pupils does anyone remember the mini bus which used to take a class horse riding at a stables in Enfield, I hated that horse woman, she was very cruel to me. I dare say she is no longer around. Was there anyone who was in Pymme and remembers this???

Added by Ms Sotera Tryphonas on 19 December 2018
Lynn, great catching up the other week, so much I had forgot, lovely memories. Keith and John's other ex's lol we should all be glad he was so popular, I know I have enjoyed remembering my early teen's and people I had forgotten about ...
Merry Christmas Everyone
Added by Theresa Byee on 21 December 2018
Keith Gardener, it's been nice getting too know you and I wish you a Merry Christmas x..
Theresa Byee, I fully agree with you, John Turner is the common denominator but I've remembered so many more people and times from my early teens I loved that period from 13yrs - 16yrs old and yes now we are lucky John was so popular but don't think we thought that at the time lol lol ... I do wonder how he would respond if he read all this ? Looking back on what has been said about him, he'd be more than happy, I know he mucked all us girls about and many more but I think we all agree he was a good part of our early teen's, he did bring the fun ..
Merry Christmas Everyone and John x
Added by Susan Simpson on 24 December 2018
Wishing everyone a happy New year x
Added by Susan Simpson on 01 January 2019
Bit late but happy new year, we had a nice break in Greenwich over Xmas and new year meeting friends and going to a couple of shows
Added by Keith Gardener on 07 January 2019
Keith, I never asked are you married and children? What shows did you see,
Me ..married with 2 children, we'll 28yrs and 26yrs old
Added by Susan Simpson on 09 January 2019
Hi Susan, yes and no alas, we saw the Mousetrap (performance no. 27,628) ,sorry can't tell you who done it lol ,and Motown Story which was good, but seen better. You must stop yearning after John, you are a married woman for heaven sakes lol.
Added by Keith Gardener on 11 January 2019
Keith, it was you and Janet that started talking about John lol lol so I'm blaming you,😊 do you remember the saying "A Face" meaning someone well known and carried a reputation, well John was definitely "A Face" I don't mean as a trouble maker, I mean as great fun to be with but could look after himself, I remember you thanking Susan F for reminding you regarding the time you were with him, when he stopped some bullies, what I'm trying to say is it's not about John, it's about all the memories and other people we had forgotten about, I think that makes sense and I have enjoyed getting to know you,
Added by Susan Simpson on 12 January 2019
Its always my fault susan lol "A Face" was also a Mod term, maybe the same thing? John was never a trouble maker or a bully and there was plenty of them! Yes I agree it's nice to look back to those times and the music connected to it. Thank you Susan, and good getting to know you too x
Added by Keith Gardener on 14 January 2019
Keith, I might have got "A face" from my brother who is 3yrs older than me and was a Mod, I just noticed you mentioned Simon LeMar earlier, I remember him blonde hair with side parting, lived in quite a big house in Park Rd must be same one
Added by Susan Simpson on 14 January 2019
I remember that Peter Frampton was the "Face" of "6. It is the same one Sue ,another Jack the lad ,think our little gang all were
Added by Keith Gardener on 18 January 2019
They buggered that post up Sue, Frampton was the face of 68, Simon was another Jack the lad but we all were, good times!
Added by Keith Gardener on 18 January 2019
There is a lot I could say about Simon but overall he was fun to be around
Added by Keith Gardener on 02 February 2019
Keith, sorry been away. Come on come on, Simon I didn't know him very well, I'm scared to say it lol but I only saw him with John, but you have my interest, what I remember of him was little bit tubby, blond hair with side parting and him being quite, but obviously not, well ?
Added by Susan Simpson on 09 February 2019
Hello Sue, well I wouldn't have said he was quiet but yeah good with the looks. All I will say is he had the hots for me when we were about 15, when I say he was fun I don't mean that much fun thank goodness lol. I'm sure it was a just a phase he was going though!
Added by Keith Gardener on 10 February 2019
Hi Sue, I did post the other day but might of got cross out lol, so how I put it ? He had a teenage crush on me but I'm sure he grew out of it.
Added by Keith Gardener on 13 February 2019
Well Sue that's twice I've replied so you will have read between the lines. Good As You.
