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Friern Barnet Photo Archive

Cromwell Road School
The Friern Barnet Photo Archive
Cromwell Road School

Undated photograph, possibly from 1920s
Picture added on 15 September 2009 at 16:43
Was this school also known as St. Peter's? My brother attended a small parish school at the bottom of Cromwell Road, while I was attending Hollickwood Road School in Sydney Road.....1938-1941
Added by Anne on 31 January 2012
I attended Hollickwood School from about 1935 - 1942. It was embarrassing because my father was on the management committee and used to come round the classes every so often and gave what he thought were some sort of pep talks about the school motto which was "I can". Trouble was I couldn't. Never anywhere near top of the class. I remember Head Mistress was a Miss Littlewood and one of my teachers was Miss Le Gros and she would roll your shirt sleeves up and hit arm with a ruler a bit too often. A bomb fell in the playground one day next to the bus garage next door but didn't go off. All they did was put a rope round the hole on the playground as it didn't explode. School was kept going. What would have happened if it had gone off later begs an answer. Shouldn't be here to tell the tale,
By the way my father was Councillor Edward Mason on Friern Barnet District Council. Any records of him anywhere. The only Labour councillor on a Tory council.
Added by Paul Mason on 03 April 2014
Hi Paul...thanx for your swift response! I have forwarded your comment to Mavis Tolbort who attended Hollickwood Road with me and lived for many years at 126 Sydney Rd. you may remember her.
Best wishes, Anne Steacy (Lewis)
Added by Anne on 03 April 2014
I attended Hollickwood School from 1938 to 1944. I remember it well. I can also remember the use of the ruler, but one red headed teacher, name I cannot recall, slapped my arm so hard I was marked. Not taken too kindly by Miss Littlewood. Still, I enjoyed school. Ma
Added by Mavis Cox (nee Talbot). on 04 April 2014
A brother of Anne (see above), I attended Hollickwood School from about 1938 to 1942. I too remember those days well, especially the days spent in the school air raid shelter during the summer of 1940. I also remember the short tempered Miss Le Gros (I think she was French). Happy days!
Added by Peter Lewis on 04 April 2014
I cant remember whether Miss le Gros had red hair but her father, I believe, was head master of Potters Bar school. I am afraid I don't remember any of my own age. My only friend really was in a year younger than me. He was Jim Message who lived in Colney Hatch Lane. Out of school we played together in each others homes, We had few toys and were keen on buses (no doubt enthused by Muswell Hill bus garage and watching the buses in it.) We used to make models with Pyruma fire clay. Anyway, one evening I was round his house and the air raid warning went so I set off for home. Then I heard the doodlebug in the distance and as I walked to home it got nearer and nearer and so frightened the hell out of me and as I got to my house front door I battered on it to be let in, the thing stopped its engine. I was so scared but it landed elsewhere. phew. I believe it actually landed in Sydney Road towards the Sewage Farm. Anybody remember? I lived in Halliwick Road.
Returning to my friend Jim he later went on to be at Cauis College Cambridge by which time I was in Haddenham near Ely so we met up again. He did much better than I but wont dwell on that. Unfortunately he died about 3 years ago as a professor at Liverpool University. PM
Added by Paul Mason on 05 April 2014
Hi Paul, What memories we all have of our younger days. As Anne has mentioned to you I lived in Sydney Road and remember the doodle bug very well. My mother and I had gone down into our shelter in the garden but my father did not quite make it at his own speed. He really got blown down the steps and for evermore suffered with his back. The doodlebug actually dropped almost opposite St. Peters School, Cromwell Road, onto some maisonettes. I think 3 people were killed and the bloodhounds were brought into trying to locate any casualities. We we one of the few who had a telephone which was actually working and someone came up to us from the school to make calls. I cannot remember to whom these were directed. Mavis Cox 9.4.2014.
Added by Mavis Cox (nee Talbot). on 09 April 2014
I feel sorry for the people that lost their lives by such a terrible means.
I mentioned before about the Sewage Farm which was actually along the North Circular (Pinkham Way) My dad used to go there to get young Tomato Plants for his allotment I remember. Why there....because they were free and errm...natural. Another perk of him being a councillor. He had his allotment on the big allotment grounds off Colney Hatch Lane opposite Hampden Road. Now all built over I think. Used to go birds nesting there but that's wrong now (Especially as I am a birder these days).
I also remember some very cold winters when we used to make slides in the school playground and get up some quite high speeds. Couldn't do that now..........elf an safety!!! Also remember some lady who had a shop in I think it was on way to school) who had a great big fridge and would sell us flavoured ice cubes. She was the "Walls" of the time. Does any one remember Dorothy Cox of Halliwick Road. Used to play with her and called her Dot but she didn't like it.
Paul Mason
Added by Paul Mason on 10 April 2014
Just been catching up on your latest comment. I think everywhere has been built on from our days. You mention a shop that sole ice cubes. There was at that time a shop on nearly every corner but the one I remember with ice cubes was on the corner of Pembroke road and Roman Road. That shop later became a little Co-op. Do not remember a Dorothy Cox of Halliwick Road. As you have no doubt noticed I married a Cox but I am sure Dorothy was no relation. I did not leave Muswell Hill until 1987 when we moved to sunny Sussex. At least it is today. Bye for now. Mavis
Added by Mavis Cox (nee Talbot). on 10 April 2014
Dorothy Cox lived a few doors away from us at 24, Halliwick Road and married David Smith, both of them being part of St. Peter-le-Poer, top of Albion Avenue. They were more of my sister's age (Renee Shelbourne). I wonder if the 'Talbot' name is connected in any way to a cousin of ours Ronnie, the son of Micky Talbot and my aunt Ivy? I myself went to Hollickwood but not till 1949. We do still have some old photographs from my sisters dated around 1938. There was a St. Peters school destroyed by bombs in the early 1940's.