Added by Keith Gardener on 15 February 2019
Keith.. oh I never knew that, not sure if you can grow out of that, it's just part of his make up,
Its a pitty we never met up back in those days
I blame JT lol
Added by Susan Simpson on 18 February 2019
Yes Susan I totally agree, blinking bloke lol
Added by Keith Gardener on 18 February 2019
JT that is not SL. I actually think some teenage boys do have a crush on others, it's just a part of growing up and it must be the same with girls of a tender age?
Added by Keith Gardener on 18 February 2019
Hi, Jo Raphael. Went to.Southaw 1960 to 1966.Hung around with Susan Goddard. Anyone know where Susan is or remember me.

Added by Josie Ryan on 18 February 2019
Brenda … I bet you're fun at parties,
Added by Janet on 20 February 2019
Brenda, I might agree with you if Keith or Susan were being derogatory in any way but they are not, I believe they have been careful in what they talk about as everyone else on here has been, although I don't know Keith or Susan I did know a couple of people they have mentioned and it brought back lovely memories, also you said it's pretty mush them two, Well is that their fault or ours for not contributing, I think ours, nothing stopping you, me or anyone else putting posts on here, think you need to lighten up and chill a bit..
Added by Lisa on 21 February 2019
My turn! Must admit I find the chit-chat between Keith (love you, Keith, for your continued contributions) and others a bit boring. Think this site was intended to contact your classmates. Seems to have slipped into a remembrance arena - okay, but only to a degree. Hi Josie: I recall the name of Susan Goddard, but must have been a namesake as I was there 1964 to 1969. Just out of interest, my very first friend, Linda Bithrey, whom I'd known from Oaklands Infants, then Littlegrove School, and then Southaw, and I have been reunited through this site through her brother's intervention. I now live in Australia and Linda is in Norfolk. We are in contact via SMS and letters - yes, you can say so much more with the written word - and hopefully will meet again (50+ years later) when I visit the UK later this year. THAT'S WHAT THIS SITE IS ABOUT.
Added by Anne Carr (nee Couchman) on 22 February 2019
I think enough has been said so lets move on before someone gets upset I do not think thats what this site is about.
Added by Jim on 22 February 2019
Hi, Mary Lygo, nee Couchman. Anne Carr's sister. This site is such great opportunity to re connect with old friends, and, as my sister, Anne suggests - lets not spoil that opportunity. I have waited for some of the old friends I was as school with to see this site and make a comment. That hasn't happened but some of the names Keith has mentioned stir memories. Thank you for that Keith. Sharing memories of times gone by is quite special. Long may it last. Anne and I have lived in Australia for more than 30 years so a connection for us takes us back to our homeland. BRING IT ON !!!

Added by Mary Lygo on 23 February 2019
Finally some one has said what We all are thinking!!! I joined this to see if I could catch up with old school friends from Southaw Girls school. I gave up long ago as there seems to be an on- and I mean ONGOING!! conversation between 2 or 3 people I have no clue about!! I quite agree have your ongoing conversations privately!!! I did make contact with someone a few years ago & we email each other this is not meant to offend just a logical suggestion.
Added by Julie H on 23 February 2019
Josie Ryan (formerly Josephine Raphael) here again. I was at Southaw 1960 to 1966, and I was a very naughty girl,always in trouble. Does anyone remember Miss Anderson the English teacher, she was one of the few teachers who truly inspired me, but then I was pretty good at English. I hung around with Christine Fender, Margaret Hanbury Williams and Susan Goddard. I remember the Tabb sisters, Sally and Angela, Christine Prescott. I actually lived on Russell Lane. I went to the cha but mostly hung around at Southgate tube station and went to the White Hart pub, I was underage of course with all the local mods. I was a raving mod and went to Soho at a very young age going to the Flamingo Club and the Marquee. I married a Winchmore Hill mod and had 2 children and now have 6 grandchildren and now I live in Arkley.
Added by Josie Ryan on 23 February 2019
I agree with what Steve and Anne have said so lets get on with finding old friends, that's what this site is about and if any of you want a get together you can gladly come to the Con club on 11th May as some of the people that has been mentioned here over the year already turn up. There is a free Buffet on the day so get in touch so we know how many will be there. Jim
Added by Jim on 23 February 2019
I am looking for Louise Johnson (her maiden name obviously) who went to Southaw School in the early 1970's.
Added by Steve Richards on 24 February 2019
Keith THANK YOU for reminding me of my first boyfriend, Peter Laycock and his friends John Turner, Trevor Conner, Dave Berkoff and Steve Cook. Thank you again x
Added by Tina Brown on 24 February 2019
Lol Tina I shall and my pleasure, we thought Peter looked like the late great Peter Tork, same hair do. Oh yes the 3 Cook brothers,b Stephen, Melvin and I've forgotten the youngest one's name, lived just off Barnet High Street
Added by Keith Gardener on 24 February 2019
Got it, Chis Cook. Tina I remember Dave Berkoff"s first day at Churchill School in "65.He was looking a liitle lost and I asked him if he wanted to join in a game of football and he never looked back lol. He has a girlfriend named Shirley Bowen, remember her?
Added by Keith Gardener on 24 February 2019
I remember Julie Bowen her sister. They lived in Avondale Avenue I recalll
Added by Gillian on 27 February 2019
Keith Gardener.. I remember Dave going out with a blonde girl called Heather
Added by Tina Brown on 27 February 2019
Gillian, yes I'm pretty sure they did live in Avondale Ave, Hope you're well, I just remembered as you are a few years younger, I knew your sister but again not very well, we mainly saw each other at the Con Club
Added by Theresa Byee on 07 March 2019

Please delete me from your records. I don't want to get any more of these posts.
Added by Steve Richards on 25 March 2019
Steve, in order to delete any future comments we need to know your email address........

Anonymous comment added on 27 March 2019
So sorry Steve,i didn't think that looking back at ones youth and all the great times,hey they say that "school days are the best days of our life" would cause you so much pain. Steve come back and the likes of Sue,Janet and myself will leave will just disappear ,we know are place after all.
Added by Keith Gardener on 02 April 2019
Hi my name is Nazarine Ally. I went to Southaw from 67 - 71. I am looking for long lost friends: Jackie Gill. Lyn Buncher. Jackie Roberts. Penny Draper. Bernadette Smith. Stella Bloomfield. Anna Reynolds.Lyn Morgan.Ann O'Connor.Susan Hall and so many others. I can't believe i have lost contact over the years. And anyone else who remembers me.
Added by Nazarine Koepf on 14 April 2019
i was there from 1967-1971 also, i remember 2 or 3 of those names but it was such a long time ago, your name does not ring any bells though, what house was you in? i was in Underne
Added by Eileen Taylor Nee Boyce on 15 April 2019
Hi Eileen, i am sure at one point we met but do not recall your name either. It would be nice if people could post a pic. of themselves back in the day. I'm sure it would jog some memories. I was also in Underne. I still have my school tie. Do you keep in touch with anyone from Southaw?
Added by Nazarine Koepf Nee Ally. on 24 April 2019
i moved away in 1971 buti did keep in touch with Jane Hunter for quite a lot of years although she was younger then me we went about together outside school, i used to be with Julia Starkey Linda ??? Julia ???? Fiona Gudiche was in my form class, can't remember many more names
Added by Eileen Taylor Nee Boyce on 25 April 2019
Hi Nazarine - I am not on your list but I do remember you - I was Jackie Heathfield and we were at Osidge and Southaw together - both Stella and Susan Hall are on facebook - Stella Stanrock and Susan Stuttard- would love to contact you through facebook? been married for almost 45 years, 4 children and 3 grandchildren - hope to hear from you soon

Added by Jackie sceats on 26 April 2019
Hi Nazarine I remember Jo Draper any relationship there ? Also Lynn Morgan had brother called Dave, lived in Whitehouse way...
Plus ....come back Keith Gardener ..You alone reminded so many of us of our past, Thank you Keith & I might be only one on here who didn't know John Turner lol lol lol
Added by Jenny Samuel on 25 May 2019
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Added by Http://canadianorderpharmacy.com/ on 04 June 2019
I attended this school in 1943-4 when it was an Elementary School known then as Whetstone Lane Elementary School for boys
Added by Den Lovatt on 10 August 2019
I always thought it was a girls' school
Added by Gillian on 21 August 2019
Hi Jenny ,very nice of you to say so, it's also good for my soul looking back.
Added by Keith Gardener on 07 September 2019
I always thought it was a girls' school Gilian, I went 1967-1971
Added by Eileen Taylor on 10 September 2019
I went to Southaw from 71-72. Miss Dunn was my form teacher, and I remember Sheena Gibb, Lynne Bailey, Elena, Michelle and Amanda (think that’s right although don’t remember their last names. My sister Denise went there also but she is four years older than me.