Added by Michael Shelbourne on 05 May 2014
I do vaguely remember a Renee (I thought it was short for Irene) Shelbourne. There was also a girl named Purser, can't remember first name. Also I now remember the Cox's were churchgoers at St Peters. Another of the Cox girls (older than Dot I think) married somebody who became a manager for my dad in his brushmaking business in Crouch End, which later moved to Tufnell Park. It was specialized brushes for medical and engineering purposes and is still going, albeit owned by different people now.

I have since also remembered he kept bees in the orchards connected to Coppetts Road Hospital which was for very infectious and foreign diseases, I think it still is, is it not? I used to love going with him there as there was much in the way of wildlife there then.
Paul Mason
Added by Paul Mason on 06 May 2014
Hello Michael. This is Mavis (nee Talbot) replying to your question of 5th May. I do not think there is any connection with the cousin of yours, Ronnie the son of Micky and your aunt ivy. Did not know there were any Talbots who lived not too far away. I will ask my sister in law if she knew a Renee Shelbourne as I know she had contacts in the Halliwick Road and Albion Avenue areas. Bye for now.
Added by Mavis Cox (nee Talbot). on 06 May 2014
Good to read your comments. Although we live in Chelmsford I still refer to Muswell Hill as home and Chelmsford is ''where I now live'. My sister's full name is Irene, Paul and she is now 84 and lives in Aylesbury. Dorothy (Dot) Cox had a brother called Sid, known to us as Syddie, and was a good footballer over Halliwick Park. My Granddad lived at 17,Halliwick Road and us at 32. Mum was Elsie Shelbourne (ne. Jackson) and they were a big family living on the freehold. They all lived in a long gone tenamant block opposite Georgie Motts shoe repair shop in Cromwell Road. I have heard your name mentioned (Paul) in the family and your Fathers. Labour party was not easy in Friern Barnet. Mr. Pugh, who lived in the big detached house corner of Wetherill Road/Colney Hatch Lane, was Labour Councillor in the early 1950's. I heard about the red haired teacher Mavis...my other sister was Pat. When I first attended in 1949 it was Miss Evans who was Head. Miss Dean was still there and had been there for years. I went along to the''Mission'' in Pembroke Road which is still there. Enough for now or it will get boring. Kind regards. Mike Shelbourne.
Added by Michael Shelbourne on 07 May 2014
All this never gets boring Michael, and it's especially interesting to hear about anything about my father and the Labour Party at the time. Was Mr Pugh married to a German lady at the time? I ask for a special reason which I will tell if it's true. Now you mention Miss Dean. I do remember her too, as I think I was in her class before being in the dreaded Miss Le Gros class.
Another person I have now recalled is Arthur Hutton. He lived in Halliwick Road. What happened to him I wonder?
Dot Cox had an elder sister too I remember. Betty. She married Ron Glen who later worked for my dad as a sort of foreman when the business was in Tufnell Park. By the way, I never went into the business. It was ultimately run by my sister Ruth and her husband, but they sold it and are now retired living in Ely not far from me in Haddenham.
Bye for now Paul M
Added by Paul Mason on 13 May 2014
Yes I was very aware of Arthur Hutton as he lived next door at 34, Halliwick Road and my sister remembers you Paul playing in the alley which divided our two houses with Arthur and Cathy Ray (Wray) who lived almost opposite across the road. Cathy is still around and lives in Kent. Arthur was 12/13 years older than I. The Mr.Hutton was the verger at St'Peter Le Poer and lived to 102 and until the age of 99 did a 4 or 5 mile walk every day especially calling in the pubs as people knowing his age would buy him a drink. Top of Halliwick and into Colney Hatch Lane was the 'Buyansave' 'Eustace and Duggan' and 'Hills' amongst other shops. Mr.Eustace (watch repairs) was very Jewish and didn't open on Saturdays. He did however spend the afternoon watching the Arsenal play if they were at home. Hills was a sweet shop and tobacconist but also had a library quite small in the shop. Mr.Hills always wore a trilby hat even in the shop and I never saw him without it. The Huttons were relatively well to do compared with many around Arthur, Ronnie, Chrissie, Mildred and I think two others. They all did well it seemed. Regarding your Dad and politics...I remember local election posters going up in the windows in the 50's. The Conservative poster was Margaret Roberts...Later became Thatcher. I remember it well. Your Dad was very strong/brave to stand as he did. All for now. Mike Shelbourne.
Added by Michael Shelbourne on 16 May 2014
I often wondered what happened to some of my childhood pals. The Arthur Hutton I remember, was a member of the local Boy Scouts, as was I. He lived in Halliwick Road. I often visited his house and seem to remember he lived with an older sister. I can't recall Mr.Hutton the verger.
I don't think he's the Arthur Hutton I knew. He could have been his father. Arthur was about the same age as me, 12-14 at the time (1940 -45). I lived in Wetherill Road 1938-55.

Added by Peter Lewis on 19 May 2014
Ah yes Buyansave. When we (my sister Ruth and I) had to shop for mum we weren't allowed to go there. It must be the Co-op on other side of Colney Hatch Lane. That's where you got the divi. Still remember the number 121605. Even if we went up the Broadway (Muswell Hill) we couldn't go in Sainsburys. Nor the shop that roasted coffee all day. Beautiful aroma. Only the Co-op. This is all bringing things back. Mind you they say we only do it in our old age which is true in my case. I'm same age as Irene Shelbourne. Oh dear.
Was there a doctor living in Halliwick Road.?