Added by Michelle Henry (née Westhorpe) on 07 December 2019
Hello, I was Abbe Kaplan & was at Southaw from 1971-1975. I seem to remember your name & I think I was in Underne!
Added by Abbé Lourenço on 08 December 2019
Hi Michelle, I went to school with Elena I think her last name was something like Gatto, Italian and lived in Weirdale Avenue
Added by Taylor Eileen on 09 December 2019
Is nobody there from 1964 to 1970? Am I that much older? Feel, and act like a 16 year old.
Added by Anne Carr (nee Couchman) on 10 December 2019
Hi Anne, I was there 1968-72. My name was Candy Bolden I was in Pymme. My form room was the art room, can’t remember the teacher. My fav teacher was Mrs Mente think that’s how it was spelt. She was a maths teacher. I was always frightened of Miss Hamer. I remember Beverly Endean, Amanda Dovey, Gillian Bates, Helen Moules, and the Trett twins.
Added by Candy Kingsman on 10 December 2019
I was there 66 to 69 was Jackie Heathfield would have been below you though remember Helen nutter? Who was in your year u think?
Anonymous comment added on 10 December 2019
Hi Candy, i was there in 1968 - 73. I was also in Pymmes but your name doesn't ring a bell. I never got married so my surname stayed the same. Northwood. I used to hang around with Jackie Goodchild, Suzanne Pirouet, Dianne Hardy, the Lyons twins, Debbie and Susan and a few more.
Added by Miss Susyn Northwood on 12 December 2019
Was there from 1956 to 1960. I remember Miss Edwards our Gym teacher I was Jennifer Shepherd then
Added by Jennie lombardi on 14 December 2019
Jacky Seats please contact me on f/b Nazarine Koepf. I have tried to look up Susan and Stella but no luck. Hope to hear from you soon
Added by Nazarine Koepf on 15 December 2019
Hi. Not sure what made me look up our old School, wow so many comments! My name was Vivien Waller and was there 71-76. I remember you Abbé. Miss Hammer was very scary, I once was caught smiling at her when she was telling a few of us off for messing about in drama! I had to get a report card signed at every lesson for while, can’t remember for how long!
Added by Vivien Boast on 16 December 2019
Hi. I was,at that dreadful school around 1970/1972, not too sure on dates. Anyone remember me, I was very quiet and shy and probably seemed rather boring to some. I hated my school days there and was glad when we moved away. My name was Charlotte East.
Added by Charlotte Hamilton on 19 December 2019
Hello everyone. I attended Southaw girls school from 1963 to 1968. My name is Pearl McNeill but my name at the time was Pearl Walker. I was in Pymme. Miss Hamer was the headmistress. I knew Susan Kline, Yvonne Lawrence, Susan Dale and the Mason twins. Also Lesley Ware and Leslie Stock. If you remember me please send me a note back. I live in Vancouver Canada now.
Added by Pearl Mcneill on 20 December 2019
Hello everyone. I attended Southaw girls school from 1963 to 1968. My name is Pearl McNeill but my name at the time was Pearl Walker. I was in Pymme. Miss Hamer was the headmistress. I knew Susan Kline, Yvonne Lawrence, Susan Dale and the Mason twins. Also Lesley Ware and Leslie Stock. If you remember me please send me a note back. I live in Vancouver Canada now.
Added by Pearl Mcneill on 20 December 2019
Hi my name is Sotera TRYPHONAS,I attended Southaw from 71 - 76. I remember Helen Louca, Madeleine Tetsell, Sheena Gibb, Lynn Bailey, Elaine Gibson, and probably a few others but can't remember their names, too long ago for me. Our headmistress was Ms Hamer and Miss Clark as deputy. Miss Howell was our form teacher and miss Parkes was the PE teacher, miss Yerbury was our needlework teacher and mr Brooking was the science teacher. If anyone remembers me then please do get in touch.
Added by MS SOTERA TRYPHONAS on 20 December 2019
Hi Jenny, I was at Southaw until 1961 when I left in the 5th year, my name then was Frances Blyth. Miss Clarke was the form teacher and we occupied the nursing science block, not that did I nursing and hated science .Miss Edwards was the gym teacher and Mrs MacAdam taught us history. Miss Littlechild the headmistress taught us RE, but she always had to go off and do other things so we taught ourselves. LAUGH. (She looked like Ann in the Chase. My name now is Frances Gaydon.