Added by Paul Mason on 19 May 2014
So good to read all of your comments, and they certainly are fascinating, bringing back many happy memories. Peter Lewis.....Yes that was the Arthur Hutton as the age group is correct. His Dad, the verger, was William Hutton and the older sister would have been Chrissie. The scouts...I actually have something my niece bought as 'Muswell Hill Memorabilia' as a present a couple of years ago and it is a scouting locally with names and groups and leaders from around the late 40's. Paul Mason...Yes there was a doctor called Simpson living at the top end, Coppetts Road, of Halliwick Road. Scottish and my Dad was his patient, although Mum couldn't stand him. Other end at about no.5 a doctor called Yof opened a surgery and hardly had a patient until he changed his name to Yardley when he became very popular. This would have been early fifties. The coffee grinder you mentioned in Muswell Hill Broadway is still there and has featured on several TV programmes. Still has the old counters and still grinds the coffee. Called ''Martins'' and very popular with the Highgate set. Sainsbury's still have a shop in Muswell Hill, but it is the building known up to the 50's/60's as the Atherneum which was a dance hall. Thank you so much all of you for your comments and memories. Mike Shelbourne.
Added by Michael Shelbourne on 23 May 2014
That's right, the coffee people were Martins and evidently still are. They must be the oldest family business on the Broadway then? I wasn't a scout, as my father being a socialist only let me and my sister join the Woodcraft Folk and we had to go on the 102 bus to near Palmers Green for that. Dad said Scouts were too militaristic in those days. They had a way of using animal/bird names rather than your own names and I chose Bittern which shows even then I had an interest in birds (the feathered ones). My sister was given the name Nuthatch by me or so she says. The doctor I was referring to was Yardley, I now remember, as you have stated Michael. Thank you for that. Was he German then? I suppose I never knew he had another name. I think he was our family doctor but I never needed him, although I think my dad would have done as he suffered from duodenal ulcers and had to have half his stomach cut away in Whittington Hospital near Archway.
The Sainsburys in the Broadway was the old type, with tiled floors and long counters down each side, with bacon slicers and cheese counters etc. much more romantic than present supermarket style.
Saturday mornings for kids at the Odeon. Hopalong Cassidy, Robin Hood (the Errol Flynn one). Snow White and the seven dwarves. Don't think I ever went to the Ritz on top of Muswell Hill proper. Steam engines on the Finsbury Park-Alexandra Park line. Buses turning round in middle of roundabout. 212 to Finsbury Park Station, single deckers 6 wheeled.
Does anybody remember a Spitfire crashing in a field along the North Circular to Finchley. I think it must have been about 1943-4. It came out of a clear blue sky and there were no air raids on at the time. It wasn't on fire and came straight down. It was later said to be a Polish pilot and may have been a suicide. Only time I ever saw a plane crash and its fixed in my mind ever since.
I also remember seeing the first Spitfire/Hurricane battling the German planes over the docks. We were at Southgate at a beekeepers competition and we all went outside to watch it. Phew. In retrospect not a good thing but it was exciting in those days.
Paul Mason
Added by Paul Mason on 25 May 2014
The Odeon cinema is still in the same place in Muswell Hill, although is now a multi-screen. It is the only one left. Originally there were three as the ''Summerland'' Electric Theatre was also there and now has a Marks and Spencer food shop in the same ground. I ran a shop in Muswell Hill Broadway from 1965-70 which was a fascinating time, as we were often visited by well known people. Did get to know a few of the owners/managers, Mr.Martin being one of them (from the coffee grinders). We went to live in Crouch End when we married in 1965 and our two children were born in Crouch End before we moved to Chelmsford in 1978. I found Wetherill Road interesting on looking around at the end of last year as the half a dozen shops had been turned into houses with front gardens and a wall across the pavement end. Looked strange and not too successful as I saw it. Grosvenor Road is now blocked off at the top end of Wetherill Road to stop it being a 'rat run' for cars. Houses in Halliwick Road where we lived now fetch £700,000 which seems incredible. I also was a regular at Saturday morning pictures although content had now become largely cowboy films. I didn't think Dr.Yardley was German (Dr.Yof) but could have been. He was certainly Jewish however. Thank you as always for your comments and thoughts. Mike Shelbourne.
Added by Michael Shelbourne on 31 May 2014
Some of the other people I remember from my time when living in Halliwick Road......Peter Reynolds whose mother was also a piano lesson teacher. Trevor Brockbank. Miss Thompson who lived backing on to Halliwick Park ..went to church at St,Peter's and was very much ''Eleanor Rigby''. The Goddards at No.15. Miss Snowcill opposite the Goddards. Mrs.Spaull also very much into the Labour Party. The Smiths Arthur, Margaret & others. The Cripps family..Paddy..Jill etc. On the corners of Halliwick/theVale The Sapsfords and Joey Phillips and sister Renee. Wonder if any ring a bell. Mike Shelbourne.
Added by Michael Shelbourne on 22 June 2014
I don't remember most of those named, probably because I left in 1944 when my parents evacuated me and my sister to near Thirsk when the V2s started to come over. After that in 1945 I got a taste for farming having worked in the harvest fields up there.
That happened basically because I was still train spotting up there and seeing loads of new engines. I asked dad for money to go to Newcastle to get more but he said earn it which I did but I never went to Newcastle after all. I will stop there as its a long long story not applicable to Halliwich Road. Of course I did visit there at times. Does anyone remember there being a fire at that address. It seems an electric wire in the loft sparked but the house was not too badly burnt but mum and dad had to move out while it was repaired. Cheers PM
Added by Paul Mason on 24 June 2014
Does anyone remember the shop on the corner of Pembroke Road/Stanley Road, where Hollickwood school was. I am a relation of the Finch family? anyone know them.
Added by Christine on 03 August 2014
Yes I used to buy frozen water lemon flavoured ice there as a kid at Hollickwood School from 1935-41. She had a very big fridge I seem to recall. The school is still there isn't it?
Don't remember any Finches though, but it is a long time ago!
Paul Mason
Anonymous comment added on 04 August 2014
We used to call in at Finches very often as my mum seemed to know them very well. Greengrocery mainly and used to often go about in a horse and cart and were very well known in the area. I am afraid the only one I recall was one of the daughters nicknamed ''Ticky' I have no idea why. May have been a shortened version of her christian name. I was only just starting school and for some reason she called me 'Shirley'. I didn't even have long hair. Nice lady though. I have no idea when they closed. Hope this helps a little bit. There was a back yard to the shop.
Added by Mike Shelbourne on 09 August 2014
Hi, yes I remember the Finches very well, or at least, Ticky. We used to get out greengrocery there among other things. Very well known in the area and I think Ticky was known by many. Very hard working. )
Added by Mavis Cox (nee Talbot) on 13 August 2014
Ticky was my mum. She I am told got that name because some people used to "get shopping on tick" and pay later. After many years of working for her parents she then opened her own shop in East Finchley with my dad until they retired in the late 70's
Added by Christine on 05 September 2014
I remember the shop and you I think Christine. I lived at 3 Stanley Road.
Added by Janet Burton (nee Langford) on 01 January 2015
Yes Janet, I do remember you. What a small world. How has life been for you? where do you live?
Added by Christine Wheatley on 03 January 2015
Janet Burton......I presume you would have known one of my school friends...Charlie Poole and his family who lived very close to you near the school where we all started our schooldays. Had a brother, at least one, called Bobby. Nice family. One of my other friends Roy Pritchard lived in what were then the prefabs opposite you. I also used to go to the ''Mission' just round the corner in Pembroke Road. Kindest Regards.
Added by Mike Shelbourne on 07 January 2015
Hi Christine, I remember the Finches...my Nan was Daisy Finch who managed the greengrocers in Cromwell Rd. My dad is Ted Howard and your Mum was Joyce Finch his cousin. I think that makes you my 2nd cousin? Hope you're well?
Added by Brian Howard on 09 February 2015
Christine...I remember your Mum, her name is Joyce. She is my Dad's cousin. His name is Ted Howard. My Nan used to manage the Finches greengrocery shop in Cromwell Rd. My nan Daisy was your Grandad's sister.
Added by Brian Howard on 10 February 2015
I lived in Alexandra Road and attended Hollickwood School from 1937. Miss Dean was my first teacher and I can remember a Miss Packer in the Junior School. Miss Littlewood was Head Mistress. My father was in the ARP and helped to rescue survivors of the flying bomb. My brother, Fred, was nine years older and he went to St. Peter's with my cousin Doris. He later played football for The Freehold and Cromwell F.C. I then went to Tollington High School in Muswell Hill and still go every year to their reunion lunches. I visited Alexandra Road a few years ago and was surprised at how much it had changed. After marrying in 1962 I moved to Aylesbury. My name then was Marie Vinten.
Added by Marie ludlow on 24 March 2015
Ah yes...The Freehold? Remember hearing about it but what did it mean? Was it a playing field where Cromwell F.C played?
Yes Miss Dean comes to mind too. Was she the primary reception class teacher?
I didn't know girls went to Tollington from Hollickwood. I thought most went to Woodhouse where my sister Ruth went if they passed O or A levels, or whatever it was at the time. Or was it matriculation. I didn't pass anything but that is a story already told. I went to Minchendon but not for long as my parents sent me to Yorkshire when the V2s came.
Added by Paul Mason on 26 March 2015
I do not know why it was called The Freehold. My brother, Fred, played in goal for both the Freehold and Cromwell F.C.
on Halliwick Park in the late 1940s. Several girls went to Tollington with me, although we did have the choice to go to Woodhouse. I remember Hollickwood with the infants at the front and the junior school behind. Is it still like that or has it been rebuilt in more recent times?
Added by Marie ludlow on 31 March 2015
Well, I looked on Google Street View and it was still there but of course modernised. Just a question as it April Fools. What happened when The Freehold F C played Cromwell F C ????
did Fred run from end to end !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Added by Paul Mason on 01 April 2015
The name for the area 'The Freehold'comes from the area of land, bounded by Colney Hatch lane and the North Circular Rd.This land was probably purchased around 1863 by the Westminster Freehold Land Society. Most of the earliest people living in this area were working on the building of Alexandra Palace between 1865-1873.The term was widely used to denote this area in the 1960's when I grew up on the Freehold.That is why historically there has been a Freehold FC and Freehold Institute (a social club for the residents) opposite the bus garage in Hampden Rd.
Added by Brian Howard on 01 April 2015
Hi Christine. I Live in Welwyn Garden City now since 1974.
Just retired 2 children & 4 Grandchildren.
How about you?
Added by Janet Burton (nee Langford) on 06 April 2015
Mike Shelbourne, I'm sorry but I don't remember a family called Poole or the prefabs. We moved to Halliwick Road in 1968, but do remember the Sunday School.

Added by Janet Burton (nee Langford) on 06 April 2015
I'm in St Albans. Been here about 35 years now. 2 kids, 3 grandchildren.
I remember Charlie Poole. Wonder what happened to Jennifer & Irene Curry, they lived in Stanley Road.

Anonymous comment added on 07 April 2015
I remember the Freehold was also just called the "Rec". I also remember the Allotments. Acres of fields then with hedges and I found my first Chaffinch nest. Remarkable things as they weave moss into the dead grass. Had 5 eggs in and yes I did pinch one as all kids did in those days. Not now though. Have plenty of birds to study here where I now live in Haddenham in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Plenty of wildlife which is what I always wanted to do but being now 85 I can't get out like I used to. Not done bad though.