Added by FrancesGaydon on 20 December 2019
1948 to 1955 any one out there Miss Littlechild was head.
Added by Doreen Vojak née Hatton on 08 January 2020
Hi Jackie Seats. Please contact me or send me your phone number so I can call you. Mine is 078 815 9013. Nazarine.
Added by Nazarine Koepf (Ally ) on 11 January 2020
Hi Vivien, I remember you very well! Hope all is ok. Miss Hamer was scary! Xx
Added by Abbé Lourenco on 12 January 2020
I was there from 67-72. Yes I remember Jacki Dunn, we did West Side Story and I played Riff's Girl, if I remember correctly. Jacki was so hip and modern she was great. Mrs Plumley for sure was the most elegant teacher ever, hair up in a French bun, white blouse, black pencil skirt and stiletto's and she drove one of those big old Citroens that lowered itself down onto the wheels when parked. Hamer I hated. Others I cannot remember their names offhand but the Music teacher was brilliant wore huge dark rimmed glasses. Did not like the History or RI teachers, they could be quite horrible to individuals. I loved swimming and swam in the Swimming team. My name back then was Denise Westhorpe
Added by Denise Aghjayan on 13 January 2020
Anyone out there alive ... out there 1950 to 1957. Headmistress Miss Littlechild looking for Judy Maclennan. Diedre Lewis and Rita Cleary. I was in Verilam ..….my name was..Doreen Hatton
Added by DORN VOJAK on 18 January 2020
Usually I do not learn post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, quite great post
Hi I went to Southaw from 1969-73, really hated it, always in trouble. Miss Prior was my cookery teacher, I think she did her upmost to put you down. I remember her punishment when talking in class was to stand in the larder, I loved it because I could eat the raisins from the storage jars whilst keeping a lookout through the round glass window.. she used to whizz across the floor on that stupid wheeled stool she never missed a trick .I think I was the only student to fail CSE cookery 😂
I remember Helen Moules, Candy and Sherrie Bolden, and lived next door to Beverly En
Added by Amanda Cracknell ( Nee Dovey ) on 20 February 2020
I was there for the first term of the first year (Sept to Dec 1978) then moved away to Norfolk. My best friend there was Annette Brown; her Dad took us all to see the movie Grease in Leicester Square for her birthday...that dates it! I remember our form tutor Mrs Arthur - I liked her, she did music and drama I think? Also remember the ice cream van that used to be in the playground at lunchtimes and queuing up for an ice cream screwball or a packet of potato puffs!
Added by Samantha Elmhirst on 20 February 2020
Hi I used to go to Southaw School from 69 to 75. I have mixed feelings about the place. Afraid of so many teachers and kids who bullied me. Now I live in America, great life, wonderful family with a wonderful husband and daughter who is going to university at Princeton next year
Added by Clare Stramara on 20 February 2020
Hi all, reading all the comments AGAIN lol, I was there from 1967-1971, no one seems to remember me so I have now given up, I have come to the conclusion I must have been a shrinking violet (which I doubt as I was always being sent to Miss Hamer or Miss Clarke) if I wasn't quiet the other alternative is that I wasn't very popular, if thats the reason I apologise to anyone I may have crossed lol
Added by Eileen Taylor nee Boyce on 24 February 2020
Hi Abbe. As we are turning 60 😱 we are arranging another reunion. I’m not on Facebook so Angie has asked if you would accept her as a friend for the details. I so hope you can come.
Added by Leni on 24 February 2020
Hi Leni, thanks for thinking of me! I’ve accepted Angela on FB & she said she will let me know the details. I don’t live in London anymore so will wait until you have all details then confirm, but very excited at the idea! I don’t feel nearly 60, well not inside anyway! Hope you are well! Xxx
Added by Abbé Lourenco on 26 February 2020
My name was Jane Lubel when I was at Southaw. I was teased very badly because of my learning difficulties & epilepsy. I was a very shy & nervous person. I became friendly with a girl called Lorraine Bringau for a short while. I also used to know a girl called Vita Saulite who I think lived in Longland Drive in Totteridghe. I also lived in Totteridge & went to St.Andrews Primary School before going to Southaw. My favourite lesson was music & I can remember Mrs. Arthur wearing flared trousers & Miss Stacey, Miss White & Miss Parkes the PE teachers in their tracksuits. I was in the school choir & remember the Rooster Rag & my mum loved the song from it called Every Time I Lay An Egg & would ask me to sing it to her. It was about a Rooster & a Hen called Chanticleer & Pertelote. I now live near to Tesco just off of the North Circular between Muswell Hill & Friern Barnet & work at Fenwick Brent Cross.