Added by Paul Mason on 08 April 2015
I had to giggle at the thought of poor old Fred puffing up and down the pitch! The teams, though, were in different Leagues with Cromwell playing on Saturday afternoons and the Freehold on Sunday mornings. With regard to Alexandra Road, as we lived in a terrace of Victorian houses, I thought it may have been named for Princess, later Queen Alexandra, the wife of King Edward VII. It never occurred to me to link it up with Alexandra Palace. How interesting.
Added by Marie ludlow on 08 April 2015
Well, wasn't Alexandra Palace named to honour Queen Alexandra anyway?
When was it built.?

Added by Paul Mason on 09 April 2015
Alexandra Park opened on 23 July 1863. Work on building the Palace itself started in 1865 and it opened on 24 May 1873 (Queen Victoria's birthday). It was named after Princess Alexandra
Added by David BERGUER, Chairman on 09 April 2015
Wonderful to read all the comments and memories about Muswell Hill. I live on Hampden Road in one of the houses on the right hand side as you first turn in from Colney Hatch Lane. There is still a good community here but I'm sure much has changed over the years. I was hoping with all your experience and knowledge on this thread someone might be able to help me? We moved into the house a few years ago and recently removed the shed at the bottom of the garden. My neighbours who have been here since 1978 said the shed was there when they arrived. Beneath the shed was 10 inches of concrete. When I removed the concrete it was laid on wood, under the wood was on old concrete structure. 5 feet long, 4 feet wide and a foot deep. The walls are also a foot thick of concrete! I'm stumped as to what it is at the bottom of my garden. Someone mentioned it might be the base of an old Anderson shelter, an old drain or cesspit? If anyone remembers these houses or gardens and knows what the old concrete structure might have been I would be intrigued to know. Could be a 1940s shelter or a 1960s fish pond I just don't know!! Any thoughts gratefully welcome. Hope you don't mind me interrupting your thread.
Added by Tom Hall on 29 June 2015
Mrs Pugh was a German lady married to a labour councillor that came after my dad I think. I do remember that she came round to our house for company. She was often shunned during the war. It was people's ignorance in those days. She couldn't help anything to do with Hitler. She was lucky to get out before the war started.
My mother was British born of German parents and even I got some abuse that I didn't understand as a young child. Dr Yardley opposite us had to change his name even though he was a Jew I think.
To Tom Hall. Was the concrete anything to do with demolishing the old Muswell Hill bus garage.
I had happy memories of the buses there when I was around. Much more romantic in those days not like the modern boxes on wheels now. Even the new Routemasters don't have any romance despite Boris.

Paul Mason
Added by Paul Mason on 01 July 2015
Not sure of the exact location of the old bus garage but I don't think it was near the entrance of Hampden Road. We are on the right as you come in from main road with gardens backing onto Crown Rd. Many thanks for the thought though. Maybe someone else will have a memory of the garden?!
Added by Tom Hall on 02 July 2015
The main entrance to the bus garage was on Sydney Road but there was also an area at the back where buses were parked and would exit on to Hampden Road. Buses on short journeys were also parked on Cromwell Road
Added by David Berguer, Chairman on 02 July 2015
I used to live next door to Tickey Finches in Pembroke Road. And remember buying a bottle of cream soda and a block of ice cream and mixing the two together lovely. Charlie Poole of Stanley Road used to come round the streets on Saturday Nights selling the evening papers. Do you remember Bradys and Singletons further up Pembroke Road. Also the huts behind the Methodist Church where the Brownies met. Not forgetting the Co-op on the corner of Pembroke Road and Roman Road where we used to play two balls on the very high wall. The handbag factory further up Roman Road. Happy Days. I could go on.

Added by Valerie Brown nee Dearsley on 21 July 2015
How good to see your name come up Valerie. We have often posted on this very good site. There is also one called ''Muswell Hill and Friends" All these names are very familiar of course. We were up there on Monday of this week looking around all the old places. Our school teachers at Hollickwood 1949 to 1955 were Miss Evans (head) Miss Godfrey (became Mrs.Clark), Mr.Hedley. RMr.Blake and I also remember Miss Jones the music teacher. Mr.Hetherington later the caretaker was Colin Hetherington's Dad from Crown Road.
Added by Mick Shelbourne on 22 July 2015
Does anyone remember the family who lived in 18 Wetherill Road in 1939?. Constance Daly lived there with her husband Frank and mother Emily Page.
Added by Janice Page on 03 November 2015
Have you all been on 1939 survey yet. You won't find yourselves on it but if your parents are dead or over 100 you will get them, bring back some more memories PM

Added by Paul Mason on 04 November 2015
Further to Janice's question. Where about in Wetherill Road is 18? I do remember a Harold Reichardt family as they were sort of convolutedly related and also I think I tried to go out with a Rosemary Bigg in that road. No luck though and it might have been love at a distance from a schoolboy.
Added by Paul Mason on 04 November 2015
I don't think 18 Wetherill Road is still standing. I couldn't find it on Google street view. I think no 18 was where the Mayflower Lodge car park is now. I looked at a map showing the distribution of bombs and nothing fell in Wetherill Road. Number 18 is listed in the 1939 register. For some reason it seems a few houses may have been demolished.
Added by Janice on 08 November 2015
Please ignore my previous comment, I think I have found number 18!
Added by Janice on 09 November 2015
I have just found this fascinating site by accident and would love to become involved in the memories if that time. I lived at 26 Halliwick Road and was the youngest of four children. June John Rosemary and myself Ann.
Added by Ann Whitaker (nee Smith) on 28 April 2016
Hallo Ann,
As you say 26 would you have been somewhere near the Cox family or the Huttons. I vaguely seem to remember Smiths. I was born 1930 so would you be same generation.