Added by Jane Shaer. on 03 May 2020
Hi Jane! I remember you! .. you were in my year!! I remember us being paired up for trampoline lesson with Mrs White! Wow so long ago! I don’t go on here very much.. but have seen a few names I recognised!! I hope you are staying safe and well during these troubled times.
Added by Maxine Payne on 05 May 2020
Hello Jane Lubel, I keep wondering if I remember you. What years were you there?
Added by Charlotte (was, East) on 05 May 2020
Hi Jane! I remember you! .. you were in my year!! I remember us being paired up for trampoline lesson with Mrs White! Wow so long ago! I don’t go on here very much.. but have seen a few names I recognised!! I hope you are staying safe and well during these troubled times.
Added by Maxine Payne on 06 May 2020
I see my name has been mentioned a few times. I was Susan Peck. I thought I'd forgotten most of my time at Southaw and the names of all the girls who were in my year but reading these posts has brought it all back to me. I was so sad to hear of the death of Duncan Gregory who was a good friend of mine. I remember meeting him at Leicester Square when he took me to see the first Rocky film. I also remember Pete Laycock who let me drive his Mercedes around Hampden Square one very late night before I'd passed my driving test. Happy memories.
Added by Sue Turner on 14 May 2020
There doesn't seem to be any picture for me to comment about.
Added by Jane Shaer. on 14 May 2020
Hello Susan, I remember you. We were in the same year. Gillian Butrimas
Added by Gillian on 15 May 2020
Hello all, I just found this page whilst searching for for information on Ashmole where I was a pupil in the late 70's early 80's, I used to travel from North Finchley on the 125 bus so knew many from Southaw as well as Ashmole.
Added by Paul Hill on 30 May 2020
To add about Duncan, my memories of him is that he was someone you would want on your side, rock solid guy which also shone though with his football. A tough defender very hard to beat (I never did lol) ,schools first team captain which says it all. His best friend was Trevor Connor (another top guy), actually that year "67-73 had some real good sorts as have already been spoken about.
Duncan had a younger brother who also went to Ashmole but I don't remember his name. With Duncan's early death, it really beings home how fragile life is.
Added by Keith Gardener on 01 June 2020
I was there from 75 till 80. I really loved it there, had really good memories. Very sad it's now a housing estate. Mr Brooking and one Henry were my favourite teachers. It would be nice to here from anyone in my year
Added by Rosemarie kelly on 06 June 2020
All great memories from wonderful times(well that's how it felt to me). I wouldn't want to be that age again now for all the tea in Wuhan!!
Added by Keith Gardener on 14 June 2020
I have been reading all your posts with interest because my 4 sisters went there. Janine, Camille, Maria and Alida Bonnebaigt. I know MARIA was friends with Niki and Alida with Michelle and Adele and I remember Janine having a friend called Penny. I can’t believe that between you all, nobody has organised a reunion! 8 years ago this thread started!
Added by Yvette Ayers on 24 June 2020
I was there 1956-1960. Miss Littlechild was our head mistress. Shame the school is no longer there
Added by Sandra Brown on 16 July 2020
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Added by Zoila on 11 August 2020
Susan Lack, I think I do remember you x. I think you were a friend of my sister Pam Mills. Sadly we lost Pammy a few years ago. She lived in Devon with Dad and her three children. She passed a few years after we lost dad. Her lovely children and grandchildren are all in Devon. Sadly I don't get to see them often enough. I hope you're well Susan. Xx
Added by Brenda Uwins (Mills) on 20 September 2020
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Plz answer back as I'm looking to create my own blog and would
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Anonymous comment added on 07 November 2020
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Anonymous comment added on 07 November 2020
Hello again, Jane Lubel. Don't suppose you remember me? Charlotte East and I also lived in Totteridge. It's just that your name seems to ring a bell. I was very shy and quiet. Remember some sewing lessons and some poor girl got her finger stitched into the sewing machine. Anyone remember that? Then there was a woodword room that we were never allowed to go into. Am I right or is my mind playing tricks on me, it was such a long time ago. Wendy Blackwell are you out there somewhere? Or what about my very good friend that I wrote to for years who lived in South Barnet, Tracy??? X
Added by Charlotte Hamilton on 07 November 2020
I joined Southaw in 1971. I came from India and was really lost but I will always be very grateful to the twins Ann and Jane, Pauline, Phillips and few others who gave me a lot of support. I couldn’t understand the English accent and was v shy and quiet. We got permission to set up a students' room which was carpeted with small pieces of sample carpet. We were allowed a radio as well.