Added by Paul Mason on 29 April 2016
I do remember you and your family Ann. We lived at 32...the Shelbournes. I especially remember your Mum & Dad and how kind they were to my Dad when our Mum died quite suddenly. They really went out of their way. The Larringtons were at 28. The Cox family at 24.Next door to us were the Spauls & then The Gross family (No.30) and the Huttons at 34. I could go on but it would probably get a bit boring. Mike Shelbourne remembering very happy days.
Added by Mike Shelbourne on 29 April 2016
Hello Paul and Mike, I lived next door to the Smith family and their mother Mrs Cox. I remember Philip Lynn Nicola and Andrew. Larringtons lived next door the other side and I think had two daughters. I went to Hollickwood from about 1952 to about 1958 then went to Sir Cecil Rhodes Secondary. I think I remember that you went to Tollington Mike and remember you in your uniform. I can remember remember a lady and gentleman at 32 Mike but do not think they were your parents...I used to visit the lady and liked her very much she was so patient. I recall the names I remember from Halliwick Road: Crouch, Corker,Sid who lived corner of the Vale and was something to do with the Scouts, Mitchells and Barnets and Tommy played for Crystal Palace Football Club.I moved to Halliwick road from Oak Avenue off of Sydney Road when I was eight (Oak Avenue was opposite the Ice Cream Parlour) My brother Johnny died at 65 and Rosemary at 39 I am now in my late 60s but look and feel 21 (Chuckle Chuckle) I now live in Cheshunt Hertfordshire..
Added by Ann on 30 April 2016
Thanks Ann. It was almost certainly my sister Pat and her husband that you knew at 32 as they bought the house and lived there with Dad until he died in 1989. Pat herself died in 2001 and the house was sold to Highgate School for their groundsman to live there. The man on the 'Vale' corner was Joey Phillips and I am still in contact with his niece who also lived there through a face book site called ''Muswell Hill and Friends''. Her name was Maureen Jackson now Small and lives in Dorset. Tommy Barnett I knew well and his uncle was Tommy Gadsdon the park keeper followed by his son known as young Tommy. I am now 72 and have to remind myself of my age..can still kick a football around with the grand children. Left Halliwick Road when I married in 1964 and moved from North London to Chelmsford in 1978 to run a shop for the company I worked for until I retired. Halliwick Road I still think of as home and go for a look around. 'Muswell Hill and Friends' has a lot of names you would probably know including the Dormans one of whom lived in your house just before you and also went to Hollickwood.
Added by Mike Shelbourne on 03 May 2016
Thanks Ann for mentioning Cecil Rhodes Secondary School, with Mr Pike as Head who often wore the school blazer. The girls summer uniform was super dresses of either blue, lilac, green or pink. Mr Stroud, Mr Hedley, Mr Ford, Mrs Hunter, Mrs Williams, Miss Coote, Mr Jones and Mr Knaggs.
Happy school days.
Added by Valerie Brown nee Dearsley on 21 June 2016
does anybody remember Terry Richardson, Halliwick Road, my first unrequited love??!!!
Added by Anne Steacy (nee Lewis) on 22 June 2016
Hallo Ann and everybody. You thought I went to Tollington but no I was sent off to Minchenden at Southgate. Never should have gone really as I think I was sent there because I actually failed 11 plus or whatever it was at that time but it was thought I was only a near miss and should have a Grammar education. Even that was no good but its a long story to be told here. I had either to go by bus on the 244 or bike via New Southgate and Waterfall Road. I didn't mind that because going by New Southgate I got to stop and watch the trains. All this fuss about bringing the Flying Scotsman back on rail. I used to see it regularly and Mallard et al. Oh happy days!

Added by Paul Mason on 22 June 2016
Hello Valerie, I thought I was the only one in the whole world who went to Sir Cecil Rhodes School. I t was really good to remember the names of the teaching staff with you. Although the school is out of the 'thread' for this site I would love to hear about your memories when you were there Valerie is there any way we can do this please? Ann
Added by Ann Whitaiker on 03 July 2016
Came across this smashing site by accident, no Ann you were not the only one to go to Cecil Rhodes, me also, and the names of the teachers from Valerie was poignant, especially Mr.Jones who I can remember to this day telling us we lived in an exciting time. I attended from 1960-1965 , I do remember Ann Smith from my class I think (1a). We lived at 299 Alexandra Rd. ,and I also went to Hollickwood and remember Miss Dean, my pals were Robert Barton, Colin Harris, Raymond Smith, Kevin Mcgough, Brian Taverner, was the name of the school changed for pc reasons? My dad, Jim Day, worked for the STC in New Southgate, my mother was Dorothy Day nee Levett.
Added by Geoffrey Day on 08 October 2016
There was a school called St.Peters on the corner of Cromwell Rd and Sydney Rd. My dad went there until it received bomb damage from a Doodlebug that landed on the other side of the road. My family lived in the block of flats, Cromwell House, that were built later on the site. Does anyone remember a circus, possibly called the Netherlands National Circus performing in the Freehold area between 1948 to 1951? We, the Finch family, are trying to follow a family link.
Added by Brian Howard on 23 February 2017
Hi Geoffrey, I really enjoyed your message and I do remember you (I think) "Did you live opposite Sandra and Jackie Sugg and did you possibly marry one of the sisters?" I am probably way out on that assumption Geoffrey but my name is Ann and my surname was Smith. I can recall some of the names which you listed and think Kevin McGough has a business in Nazeing or it may be his brother who was a champion roller skater at Alexandra Palace. I have never been able to find this site after my last entry and am thrilled to be back again. Ann
Added by Ann (Whitaker) on 24 February 2017
Brian, You mentioned a circus but does anyone remember an annual event in Friary Park (I think that included a circus but do not know which one). It certainly had a fairground and lots of competitions for needlework and art etc. It was along the road to Whetstone (Friern Barnet Lane I think). On another tack can you recall the ack ack gun at East Finchley barracks. That gun sounded different from others. When it fired at night there was a sort of whirring sound until the shell exploded. We boys used to go looking for shrapnel afterwards and some times thinking its was German. Of course it was all from AA guns really. There was a waste or bushy area near there called Rough Lots. Is it still there? Built over now I suppose. Opposite on the other side of Nth Circular was a farm that had lots of old London buses it used for chicken sheds. I crept in there once not to steal eggs but to sit in the drivers seats and pretend I was a bus driver. They were all old pre-war open top buses. Memories memories Paul
Added by Paul Mason on 25 February 2017
Hello Ann Whitaker nee Smith, I remember you well I have an old school photo taken at Cecil Rhodes and I can put names to most but not all, yes we did live next to the 'Suggs' although I did not marry one, but funnily I think Jackie Sugg married someone called Day and so became Mrs Day . Interesting about Kevin Mcgough, I lost touch with him after we left school, I am still in touch with Robert Barton, although he was not in our class . I think it was Kevin's brother who was the champion roller skater , think his name was Michael. I too had trouble finding this site again, so I just archived the email telling me there was a new post! Lovely to hear from a fellow classmate, I am retired now and live in Devon, keep posting,it's a link with the past!
Added by Geoffrey Day on 28 February 2017
Thrilled to read the next message Geoffrey it is quite exciting especially as it's grey gloomy and raining here. I am on three day coach trip next Friday to Torquay staying in newly built hotel. I also have a photo of local children taken in Hollickwood School I can put names to most of them but I do not know how to put the photo onto this site...although I'm ok at computers. Do you remember the ice cream parlour Geoffrey at bottom of Oak Avenue run by Steve and Maud and was the sweet shop called 'Nortons'. I think it was a coincedence that Jackie married Mr Day that is probably why I connected you both. Here's a tough one for you Geoffrey.. "Can you recall little 'Carol Pearce' who lived opposite the flats in a maisonete she was my pal but I never really understood what happened about that accident. Writing all this feels like opening Pandora's box and I will try and stick to thread in future Geoffrey. Ann (Whitaker)
Added by Ann (Whitaker) on 03 March 2017
Ann, just follow the steps under "Upload a Picture" at the top
of the Home Page
Added by David Berguer, Chairman on 03 March 2017
Hi Ann, you don't say where you live now, Torquay is very nice it's only 20 miles from where we live, we often go for a wander around, some good shops there. I certainly do remember 'Nortons' spent most of my pocket money there, or next door at Melbrays , have fond memories of going into the small sweet shop outside of Hollickwood school, it was run by Mrs Boxall (boxalls) she must have been ninety then. About six months ago I was talking with Robert Barton about old times and the terrible accident when Ann Pearce was knocked over and killed came up. We couldn't remember her name until a couple of days later when it suddenly came to me, it was Roberts dad who got to her first and put blankets around her till the ambulance came, she lived on the corner of Oak Avenue and Alexandra Rd in a top maisonettes, another of my pals, Raymond Smith lived below. Ann was an only child and I can still see her father broken and crying, they moved away shortly afterwards, it was a coal lorry that hit her as she was being chased by Ann Harris, they were just playing, we boys were playing football on the grass when it happened, terrible! This aside I have nothing but fond memories of Alexandra Road and my schooldays. I did manage a trip back to Muswell Hill a couple of years ago with my sister Alison. It warmed the cockles of me heart ! Enjoy your trip, keep in touch. Geoff
Added by Geoffrey Day on 03 March 2017
Thank you David for your advice. I have just opened a huge box of photographs trying to find said photograph. Ann
Anonymous comment added on 04 March 2017
Wow! How much can a gal take..a message from the Chairman plus an end to a situation that had always troubled me. Thank you for that Geoffrey. I will add more when photo found,..Ann
Anonymous comment added on 04 March 2017
Hi Geoffrey, I have downloaded picture from mobile to computer but site will not let me download it sends a message saying something wrong with my server....Ann
Anonymous comment added on 04 March 2017
Hello Geoffrey I have submitted a couple of messages but they haven't come through.I have found photograph and it is on mobile but 'update' section tells me there is a server problem. I now live in Cheshunt in Hertfordshire Geoffrey and am considering moving. Catch up soon with some gossip hopefully. Ann
Added by Ann (Whitaker) on 05 March 2017
Did anyone attend Arnos school? > I was there from 1945-1948. I lived at #4 Wetherill Road
Added by Anne Steacy nee Lewis. on 05 March 2017
Hi Ann, You live in Cheshunt , very nice, used to go fishing there, as a teenager with Robert, Hope you have more success uploading your photo, I too have a cracking photo from Hollickwood school taken in class with us at our desks, keep well. Geoff.
Added by Geoffrey Day on 05 March 2017
If you have a mobile number [anyones number} I can text the photo on Whatsapp Geoffrey then phraps you will have better luck than me at getting it on the site. Ann
Added by Ann Whitaker on 06 March 2017
Hello Anne, My sisters Rosemary and June Smith went to Arnos School. Rosemary's friend was Margaret Ing who lived in Alexandra Road opposite the flats. Ann
Added by Ann Whitaker on 06 March 2017
Hi, who is webmaster for this site as everything is coming through in triplicate just now! Also I have a couple of interesting FBDC fire engine pictures but someone says they are having difficulty up loading photos, Can things be corrected and let us know.
Added by Paul Mason on 06 March 2017
Hello Geoffrey, Please could you try and upload it onto the site....my picture is still in my mobile.Ann
Added by Ann (Whitaker) on 08 March 2017
Hello Ann Whitaker, my mobile no. is 07544 503313, I do have 'what's app' so you can send any photos to me, my email address is gday48@gmail.com, not sure if admin will pass these details on, hope so! The photo I have of the class needs to be 'dug out ', my wife will be given this task, if you can use my number I can send it to you privately , Geoff.