Anyone remember this? I remember there was also another Asian girl a Bharti.

Added by Surinder on 16 November 2020
Hi there I went to Southaw 1964 and remember we had a science teacher from America and when JFK was assassinated he gave a very emotional spearhead in assembly also Elaine Page singing in assembly - does anyone else? My name was Christine Smith also still friends with Carol Ford
Added by Christine frost ne smith on 22 November 2020
Hi I was at Southaw from 1960 to 1965 my name was Christine Smith. I can remember we had an American science teacher and when JFK was assassinated he gave a very emotional speech in our morning assembly. Does anyone else remember that? Also remember Elaine Page singing in the morning assembly and I’m still friends with Carol Ford. Christine Frost (Smith).
Added by Christine frost on 22 November 2020
Yes I remember the lovely American teacher he was very good. I was in Elaine's class and in the school musical with her. I was only in the chorus though! I left in 1965 too, we had a lovely 5th year. I enjoyed it there as I was from the boarding school. Christine White then.
Added by Christine Ferris on 26 November 2020
I was there from 61-65. I was was from the boarding school a few people have mentioned. I remember Mr Campbell the American teacher and Mr Allan. My name was Gill Woods and my best friend was Carol Dickinson. Anyone remember me ?
Added by Gill Rhodes on 18 July 2021
I think I do I was Christine White my sister Dianne was head girl at RVPS!
Anonymous comment added on 19 July 2021
Hello Gill, I’m not sure I remember you. We may have been in a different class. I must confess to struggling to remember my form teachers. I did start with the brilliant Miss Littlechild, 1960 I think. I do remember some of you from Bedwell Park, which I believe is now apartments. Can’t remember everyone’s names. I remember a Barbara who’s parents I think were in Benghazi at the time. Also Miranda, who very sadly lost her life by drowning, trying to save her younger sister Melissa during school holidays. Very sad, we were shocked. I think all of us who were fortunate enough to have Mr Campbell for science remember him with appreciation. Also Mrs Plumley who was a wonderful inspirational teacher. Does anyone know if she is still around? A friend of mine moved to New Jersey many years ago and tried to find Mr Campbell but sadly with no luck. I would have loved to have been able to speak with him again. Regards Brenda, was Mills
Added by Brenda Uwins was Mills. on 20 July 2021
Hi I went to Southaw 1968-1973. House veralum (yellow). I remember the Bunyan twins from Russell Lane. I remember Maxyine Payne. I lived in Whetstone nr St James's Lane. Jacqueline (Jacqui Brooks nee Geeves). Anyone know or remember me please get in touch
Added by Jacqueline Brooks on 30 March 2022
Hi Jacqui Brooks - my mum remembers you, Chris Bolea
Anonymous comment added on 31 March 2022
Who was your mum. (Nee Geeves) Jacqui Brooks would love to connect with anybody who knows me.
Added by Jacqueline Brooks on 01 April 2022
Wonderful picture. Wish I could go back and start again. Did not utilise school as well as I could have, never felt confident.
I know people have said that they can only see threads on here between a few people they don't know. But anyone's comments and memories are valid, I feel these people should not be made to feel they cannot share as overkill worries etc. Anyone can share and everyone should if they wish. If people you know are not on here or sharing that's because they are not maybe aware of the group. Maybe of all the people sharing someone may know people you know and if you speak of them it may ring a bell and your friends will be identified and may be contactable. I don't know. There are many people I still wonder about who I don't see on here and I feel wistful and would love to communicate with and know they are doing OK But am happy to voyeuristically read about others I do not know but who shared the same school as I did. I love hearing about people who went there in the 40s and 50s - I was 70s.
best, Kim
Added by Kim Jones on 01 April 2022
Jacqui my mum's name is Chris/Christine Roy (nee Bolea)
Added by Sarah Roy on 01 April 2022
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