Added by Geoffrey Day on 08 March 2017
Have sent Hollickwood picture to your phone Geoff and am hoping your wife will find the school desk one. It would be lovely if we could get them on the site....
Added by Ann (Whitaker) on 09 March 2017
I lived at 127 Alexandra Road in the 'bottom' flats. Interesting to see Marie Ludlow on here. I remember you, Marie, I am Lesley, the youngest of the Roberts sisters. You used to come over and visit. June died in 1976 very suddenly of a pulmonary embolism. I don't know if you heard of this. Vicki lives in Welwyn Garden City and I live in Welwyn village. The older I become the more I think back to those old, innocent times.
Added by Lesley Sweeney on 18 May 2017
Have an aunt and cousins from the 'bottom flats ', Their names were Padbury, Carol and Marilyn, think the number was 95 , not exactly sure, it was a top floor flat, their dad was a plumber, he died many years ago, although his wife ( my aunt) is still alive at 95, as are Marilyn and Carol, just thought I would add this to see if it rings any bells. Geoffrey Day.
Added by Geoffrey Day on 19 May 2017
Yes I remember the Padbury family well. Do they still all live in the same area? Marilyn was about my age (I've just turned 70) and I think we were in the same class at Hollickwood School

Added by Lesley Sweeney on 28 May 2017
Hi Lesley, re the Padbury family, as I have said they are my cousins, Rita, the mother, is my mothers sister,? They have long moved from the area, after Ted the father died, Marilyn the youngest, married George (sorry can't remember the surname) and emigrated to Australia, they have two children, Carol the elder sister married Terry Roffey, but after about ten years he left her for another woman, it absolutely devastated her and she has never recovered. They lived in Luton, after this happened Rita moved up to Luton and they both are still there, Rita is about 95 and Carol is about 74, I did have a telephone chat with Rita about a month ago and she is very much 'on the ball', Carol never had children. Were you friends with either of them? If I can further help just post on this site. Geoffrey Day .
Added by Geoffrey Day on 28 May 2017
Thanks for the update Geoffrey. I probably played out with Marilyn when I was really young but when we got older we had different friends. Sorry to hear about Carol's troubles. They were a nice family and I remember them all well Think they had budgies, too!
Added by Lesley Sweeney on 31 May 2017
Question for Paul Mason....not sure how else I could contact you Paul. I have been sent a photograph by my 87 year old sister who was Renee Shelbourne and you and your sister appear to be in it along with Janet Horn, Dotothy Cox, my other sister and two others. I would say you are probably ten or eleven and it is in a back garden in Halliwick Road Looks almost like fancy dress but you are all certainly dressed up. Hope you are well. Michael Shelbourne.
Added by Michael Shelbourne on 10 October 2017
Thats very interesting and I would like to surprise my sis with a copy. My email is pmlindenbury@hotmail.com. It looks as though Rennie and I were exactly the same age. I dont remember Janet but do Dorothy Cox. We used to call her Dot but she hated it!
Somebody asked earlier where the bus garage was. It was situated right next to Hollickwood School on Sydney Road. There was a back entrance off Hampden Road at the top end away from Colney Hatch Lane.It closed I think sometime in the 80s.
Added by Paul Mason on 11 October 2017
Michael, Yes please send picture. Will be very interesting. Dorothy was always called Dot but she hated it!
Added by Paul Mason on 11 October 2017
Hi..I now live in Scotland but I attended Hollickwood Primary/Junior School from 1945-1956. Then i went to Arnos Secondary Modern School. I lived at 176 Colney Hatch Lane then, and my Mum worked at the Handbag factory in Roman Road.She was also a Court Dressmaker and made suits and coats for Miss Dean. I remember being friends with .. Sylvia Langfeld, Linda Hall, Barbara Young, Maureen Gentle, Maureen Eustace, Ann Howlett, Alan Anderson, Alistair Bennett. I remember the shop just up the road from the school in Sydney Road, I used to take unwanted clothes and they would give me goldfish in plastic bags in exchange. I had an aquarium at home full of fish.
My sister was Pamela Chapman and went to Hollickwood in 1952,she went on to Cecil Rhodes School. I remember Miss Littlewood and our little naps every afternoon. I used to go to Singletons in Pembroke Road with my sweet tokens that my Mum gave me out of the ration book. Wow! memories eh?
Added by Jean O'Neill ( was Chapman) on 17 February 2018
Hello Jean, It was really nice reading about your memories of Hollickwood School. I am wondering whether my sister Rosemary Smith was in your class?
Added by Ann (Smith) on 22 February 2018
Ann Whitaker nee Smith, not sure if I've mentioned it before but I'm in touch with Carol McNamara and Sandy Sugg (now Sandy Gentle) and Sandy's sister Jackie Sugg (now Jackie Day), we all lived in the top flats in Alexandra Rd , me at 299 , them next door at 301, we got in contact through Facebook, and have exchanged many stories! Did you know them ?

Added by Geoff Day on 23 February 2018
Hello Geoff, Its really good to hear from you and with such interesting news...I did know Carol, Jackie and Sandra.....I think Sandra and myself were in the same classes
Added by Ann (Smith) on 23 February 2018
Also Geoff I am in contact with Cliff Artist and he is going to join this site...
Added by Ann (Smith) on 23 February 2018
Ann, you need to get on Facebook, the site we are all on is called 'Cecil Rhodes School Wood Green N22, Roy Bridgen, another 'top flats' boy, started the group a couple of years ago,you will recognise many names on this site!
If you don't know how to access FB get someone to show you, if we can do it so can you!
Added by Geoff Day on 23 February 2018
Cheers Geoff...Ann
Added by Ann (Smith) on 24 February 2018
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